Open Discussion – October 14, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 14, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 14, 2011

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  1. Good Morning Screen Rant..Getting my Green Lantern BluRay today!!

  2. Is Rickster still hanging out here?

    • Occasionally. I´ll tell him you asked. But if you´ll join our little Screenranters (secret) group on Facebook, you could ask him yourself.

      • Please give me the link I wanna join in!

      • Hey Scape..waiting for the link… :)

        • Here´s the link, guys.

          • Hey GreenKnight im still in SC and always will be :)

            If the fb link doesnt work click on my name i can add you to the group :D

            • Uhm, no you can´t. Only the admins can accept new members.

              • Yeah but if GK and i were friends on Fb i could add him because we can add friends to groups i believe.

                • Nope. Only admins can add members to the group. And since I have band rehearsal tonight, Jen is the one in charge.

                  • You can add rickster but before they become members the admins have to ok it.

                    • the link wont work for me :/

  3. Twinkle Twinkle, Little bat. Watch me kill your favorite cat! Guess what i`m plaing Batman Arkham City!It’s awesome!

    • Is it out now?

      • No it isn’t out yet but my gamestop got it earlier one thing have to say that it’s awesome that quote was by Joker!

        • Gamestop got it earlier? I don’t think so…

          I did read an article about it being leaked and bunches of XBox 360 pirates downloading it illegally.


          • Correct – no way in hades Gamestop would take the chance of ticking off a distributor bu putting it out early. And if YOUR Gamestop did do this are they in trouble.

            • IronMan – only a couple possibilities:

              A. You’re Press & got it for review purposes
              B. You’re a liar and you don’t have it
              C. You’re a thief and downloaded it illegally for your XBox and I hope it RRODs the thing.

    • Dude!
      How did you get it so quickly?!
      Does it live up to all the hype?!
      Are the graphics as amazing as they seemed in the trailers?!

      These are the questions that haunt me… :(

      • I got it from Gamestop we know the retailer for long time thats why I got it earlier and I dont know BAA but as far as I played i have to say BAC is awsum game and it lives up the hype the graphics is good too you guys re gonna love it!I usually don’t play Superhero game but for me BAC is THE BEST SUPERHERO GAMES EVER MADE!

        • So wait…

          Because you’ve known the Gamestop folks for a long time they decided to risk their franchise by releasing the game to you?

          And you then take to the internet to tell people you have it?

          I still think you’re a filthy pirating thief.

  4. Patty Jenkins is a strange choice to helm Thor 2. If Joe Johnston doesn’t return, who do you think will direct Captain America 2?

    • The thing with Cap 2 is that it won’t be a period piece anymore. There may be flash backs but it’s mostly going to be a modern day cap. You don’t need Johnston anymore because that was his strength.

      • I don’t think it was ever confirmed that Cap 2 would not be a period piece. There was a lot of time skipped over in Cap that would leave a lot of room for some good material.

        • It gonna go back and forth in time like the GodFather Part II. Dont Know the villian is but I like to see the Zemo family.

          Maybe Cap has to take on a mission with out the Howling Commandos. Parachutes deep into enemy territory with thr Falcon (who is using a prototype glide suit) to nattle Zemo and Nazi’s. Present day he is fighting Zemo Jr who finished what ever Zemo was working on. Mind Control perhaps? Enter brainwashed Bucky?

          • That’s my theory as well… (Zemo Sr. in WW2 and Zemo Jr. in the present)

            But anyway: it’s been confirmed by the writers of Cap:TFA that Cap 2 will more-or-less be split between the past- and the present day (most likely 50% in the past and 50% in the present – or something like that)

            So yeah, @Kyle: I don’t know where you got your information, but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong buddy ;)

        • Exactly. According to Johnston, the movie spans over three years. But I´d like to see Cap dealing with the “new world” and having some flashbacks…

    • At the rate it is going… Ewe Boll.

      • crude.. UWE

        • Although I like Herr Boll as a person (he once bought me a couple of beers on the Oktoberfest a few years back), I don´t think he´s the right one…

  5. Hello fellow ranters! I was watching Scream 4 not very long ago & got to wondering if anyone else thought Marley Shelton kinda looks like Harley Quinn? The way her eyes would be wide open, smiles, of-course she has blonde hair. Thing that begs to question is could be funny to be Mr. J’s lover when they reboot the Batman franchise again.

    @ Ironman

    You’re lucky to have that game. After seeing the commercial for it & hearing Harley Quinn’s voice,lol. Makes me wanna play both games real bad.

    • Yeah she would look good as Harley Qiunn I wish she HQ was in TDKR without Joker it seem nolan has other plans I hope TDKR doesn’t suck! And yeah I am lucky to get that early and that’s awesome I didn’t played Batman Arkham Asylum but I have say BAC is AWSum!

      • I feel like The Joker (and Scarecrow) were just gonna be billians released him from the prison break ala KnightFall. Though I am sad I won’t see the true scope of things because of the unfortuante death.

      • @ Ironman

        I thought so too, glad im not the only one. As much as id love to see the character on the big screen, she doesn’t seem like she’d fit into Nolan’s realism Bat-films with the Joker. With or without Ledger in the role even. I doubt TDKR will suck but i hope will be better than TDK.

        • i’m excited to get BAC in the mail next week from Amazon…….even more excited to play the Nightwing/Robin dlc for BAC when they come out

  6. Anyone seen Real Steel? If so, how good is it?

    • I thought it was pretty good. I would give it between 3.5-4/5.

    • it was pretty good, it had some cheesy moments but I enjoyed it a lot.

  7. I saw Thor in Theaters and really enjoyed it…watched it at home and thought it was not that great..I also thought Green Lantern (as Kahless calls it “The Movie That Won’t Be Named” :) ) was solid in the theater (no comments as to my taste in movies) so I hope I am not disappointed when I catch it tonight on video..

    • @ greenknight333

      Lol. My friends & refer Halle Berry’s Catwoman film as “CINO” (Catwoman In Name Only).

      • But she did look pretty hot in the outfit. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive thing I can say.

      • Call it HACS..Halle as Catwoman sucks…I shouldn’t say that though because I have never seen the film..but it can’t be as bad as the Spirit “I’m gonna kill you all kinds of dead..”..

        Kahless..have you seen both the SPirit and Catwoman? Which was worse?

        • Never saw The Spirit, but I heard it was pretty bad.

          • @Kahless

            It is litterally like 9 times more visually appealing thsn Catwoman. For there was just Hallee Berry The Spirit had in full beauty Paz Vega, some Eva Mendes, a watery Jaime King, Scarlett Johansen(sp) in a nurse outfit abd 5 other chicks in outfits that will make you whisper/whimper.. giggady..

          • Oh it was allllll kinds of bad Kahless..even Eva Mendes’ @$$ wouldn’t make me watch that again :)

        • @ greenknight333

          Me neither. My friends told me i was lucky i didn’t go with them to see it. I tried talkin them out of it. I heard Spirit was bad. Lol, still never saw all of Elektra. I stopped almost halfway through.

    • I can’t seem to get enough of watching Thor on DVD/BR. I guess it’s one of those guilty pleasures.

      • @ John

        I won’t be getting enough of Captain America when it comes out on DVD. Can’t wait to see The Avengers assemble next year after seeing the trailer.

        • For some reason, I kept dreaming about trying to bring up The Avengers trailer for my kids. Maybe subconsciously the trailer was greater than I thought. Or maybe I’m being mind-controlled.

          “I am here to chew bubble gum and kick a**; and I’m all out of bubble gum”


          • Lol I thought the Spirit was a fun movie

  8. Spam city.

  9. I am ready for some pumpkin pie!

    • Give me sweet potato pie instead. :-)

      • I’ll take 20 of each lol

        • You´ll never get in shape if you demand 20 of each, Elmo… :D

          • LMAO true but I do love sweet potato and pumpkin pie…alright ill take 10 of each

            • That´s a start.

  10. I spoke to my local comic shop owner, and thanks to DC’s new 52, he’s picked up a slew of new subscribers. He added that quite a few of them have been picking up Marvel comics as well, so it’s a win for both houses. I read last night that Justice League #1 sold over half a million copies. At $3.99 each, that comes to…a lot of money.

    I’m also pumped about Sunday night. The Walking Dead season two! Go, Rick!

    • Yeah I bought two copies of Justice League as well as the Finch :25 and 1:200 variants..I was at my local comic shop last week and they were selling the regular cover JL#1 for 10 bucks already!!!It’s been six weeks since that title was released..

      • Just curious – Do you enjoy collecting? Do you sell comics to make money? I can’t bear to part with my comics. My wife teases that she’ll sell them when I die. I’ve noted in my will what to do with them. (My kids get them.)

        • I am a serious collector..with special issues I buy one that I can read and one that never gets opened..I don’t turn around and sell them to make a profit. I keep them all.. My collection will be willed to whichever of my three little boys shows the most interest in them..

        • @ $2

          I used to collect comics till my mother threw them all but 2 out. Now im collecting other collectables, mostly notably Figures. Especially Batman:TAS-JLU lines. Few figures i bought a second package of such as the Green Lantern 3-pack. Not sure who i’ll leave them to though since im not married & no kids,lol. Possibly my nephews & nieces perhaps.

  11. If you haven’t seen funny or die’s “Breaking Bad now on ABC sitcom” then consider this the comedic epiphany you’re looking for!

  12. Question to SR’s readership:

    Most memorable movie cameos?

    Bill Murray in Zombieland
    CHristopher Walken in Pulp Fiction
    Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore
    Sean Connery in Robin Hood
    Martin SHeen In Hot Shots : Part Deux
    Matt Damon in Eurotrip

    to name a few..

    • Which Robin Hood are you talking about?

      And out of those I’d have to say either Martin Sheen or Bob Barker

      • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Costner)

        • Dangit I was thinking the new one lol then yes add him in there, also Sean Connery in Highlander

    • Connery in Robin Hood threw me for a loop.

      Swartzenegger in The Rundown
      Vin Diesel in Tokyo Drift
      Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class
      Mike Tyson in The Hangover

      • Arnie in Rundown..I was very suprised by that one
        Did not know Vin Diesel has a cameo in FFTD..
        Jackman’s in XM:FC was one of THE best ever!!!

      • Jackman: classic one.

    • @greenknight

      Off the top o my head…

      Alec Baldwin in Glengary, Glenross (youtube!!)
      Justin Long in Zack & Miri make a Porno
      Stan Lee in comic book movies
      Neil Patrick Harris in Harold&Kumar
      Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder
      Everyone in Ron Burgandy’s anchorman Battle Royale scene
      Everyone in Goldmembers Austin Powers opening film spoof
      Chuck Norris in Dodgeball

      Vanilla Ice in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

      • Vanilla Ice, LOL! And, I forgot about Justin Long….classic character.

      • “Drop that zero and get with the hero.” – Vanilla Ice in Cool as Ice

        One of the greatest movie quotes ever!!!!

      • Tom Cruise didn’t have a cameo in Tropic Thunder: he was part of the main cast. (If it’s because of all the make-up, you could actually just as well say Robert Downey Jr. had a cameo in Tropic Thunder.)

      • Baldwin was stunning in that: “PUT. THAT COFFEE. DOWN.”

        • @The Big Dentist

          My favorite line…

          F*** you! That’s my name! You wanna know why mister? Because you drove a Hyundai to get here, I drove an 80 thousand BMW. That’s my name!”

          • And hilarious watching Ed Harris sit there and take it!

    • Bob Saget in Half Baked – best line ever
      Stan Lee in Mallrats
      David Bowie in Zoolander
      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane!
      Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder
      But the one you mentioned, Bill Murray in Zombieland is by far my favorite.

      • Bob Saget line made me spit out soda..was totally not expecting THAT after his Full House days..

        • Haha

          Willie Nelson was my favorite part of the movie. I know old heads exactly like that. Always tryna tell me some how it use to be and how I should do it this way. Granted most of it is useful. But damn can they stretch a convo out FOR EV FUR (squints story telling voice) lol

    • 1. Gene Hackman in Young Frankenstein
      2. Steve Martin in The Muppet Movie
      3. Robert Patrick in Wayne’s World
      4. Alfred Hitchcock in his films

    • “Most memorable”…
      That would be:
      -Hugh Jackman in X-Men First Class (best cameo ever)
      -Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man 1
      -I guess I have to give credit to the king of cameo: Stan Lee (although his IM, IM2 and Cap cameos were, how to put this… TERRIBLE)
      -Mike Tyson in The Hangover was also a bit of a shocker
      -And as Ignur Rant said: “Everyone in Goldmembers Austin Powers opening film spoof”

      Those are just off the top of my head though…

      • Oh yeah!
        I forgot Lou Ferigno in The Incredible Hulk – that was also a pretty cool cameo.

    • Stan Lee in Captain America.

      “I thought he was taller…”

      Hilarious. And of course Jackman´s cameo in X:FC. “Go eff yourselves.”

      • @ Scapegoat

        I loved Stan Lee’s cameo in Thor, ” Did it work?”. And Jackman’s cameo in First Class was awesome.

    • Patrick Stewart in “Men in Tights”
      Hulk Hogan in “Gremlins 2″

      • @ Marcus

        I know it’s been awhile since i seen the movie, but Hulk Hogan was in Gremlins 2?

    • Martin Scorsese in the back of De Niro’s cab in Taxi Driver.

      Robert Duvall as creepy priest on squeaky swing at the beginning of the 1978 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.

      William Burroughs in Drugstore Cowboy.

    • Just thought of another one: Spike Milligan in Life Of Brian.

      • Sir

        Can I add John Madden in The Little Giants?

  13. Anyone planning on watching the thing ,I’m about to read the review I’ve been waiting to go watch it at the cinema and i hope its as good as the original.

  14. Guys! Whatabout all the cameos in Last Action Hero hmmmm? Robert Patrick, Sharon Stone, Jim Belushi, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chevy Chase, M.C Hammer, Sir Ian McKellan, Maria Shriver, & voice of Danny Devito.

    • It’s been a long time since I saw that film but there were some cool cameos thrown in there…

    • Don´t forget Stallone as the Terminator.

      • @ Scapegoat

        Lol, oh yeah. It may been a poster but Stallone looked pretty good in Arnold’s place in the scene imo,lol.

  15. Watched Restoration last evening. Forgot how great a film it was.

    Check it out on Netflix streaming. For you short attention span riddlin dummies, you get plenty of Renassiance boobie shots. For you Twilight fans you get a Robert Downey nude scene

    Beautiful movie


    Pics of Cavill shirtless in Man Of Steel… what padding? hehe :D

  17. Does anybody know what movie the avengers trailer will be playing before? i know the trailer is already out i just wanna know which movie it is going to be attached to?

    • I’m guessing either Footloose this week or Paranormal Activity 3 next week since they’re both from Paramount.

  18. So I thought that last night’s episode of The Office was the best they’ve done in years. what made it great is how it went back to its trademark humor and for the first time since Steve Carrel announced his departure from the show it seemed confident in where it was going.

    Oh, and last nights Community was IMO my favorite episode EVER. They should do more alternate storyline episodes.

  19. Three Stooges teaser poster:

  20. Best movie cameo Jason Statham in Collateral. It was completely random. He just walked up gave Cruise his briefcase and left.


  22. I heard they’re gonna remake The Breakfast Club. Anyone else heard the same? Also heard Tara will be back in season 5 of True Blood & so far things are sounding good about the season besides more fairies issues within the season but there conflict between Shifters/werewolfs & of-course Russell’s return. Anyone seen the teaser for American Reunion? I hope its as good as the original with most of the original cast back now.

  23. The Avengers featurette and concept art featuring a much better modern Captain America design IMO.