Open Discussion – October 10, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 10, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 10, 2012

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  1. Well it,s 10/10/12 Arrow premiers tonight heres hoping it was worth the wait.

    • I’ll be watching, fingers crossed. I need a superhero tv show fix.

    • i’m excited. I’ve. Been looking forward to this for a long time. I can identify with the “needing a super hero fix”. Here’s hoping it goes very well and is well received. I have to say, it does look good from all that I’ve seen.

    • I hope so….:-/

    • I’m excited for it, yet worried because it’s on the CW and the only shows I liked on the CW in past 10 years were Smallville and Supernatural. We’ll see tonight what happens.

    • I’m hoping its good, I’ll be watching tonight.

  2. Who’s looking forward to seeing Taken 3D?

  3. Why didn’t Loki just kill Samuel L Jackson at the start of Avenger’s? or use the “heart control”? He could of easily have won.

    • ehhm, as i remember everything was going really fast. as i remember loki did the -heart control- at first with hawkeye and nick fury did shoot after them. he wasn´t so near to fury to kill him or make a heart control.

    • Why didn’t Darth Vader just kill Luke and his friends in the first Star Wars movie or why didn’t every single Bond villains just kill Bond when they had the chance.

      Plot convenience maybe, or the fact that it’s just a movie perhaps?

      …I watched The Avengers again today and it’s still as spine chillingly epic as the first time I saw it 😀

      • …or why didn’t Batman use his Bat darts against Bane in their first encounter?

        I could go on and on…

        • Darth Vader did try and kill Luke & his friends during the first Star Wars.
          That’s part of the classic Bond motiff of the monologuing villain.
          Batman/Bruce secretly had a death wish when he first fought Bane. Plus he was trying to match his strength.

          So why didn’t Loki kill or heart hypnotize SLJ in the begining of the Avengers? He could have easily won, right then and there.

          • I must have been sleeping when I watched Star Wars all those times because I remember Vader killing Obi-Wan/Ben and then standing there while Luke ran off.
            Even though it’s “classic” and tradition for the Bond villains to blab about his whole plan, that doesn’t really dignify the fact that they’re giving the hero time to escape or figure a way out of his impending doom.
            Batman had a death wish?… yeah right 😉

            Even though there WAS opportunity to kill the villain/heroes in those movies, it still doesn’t mean the movies were bad or not great… at least, for me it isn’t that way… I can watch Star Wars, most Bond films, TDKR, TA, etc. over and over again despite those convenient happenings. Why? because they’re great and entertaining MOVIES.

            But to answer your question best I can, I’m pretty sure Hawkeye shot Fury in the chest.
            How was Loki to know that Fury was wearing a bullet proof vest? Fury didn’t get up till after they left and since the whole building was about to implode (within two minutes), I don’t think Loki had the time to check everyone’s pulse.

            • The Avenger – Now you got me thinking that after Vader killed Obi-Wan, he should have used the force on the Millennium Falcon…you know, drain the fuel or close the bay doors or something along those lines and then go into the ship and take out the Princess, Luke, the droids, Chewie, and Han. Walk in and start killing…Tusken Raider style. CREDITS

              While we’re at it, why didn’t Skynet just send the T-1000 back to 1984 to help the T-800 from the original film?

              • As Old Joe said in Looper, best not to think too much on Time Travel. We’ll be here all day. lol.

            • @TheAvenger

              1)You must have been sleeping. Vader is clearly walking towards Luke and The Falcon when the blast doors close on him because Han tells him to shoot the control panel. Then Vader tries to shoot down Luke in the X-Wing and Han comes and saves him.
              2)It’s a classic tradition. Would you be so bold enough to throw away years of tradition just because?
              3) Actually it’s clearly stated that Bruce has a death wish by Alfred and the blind doctor in the Pit.

              Bruce Wayne: You’re afraid that if I go back out there I’ll fail.
              Alfred: No. I’m afraid that you want to.

              If he wanted him dead, he would of shot him in the face, and Hawkeye can make that shot. Futhermore, Fury would have been a better asset on #TeamLoki than dead. If your going to “heart” control why not take advantage of one of the “greatest” spies or better yet, the one person who can bring the people together to stop you.

      • you are right, what kind of movie would it be if they would let the villain or hero die. just to make your discussion short. don´t compare things and phyisical things that happen in real life to a comic book movie or an action movie.

        • the last text in my comment is for -ignur rant- and not for -the avenger-.

  4. Arrow and Duck Dynasty tonight, and four days until The Walking Dead! 😀

    • I’m having a walking dead premier party, I can’t wait!!!!

    • Duck dynasty? What is that?

      • …just more redneck crap. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that is one reason some people in the world look down on Americans (“Jersey Shore”, “Teen Mom”, and that “Boo-Boo HoneyChild” monstrosity being other, inexcusable reasons).

        • I watch it because of how goofy it gets, and after a long day at work, it helps me unwind and have a good laugh with the wife. I believe it’s on a higher plane that the other shows you listed – one redemptive measure I like is how the family sticks together through their escapades and prays at the end of each episode. Plainly, it’s just a bunch of redneck millionaires having fun, yet I’d much rather watch that than pregnant teens, stuck-up drunks, or beauty-pageant families.

          Agree to disagree?

          • Fair enough…It’s a guilty pleasure that isn’t quite as guilty as the others (and miles above the “Boo-Boo” mess and “Jersey Stupid” ;P )

  5. planning on checking out arrow tonight, hope its good! does anyone know if this is a two hour premier, or just a one hour?

    • It’s only a 1hr premier.

      • to bad, i like 2 hour premiers, it helps flesh out the characters and plot more quickly to let you see what kind of show it will be.

    • Was he on Webster too? What a loss.

      • That’s him. All around good guy. He’ll be missed.

        • He should be in the NFL hall of fame but politics are keeping him out. Shame.

          • Too true. The man was a legendary terror on field.

  6. I shall be watching Arrow tonight.

    • For the CW’s sake I hope Arrow is going to be a hit as well as my sake to I love me some superhero shows

  7. Definelty Watchibg arrow tonight!

    Vic will you guys have a arrow review/recap?

    On other notes. I rented Prometheus last night. Meh. Was my reaction. It was good. Don’t think I’ll buy it though. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t a must own for me. Visually nice though!

    • Agreed on Prometheus.
      A great film visually (the landscapes, VFX, etc.), but the characters and story wasn’t to my liking at all.

  8. MICHAEL BAY I HATE YOUR FN GUTS!!!!! How do u go from Orson Wells voicing Unicron in the G1 Transformers animated movie which was a AWESOME voice over to in your Transformers 4 and Get Rob Schneider Duece Bigelow and on top of that have Adam Sandler voice Primus ARE U FN CRAZY OMG BOYCOTT THIS like the fans did with michael bay Ninja Turtles I FN hate u Michael Bay u ruined those two iconic characters

    • that´s your point,no offense at here at first. for me it was so that i wasn´t interessted as a kid for-transformers- and i´m not experementing much so i did read my marvel and d.c comics and watched action/horror/fantasy movies as a kid,but with my two older brothers. so now again to the bay transformers movie,it was the first movie that introduced me the transformers in an old age , and i like the movies,just 2 not that much. and the t.m.n.t o.k. they were cool,but i don´t care for them. so,i´m good with a new take on that franchise. at the end those things are just stupid comics,nothing more, nothing holyness or something that is so important for me.

  9. ^^^^

    Damm lol

  10. Did anyone catch Raising Hope last night? That just might be one of the funniest shows on TV. I’m glad that FOX is giving quirky comedies a chance, because aside from The Mindy Project, all the Tuesday night comedies on FOX are funny and quirky.

    • I haven’t watched the new episode of Raising Hope, yet. But I agree about it being one of the funniest shows on TV. Of course, I liked the creator’s other shows, Yes Dear and My Name is Earl.
      And we’re in agreement since my wife and I enjoy all the FOX sitcoms on Tuesday except for the Mindy Project. Ben and Kate is a nice addition to the line up of Raising Hope and the New Girl.

  11. I’m watching the doc, World War 2 in color, all the footage from the war, colorized. In a doc it’s okay. It’s quite good, moves through the whole war in 13 episodes, and the color makes that distant conflict seem more contempoary and textural. It’s on netflix.

  12. Why do people create a now post to reply to someone else’s post? Do they not know there is a “reply” button in the corner of each post? I can understand if it is a mistake now and again, but it seem like it happens all the time. Not a big deal, but I find it a little annoying.

    • I have issues with the reply button when using the mobile version of the website on my phone. But I almost always use the reply function when on my computer.

      • I see. I’ve never had had problems with the mobile version, perhaps we are using different kinds kinds of devices.

        • I used to have a Window’s phone and the mobile site wouldn’t even let me comment, so I switched it to regular website viewing and had no issues. Now, I have an Android (which I really dislike…Window’s phone was actually way better). The mobile site works, but I’ve noticed on occasion that if I’m replying to someone that it posts at the end instead of as a reply. It’s only happened once or twice in the last couple months that I’ve had the phone though, so it may be user related.

          • I use an android phone (Galaxy SIII) and both the mobile-site version, and the regular version works fine on my phone.

            What browser are you using on your phone?

            • Please forgive my overuse of the word “phone” :l

            • I have the Galaxy SII. The browser is the one pre-installed that says internet :) I’m so technical. I do know that my old phone used IE 😉

              • Try downloading another browser maybe… on my SIII there’s ‘Opera Mini’ pre-installed (it has a big red ‘O’ app-picture) which works much better than the regular pre-installed web browser (with the blue globe app-picture).

                I think you can even download Google Chrome for your phone if you want.

                • I downloaded Chrome on my phone and apparently it won’t let me comment at all. I tried three times to reply (twice with the mobile site and once using the desktop one – all while on WiFi). I’ll have to see if I can download ‘Opera Mini’ later today. Thanks for the advice, hopefully I’ll find a browser that works for me.

  13. @Helix Reviews

    What is this reply button you speak of?

    • Hahaha…:-) Now I found that one funny!

  14. Gonna be a weird box office weekend

  15. I like Young Justice but there is one thing somewere between the end of last season. And the start of this season Robin/Tim Drake was killed. Wene,were,how did it happen will this queston be awsered and soon.

    • Spoiler alert dude!!

    • Jason Todd was “killed” Tim Drake is alive and the current robin.