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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 12, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 12, 2011

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  1. Morning Ranters!

    So I thought the Avengers trailer was not enough FLASH…feel free to disagree, but it seemed like all character/actor shots.

    Oh and I HATE Captain America’s costume, it looks horrible, why oh why not keep the darker tones and leather material?

    Ruffalo is also lame.

    • How can you tell Ruffalo is lame? He had one line in the trailer.

      • I’m sorry, I was unclear, Ruffalo is just lame in general.

    • I also agree that the trailer could have been better. But I don’t agree about Cap’s costume; IMHO it looks fine. I’m also with Scapegoat; it’s too early to really gauge how Ruffalo will do as Banner. To be honest, I don’t really care about Banner….I want HULK SMASH! :-D

    • Agree with Scape and Kahless on the actors.
      I alos thought Cap’s costume looked fine. I did, however, like his WW2 costume better.

    • I think they didn’t include as much flash because they are trying to keep the enemy under wraps. Therefore they had to include more character/actor shots, which I don’t mind at all.

    • I agree with Scapegoat:
      -Cap’s new costume looks good
      -People shouldn’t/can’t judge Ruffalo before they’ve actually seen him acting as Banner.

      I actually think the trailer was a little too “FLASH” (just a little though ;))

      And I think Rob Keyes and Aknot made a very good point: the trailer is more like an “extended-teaser” than a full-on trailer… so looking at it like that, it was a pretty awesome tease.

      Still, I HATED the music (not the band or the song in particular), I just felt the music didn’t fit in…

      • The music reminded me a bit of the Avengers cartoon theme. But I´m not really a fan of Reznor´s work. And if it´s an extended teaser, it did a good job. It teased me.

  2. The trailer is working. Its getting buzz going thats all a Trailer is supposed to do. Its not supposed to show everything. But from what I can tell the action in it is going to be awesome.

  3. Is it me or does Marvel just try to make movies that are “cool” just not good? It’s like a 37 year old dad trying to hang out with some 16 year olds. “hey kids, I’m cool, I listen to AcDc and NiN! RDJ is tired as hell, I’m over him, plus be prepared to see a very heavy ironman take on the story since he’s marvels cash cow. I know post production isn’t quite finished but they should have at least polished up some of those scenes in the trailer, when iron man comes up out of the water, it looked so terrible! Now if this movie does anything right it would lead up into a Civil War type sequel. But it won’t. I’m sticking to DC movies. I’m pumped about both the bats and supes movies!

    • Marvel films have been pretty good lately in my opinion. And fyi: parents these days definitely did like ACDC before their kids did

      • And Nine inch Nails too. I was listening to Pretty Hate Machine in middle school (Junior High is actually what we called it) during the early nineties. And honestly, it is in my CD collection in my minivan now.

    • Well, anyone who thinks a Marvel Civil War movie would be a good idea/would work has no credibility in my book ;) (I’m joking – kind of)

      Also, I’m actually in the majority group of people who think the Marvel movies are GOOD/GREAT (not just cool). I will admit they have kinda been given a “free pass” because of Avengers, and Thor and Cap did suffer a bit because of Avengers, but it’s still solid entertainment and great quality films (not just my opinion).

      And on a side note, as “Pharoah” said… our parents have been listening to AC/DC WAY before us… in fact, if it wasn’t for my dad, I would probably never have discovered bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

      P.S. Don’t you be dissin’ RDJ! He’s a great actor. And I’m tired of people saying “the act is getting old”, because that makes no sense! (i know you didn’t say it, but I’m referring to others) He’s portraying a narcissistic, billionaire playboy with the brains to create a high-tech suit of armor (that’s the role he’s playing! Why should they change it or mix it up?) Tony Stark IS a certain way and has to be portrayed a certain way (which RDJ does perfectly), so changing the characteristics of a character just because it’s getting old for some people? That’s BS.
      Besides, it seems people are completely forgetting his other roles in Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes where he showed that he can diversify and take on any role (he even won an Oscar for his portrayal of SH)

      • “Well, anyone who thinks a Marvel Civil War movie would be a good idea/would work has no credibility in my book (I’m joking – kind of)”

        It WOULD be a good idea and it COULD work. It would just take at least 2 movies to do.

        While all the sidebars would not need to be covered (or even ALL the characters) it could still be a great thing.

        With the influx of hero movies we are seeing in about 10 years a Civil War movie would funnily enough be appropriate. It could be the Swan Song of the heros we get (or the actors that portray them).

        Have a group of super powered ‘kids’ screw up and the public want their heads. Does not have to be on the scale in the books (but hey why not).

        Civil War (IMO) was a success because of the story/subject matter. It was not about heros/villians. It was about so much more.

        Granted you will say the scope can not be as grand yet I tend to disagree. You will say the liberties taken will cut a lot out. I will say they do that now.

        It CAN be done. It probably WONT be done. I would love to see it though.

        That and Identity Crisis……

        • I would also love to see it, but (IMO) it can never be done PROPERLY.

          Besides in 5 to 10 years most of the the actors’ contracts would have already expired and I’m SERIOUSLY against the idea of recasting RDJ, Hemsworth, Evans, Sam Jackson and Renner.

          That said, I remember the last time we got into the Marvel-Civil-War-movie-idea argument, and I REALLY don’t want to start it again ;)

          It’s a matter of opinion, is all…

          • When I said their “contracts would have expired” I meant to say that their (9 picture deal for instance) would already have been used up.

            For example: Evans is only signed on for 6 pictures, which means, after they did the Cap trilogy and the Avengers trilogy, he would have completed his contract. (And I doubt that after 6 movies, he’s want to sign on for 2 or 3 more to do Civil War…)

      • He won a Golden Globe not an Oscar.

        • Just looked it up… you’re right :(
          But still, Golden Globe is still pretty impressive ;)

  4. I’ll admit the Avengers trailer gave me a cinematic boner. With that said, I have another discussion to start that really isn’t important. Today on my way to work, I was scanning the radio and heard the song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, and I immediately thought about Mark’s speech about Rex Manning day in the film Empire Records. Also, I can’t hear Foghat’s “Slow Ride” without thinking about Dazed and Confused. When I hear “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas, I picture Sam, Dean, and their Impala from Supernatural. What songs make you think of certain movies or television shows?

    • I can’t hear Propellerhead’s “Spybreak!” or Rob D’s “Clubbed To Death” without picturing the lobby shootout and Woman in Red Dress scenes in The Matrix. “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” and “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence automatically make me think of, respectively, The Big Lebowski and An American Werewolf In London, and Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” is now inseparable in MY mind from collapsing buildings (Fight Club).

      Bit of a convoluted one, this, but Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” conjurs up the opening scene of Withnail And I – even though the film uses the King Curtis cover version – which in turn gets my brain onto Orbital’s “Planet Of The Shapes”, as that track samples Paul McGann’s line “Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day”.

      • Propellerheads’, that should be.

    • Guns N´ Roses is my favorite band, and every time I play “You Could Be Mine” with my GNR tribute band, I can´t help but think of Terminator 2.

      • @ Scapegoat

        Same here. I even had one of my friends download the music video of the song that shows scenes from T2. Loved the ending when the band comes out and meets Arnold outside & he’s scanning all of them and slowly lowers his shotgun, smiles and walks off lol. I enjoyed hearing that song in Terminator Salvation & was thinkin of T2 while watching that film.

        • The best thing is the reason why he lowers his shotgun. He looks at Axl Rose and in the bottom right corner of his sight, it says “waste of ammo”. Hilarious.

          • @ Scapegoat

            Yup,lol. Till this day i remember seeing that music video on MTV & tried to talk my parents into letting me see the film but of-course i couldn’t. Id love to see both James Cameron’s Terminator films in theaters. Atleast i saw T3, the last one with Arnold in it which counts for somthing i guess.

    • Yeah, the new series is a real disappointment (not that I’m surprised though)
      Ashton Kutcher doesn’t really help either: he isn’t a bad actor IMO, but man, it sure seems that way each time I watch an episode of Two and a Half Men. If only they POSTPONED season 9 for a few months, until Sheen sobered up, then we wouldn’t have been stuck with this mess.

      Another thing that’s bugging me is “The Big Bang Theory” (which was created by the same guys who made Two And Half Men) – it looks like they’re slowly but surly taking all the “geek” out of the series! It’s been 4 episodes and the gang hasn’t even visited the comic book store yet :( – the most geeky-est part of the new season was Sheldon buying a train set… not cool. I’m still hopeful for this series though… I’m hoping they get back on track soon (not a train reference).


      • Believe me when i say that it hurts too much but i think they should shut down the show so it doesn’t become a hell hole aka more crappier
        So that we all fans can survive on the 8 seasons.

  5. Just read that Lionsgate has bought the rights to “Dead Island.”

    I just hope they change Sam B’s clothes. LOL.

  6. So a friend of mine got to an advanced screening of The Thing last night. he said it was pretty good and that there were actually several scenes of practical effects, he wouldn’t elaborate and refused to tell me more though.

    • That’s cool. I’m looking forward to seeing that this weekend. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that your friend didn’t elaborate on the film so you can go check it out with no spoilers ha

      • Well it’s definitely good for us he doesn’t know any more. Chances are he would have spoiled it for us.

        • Have I been known to spoil stuff here?

          • Maybe it was just the way your post was worded. It just gave the impression, to me, that, if you had known, you’d have spilled it. Nothing more nothing less.

            • Oh, just wondering.

              And for future refence I don’t spoil unless someone asks me. If my post gave that impression then my bad. The intent of my original post was to say if there’s actually practical effects at work in the movie, which I know is something a lot of people are wondering and maybe some of them are of this site, and to give a person’s opinion as to whether or not the film was good or bad.

  7. what movie trailers are you guys looking forward to seeing next? I personally am eagerly waiting for the Prometheus and Cabin in the Woods trailers

    • Definitely Prometheus, and We Need to Talk about Kevin, my most anticipated movie of the Winter.

  8. Vic looks like Jackie Earl Haley

  9. So I thought that the Avengers trailer was ok, but personally I thought they showed more in the button after CA:TFA. Also I definetly like Cap’s new suit better than his WWII suit. His WWII suit looked to me like one of those bad snow suits from the 70′s. So does anyone know why War Machine won’t be in this movie? Because I thought he was part of the Avengers too.

    • He was never an Avenger. And let´s face it, there´s no need for a second Iron Man in the movie.

      • ^Yup…

      • HEY!!! He was a founding member of the West Coast Avengers. Got a card and everything.

        So yes he was an Avenger. ;)

        • But wasn´t that Stark in the War Machine suit? So basicly it was Iron Man…

        • Well, TECHNICALLY War Machine (Rodey) is an Avenger (West Coast), but the War Machine was never part of the “PREMIER Avengers team” (which is the team we’re talking about now).
          Yes, Rodey did put on the Iron Man suit and was indeed part of the PREMIER Avengers for a brief period of time, but the War Machine was never part of that specific team.

          • No, I meant the time when Stark was on the WC Avengers. Didn´t he wear the War Machine suit back then?

            • I don’t recall that, but you may be right…
              Anyway, I was just trying to make my own point as well (kinda adding on to your point that War Machine was never in the PREMIER Avengers)

  10. This was probably your last comment on this site. Goodbye.

    • Huh? Did I miss something?

      • That last comment was for Scapegoat.

        • Some guy said Vic looks like his… Uhm, I´m not sure if I´m allowed to write this without being flagged for moderation. You know, the thing that´s hanging (and sometimes standing) between your legs..

          • Oh wow, you’re kidding?! Yeah, you were right the first time; we won’t be seeing him again.

            • That´s not a great loss.

  11. Anne Hathaway as catwoman. I can’t stand that chick. She gets under my skin so bad and idk why. Her, John travolta, and the chick that took Francos daughter from him in Rescue me.

    • When I hear “Iron Man” (Black Sabbath) I immediately think of Iron Man
      And when I hear “War Machine” (AC/DC) I immediately think of War Machine

      But in all seriousness, it’s amazing that music has such a HUGE influence in a movie: without the right score, a movie can completely bomb.

      • I know what you mean. Whenever I heard Oingo Boingo’s “Weird Science,” I think of the movie Weird Science.

        • LMAO

    • Steelers Wheel will never be the same. Actually, any time I hear Steven Wright’s voice, I think of that movie. Tarantino was good as putting music in his movies. “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon” takes me right into a Pulp Fiction flashback.

    • The Eagles have some great songs…

      But back to topic: everytime there´s The Cars´ “Drive” on the radio, I have to think of Transformers and Megan Fox bending over Bumblebee´s engine.

  12. Is there something known as Movie Quote Syndrome?

    My son was working on math, and when he said that something was erased, I became Doc Brown and replied, “Erased from existence!”

    A neighbor asked if I had seen his new truck. I became Indy and replied, “Truck? What truck?”

    My wife says I can remember a movie quote, but I can’t remember to take out the trash…

    Anyone else suffer from this syndrome?

    • I have the same thing. My wife is 8 years younger than me though, so sometimes she doesn’t know I’m quoting an old movie. Then, she thinks I’m witty.

    • Anyone else suffer from this syndrome?

      “You’re suffering will be legendary…even in hell!”

      “Sarek is suffering from Bendi Syndrome”

      “Suffer the little ones”

      Nah, I never do that. :-D

  13. me too. And then I think…WHY??????? We didn’t need a sequel