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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 9, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 9, 2011

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  1. Good morning Screen Rant.

    Watched Green Lantern last night for the first time on video and really enjoyed it again…Cap was good on video as well..not a let down like Thor..

    • I thought Thor was alot better than Captain America…

      • Same here foopher :)

  2. O.K time to be honest people = ) Movies that have made you cry ! I will Man up and go first

    Shawshank Redemption ( Get busy living , get busy dieing )

    The Fall ( When Roy finishes the story )

    The Note Book ( I will admit it , i saw what was coming after 5 minutes but was powerless against it )

    Empire of the Sun ( Jim finds his parents )

    Thoughts ? And be honest = )

    • Transformers 2. From the beginning to the end.

      • LOL

      • LMAO

    • Honestly? You’re a puss.
      . J/K :)

      • Honestly ! i knew i would take some stick for asking the question , i kinda hoped for a mature , honest disscussion about it ! But hey this is the internet what was i thinking !

        • Don´t worry. Ink cries like a little girl every time he watches Casablanca. :D

          • Only because Bogart stole my schtik!

        • It´s not a movie, but the issue about Ultimate Peter Parker´s funeral touched me. When the little girl comes to Aunt May and says “You look like you could need a hug”. Even Tony Stark cried. And the thought balloons of Jameson… That was top notch writing.

          • Yeah I agree..very well done indeed…When the Human Torch died in the FF and Ben’s reaction was very touching as well…

            • Didn´t read that.

              What was displayed very good IMO was the fact that Peter was Spider-Man for only 11 months. That´s what he always feared. He was just a kid in a spandex suit jumping around and fighing guys who were older, more powerfull and way more dangerous than him. He always thought “someday I´m gonna get killed”. And that´s exactly what would happen in the real world. And that´s what happened in the UU.

          • There is only one comic , that has reduced me tears , I KILL GIANTS .

          • That one got to me too:

            I didn’t full-out cry, but I did shed a small (MANLY!) tear…

        • I thought the “J/K” and the smiley face would let you know I was kidding around.

          • O , O.K my mistake , i was kind of excpecting a storm of abuse for asking the question , so my defences were up ! i am still getting to know people round here .

            • Believe me, if someone is really being mean-spirited around here, the president (Vic) comes down on them like Odin on Thor (he’ll give you some slack, but if you keep it up he will take Mjolnir (your right to post) from you). Most people around here are pretty good.


              Of course there are exceptions.


    • Like INK said, you’re a wuss….but so am I:

      1. Brian Song (Brian Picollo had such a lively spirit, and then that spirit was snuffed out by cancer)
      2. Courage Under Fire (When Denzel relayed the bad news to the family)
      3. Gladiator (Maxumus would not die until his revenge was satisfied)
      4. John Q (Fathers, if you tell me you didn’t get at least misty, you’re lying)

      Ok, I cried for number 1 (Brian Song) but only got misty (very misty for most) for the others.

      • wuss ;)

    • Only one movie actually had me with a knot in my throat, and it took my by surprise, the montage in the beginning of UP.

      I thought i was going to see just another great Pixar movie but then when that score and those scenes came on, something hit me. The worst part was that i went to see it with some friends and family, i was really embarrased but then i saw them all misty eyed too, so i let it go.

      • The Green Mile
        I am Sam
        Dead Poet’s Society

        • Oh yeah, forgot about The Green Mile. I got very misty in that one; didn’t go all out tears, but was close.

    • I’m a sucker for scenes that are designed to make you choke up. Really the main one that comes to mind for me is the ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


      • “Everytime a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings!!”..cue people throwing money at George Bailey and everyone singing Auld Lang Syne and I’m shedding tears..doesn’t matter how many times I watch it..

        Same in A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim version) when Tiny Tim dies and when old Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning to find out he’s not in hell..gets me everytime..

        I’m a sentimental old fool….

        • Wuss :-D

          Scenes of brotherly love always get me, especially when it’s enemies that have become the best of friends.

          • :)

    • The end of Into the Wild
      50/50 when Joseph Gordon Levitt finds out that his friend was acting like a douche because he was doing what the cancer book told him to do.
      Princess & the Frog when Ray the firefly “turned” into a star
      “Falling Slowly” musical number in Once, then at the end when they didn’t hook up.
      I’m sure there’s more but those are the most recent ones that come to mind.

    • Football movies get me choked up. Friday Night Lights had me a misty.I know that feeling of putting blood and sweat on the field and leaving with.a lost. Really resonates with me.

      • I can’t believe I forgot about Friday Night Lights. The ending, and particularly the scene when Boobie Miles, knowing his football days are pretty much done, goes to clean out his locker and talks all tough to his teammates, but then he comes out to his uncle’s car and breaks down, crying, wailing that he wanted to buy his uncle a house. I cried, too…

        And, man, the ending of the big game… it gets my scalp all tingly, even though I’ve seen it numerous times, and know how it ends, but it’s incredibly well shot.

    • These have all gotten me a bit misty-eyed, but crying is a sign of weakness so I never shed an actual tear. Saving Private Ryan (Tell me I have led a good life), Forrest Gump (is he smart or is he…), Toy Story 3 (the end – and the fact my nieces grew up with Andy), Cast Away (when Wilson floats away)…pretty much any movie with Tom Hanks besides BIG, Splash, Joe Vs. the Volcano, and his other romantic comedies.

    • When Frodo leaves at the end of the Return of the King.

      Yeah that’s right. I teared up. Wanna fight about it? lol

      • Nah, I don’t want to get any of those tears on me. Wuss! :-D

      • Dang, that’s another movie and scene I forgot to mention.

        The LOTR trilogy is full of powerful moments.

        When Gandalf has fallen, and Frodo and the others think he’s dead. Seeing Frodo’s eyes after the rest of them escape from the mines of Moria…

        Also, when Faramir talks to his father, asking him if he wished that he had gone in Boromir’s place and died instead of Boromir, his father tells him he wishes that had happened. He pleads with his father to think more highly of him, and his father coldly says that it depends on the manner in which he returns from war.

        Then, of course, the ending of the trilogy… lots of powerful moments, particularly when Frodo says farewell to the Hobbits and we see the movie end on an uplifting scene with Sam.

        I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it. :)

    • Just off the top of my head, movies that made me either cry or get misty-eyed are:

      The Beat Takeshi movie “Kikujiro”

      The scene of Japanese-American internment in “Snow Falling on Cedars”

      The ending of “Saving Private Ryan”

      Akira Kurosawa’s “Ikiru”

      Alejandro Gonzalez-Inarritu’s “Biutiful,” which is like a more modern, Spanish version of “Ikiru”

      The ending of “Glory”

      The ending of Takashi Miike’s “13 Assassins”

      When Daniel-san finds out the truth about Mr. Miyagi’s past in “Karate Kid”

    • The warrior
      gridiron gang…
      i cant remember the other ones now
      yep they made me cry

  3. Just a question to whoever runs this site ( Vic i think ) This is a great site definetly one of the Top movie sites on the web , but the comments system is a bit limited , no edit , no way to like someone elses comment , i was just wandering have you considerd using DISQUS its a great comments system , just a thought , Keep up the great work = )

    • The edit button by a lot of people (including me), but this is a website, not a forum. They used Disqus before they switched to Gravatar. And to be honest, I don´t see much difference. And they also had a ‘like/dislike’ button for a day or two, but it was quickly abused by certain people (trolls, guys who didn´t like the commenter and clicked on ‘dislike’ just because for the sake of disliking)…

      • *The edit button WAS REQUESTED… See? I want one too.

    • Vic tried it (disqus). No one liked it. I do agree about the “edit” feature, but other than that I like it how it is.

      • disqus SUCKS. Please don’t change

    • Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated. As has been mentioned, Disqus was tried but many of the “old school” readers didn’t like it, and frankly, neither did I. It not only dropped the number of daily comments, but it also brought on a lot of what I call “drive by” commenters who were the mean and nasty type of folks who are common online.

      Way down on my list of things to add to the site is a community/membership piece, and the ability to edit comments (and maybe just a “Like” button) would be a part of that. But perhaps I can see about implementing those two particular features sooner.


      • As I said many times before, I´d love a membership option (as long as it´s for free that is).

        • I don’t mean paid membership. :)


          • Actually, this would probably be one of a very very few sites I might pay a small yearly fee to post on.

            • accompanied by your regularly scheduled HD pornography sites. lol.

          • I would like a “membership option” as well (it would reduce the amount of trolls and spammers on the site).
            - But I’m with Scapegoat: I’m not really keen on paying to be able to say what’s on my mind (might as well get a therapist for that ;))

            Anyway, I don’t think an edit button is a great idea: people will continuously change what they’ve said if the post results in an argument or something — IMO it would just be a very confusing and unnecessary.

            Honestly, I love this site just the way it is: there’s a reason it’s one of the best, most reliable movie-news-sites around :D

      • Cheers Vic , Much obliged , Dont need to worry to much about improveing the site , One of the Best site layouts i have seen , Clear sign posts very easy to navigate !

  4. The only time I can remember crying at a movie was when I was four or five and I was watching Pinnoccio for the first time and I cried when he died.

  5. Ive cried in Titanic, Harry Potter 6,7,8, toy story 3, up….

    Titanic: The ending, death of jack
    Hp6: death of dumbledore
    Hp7: death of dobby ( best death in series )
    Hp8: princes tale/ epilogue
    Toy story 3: when andy leaves
    Up: montage

  6. When Mufassa died.

    Yup….nuff said

    • How could I forget THAT? o_o

  7. If you could have any vehicle from a movie what would it be?

    Im torn between Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters) or Mellenium Falcon. Ecto-1 isn’t that great on gas and the Falcon comes with the issue of parking in DC — which is already a problem. Decisions, Decisions..

    • Speed Bike from Return of the Jedi , i could just imagine going to the shop on that!

    • Iron Man´s suitcase armor. It´s kind of a vehicle. And you´d have no problem finding a proper parking spot. Ecto 1 is pretty cool too. Or Bumblebee.

      • The convience of IM suitcase armor is undeniable. Put that baby on at ur ex gf wedding and she will never forget you.

        • Why would I go to my ex-girlfriends wedding?

          • To inform her you seduced 83% of her best friends/brides maids including her mother rught before you throw on the suitcase armor and make a grand escape. Might aswell blow up the cake while you’re at it.

            • Her mother?! That´s disgusting!

              • Not if her mother looked like Martha Kent from Smallville. :-D

                • No, she didn´t. Even if she did, I don´t find Anette O´ Toole attractive.

    • Doc Brown’s DeLorean…..and it’s not even close

    • Are you kidding me, the Starship Enterprise 1701D! Hands down the greatest vehicle of all, with the holo-deck! I don’t care about parking, I’ll just use photon torpedoes (or quantum) and destroy the jerk parking in my space. :-D

      • Ok, maybe 1701E but I like the design of D better.

    • Optimus Prime because he is a badass Robot, yeah.
      James Bonds gadget filled Aston Martin.
      Firebolt from HP

      • I’d have to with Jazz only because I like his personality better. lol. RIP Jazz.

        • ok i understand, why they have to kill the ‘black robot’. pffft racist.

    • If Iron Man’s armor counts? – Then I would chose that…

      If not, I’d love to own the Helicarrier (from the upcoming movie ‘The Avengers’).

      • K.I.T.T.

        • The Original K.I.T.T. that is. The Trans Am that was voiced by good Ol’ Mister Feeny. not the new one.

    • If we’re talking about an actual, driveable vehicle that was driveable in a movie, I would say, hands down, the Batmobile from the old Adam West series (that counts, they made a movie back in the 60s). :-)


      • The Ghostrider chopper is mine.

      • Vic

        Oh, we def have evolved beyond “normal” driveable vehicles. Im looking to either put the Avatar Mech Suit or The Matrix nebuchadnezzar on layaway.

      • On the premise of realistic vehicles I have to go with good old reliable General Lee…..YYYYEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!

        Oh almost forgot I also got teary eyed when Optimus Prime died in the Gen1 Transformers Animated Movie. That was heartbreaking to witness as a child. Still haven’t gotten over how dumb an idea that was to kill him off at the height of the series…..MINDBOGGLING

    • Pee Wee Herman’s bike from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure…just kidding, it’s a cool bicycle, but I would take the Interceptor from Mad Max first. Unless, I could have Falkor the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story.

    • I’d go with the 67 SHELBY GT 500 from gone in 60 seconds, or the batmobile from Batman begins, from the star wars universe I’d have to go with the falcon its awesome or an x-wing fighter.

    • All of you are petaQs!! The D7 Heavy Cruiser is by far the most advanced vehicle ever created!!

      Tell that to Kirk.

      A Denebian Slime Devil with delusions of godhood!!!!

      Yeah, whatever.


    • If you are talking about a vehicle that can be driven, or flown, by only one person, I would go with the Delta Flyer from Star Trek Voyager.

    • Mellenium Falcon has always been my favorite starship, followed closely by the Firefly. When it comes to the vehicle that I can get the most out of it, I have to go with the with Doc Brown’s DeLorean. It’s a time machine with style. Hello.

    • Can it be a TV show instead? I’ve always wanted to drive Magnum’s Ferrari.
      (Well, it actually would be Robin Masters’ Ferrari, but you know what I mean.)

      • I’d race you in the Impala from Supernatural.

        • It’s not about the racing. It’s about the ladies! That car was a definite chick magnet. (A Magnum magnet) I appreciate the offer, but I’m off to the King Kamehameha Club!

    • Oh no, I’m once again becoming jealous of a certain caped crusaders set of wheels.

      There’s no “car” that I’d want more than the Tumbler from the Nolan Batman movies. That thing is like a tank crossed with a sports car.

      Imagine the security system on that puppy. And I could easily avoid traffic with it. :)

      My true fantasy choice would be the DeLorean from Back to the Future, but I think there are just too many dire consequences connected to time travel.

  8. O.K , So my first question about movies that made you cry , lost me some man points ! I admit it = ) Time to redress the balance , Who watched Sons Of Anarchy last night , the fight between Clay and Gemma was one of the most BRUTAL scenes ever filmed ! Thoughts !

  9. I cried when peter parker became an emo and danced. Still have some rough flashbacks of that. As for the vehicle, i’d go w/ the 60′s batmobile as long as scapegoat is next to me saying “atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed”…silver surfer’s board would be my weekend ride

    • ha ha that was freaking funny

    • Holy mention in a comment on Screenrant, CgiSuperman!

  10. I got misty-eyed in Return of the King when Gandalf, Frodo, Galadriel and Celeborn, and Bilbo sail off in the ships to the undying lands (Valinor)..end of an age in Middle Earth..

  11. Movies that made me cry:

    1. Rocky – Who cares if you win or lose when you have love?
    2. Schindler’s List – various scenes
    3. Indiana Jones and the KOTCS, when I first heard Shia LaBeouf would be in it. Ironically, this movie also made me the angriest, when LaBeouf tried to put on Indy’s hat. I threw my hand at the screen and cried out, “Noooo!”
    4. Kahless would appreciate this one: I remember when seeing Star Trek II, many people were walking out the theater in tears.

    • Yeah, I have to admit seeing my favorite fictional character dying left me a bit choked up.

  12. Most Disney animations make me cry. Especially Bambi. Forrest gump gets me every time, when he realizes that he’s got a son. I cry like a baby

  13. Ok ranters what would u do if u woke up in the hospital just like Rick only to find the world you knew no longer existed, what would be the first thing you’d do after leaving the hospital.

    • Go to the nearest video store and see what Marvel and DC has come up with over the years. :-)

      • What Kahless said. Except for the DC movies.

    • First I’d go into the world to see if chicks got even hotter…
      Then I’d probably to see my family and friends — or you know what… scratch that ;) I would probably just go out and buy a TV, Blu-Ray player (or whatever format replaced BD), rent all the movies I missed out on, and just watch em’ all back to back.

      • I´d probably check the internet just to see if that terribly annoying Cyrus kid went the way I think she goes. Nude pics, sex tape, etc. If not, I´d be extremly surprised…

    • IDK….Wait, Is this before or after the Avengers is released?

      • In your case N.D. let’s say after the Avengers has been released .

    • pray that nobody found my emergency stash. Than stock up on condoms. Just b/c the world ended doesnt mean safe sex has to.

      • Who else but Ignur!

        • Sully.

      • LMFAO

      • Figures! :-D

    • lay around in a couch

  14. I’d go live in bill murrays house.

  15. I would move into Sky Walker Ranch and remake The Prequels the way they should of been !

    • You mean you´d throw them into a camp fire? Please say you´d throw them into a camp fire…

  16. What do you guys think of 3D TV’s?

    Because the 3D movies in cinemas are generally terrible (just a mindless gimmick), but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that 3D-BD and 3D-games are actually pretty good (not so dark, blurry, colorless and disorientating like the movies in the theaters)
    Obviously, I don’t want to just go out and buy one of these TV’s (expensive! :() but if they are as good as people say they are, it might just persuade me to start saving for one.

    So, my question is: What did those of you, who’ve experienced 3DTV, think of it?

  17. @the avenger
    My bros got a 3dtv and he uses it for gaming and it looks pretty good. He loves it. Not sure I’d spend my money on one but then again I’m not a big gamer!

  18. The scene that got me all choked up was at the point in revenge of the SITH after obi-wan severed anakins remaining limbs ,obi-wan ” it was said you would destroy the SITH not join them ,bring balance to the force not leave it in darkness ” anakin “I HATE YOU” obi-wan replies “you were my brother anakin I loved you” anakins body begins to burn he extends his arm out toward obi-wan and he just walks away leaving him to die which we all know didn’t happen.

    • If I woke up to the zombie Apocalypse like Rick I would first make my way to the CDC searching for the cure. After that letdown I make way to the Umbrella Corporation and blow that place up because no doubt they’re behind it all, But not before stopping at Pacific Playland for some fried twinkies and a few rides on the Power Tower of course. After destroying Umbrella I’d gather up a plethora of those Alice clones and go chill with Shaun and his pet zombie Ed and play video games while having fun repopulating the earth.

  19. For movie vehicles I’d go with the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator.

  20. Eddie Murphy won’t be hosting the Oscars. Brett Ratner resigned as producer (after he made some inappropriate comments), and now Murphy quit too. I was looking forward to Murphy hosting.

    • Rattner has nothing to do with the Oscars? Good.

  21. @b-list
    Ye and now there’s call for the muppets to host! That would be immense

    • I heard about the grass-roots movement that started the day after the last Academy Awards. I’d love to see them host, but I don’t see it happening…its a special gala for celebrities to dress up and celebrate, they probably won’t like having a puppeteer underneath the podium (by their genitals) while giving a speech. (I know the host doesn’t actually present the awards, but you get my point)

      If you want to know more:

      • It would definitely be better than any other celibritry though, can you imagine Animal running wild on the Oscar stage?

        Who knows, maybe the Academy will want the ratings and attract younger viewers and say yes.I think it depends on wheter their latest movie is a success though.

  22. Well i am glad i asked the question about movies that made you cry , i think we have all proven we are progressive 21st century men , Now i am off to watch some porn with my box of tissues , O sh*t i have used up all my tissues crying over The Note Book , Dam progression , = ) LOL

    • Pansy! :-D

  23. check out this guys blog. he clearly knows what he is talking about when he reviews tv shows.

    I loved it, Check it out to!

    Check This Review Out!

    I was looking around on the net for a good review of dexter. I stumbled on an AMAZING reviewer of this show, he goes into such detail, and it is actually entertaining to read his reviews.

    Check it out, he’s not to shabby!

  24. Has anyone read ‘Avenging Spider-Man #1′?

    The art is amazing (best I’ve seen in a long time – from Marvel).
    The story is pretty good as well: it really makes you want to continue reading.

    IMO it’s exactly what/how a comic should be. (Great job Marvel). I would recommend this new series to anyone interested in reading comics.

    Can’t wait for #2…

    • I picked mine up yesterday but I haven’t read it yet..I think the team-up with Red Hulk for a three part arc is great..the preview I read was very funny..looking forward to finishing it this weekend.

      Uncanny X-Force is where it’s at right now…very well done..back issues are all sold out and it keeps getting more intense..

      New Daredevil is awesome…

      I haven’t read any of the new Ultimates titles yet because I haven’t opened my number 1′s in the Hawkeye, Ultimates, X-Men or Spiderman (they’re all polybagged)titles so I am waiting for a second printing to start those titles..Have you read them yet..if so what do you think..

      I read issue 4 of Kick-Ass and I think I am finished with Millar as a writer..he’s way to over the top and his violence is so casual now that any true message he wishes to convey with the violence is lost on his readers.. IMO

      • I’ve been reading all of the new Ultimate titles (Ultimates, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, and X-Men):
        I like the ‘Ultimates’ (the art is good and the story keeps making me want to read more), ‘Ultimate Hawkeye’ is also pretty awesome, but personally, I’m not too keen on the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and ‘Ultimate X-Men’ titles.

        • I’m getting a little anxious to read them since they are already up to issue 4..I thought the second prints would be available by now..

          @ The Avenger.. have you checked out the or did you pick up the POINT ONE issue? It has seven different stories which will preview where Marvel is going with it’s major Story arcs over the next 12 months? I picked it up but I haven’t read it yet..

          • “have you checked out the or did you pick up the POINT ONE issue?”
            – Don’t really know what “the” is… ;), but I’m assuming you’re talking about the “Point One One-Shot”… nope, I haven’t read it yet, but apparently, it’s wasn’t that good:

    • Madureira used to be my favorite artist when he was on Uncanny X-Men. I wonder how long it takes until Avenging Spider-Man is delayed, cause Madureira is not the fastest artist. I´m still waiting for a conclusion of Battlechasers. Since almost 10 years…

      • Scapegoat,

        Just curious. Who are your current favorite artists? Mine are:

        Eric Powell
        Ed McGuiness
        Ariel Olivetti
        Alex Ross
        Jim Lee
        Joe Kubert
        Carlos Pacheco
        David Finch
        Darwyn Cooke
        Matt Wagner

        I know I’m forgetting somebody else…

        • personally I like Lee Bermejo for his realistic work on Batman and The Joker Graphic Novel.

          Bryan Hitch for his work on Ultimates 1 & 2

          • I like Tony S Daniel, Ed Benes, Jim Lee, John Byrne, David Finch, and there are others but I can’t recall them all right now as some of my favorite artists..

        • Haha! You pretty much just listed all my favorite artists there dude :D
          (You did leave out a few of my other favorites though: Joe Madureira, Oliver Coipel and Steve McNiven to name a few…)

          But yeah (at the moment), Jim Lee is my hero: the moment I opened Justice League #1… he became my favorite (current) comic book artist… again ;)

        • I´m pretty old school when it comes to artists.

          John Byrne
          John Romita Jr.
          Paul Smith
          Bryan Hitch
          Jim Lee
          Joe Madureira (especially when his stuff is inked by Tim Townsend)
          Carlos Pachecho
          Salvador Larocca
          Erik Larsen
          Mark Bagley
          Greg Capullo
          Rick Leonardi

          • Great list!

            Have you ever met one of your favorites? Eric Powell and Matt Wagner were really cool and down-to-earth. When I asked Darwyn Cooke and Rags Morales for a picture, they both threw an arm over my shoulder and talked to me as if I was a friend. Billy Tucci was also cool. The worst was Tim Sale, who never looked up from his drawing table the entire show and refused to sign anything in person. I had to leave a comic for him, but at least he did sign it. Maybe he was having a bad day?

  25. Another reason Rotten Tomatoes needs to go the way of the dinosaur: The reviews for Jack and Jill are all negative, except for 1 review; but that 1 review gave the movie .5/4, so how on earth is that a positive review? Even the reviewer commented saying RT should change it to rotten.

    Immortals is not looking good.