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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 12, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 12, 2012

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  1. Anyone else think that Mickey Rourke is sabotaging his own career?

    • He’s been like that since he went into boxing lol but he always comes back somehow.

  2. From our previous Open Discussion. Forgot to respond.


    1)You must have been sleeping. Vader is clearly walking towards Luke and The Falcon when the blast doors close on him because Han tells him to shoot the control panel. Then Vader tries to shoot down Luke in the X-Wing and Han comes and saves him.
    2)It’s a classic tradition. Would you be so bold enough to throw away years of tradition just because?
    3) Actually it’s clearly stated that Bruce has a death wish by Alfred and the blind doctor in the Pit.

    Bruce Wayne: You’re afraid that if I go back out there I’ll fail.
    Alfred: No. I’m afraid that you want to.

    If he wanted him dead, he would of shot him in the face, and Hawkeye can make that shot. Futhermore, Fury would have been a better asset on #TeamLoki than dead. If your going to “heart” control why not take advantage of one of the “greatest” spies or better yet, the one person who can bring the people together to stop you.

    • in one of the deleted scenes on TA Hawkeye is talking with Loki, and says something about not being at his best when he uses guns

      • Should of heart controlled him anyways. Would have been the smarter movie, something Cinematic Loki apparently isn’t use to making.

        • Honestly, Loki was one of the few complaints I have with “The Avengers”. He’s basically just a pushover then entire film. Heck, even Coulson (sp?) get a hit on him.

    • 1) Vader walked towards Luke… fair enough, but why not use a saber throw or the force instead of a slow, dramatic walk? – Luke got away because the movie would have been pretty short if Vader killed him right then and there (which he could have done).
      2) Like I tried saying in my previous comment, tradition is no excuse for ignoring logic – the villains let Bond get away because it wouldn’t really work if the main character gets killed off in mid-movie.
      3) I have a hard time believing that Batman has a death wish. Yes, Alfred said so, but that was because he was emotional and hurt at Wayne’s behavior. Batman is Batman and he clearly went to Bane’s hideout to stop him (and don’t try to tell me that he went there to get himself killed – that’s silly). Batman went to the hideout with one goal: to stop Bane and if we’re gonna be super logical and realistic about every movie we watch, then he should have used the bat-darts no?

      Professor Procrastination also made a good point with his Terminator example… and it just proves that most movies have overly convenient things that happen (or don’t happen) because they simply HAVE to happen so tell the story that the movie wants to tell. If Luke died in the first movie, Batman killed Bane at their first encounter, Loki killed Fury, the Terminator stopped John Conner, the Bond villain killed Bond, etc. then the movies wouldn’t have worked and we wouldn’t have had all those great cinematic experiences that we love so much (by “we” I’m referring to the general movie lover BTW).

      I gave you my answer to the question… I could go on by saying that with the two minutes they had to evacuate the base, there wasn’t time to make sure Fury was dead or heart control him, or I could say that maybe Loki’s over confidence that us “humans” are weak and pathetic got the better of him, but in the end it really doesn’t matter that much… if that scene troubles you, nothing I say will convince you otherwise.

      In the end, it’s still a movie.

      • Sorry for sounding so angry lol… it’s been a long day :(

        • don´t excuse, it´s your opinion.

      • i don´t want to watch a realistic movie where the maine actor dies after 10 minutes or because of logical ways. to think about that is stupid,because they are movies. even if it´s a hyperrealistic movie after all it´s just the fiction of the director. and – ignur rant- have you watched the documentary -hollywood science-, it´s about all the car-stunts or balistic theories that would never work in real life.

      • 1) That is pretty much as fast as Vader can/has ever walk, since his body is prostetics. Vader was most concerned with killing Obi-Wan and completeing the mission of destroying Endor. He sends fighters after Han, and personally comes after Luke when he senses his presence in the X-wing. Plus, Luke was actually goin to stay there and die fighting had it not been for Obi-Wan force talking.
        2) At the end of the day it’s still a major tradition. And all the villainsn aer egotisitcal maniacs, much like Edward Nigma. They can’t help themselves. And Bond hasn’t been put in such a position since Goldeneye, when he was trapped in the EMP Helicopter.
        3) /Sigh. He isn’t suicidal, he just doesn’t have the same will to live. It’s echoed from the Dark Knight Returns comic where Bruce also has a secret death wish. Alfred was thinking very clearly when he said what he did. It was in the very begining of the film AND the blind prison doctor said the same thing!

        Of course the villain can’t kill the hero in the beginning, and that’s where good writing comes into play. It makes ZERO sense that Loki did not take advantage of Fury, especially in consideration of all the knowledge he has. Loki was “smart” enough to try and heart control Stark, but not Fury? Bad writing and makes Loki look dumber. Avenger’s would have been even better if Loki had taken Fury under his control instead of Hawkeye. Atleast then Loki, would have used some strategy and forward thinking, since he clearly can’t do any for himself.

          • I think that you guys are forgetting one thing about Loki- he’s totally bat s*** crazy. He IS, after all, a god of chaos. Crazy people do not think logically, nor do they behave logically. trying to say that what Loki did “didn’t make sense” is bunk…it makes perfect sense because he’s mad as a hatter. Aside from all that, we go to movies to be entertained. To enjoy a movie you must temporarily suspend your belief system- ultimately, I think we can all agree that regardless of realism of not, The Avengers was freakin’ FUN.

            • Loki, however, is known as the ultimate planner. He BRINGS chaos; he is NOT, himself, chaos.

              • …except in this movie obviously.
                It’s been made pretty damn clear that Loki wasn’t in his right mind after he fell through that vortex at the end of THOR.

                -Tom Hiddleston has said so himself in multiple interviews
                -Apparently Joss Whedon confirms it in his director’s commentary
                -Bruce Banner uttering the lines “Loki’s mind is like a bag of cats. I can smell crazy on him”.

                So yes, Loki is a master planner, but he was definitely “bat s*** crazy” in The Avengers… not his usual, clever and conniving self.

          • @ Hi-C

            Despite my often critical attitude, I am a huge fan of Marvel — just not Marvel Studios. Loki is one of my favorite villains. He plans moves ahead of moves ahead of moves AHEAD of that move. lol. His arc in the animated Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was perfectly characterized. He was just a bafoon in the Avenger’s and acting like you said, “an 18 year old leaving home for the first time knowing nothing about the world.” That’s not Loki. Even in ‘Thor’ he showed he was able to pull off a very well planed legal takeover of Asgard and sneak Frost Giants into Asgard.

            The only thing I can hope now is that he planned this entire debacle, to gain access back into Asgard for the Infinity Gauntlet. Which I hope shows he clearly planned it all, not some haphazard improvization he thinks of when he arrives there and turns down another chance at redemption, just becuase. Otherwise Marvel Studios has just wasted another one of their greatest villains i.e. Red Skull.

        • @Ignur
          1)Yes, I know he can’t run or sprint… but again: what about using a saber throw or the force. Vader can force-choke a person and not even be in the same room as him/her. He’s one of the most powerful entities in the galaxy… he COULD have done something.
          2)You make an excellent point about them being egotistical maniacs, but even ego-maniacs stick with their plans. How many times has Bond had a gun pointed at him (where the person holding the gun/in charge of the guy with the gun was dead-set of killing Bond), only to have Bond somehow talk his way of it or catch the guy/gal off guard.
          3)I stand by what I said. Why would Batman go to Bane’s lair if he didn’t want to defeat him? Sure, he wasn’t at his full strength (physically and mentally), but that’s no excuse for not throwing some darts at Bane’s face.

          Aaannnyyyway, those are only examples man (and there are plenty more out there), the point that I’m making (evidently not very well) is that plot convenience (not to be confused with plot holes) are a common thing in even the best of films.

          You asked a question and I gave a valid and logical answer (seeing as that’s pretty much the same answer everyone else is giving too – the base was about to blow and the villain had to get out of there quickly). You don’t accept the answer? That’s completely fine, but if that bothered so much, you probably won’t like any of the future Avengers movies either then, based on the (cosmic) route their going now… things are only gonna get more far fetched.

          • Er, I’d like to edit “entities” to beings if I may…

            On a side note, I heard that Joss Whedon addresses a lot of these types of issues (like the mind/heart control, SWPM-style ending, etc.) on his director’s commentary. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, or are even planning on buying the movie, but it might be nice to check out the commentary… it could very well solve/ease some of the issues you have with the movie.

            • So you defend the Bond villains’ (and Riddler’s) eccentric and almost illogical behavior and choices, yet criticize Loki (who IS “bat s*** crazy” in this movie and has the same characteristics as those villains – “larger than life and have a God Complex”) who does the same thing as them?

              Stick to Avengers:EMH (which has been cancelled BTW :(), the rest of us will keep enjoying the movies – they can’t please everyone it seems.

              • Loki showed no signs of being crazy in the Avenger’s. Not one scene. He did show that he was completely in competent, despitehaving the best possible tools available. it makes Thanos $0& The Chitauri even stupidier for trusting him.

              • Loki showed no signs of being crazy in the Avenger’s. Not one scene. He did show that he was completely in competent, despitehaving the best possible tools available. it makes Thanos $0& The Chitauri even stupider for trusting him.

    • Indeed it does

  3. Anyone else think the Marvel movie universe is taking a dive down. I think they are putting way too much in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. It’s like after the Avengers they all of a sudden have a rave confidence boost and you know what confidence can do, it can push people to do more. Which is what they are doing now and it’s the wrong route. Iron Man 3 should be a simple story taking us back to the basis of the first film not taking us back to Iron Man 2, remember what happened with that it was cameos everywhere. Thor 2 looks like it might drastically change the Thor universe also, we don’t want that to happen that would cause endless continuity issues. Guardians of The Galaxy as another film in whole would be breaking the issues into another level I mean really Gaurdians from another time period in the future in a past where even basic time travel hasn’t been invented yet, I know it’s cosmic and stuff but its still ridiculous to think of. I think Captain America 2 may sadly suffer Iron Man 2′s problems with it being set in present day around Shield, I would have prefered another war story than a winter soilder storyline so soon. Ant-Man is just breaking all logic also I mean your a scientist who only builds a device that can control ants are you kidding me there are other far more useful creatures out there, even Aquaman is better than this guy at least Aquaman can control a vast arrange of creatures but Ant-Man is just limited to one. What about people that might be afraid of ants or bugs has Marvel thought of that they might lose some viewers. Oh we’ll in my opinion the Marvel universe a downfall is highly expected, expect DC to make more money in total with the upcoming Justice League flick which is what Marvel should have done, skip the solo films and get on to the real deal. The solo films are just painful filler to try and get a story in plus some money. Why need a solo film anyway when your going to ignore the existence of half of them like they did in The Avengers, just give brief explanations of the characters and done. DC is doing it right skipping the solo formula because they know we are not brainless idiots which Marvel thinks we are on the other hand.

  4. Saw Argo last night. It was directed very well by Ben. The end was very thrilling. I am projecting screen rant gives it a 3.5

  5. Anyone else pumped for Walking Dead this sunday because I sure am!

    • what a question ? of course ! it´s the best horror series and i.m.o also the best zombie make up and some series-parts are better then the most zombie movies. i´m now interested how – world war z- will tell the zombiecalypse.

    • I am, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of TWD for as long as I can remember.

    • Definitely looking forward to season 3 of the walking dead. It looks to be the best one so fingers crossed!

    • Me and friends at DISH hopper prime time…sorry can’t even pretend to be one of those posts. I just got into this show (I don’t have cable…I only legally stream my TV). I’ve been watching it on Netflix and I’m halfway through season two. So, I’ll most liking be buying Season 3 on Amazon as episodes are released…unless Hulu plus starts showing episodes for me.

      • Lol AMC constantly CONSTANTLY reminds us that it is not available on dish.

        • IFC does the same thing. The only thing worth watching on IFC though, is the 3 Stooges marathon on Saturday mornings.

    • I was coming here to talk about TWD so your question is a perfect lead to what I was about to say.
      1st to answer your question, I’m really excited for the return of TWD but…
      I have to admit u gave up on it early last season and actually stopped watching. It just wasn’t grabbing me and at one point I just figured there was so much on Sunday nights that I was enjoying more that I’d move on. I was bummed because I loved the graphic novels but I just couldn’t get into it. :(
      That’s until this past Wednesday when I saw it on Netflix streaming so I figured I’d give season 2 another shot and now under 48 hours later I’ve watched the whole season.
      So I fully admit that I was completely wrong in every way and I’m a happy TWD fan again. :) I’ll record it and watch after Homeland and Boardwalk so I don’t have to deal with commercials but I really excited for what’s coming next.
      Even after I stopped watching I would read articles about what’s coming up and I’d comment that fans of the show are in for a blast because they’ll be getting to see the real meat and potatoes of the good stuff but now that I’m back on board I’m equally excited.
      The Prison, The Governor and Michonne [sp], oh boy is it about to get nuts!!!

  6. i´m really anticipated for -pacific rim- and the other kaiju project.

  7. -projects

  8. How do i stop getting a email everytime someone posts a comment, getting spammed to death and i’m not even clicking the little “Notify” box, i clicked it once on one thread, now everytime i comment my inbox is spammed to death.

    • Underneath the box you type in, there is a link that says Manage your subscription. Click that, then follow the directions.

  9. Gonna’ go see a free showing of The Lorax tomorrow. I like a good animated movie every now and again, not sure if this is going to be one though…any thoughts?

    • Eh its okay To me it is just a story about green.

      • *going green*

    • its solid probably above solid since its free.

  10. I’m watching the premiere of “The Neighbors” and this is one funny show! I love the line “It appears our little Dick has exposed himself.” LMFAO!!

    • I have that show on my queue, perhaps I will watch it this weekend.

  11. Hey Screenrant, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End is set for an October 25th release date next year. I read it on boxofficemojo.

  12. Oh yeah, and I saw Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘GRAVITY’ last week. The bar has been raised people, I have seen the Truth, lol. One word “DAMN!” 2013 will a revolutionary year for film and 3D.

  13. I’m also considering watching The Grey tonight, I haven’t heard a lot about this movie in the way of reviews. Is it worth the watch?

  14. It’s worth a one time watch Helix.

  15. Hey I was reading Time magazine today and there was A story about Ben Afflect. In it he said the next movie he would like to do is A superhero movie. But A mounth ago he was supposed to have turned down the JLA movie. Somebody please tell me whats going on here i,m getting confused.

    • Maybe he changed his mind after turning down the JLA movie?

      I mean, wasn’t that from the most recent issue? That JLA thing happened months ago.

  16. Can I just say, that with Argo, Seven Psychopaths, Sinister, and Perks of Being a Wallflower opening nationwide today, and with holdovers like Frankenweenie and Pitch Perfect, this looks like a great weekend at the movies.

    I’m a bit hesitant on seeing “Perks” though, the book did a great job of capturing teen angst without making it seem melodramatic, and apperantly the film does the same but I found the ending to be to much of a downer. I’ll eventually see it this month though.

    As for Argo, I’m more excited about seeing the other movies, but since there’s so many, I’m going to have to go to the movies every weekend to watch at least 2 of them.

  17. I watched the first season of Men At Work recently and really liked it (one or two bad episodes here and there, but for some reason it felt like a breath of fresh air to me), but it looks like the reviews weren’t very favorable…
    Anybody else seen that show? What do you guys think about it?