Open Discussion – October 1, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 1, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 1, 2012

Can you believe it’s October already!!?

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  1. Watched Boss season 1 last week. Have to say, watching Kelsey Grammar’s Chicago mayor’s mentality and grip on reality deteriorate while battling numerous political opponents legally and illegally is quite terrifying. Recommended.

  2. Small nitpick, can SR sort out the “upcoming movies” box, there are 3-4 titles there that have been out for ages like Prometheus and The Hunger Games oh and Total Recall too. And last nit pick it’s Star Trek Into Darkness not Star Trek 2. Sorry to nitpick, it’s been bugging me.

    Ps The Dark Knight Rises is there too.

    • Deerang, thanks. That’s set up using a really antiquated method and I tend to forget about it.


  3. Do you have a film youd want a modern remake of or sequel to?
    Off the top of my head, Donnie Darko, as I feel if done right aesthetics and plot wise and bit of reworked script not only could it be darker and more insane film but better.

    Also a back to the future 4 while michael j. fox and christopher lloyd are alive.

    And of course a Jurassic park 4, which I believe is in development. Which should probably serve as a reboot while still taking place in the same continuity.

    • I’d like to see a remake of The Birds. I saw it recently, and enjoyed it, except for the ending. I decent Lost in Space would be nice too.

      • +1 on the LIS. i liked the movie they did. it was kinds campy like the show, but i didn’t hate it. i think Gary Oldman was cool as dr smith, and Lacey Chabert as penny was ok, the rest were meh. i was disapointed in Matt Leblanc. he just played joey with a touch more iq

    • a sequel to The Fith Element would be cool too.

    • come to think of it, I’d really love a sequel to Lockout.

    • Donnie darko is perfect the way it is dont ruin it lile fright night or total recall

      • Its impossible for a new thing to ruin an old thing (unless old versions of donnie darko become outlawed and destroyed)and the original isnt perfect.

    • A decent sequel to The Punisher WITH Thomas Jane, like the short he recently made, would be very cool!

      • I think Thomas Jane should cameo as Punisher in the MMU. I believe that would be legal now that Marvel has gotten back the rights.

        • @ Helix

          I 2nd that.

    • @ Cody

      Id like a remake to Waxwork & sequel/remake of Killer Klowns From Outter Space. Id like to see one more sequel or two in the Terminator franchise that takes off from T4 post-judgement day with no “Time Traveling” ideas till that last moment in the last film Reese would volunteer to back to 1984. Other than that, id rather leave the franchise be as it is. I doubt they’re make a BTTF 4 but id consider it IF they had a really good idea for the film. But that trilogy should be left untouched as being rebooted imo.

      • More Terminator films would be cool, especially if Arnold is back!

        • Just not buying a 65+ year old looking terminator coming at me…having to stop to inject himself with WD-40.

          • Hahaha…true true.

    • I would love to see a reboot of Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. It would be great if they could meld more of the book into the script, which was far scarier than Bradbury’s screenplay ended up being…basically make it a little bit less than a kid’s movie. If I had any call on it I would also cast Doug Jones as The Illustrated Man.

    • Indian Jones, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, The Godfather, and Star Wars.

      But no really. Even though I love the original and remake of Logans Run with better effects would be cool. And Day of The Triffids, one that sticks more to the book.

    • I’m still waiting for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

  4. Watched Tombstone yesterday on AMC and I have to say it was awesome. I hadn’t seen it in some time, I wish they’d make more movies like that. Also AMC has started up their walking dead promos and they look sweet, can’t wait Oct.14 is just around the corner.

    • Tombstone is a great film!!

    • -wild bill- from walter hill with jeff bridges is also a great western from the mid-90s and -the last outlaw- with mickey rourke was a good western.

  5. I watched the new Resident Evil movie and WTF?! so many holes in the story i mean theres not alot of continuity with the previous films? They just thought lets get every character from every game and put them in this movie so at least the gamers will enjoy it? seriously there was no point?! how did Whesker survive a freaking nuke from the last movie?! How is Alice still a super bad ass with no powers? is she a clone? if not how the F doese she have residual memory’s from the recreations that umbrella did?! When the Hell did Umbrella fall apart so quickly for the red queen to be in charge within days of the last movie? lol

    the Licker is so big now?! why was the main BOW? seriously made no sense! i could go on!

    It was just such a weak storyline which didnt continue from previous story’s! and you never know what Virus you working from! and whats the plot of the movie now? lol umbrella is wiping out the world? seriously 2 out 5!

    • Imo Resident Evil Damnation the streight to dvd animated movie was so much better than Retribution. I recommend it to any R.E. fan.

      • you are right the animated movie is better,i´ve watched part 1 not long ago.

    • ****** SPOILERS AHEAD *******

      That was the dumbest super-computer program I have ever seen. The Red Queen is suppose to be such a great tactical program that it couldn’t figure out that it could have stopped the elevator before those guys got down there. It was so smart that it couldn’t figure out that if it released most of those mutated whatchamacallit’s that they could have wiped out the few people that were in the holodeck/closed community/whatever. So all this freaking time, all these movies were just some type of reconstruction/recreations? Lame.

      • What happens when you base a supercomputer on Windows Millienium…

  6. Watched Terminator Salvation for the first time last night and while it had some shortcomings in my opinion, there was some stuff that I really liked.

    • @ Helix

      I enjoyed it myself. If they make more Terminator films, i hope they keep it post-judgement day & get a better director with cast. I didn’t mind Bale till he used his Batman voice. Anton Yelchen & Sam Worthington were both great aswell Moon Bloodgood imo.

    • I think it’s a great movie with fantastic action set pieces, and the story isn’t too bad either. Oh, and it looks beautiful, too. I don’t understand why so many people keep slamming it. I can only imagine that it has something to do with the disappointment about Arnie not being in it (except for the CGI double). I watched it many times already and just writing about it gets me in the mood to watch it yet again. ;)

      • i agree. i have watched my bluray several times. i thought it fit well into the continuity. i just dont see how arnie can comeback. the machines would not make an old man terminator. maybe be some guy high up in skynet and he was the model for the t800 or whatever his model # is

        • Yes, that would be cool.

      • @ TheLostWinchester

        That & the fact it was another Terminator sequel with no involvement from James Cameron despite Cameron mentioned he enjoyed the film more than he thought he would but still needed more work to it which it did of-course. I thought it more serious than T3 was when that film had Arnold in it.

  7. Since Sony is circling the drain financially, I do believe they are going to work in Spider-Man into the MCU. I think it would be great to have the after credits scene in Captain America (coming out April 2014) have Spider-Man show up hyping up the film coming out in May 2014.

    I know I’m going to get some flack that Spidey doesn’t need to be in the Avengers and wasn’t part of the group but I think Spidey is a big pull box office wise over seas which would help the box office numbers.

    • Much as I’d love to see spider in Avengers 2, it wouldn’t make any sense. Think about amazing spiderman. It was set in new York, as was the final battle of the Avengers. If spider existed in the same universe, then it makes no sense that the city wouldn’t b half destroyed from the battle at the end of Avengers. Not to mention it wouldn’t make any sense that shield didn’t intervene with the lizard incident. So I really hope that spider won’t be n Avengers 2, awesome as that would b.

      • I guess I do see your point. I believe that could be easily addressed that the second one could take place right after the battle or the movie starting out with the news of the battle taking place. I guess if you were going to make Spidey part of the MCU, you needed to do it in the first movie.

      • They were going to digitally insert the Oscorp building into the Avengers New York skyline, but TASM hadn’t finalised the designs in time. So there is easily a possibility of cooperation here, small steps, but it can work. And it would be to the advantage of both Sony and Marvel to do it.

          • I can’t find anything that says it was a rumour, a lot of sites, far more legitimate than CBM reported it.

        • I’d love to see that!

      • @Drew, They share the same universe in the comics and Shield doesn’t get involved every time one of Spider-Man’s foes starts running riot.

        • True… But why wouldn’t stark help out? I mean he lives in new York now, and the whole city is evacuated because it’s under a biological attack from a giant Lizard. And all spidey had been painted as was a vigilante, not a hero, so stark wouldn’t have thought ‘oh, I’ll just let the new guy handle it’. The two stories just don’t mesh, which is a real shame. Cuz a spidey+Avengers team up would be incredible

  8. I went to see “Looper” yesterday and was EXTREMELY happy afterward that I did. It’s easily one the best films I’ve seen this year. The story, the acting, the depiction of the future(s), the music…everything worked wonderfully well together and made for an excellent film-going experience.

    As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though I already found him to be a fantastic actor (didn’t see “Premium Rush” but thought he was perfectly cast in TDKR, among others), he brought me to a new level of appreciation for his PHYSICAL acting talents. Yes, I realize he had make-up to allow for his resemblance to his “older self” (as always, a great-to-watch Bruce Willis), but he captured the mannerisms, the expressions, the “tics” of Willis pitch-perfectly…even down to the particular gleam in the eye of Bruce’s smirking smile.

    Some were saying last week that everyone should see “Dredd”. I feel the same about “Looper”.

    • Great film not what I was expecting.

    • if i would get some million dollars for a movie and would play that role,then i would train to capture his mannerism,expr. and tics 24 hours a day and 7 days the week.

      • Yes, but as we’ve all seen WAY too many times, the capture is, more often than not, not quite “up to specs”. JGL DID accomplish this, extremely well. THAT was my point.

          • Oh, I know…I wasn’t judging or reacting. I merely responded to the sad fact that sometimes, the quality does not match up to the amount paid… :)

    • I have great hopes for Looper and from what I’m hearing it seems to deliver. I’m gonna go watch it some time this week.

  9. The Gr8 1ne , I don’t think anybody expect story from that franchise . Afterlife was awful expirience for me . If you want to watch gory action movie i can recomend you Dredd 3d

  10. Is anyone picking up Prometheus on Blu-ray, I heard the the 4 disc set will have 7hrs of extras and shed some light on a lot of questions. I really liked Prometheus the visuals in the film were truely amazing.

    • That’s only if you get the 3D super expensive version. The standard Blu ray is missing a lot of those features, and the dvd has next to none.

      I might buy it, I don’t know, it wasn’t a bad film but there was something very off about it to me.

      • I agree I expected a little more from the film and at times it did feel a little off but overall I enjoyed it. I may pick up the 4 disc Blu-ray.

    • Yeah, I alread pre-ordered my copy. I will opt for the vanilla Blu-ray without 3D and a premium price, though. The movie didn’t leave any questions for me that I need answered by bonus features.

  11. The only other movie I’m concerned about for the rest of the year is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!!!

    • And the only film I’m concerned about for the rest of the year is Skyfall.

    • Skyfall and the hobbit for me.

      • Those two plus Taken 2 for me.

        • I’m not watching Taken 2, an 18 rated film down to a 12A, just to satisfy a wider US audience.

          • @DrSam – That might be the lamest reason not to watch a film. So you only watch films that are Rated R?


  12. Finally watched Paul this weekend. Obviously it wasnt as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but it was still pretty good. Though i felt it was to mainstream for them two, i wish it had more of there humor in it.

    Also finally watched Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions (and the Animatrix shorts) this weekend. thought they were pretty good also. the ending of Revolutions felt a little anticlimatic though.

    And i bought the first two seasons of Fringe so i plan on starting that series this week. I figure this would be a perfect time to start since the final season has started.

  13. Watched looper, it sits nicely as my 3rd favorite film this year. behind batman and lawless. the movie for me was pretty boring until Bruce Willis showed up. either way for me it was great but I like lawless and batman more. I was really surprise by lawless rotten tomato rating so underrated.

    • Yeah, TDKR is still my favorite of the year, as well.

      • In no particular order my favorites are …

        The Avengers
        The Dark Knight Rises
        The Amazing Spiderman

        • My 5 favorites of the year (so far, of course):

          1. “The Dark Knight Rises”
          2. “The Hunger Games”/”Looper” (tie)
          3. “Chronicle”
          4. “Coriolanus”
          5. “Brave”

    • I thought Lawless was a bit boring myself. Not a bad film, just wasn’t that great to me. Avengers and TASM were my favorite films this year.

    • I’m going to go with The Avengers, TDKR and Dredd as my 3 favorite films so far this year. I fully expect to add Skyfall and The Hobbit to that list by the end of the year.

  14. The Mummy is getting rebooted.
    All I need now is a frankenstein, creature from the b. lagoon and Dracula to go with my 2010 Wolfman.

    • You know they already– relatively recently–came out with “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (Gary Oldman) and “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (Robert de Niro), right?

      • meh, I wants what I wants.

      • Yeah and they rebooted Spiderman in less than a decade……Anything is possible.

  15. Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars…I might actually tune in this year.

    • Yeah, I just hope they let the PC reigns dangle a bit. We don’t need to see an overly tamed version of him.

    • I may actually tune out. He stinks.

  16. I just finished watching the Avengers and I have a question about the Marvel one shot. Who are those people supposed to be? That’s not Ant-man and Wasp is it? Because the only identities I’ve known them to have is Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne

    • I don’t think they are supposed to be any super heroes. They are just some newly recruited SHIELD agents, because they displayed a worthwhile skill set. At least one of them did by fixing the Chitauri weapon. Perhaps they will be characters in the upcoming SHIELD TV show?

      • Well that makes sense. I keep forgetting about the shield tv show, plus the guy was a pretty familiar face I can’t remember his name though

  17. Hey Screenrant, I attended the premiere of “Seven Psychopaths’ today and got tickets to screen Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity tomorrow evening, I’m debating whether I should see it or not because not much has been said about the film since it’s set to release next year. So I thought I’d throw this question out here in the open topic forum, I’m hoping to get some feedback that’ll help me decide. -On a scale from 1 to 10 how much would you want to see ‘Gravity’?

    • @crono – Rumor has it that Gravity will have a 30 minute tracking shot at the beginning. If that is indeed the case then I’d really like to see the film.

      Paul Young – Moderator