Open Discussion – October 10, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 10, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 10, 2011

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  1. I am now ready for Fall/Winter.

    This is the time of year when our family home-movie watching kicks in. Shorter days, longer nights … optimal movie watching time. :)

  2. amen to that

  3. Im dying to see the official avengers trailer

    • Ditto brother.

    • Anyone know when (time) it’s suppose to go online?

      • Tomorrow.

        • Oh, what time… Maybe I should think before I post.

          • 10 am EST

            • Damn, that´s in the middle of the night for me…

              • I thought you lived in Germany, Scapegoat.

                Isn’t it like 5p.m?

                Take care.

                • That is correct sir…
                  5pm in Germany, and 6pm for me in South-Africa.

                  Can’t wait! :D

                • Oh, am. For some reason I read 10 pm. Yeah, that´s areound 5 pm for me. Cool.

    • Oh me too. I just saw Captain America so am now ready for Avengers.

  4. Can the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey come out already? Next Winter is going to be so much better than this Winter.

  5. Question:

    Will The Avengers trailer be the most scrutinized trailer EVER on Screenrant?

    • I mean by posters not Screenrant itself.

      • I can already smell some comparisons to the Batman trailer. Or Nolan in general.

      • INK,

        I totally knew what you meant. 8)


    • Well, I can only speak for myself, but after I watch the trailer tomorrow, I’ll be watching it again, but frame-by-frame so that I don’t miss a single shot! ;)

      I REALLY hope this movie is going to live up to the hype… (hopefully the trailer might be some kind of indication as to how it’s gonna go down)

      • Please give us some serious Hulk action in it !!!

    • To date, I imagine the Star Wars movies were.

      But, I will say this…. this.

    • I think people will get all excited over it, but I sense that there won’t be anywhere near the amount of analyses that The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer received. And definitely nothing remotely close to what the next Dark Knight Rises trailer will receive.

      • Yeah, because it´s “just” directed by Whedon and not the almighty Nolan…

        • Yea. Exactly. Solid (if not great) film track record vs shaky track record.

        • @ Scapegoat

          Do you plan to see Man Of Steel in 2013? Just curious.

      • @ Hiro

        I only speak for me but TDKR teaser trailer didn’t show much to get me all over-joyed over it.

  6. Still can’t believe there’s less than 24hrs to go until the first official trailer for THE AVENGERS :D
    (I’ll be camping in front of my computer the whole day until it hits!)

    In other news: the week just stared and I’m already tired :( — the weekend couldn’t come sooner…
    I’ll also be camping in front of the ol’ PC this weekend because of the New York Comic-Con: Since I live in SA I can’t make it, but thankfully, Marvel will be hosting liveblogs for us non-Americans/New-Yorkers, so that we don’t feel left out ;)

    Thank you internet, and thank you Marvel.

    • I also heard there is some big marvel news coming. Maybe 2014 movies?


      This is me, getting ready for the trailer for @Marvel’s The #Avengers, another big bit of Marvel news & @NY_Comic_Con:

      • Yeah, there is REALLY big news coming this weekend.
        For those of you interested in the liveblog, just head over to

        • You make it sound like you know what’s coming………………………………. :)

    • @ The Avenger

      Is it Wednesday that The Avengers trailer will be online? Will Screenrant have it?

      • Wally, the first ‘The Avengers’ trailer should be online within 2 or 3hrs my friend!

        It’s being released on iTunes trailers, but I’m sure it’ll hit YouTube only minutes after that, and yes, I’m sure screenrant will be covering the story as soon as they can…

        • @ TheAvenger

          Thank you my friend. Can’t wait to see a glimpse aswell to buy Captain America on the 25th on dvd.

        • @ TheAvenger

          Saw the trailer for The Avengers. Looks sweet!. Possibly better than all the previous solo films yet even. Loved the scene between Steve Rogers & Tony Stark,lol. I hope the movie is over 2 hours long so everyone gets enough screen time.

  7. Ok, here’s a topic of a slow Monday…

    Have you ever seen an historical movie/tv show that inspired you to thoroughly research that subject top to bottom or just read up on that topic/person?

    Examples of mine are:

    Watching HBO’s “Rome” lead to studying about Julius Caesar and “trying” to read Plutarch’s Lives.

    Watching “The Tudors” lead me to study the history of the British monarchy.

    So, what movies inspired you to research historical people or eras?

    • Not many movies or TV Shows, but Assassin’s Creed (the game) really got me interested in the Italian Renaissance.

      The 2009 movie, Sherlock Holmes, did inspire me to read the books again. And after reading the books I decided to do a bit of research on Great Britain during the 1890′s (which was the time-frame in which most of the SH books took place).

    • Defiance

      What an amazing story that is.

    • Great question, Nautius. I had Shakespeare effectively ruined for me at school by being forced to dry-read various plays without understanding anything. Madness – they’re meant to be seen, and it was watching Laurence Olivier’s 1948 version of Hamlet years later that made me go back and realise exactly what I’d been missing.

      Troy made me go and read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey for almost the opposite reasons: I thought they couldn’t possibly have presented the story as hopelessly as that movie did. I wasn’t disappointed either.

      The Right Stuff had me reading up on Chuck Yeager, including his 1985 autobiography. Oliver Stone’s JFK – partisan as it was – forced me to go out and devour everything I could get my hands on about him, the Vietnam War, Nixon, Kissinger, John Ehrlichman, Bob Haldeman and the whole Watergate scandal.

      TV-wise, seeing Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series inspired me to read several of his books. On a vaguely-related musical note, the band Bauhaus made me research the German art school and its influence on graphics, architecture and industrial design; I figured anything the Nazis labelled “degenerate” must have been onto something…

      • Not to mention being forced to read Shakespeare by an English teacher who looked and sounded like the spitting image of Christopher Lee as Dracula. IN A BLACK GOWN. Try shaking that one off in later life.

  8. Please read the original Sherlock Holmes brother that 09 film was MTV-ish garbage

    Then watch the Jeremy Brett versions on Netflix. The early ones before he got ill. The Adventures of SH and Casebook of SH

    Then Read Machiovelli’s the prince as well as Dante

    • Err… I did read the original books (written by the legend, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), and after watching the 09 film, I decided to read em’ AGAIN (great books, I would recommend them to anyone)

      I actually REALLY liked the 09 movie: it’s “non-conimical” so it was never really intended to be EXACTLY like the books (only based upon the myth/adventures of Sherlock Holmes) — I agree that it was a bit to “action-y” and “superhero-y” (mostly thanks to the director), but it was still SOLID entertainment.

      I think I watched some of the older SH movies when I was younger, but I could never really get into them, and I’m not too interested in watching them now either to be honest ;)

      I’m very exited about SH2, coming out in December though…

  9. This could be considered kind of a spoiler……

    ButI was reading something online yesterday about how the final fight scene in Real Steel is a punch for punch recreation of the Rocky/Drago fight from Rocky 4. Which is funny cuz while watching Real Steel, there was parts of the fight that felt real familiar to me haha… Anyway I thought that was kinda cool

    • I really think SR should do a spoilers discussion for this film because this is the 2nd time someone mentioned that. Also, thank you for saying it was a spoiler.

      ****** SPOILER ALERT *****

      I actually thought the finally fight was more a combination of Rocky vs. Creed 1 and Rocky vs. Clubber Lang 2. If you noticed, Jackman’s character let Zeus beat up on Atom to get the robot depleted of energy, just like in the Clubber Lang fight. And just like in the first Creed fight, Atom lost to a controversial decision.

      ****** END SPOILER ******

      • Ugh! Kahless just made me eat a full plate of gagh, because I mis-spelled his name!

        Be thankful we share the same body, petaQ!! An error like that is usually fatal!!


  10. Transformers 4

    • Yeah! In 4D! (sarc-mark) I’d love to know what Optimis Prime smells like, I bet he smells like pork, or steak, or possibly metal…

      P.S. For those who don’t understand ^sarcasm^, go read about it on wikipedia or something.

      • And the “most random post of the day” award goes to… lol

  11. Just read over at SuperHeroHype that “Entertainment Tonight” (a TV show) will have behind the scenes coverage of The Avengers (with set-videos and interviews) and that they’ll be releasing the “first scenes of the movie” (by that, they probably mean that they’ll be discussing the scenes – I doubt they’l actually show them ;))

    – The show airs on Monday in the US, but not until Friday in SA, so I guess I’ll be waiting a few days until I get to peak behind the scenes of one of the most anticipated movies ever made.

  12. I want to talk about the great tv show no one is watching Community. Its ratings suck but yet its the best show on tv today. I hate the fact it could get cancelled.

    • You’ll have to do better … I’m not convinced.

    • Hmm, I watched it and I think it’s the second WORST comedy on TV-behind 2 Broke Girls.

      • Where do u rate the new Two And A Half Men? lol

      • Disagree, along with Archer and Parks & Rec, I think its the best comedy on tv.

        And Kyle, I doubt the show will get cancelled, the show is pretty cheap, plus since each season is one school year, next season (the 4th one) will probably be the last season of the show. So it’ll end instead of getting cancelled.

      • Workaholics is the best show on comedy central!!

      • Thank you. I couldn’t stand 2 Broke Girls. Somehow, I watched the entire pilot and about 5 minutes of the second episode. Its CBS fault for putting it on after HIMYM.

  13. “Iron Sky” is due out April 4, 2012, per the teaser at (Don’t know whether this is news or not, but I just stumbled over it today while looking for something else.) This movie is looking more and more interesting. It’s in post-production now, per IMDb.

    • It’s been a long time coming! The blackboard writings in Gothic script in that trailer was a nice touch, and Udo Kier has to be worth the price of admission alone.

  14. Watched some of the extras of the STAR WARS Blu-rays sfx of the empire strikes back and classic creatures return of the JEDI some of the clips from the original trilogy took me back to before all the added scenes and stuff really brought back memories of watching the unaltered versions of star wars I really enjoyed it, the Blu-ray saga set was worth waiting for. :-)

  15. Did anyone else hear about that lady who is suing the distributers of the movie Drive?

    Apperantly, she went in thinking that it would be an action movie with cars like Fast and the Furious but when she saw what the movie actually was she got pissed and is suing Film district and demands that misleading trailers be stopped so that people know what they’re getting into when they watch a movie. I find it laughable.

    By the way, I finally saw the movie, I thought it was just ok. Don’t really get all ther critical love for it though.

    • I read about it. I laughed about it.

      Personally, I loved the movie. One of my favorite of the year, although I like movies like this. The Mustang chase gave me a Bullitt feel. My favorite part of all was the score. It feels out of place but perfect at the same time. Its dope. I want the soundtrack. Drive around maryland and feel like an 80s dope dealer, part time hitman.

    • Only in America ;)
      (I’m guessing she’s from the US?)

    • Don’t be soo sure. A woman sued McDonald’s because her coffee, that she spilled in her lap, was too hot. I agree that it’s a case that should not even see the light of day but this country (US) is far too litigious.

      • Her argument is based on that that the trailer did not accurately preview what was portrayed in the film. Its a good argument. But I couldn’t win that case. Your best bet would be to get the company scared enough to settle.

        The McDonalds case was actual genius, I have to say. They won the case because the temperature of the coffee was “too hot” and she got 3rd degree burns. Added by the fact McDonalds did not use coffe sleeves at the time they were able to convince a judge that McDonald was at fault. A) For the coffee being too hot B) and not provinding an adequate container to hold the cup.

  16. Finally saw X-Men:FC last night and really enjoyed it. I was going to make it a two-day watch, but I couldn’t force myself to pick up the remote and stop the DVD.

    Also saw Source Code and enjoyed it as well. As a Quantum Leap fan, I liked hearing Scott Bakula speak his “Oh, boy” line from the show once more.

    • I thought Crank was a lot of fun. I haven’t seen its sequel.

      The only Transformers film I’ve seen is the first, and I’ve been told to see the third one. Do I need to see the second in order to watch the third? Should I avoid the second one?

      • Don’t waste your time watching the 2nd. Only if you are really curious about how Megatron returns…even then, I wouldn’t watch it

        • Crank 2 never tried to be any more than it was. And for that I thought it was an entertaing funny film. If you like Crank than you will like the sequel.

    • Crank 2…. NO GOOD.

      • Agree.

    • I thought Crank was one of the worst films I have ever seen.

      • Try seeing Crank 2. Your opinion of the worst film will change.

        • No thanks. I can’t get the stench of Crank 1 out of my mind.

  17. why is there no fringe “alone in the world” episode review yet?

  18. So what did you guys think of The Raven trailer? It kind of reminds me of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hallow.

  19. Any chance we could get SRs take on how they feel the new crop of TV shows are fairing thus far?

    I just watched Terra Nova’s 3rd episode and it already is beginning to feel “old hat”. By that I mean they have devoted the last two episodes to being very episodic and mostly filler in content which is a HUGE mistake imho.

    They should have hit the ground running and moved the meta plot along a bit before immediately falling onto boring, tried and true plots that have no distinct place in the big picture.

    • One season. The idea might grab people, but I think the concept will lose people.

      I’m watching Earth 2 on Netflix.

    • I thought this show just oozed potential before it premiered, but yes, they are letting it slip away with episodic filler content as you said. It most likely won’t make it past season 1.
      So far, the best new show, IMO, is Person of Interest, it keeps me tuned in for the entire episode. I wouldn’t say it has hooked me in to watch quickly on a weekly basis. I’m into it when I do watch, and my DVR is scheduled to record each episode. Some other new shows, NBC’s Free Agents and the Playboy Club and the CW’s H8R, have been cancelled. Charlies Angels is struggling for ratings. A whole bunch of sitcoms are out there, but I’ve only heard about Whitney and Up All Night getting a full season of shows (my guess is that they’ll only get the one season). However, the New Girl teamed up with a rare survivor from last year, Raising Hope, is a great combo, but ithey are both live-action sitcoms on FOX, and we all know their survival rates are usually only a week or two…sometimes they manage a season or two.
      There is a lot of shows that I haven’t heard any news about or even watched like PanAM, Ringer, A Gifted Man, or Prime Suspect…my question is would anyone care if these shows were cancelled, probably not. I watched the premiere of American Horror Story last week, and if weird wasn’t a genre, it should be now. I can’t say it was good or bad because I’m not big into the psycho-sexual premise, but I won’t be tuning in again. This week Tim Allen returns to sitcoms and Grimm premiere’s on Friday opposite of Fringe and Supernatural. My prediction is that next week reruns of Whitney and Up All Night will take over Grimm’s time slot. The next few weeks will be a test for these new network shows with cable networks bringing back fan favorites like the Walking Dead, the League, Beavis and Butt-head, and Psych. Also, the MLB playoffs will keep televisions from watching new prime-time television shows. So far in my opinion, it doesn’t look like 2011′s fall class is fairing much better than 2010′s.

      • Of all the new shows, I think Prime suspect is the one I like the most. Its surviving with its current ratings, but so far since I’m not attached to it if they were to announce its cancellation next week I wouldn’t mind.

        and I think Grimm was delayed till the 28th. And

  20. Question… Whats going on with the teenage ninja mutant turtles movie??

  21. Anyone surprised by the number of remakes of cyberpunk films being made: Total Recall, Judge Dredd, Robocop, Blade Runner.

    • No, not really because they all deal with apocalyptic and/or dystopian futures. Those type of movies are big on Hollywood’s “let’s milk it until it’s bone dry” list of priorities.

  22. @Hiro
    Which is sad because there are so many great novels out there that Hollywood hasn’t even taken the time to look at. They’re just interested making their sequels, prequels, and remakes; but they forget that they occasionally have to make new movies otherwise they can’t get their sequels, prequels, and remakes.

    I mean how many novels get published each year, hundredes right? And Hollywood only makes what 30-35 movies a year tops. So someone out there needs to step up and say, “Hey you know what I like this novel I’m going to buy the movie rights and turn it into a movie.”, you know what I mean?

    PS When I said Hollywood I mean of course the big studios and not all the indie, and b-movies.

    • “there are so many great novels out there that Hollywood hasn’t even taken the time to look at”
      - I couldn’t agree more.
      There are literally thousands of great novels that could be amazing on the silver screen. Why these people decide to remake old movies that wasn’t even that interesting, is beyond me…

    • Out of curiosity (and TA you can answer also) ‘Which is sad because there are so many great novels out there that Hollywood hasn’t even taken the time to look at.’

      Would you be so kind as to name 10. Not only would I like to know what they are I would also be curious to know what you think makes them (as novels) so great and how turngin them into a movie would be such a good idea.

      I can think of a lot of novels I would LOVE to see on the silver screen. However when I look at it I see stuff being cut out, missed, glossed over. Unlike a book that I can pick up read, go back a page, put it down pick it back up etc.

      I read Johnny walks into a blue room and visually see one thing while you Grandon and TA may see two completely different things.

      Im not knocking your comment however reading a novel and seeing it on the screen can sometimes be a good thing…. and sometimes it can ruin the book.

      • sorry Brandon not Grandon. :D

      • Now that you mention it… I can’t name 10 :P (mainly because I only read 4 or 5 books a year ;)). There are over 20 Star Wars novels alone that are good enough to become movies, and The Hunger Games would also be on the list if they weren’t already making a movie about it.

        My point is just that the studios shouldn’t be so quick to hop on the reboot bandwagon since there are MANY great novels that COULD potentially become great films (even if I can’t name some of them myself.)

        I do agree that a movie based on a book can be a complete mess, but in most cases, it turns out to be quite good.

        • I see those (Star Wars, Dragonlance, WoW, etc) as the same universe so it would be a Star Wars, Dragonlance, etc movie.

          So that in itself would (IMO) not make it unique or any different then ‘Star Wars’.

          That is like the Clancy books/movies. They are basically the same thing. (again not knocking)

          Its a fine line that has a lot to do with public perception and taste. While a few of us would love to see Obnoxio the Clown it just does not translate well onto the screen. ;)

          The best place to get that fix is the independents. Until they make them aware for the bigger studios who are all about th emoney… :(


    Spoiler: It´s effing awesome!

  24. I’ll try to see the “Avengers” trailer sometime later today, and I am looking forward to getting CA:TFA when it releases (next week, or the one after?). What’s really got me excited, though, is TDKR coming out next year. Not new news, certainly, but my excitement for the film has been reinvigorated because I got to see BB and TDK again this long weekend and loved them just as much as (I could even say MORE than) my original viewing. I’m also anticipating getting GL on Blu-ray, this Friday…and “Batman: Year One”…

  25. I like that The Avengers trailer shows a real set, hands-on filmaking with grassroots stunts, and not a complete green screen/CG background and characters. I know that there’ll be CG plenty that has not been revealed yet but so far lots of dirt and sweat a plenty.

    and how’s this for casting the ROBOTECH movie, Aaron Eckhart for Roy, but who would play Min Mei and Rick Hunter?

  26. Anyone have Dish Satelite & HBO channels by any chance? Reason i ask is because i wondered if you could record tv shows/movies to watch later & maybe record them onto a blank dvd. If anyone has any could answer, id appreciate it.

    • Did you ever try a DVD recorder? I don’t have a dish but I have recorded movies from my cable box onto DVDs.

      • @ John ” Kahless”

        I got DVD recorder but never tried it that way. I have a converter box aswell when we got dish satelite. It’s the same as a cable box isn’t it?

  27. @Aknot
    First of sorry I didn’t post this closer to your original comment. I posting on my iPhone so it won’t let me reply for some weird reason. So again my apologies.

    Ok so when I said there are hundreds of great books out there, and you asked me to name ten, I can’t because some of my favorite books have been turned into films already. And just because I like a particular book doesn’t mean you or anyone else will, because we all have differing taste in literature. However that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like some of the same books. Oh, and you’re right sometimes a book that receives the Hollywood treatment doesn’t turn out well on film. Because they take too much out or change or delete a character. Which makes you tend to hate the film and love the book. Which is why I tend to watch the film first and then read the book. But the point that I was trying to put out there is that there are all of these books, stories, poems, and actual events that Hollywood could use for inspiration instead if their new formula of USE, MILK, REMAKE/REBOOT.

    • No biggie on the reply.

      The issue you have (and why the independents are better IMO) is Hollywood first and foremost is about making money.

      If it is not a way to make a buck they wont do it. In order to make a buck it has to appeal to the masses. In order to appeal to the masses it needs to be a known topic (so to speak) or headline stars.

      I would even go so far as to say even foriegn films would be a better venue.

      For example The Last Air Bender. If I could get away scot free I would slap shamalamdingdong in the face. I have a cat that is almost 7 years old and probably could have done a better job on that film. Yet he was allowed to do what he did, got paid for it etc.

      It was a GREAT IDEA. A great subject a great story.

      Then take The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (the original) Which I just recently watched. This was from a previously hidden/unpublished work. The books did very well and IMO the movie was great. However it was (compared to Hollywood) low budget. It is subtitled, the sound was bad in some parts etc but still was very well done.

      Here comes Hollywood with their interpetation of the story. From what I have seen it looks almost frame for frame the same movie. (just from the clip) Will it be any good? Well it wont have subtitles, they are using expierenced well known actors/resses etc. Only time will tell.

      However it NEVER would have been made if it wasnt for the first film and book that gave it such a push. Hollywood never would have taken the book and said this would make a GREAT movie….

      They would be afraid to lose money. Which being a business I can understand. Its a very fine line in us the viewer wanting to be happy and the business staying in business.

      Do you have Netflix? I find a lot of new/different movies there.

  28. Imo