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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 11, 2013

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  1. Hail Hydra.

    • Hail HYDRA.

      • Ok, I give in. HAIL HYDRA!

        • HYDRATHER NOT!

  2. Yay! It’s almost weekend! :)
    Is it just me or is the Thor:TDW marketing campaign not nearly as strong as you’d expect from Marvel? Aside from all the friggin movie clips that they release online (which I refuse to watch), there’s hardly anything else to suggest that this movie’s coming out in less than a month.

    • I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I´ve seen is a f*cking huge billboard in my hometown.

    • Yeah, i expected to see more TV spots. But maybe they figured they wouldnt overexpose this film like Iron Man 3. We’ll see. I’m sure it will still do well in theaters. I’m even hoping/thinking that it will make more both domestically and worldwide than the first thor.

    • The movie wasn’t finished in the same manner that other MARVEL movies have been done, and as a result the marketing seems to have suffered.

      I pointed this out all the way back at comic-con when the THOR 2 panel got glossed over by a Loki appearance.

      Whatever, if the end result is a bad-ass Thor movie (which is what it looks like) I think we can live with the lack of marketing.

      • I am sensing disappointment both with THOR and CAP.
        I hope my sensing are failing and proved wrong.

        • Perhaps. Marvel’s most recent endeavors of IM 3 and AoS don’t exactly inspire much confidence.

          However, considering how this movie looks now after all the re-shoots, we might be in for a real treat.

          The last TV spot has me interested:

          • That’s the most encouraging clip I’ve seen. Thanks, Good Doctor. We’ll see soon.

          • Pretty cool, I’m hoping the film is exactly this.

    • Over marketing (IMO) is bad luck. Lone Ranger, anyone?

      • No amount of marketing could bring that “Lone Ranger” back from the dead.

      • So is undermarketing/mismarketing. (Dredd)

        • The promotion and distribution of DREDD
          was mismanaged top to bottom and the
          reason for its poor box office results.

        • It didn’t help that Dredd sucked.

          • Blasphemy.

            • +1

      • I agree, overmarketing sometimes to me seems like the little guy at the party bragging about how much he can drink everyone else under table. The Lone Rangers seems to be a perfect example of that. I really think Thor and Captain America individual movies will be a disappointment, especially with everyone’s anticipation of ant man and GotG.

  3. Nice guys finish 3rd

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that Captain Phillips looks bland and uninteresting?

    • I think it looks interesting, but i wont be seeing it in theaters or anything.

    • Bland and uninteresting no, but its definitely not a Bourne movie. (referencing Greengrass’s first 3 not the new one, it doesn’t count)

      • let me clarify, I actually think it looks really interesting. I’ll definitely see it just dunno whether in first run theaters, second run, or rental.. I’ll see it tho.

    • I’m thinking about seeing it, it seems interesting. It may not be this weekend though. I’m waiting for the review.

    • Yes, it does look bland, the story is interesting but Tom Hanks really isn’t very interesting at all. I know he’s done some good movies but I’m not a massive fan.

      • How dare you tom hanks is the greatest living american

        • Forrest Gump. Nuff said.

        • Easy people, I like his work ,he is a good actor, it just doesnt excite me when I read about Tom Hank’s stars in…

    • I know how it ends.

      • Dramatic tension?

  5. Im surprised we only got one trailer for Escape Plan with Arny and Sly and it comes out next week. I hope that doesnt hurt its boxoffice prospects because i really want this to do well. especially after both of their solo ventures didnt do to well. While i havent seen Bullet to the Head yet, I thought The Last Stand was really enjoyable and this looks like a lot of fun to.

    • Yeah, I like those guys and want them to keep making movies. Escape plan looks fun

    • They make fun movies, I feel like Arnie or Stallone aren’t really box office draws any more. Except for Expendables movies which seem to do well every time. Prbly cuz they have Arnie, Stallone, and ALL those other guys as well.

    • I saw the trailer last night. In a way, it reminded me of the film Sneakers from ’92.

    • Jim Caviezel is in Escape Plan as well, and probably will be my main reason for seeing it.

      • Most definitely. Jim is the man.

  6. Anyone gonna see Machate Kills today? Escape plan looks good so i’ll catch that one for sure next Friday.

    • lemme know what you think, I’m curious about that one but I think I’m seeing Rush this weekend.

      • @ movieDude

        Will do. I plan to see it today.

  7. Hopefully with all this rain in the northeast, I can catch up on random movies on my hard drive.

    • haha I was thinking the same thing. I still have The Road on there that I need to watch, and some flicks from this year 7 psychopaths, and Evil Dead.

      • Hey movieDude, I ended up not catching Gravity this Wednesday, which really sucks urgh! Ended up going to some other cinema and saw Don Jon, which is a great movie nonetheless. I’m just hoping I catch Gravity before it’s taken out of theatres!

        • That’s still cool that you saw Don Jon tho! I wanna see that.

          That sucks but no worries man, hopefully Gravity will be in theaters for a while so you still have time. That movie is a must-see on the big-screen my friend.

      • @ movieDude

        If you’re going to watch The Road, I would very much be interested in your thoughts on that movie. It kind of took me by surprise.

        • I picked up a copy of it and have yet to watch.
          It appears to be a downer and hence the hesitation.

        • @ Stark

          Ok I’ll let you know. I’ve just heard so much about it randomly on OD’s here. I prbly heard you talking about it once or twice. I decided I should give it a watch.

          • @ movieDude

            I have talked about it here, and I read the book too. Pretty brutal movie and story. It sticks with you for a while after your done watching it or reading it.

      • Be carefull with the road don’t watch near any sharp objects very sad

        • I wasn’t much of a fan of it but I do agree it was pretty sad.

  8. Say fellow Scranters, take a listen to
    this upcoming release by Paul McCartney.
    It sounds like The Beatles, Liverpool vintage:

    • wrong link…wait

    • Here’s Paul:

      • LOL. Double fail Rock.

        • If you fail, fail well. Someone said. Well, I just said.
          I think the link was “Official” and preventing linking.

    • Damn. YouTube on’t let me post it.

      • What’s it called? I’ll see if I can find it myself.

        I love the Beatles

        • I think I found a successful link.
          Love the vintage Beatles sound too.

    • Another link:

      • Not bad.

        Of course I prefer the older, “every song laced with LSD” stuff of yester-year…

        • Sergeant Pepper’s. Right. You get stoned just by listening.
          At least Paul seems to be embracing his roots here
          and I am curious about the rest of the album.
          This tune made me think of Penny Lane.

          • Love The Beatles but have no time for any of Paul’s solo work it’s just so meh

            • Same here, but this one is almost a Beatles release.
              The whole Wings and whatever he did is forgettable.

              • I shall give it a listen then.

              • Have you ever heard ‘Chaos and Creation in the Backyard’? It came out a couple of years ago.

                • No I haven’t, Logan. I’ll check it out.

                • And thanks for
                  the heads-up, Logan.

                  I listened to one cut so far,
                  Too Much Rain, and it is not bad.

      • Haven’t listened to much of Paul McCartney’s solo albums but I enjoyed this song. Like you said, it’s very much like The Beatles.

  9. My weekend plans got ruined, cant’ enjoy watching horror films in my den because one of my cousins & wife are visiting.

    • That’s a bummer, Frank. Especially if you have Monday off too.

    • Huh? Seriously? You have a den? I thought that room name was something made up on 80s television shows. Do you also have a Davenport?

      • my uncle has a den, they’re all the rage, its like a fancy word for man-cave. cuz the den usually belongs to the man of the house right?

        • Oh…I have a man cave. It’s a 4×4 spot in the garage where I can stand when the lawnmower isn’t parked there.

          • :)

          • haha professor it would be cool to attend your procrastination class sometime. I assume that the title (professor) isn’t for nothing ;)

            • I’m sure it would be a great class if I ever attended. I keep pushing it off until tomorrow. :)

          • That just made me LOL!

            Im in the same boat. If I pull the wife’s car out of the garage, I have a small spot next to the fridge and lawnmower!

            • :)

          • :D I guess you watch films on a laptop there.

            • that’s a brilliant idea! currently, it’s only used for beer drinkin’ and standin’…after I mow.

              • And with headphones you can find a
                corner somewhere no matter how many
                quests are around and get your movies in.

          • @ Professor P.

            I laughed out loud when I read about your 4×4 “man cave”!! Nicely done! :)

            • I wish it was a joke Stark. :(

        • @ movieDude

          Yup. Mine is like my own Batcave. I got the tv in the corner. Shelves of DVDS on each side of it. Recliner chair with stand to place my drink or anything else by my side. It’s in the basement so it gets cold in the winter time so I put heaters I the room. Nice carpet on concrete floor. Nice & cool in the summer.

          • I had a small tv in the garage. But my father-in-law is using it in his room now. :(

            • @ LC

              That’s bites.

          • @ Frank Castle

            That would be awesome. I still live with the fam and it is incredibly hard to get tv time. If my little brother isn’t watching supernatural (or whatever) then my cousin is playing xbox or ps3 or something. I never get the tv. I’ve had to just start watching movies on my laptop which obviously is not the best way to watch a movie. an HDTV (or any TV for that matter) is much better for that.

            • @ movieDude

              I know the feeling. I had to deal with that for years. Now it’s just my father & I since everyone got married & moved out. I just go downstairs is all. Thesedays with work & all, I watched less tv & movies. Tv shows I watched are recorded by DVR. Hopefully your time will come soon.

          • @ Frank Castle

            Sounds like you have a nice set up. Being single man, my whole house is my man cave! But I do love spending time in my basement watching my flat screen. :)

      • @ Prof

        It’s what I call it anyways. It’s where I keep my tv,DVD player,DVDs, movie posters,etc in. Sadly it’s also where the one of the spare beds are in when we have guests. Atleast they don’t come down every weekend. It’s once awhile thing. Sometimes it theres a bad timing.

      • If you remove the doors off of one room, you can call it a den I think?

  10. Morning all….

    Great news on AoS getting a full season order, especially so early. Now the show runners have some breathing room to get this thing right without worrying about the chopping block. Smart moveby ABC to order them so early, to maximize the time left in this season. Here’s hoping they make the right adjustments similar to the Arrow show runners a year ago.

    • It may also mean, Tony, that they are happy enough
      with what they are doing, which appears to be aiming at
      a younger demo, and we might be seeing more of the same.

      • Could easily be a “saving face” move aswell.

        • Yes. Disney does not want to be embarrassed and they can afford it.

      • I can see them keeping the same tone and comedy they have right now and with a little better plot. Not really interested to be honest, I just hope others enjoy it now.

      • @ R. Palmer
        @ Dr. M

        You both could very well be right, I’m just hoping for the best. Hopefully they’ll listen to the fans and fix some stuff, before it’s to late. The second half of the season will be very telling. I’m convinced the Arrow show runners made some mid-season adjustments based on fan reaction after the first half of season one. That show practically did a 180 in writing and quality in the second half. I think AoS is still evolving and can do the same.

  11. Where the heck did Jeff W go?

    • Email me, Stark @

      I asked for you to on Monday’s OD but I figured it was too late for you to read. But its in regards to your question.

    • The bovine militia was nothing compared to Hydra.

      • Haha

      • @ Professor P.

        Agreed, Hydra is more powerful, but not for long. I like your new avatar, but we can’t see your little arm raised anymore!

        Hail Hydra!

        • @Stark – my new avatar is an animated replica of my twitter pic. But trust me…my hands are raised.

          Hail HYDRA!

  12. Top ten movies with Ghost AND Buster in the title:

    10) Ghostbusters 2
    9) Ghostbusters
    8) Ghostbusters
    7) Ghostbusters
    6) Ghostbusters
    5) Ghostbusters
    4) Ghostbusters
    3) Ghostbusters
    2) Ghostbusters
    1) Ghostbusters

    • +1 hahaha nice.

    • @ Prof

      Never watched the animated series?

      • That’s not a movie. But, yes! And it was my favorite cartoon as a kid. Actually, I think I watched the cartoon before the movies.

        • @ Prof

          Same here. I still need to buy the series on DVD. As a kid I had some of the figures aswell as my own backpack like my friends did.

        • As did I. I even was a bit disappointed because the actors didn´t look like the cartoon characters.

  13. Wow, so I watched Arrow again last night and it just feels like they stepped up their game to a whole new level. I’m surprised that I am watching more shows on the CW now with Arrow, The Originals, and now The Tomorrow People(so far). Could we be seeing a change in the CW approach in the new shows they start bringing in especially if Arrows ratings are higher than everything else on the network? I have to say that if the show continues to get stronger I would have to start considering it as a top tier series joining the likes of GOT, Breaking Bad, Spartacus, and some other shows.

    • I was pleased with the premiere of Arrow and am really enjoying The Originals so far, even if there’s only been 2 episodes so far aha.

      • I hate to say it, but I haven’t watched the Arrow premier yet. I had to work late and recoded it and I still haven’t had time to watch it yet. I keep hearing that it was great, and it’s killing me not having watched it yet. :(

        • Maybe you can wait until next week and have a double feature aha. I think you’ll enjoy it, it wasn’t the best episode but it was definitely a good start to hopefully a great season.

          • @ ColdSC

            Not a bad idea, but I can’t wait that long! :)

      • I’ve been reading online from so-called “sources” that indicate this season will have a lot of the flash back island scenes tied up which if true will be great. Maybe see Slade in current day scenerios?

    • I am about to catch up with Arrow
      by watching last seasons’s finale first.
      Not sure how lost I will be but watching
      all of season one first is just too much work.

      • @ R. Palmer

        I wouldn’t start with the finale, it will confuse you and spoil lots of surprises. At least spot watch through the first season first. Maybe something like every other episode before the finale. Just a suggestion. :)

        • Thanks for the tip, Tony.
          Not sure what I’ll do.

      • You can maybe read summaries of the first season? It’d be much easier if you don’t want to watch it all.

        • Yeah, I made a note to track those down.
          I may crack and pick up season one.

          • @ R. Palmer

            I’m not sure if this is what ColdSC meant, but you could read Screen Rant’s review of each episode from last season, they did a nice job of reviewing each episode. That would catch you up quick. :)

  14. Apparently the script for George Miller’s Justice League Moral script got leaked. Did anyone happen to read it?

    I read about a third of it so far, not bad but also didn’t find it very great. Much too cartoony for me, plus the plot is very similar to the animated film, Justice League Doom.

    • All the links I went to that were cited didn’t have a downloadable copy. Can you email me it? LOL. Address listed above.

      • Fo sho!

        • It’s e-mailed, enjoy!

          • Thank you!

  15. I’m going to be one of these for Halloween, Black Panther, Fox Mulder or Gomez Adams. I’m leaning toward T’Challa… I hope I have time to mine for vibranium.

    • I went as Gomez 2 years ago. I ended up looking like Hitler.

    • I wonder what other Ranters are dressing up as this year?

      • I’ll be dressing up again as Robin and handing out comic books instead of candy. When parents realize I’m not handing out election pamphlets, they’re pumped that I’m pushing literacy and not lollipops.

        • Say, that’s a neat idea, $2.

      • @ movieDude

        I didn’t blow up all of my suits, (don’t tell Pepper!), so I’m going to wearing the Mark 42 suit for Halloween, and just be myself! :)

      • We’re doing a family costume. My daughter is going to be Little Red Riding Hood. The boy (who turns one on Halloween) gets to be the big bad wolf (because everyone says to him “what big eyes you have”…should I be worried that he has alien-esque giant eyes?). The wife is Grannie. And I’m the Lumberjack…or hunter…either way, I’m carrying an axe!

    • Me and my girlfriend were going to a disney themed party where we were going to dress up as linguini and that girl chef from rattatouille.

  16. <<<< Hides from trick or treaters. No passing out candy duty.

  17. We know who Stark is dressing/suiting up as,lol. Right Stark?

    • @ Frank Castle

      Right you are sir, I’m going out in the Mark 42 suit. :)
      What about you Frank?

      • I thought you’d go as Iron Patriot.

        • @ Professor P.

          Nope, I let Rhodey have that one! :) Pepper is going out as Rescue!

      • @ Stark

        I’ll be the boogey man scaring off trick or treaters for their candy,lol.

  18. Second week with no Revolution review, did Screenrant write the show off already ?

    • I’ll review it. Miles swashbuckles. Aaron looks constipated. The lady from LOST looks like she’ll do something evil. Monroe misses his militia. Charlie won’t die even though everyone wants her to. And Gus from Breaking Bad will continue to save the show.

      Actually, I’m still invested in this show. I’m not sure why. The patriots are interesting and it’ll be exciting to see Miles and Monroe reunite. But WTF…why wasn’t that lady on suicide watch? Seriously? Nobody thought maybe we shouldn’t leave sharp objects or objects that can be broken into sharp objects near the sick and extremely depressed woman?

      • Billy Burke as Miles is the reason I watch.
        He IS Revolution. Everything else is trying to be.

        • I enjoy his swashbuckling ways. I actually like Monroe…sure, he’s nutzo. But he’s cool crazy!

          • Yes, Monroe. Great tortured nutcase. I like him too.
            David Lyons was The Cape in that short-lived series.

            Now Elizabeth Mitchell, I liked her in Lost and can’t stand her here.
            And killing off Daniella Alonso, who had real chemistry with Billy,
            unlike Mitchell where there is zero, was a major show loss.
            Pushing Miles and Rachel as a couple does not work.

      • Looking at the ratings on how this site has seemingly forgotten it seems like the show won’t make it to a third season. I also don’t understand how people were dying left and right before and now people are rising from the grave and surviving arrows dangerously close to the heart.