Open Discussion – November 7, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 7, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   November 7, 2011

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  1. I want to live in the Cheech & Chong cinematic world, stacy keach and paul reubens included.

    • Oh man, that would be funny.

  2. Just read an interview with Joss Whedon in “FILM magazine” (the main subject was The Avengers)…

    Whedon was asked “Will we see any new characters from outside the Marvel universe?” — and too my surprise, Whedon actually answered “There will be something new… but that’s all I’m saying”.

    WHAT IF… Loki’s army won’t be any of the famous Marvel universe villains (i.e. no Skrulls, no Kree, no Atlanteans, etc.), but instead, a completely new race of villains?

    Any thoughts?

    • I think he´s talking about this ‘Leviathan’ thing. He kinda likes the name (he used it as a hoax weapon in his Astonishing X-Men run), so I guess that´s it.

      • Could be…
        But I don’t really think Loki’s army will be a bunch of sea monsters.
        It would make more sense that it should be creatures from the other 9 realms…
        BUT, since there’s photos of alien-tech (hover-ships/space-ships and that phaser-gun-thing), I doubt it’ll be trolls, demons or sea creatures.

        • You seem to forget the Tesseract. The energy of the cube combined with Asgardian (or any other of the 9 realms) “technology” could explain the alien-tech looking weapons. The weapons in WWII-era Captain America did look very high tech too (for that period). Those weapons we saw on the set pics were golden and shiny, just like the buildings and interior of Asgard.

          • So you’re suggesting the alien-tech could be Asgardian????
            Err, I don’t really know how to respond to that… 😉

        • There is nothing to prevent (yes I know it goes against what we know) Atlanteans being extra terrestrial and living here way longer then us humans.

          Just because they are alien in origin does not mean they could not be living among us hidden away until Loki calls them into service. Or uses them against their better judgement.

          Key a Namor tie in.

          • I´m not really a fan of Namor, so I hope it´s not the Atlanteans. Also, since Namor is a mutant (and the mutant rights are with Fox), they´d have to change the character´s origin. I don´t think Whedon would do that. At least I hope so. I still think Loki´s army (and this Leviathan thing) is something from the nine realms, just like in The Ultimates 2.

            • But are not the nine realms “alien” in its concept as presented by Thors movie?

              Not really as Namor at one point was considered a “hybrid” which can be easily explained that his father mated with an underwater alien. There needs be no ‘mutation’ reference. Things just happen when you mate two species for the first time.

              Take away his flight and his strength (above water) can be explained by the difference in underwater pressure and his human side. While his underwater abilities can be handled by his mothers side.

              Its quite simple actually.

              Again all we need is the “essence” of the book/story/history of a character. It will never be 100% spot on.

              What Ultimates 2 are you referring to the book or the movie? Im assuming Ultimate Avengers 2 (the movie) in which they were more or less the Skrulls of that particular Marvel U. I don’t believe the other Skrulls have shown in the Ultimates line of movies. Even though they (I think) have in the books.

              I like Namor. The Illuminati Namor. Not the love Sue Namor.

              Again not saying it would/should go this way but It can be easily done.

              • Ultimates 2 the comic book. Possibly one of the best Avenger stories ever. Pretty much assuming that will be Loki’s army. And Levithan is some giant cgi creation.

                • hmmm just a bunch of trolls, goblins etc? Or are we referring to the Liberation?

                  Maybe I need to go back and read that again but I dont recall anything spectacular coming from Loki until the very end and that was mythological creatures?

                  • Yes, I was referring to the comic books (the movies are called Ultimate Avengers). And I´d actually prefer aliens (Skrulls to be specific). And once more, yes, I was talking about the mythological creatures at the end of Ultimates 2. There´s some really huge monsters and a giant snake. You can see Cap and Thor looking to the sky in one set pic, so maybe they are witnessing the arrival of those creatures (using the bifrost as displayed in Thor; as a hurrican like thing)…

            • Well… Fox doesn’t own the rights to “all mutants” (only some).
              Marvel Studios owns the rights to Namor because a few years ago, there was talk of hiring a guy to write a Namor movie script.
              Plus, Marvel wouldn’t have put that Namor easter-egg in IM2, if they didn’t own the rights to him…

              I’m with Aknot on this (kinda), the Atlanteans COULD very well be involved (“could” is the key-word here — I’m not saying that they would be the best choice though): I even remember a comic or two where the Atlanteans had ships that resembled that which has been seen in the set photos.

              I just can’t imagine trolls or sea creatures (or even Asgardians) flying around on space-craft and using phaser guns…

              • First time for everything…. 😉

                Again im not saying it should or will. Its just plausible.

                At the ‘end’ have reference of “Prince Namor” or “your Prince” will have something to say about these actions.

                I dont want to see Namor in the Avengers. The Atlanteans that Loki uses can be a splinter group that thinks they should have taken over Earth a long time ago.

                Namor is happy living their life underwater with no human contact.

                • It’s definitely a plausible option. I completely agree…
                  Wow! Was that a flying pig?!!

              • There was no Namor easter egg in Iron Man. Oracle is an existing company (producing software, while the comic book company Oracle has something to do with Roxxon, therefore oil).

                • Haven’t we been over this before? 😉
                  First of all… I wasn’t referring to THAT easter egg, I was referring to the dot on the map at the end of IM2 (the scene where Fury and Stark talk) — there was a map of the world with a few markers on it: one of those markers was smack-dab in the middle in the Atlantic ocean…

                  Secondly, even though Oracle is a real-world company, Marvel would never have put the name/logo in there if they didn’t want the fans to THINK it was the company from teh comics/an easter-egg (Rourke had a Loki tattoo on his neck, and Marvel had to digitally remove it in post because they didn’t want the fans to think that meant something) — i.e. Marvel Studios REALLY pays attention and thus, if they didn’t want the fans to think it was Oracle from the comics, they wouldn’t have included it in the movie.
                  Also, since we’ve seen about 2 Roxxon logos now (IM2 and the short), IMO, it’s safe to assume something MIGHT be brewing…

    • How does he get funding for his movies?

      • I had read its something akin to a tax loss. they (the investors etc) do it on purpose.

        They take a poopy movie pour money into, lose said money (as it is poopy) and write it off as a loss and get money back and or tax credit or some such.

        They don’t want it to be successful.

  3. Does anybody know if BSG blood and chrome is still going to happen?

  4. Okay… this pretty good news (hopefully):
    Marvel announced that an Avengers game will indeed be released alongside “The Avengers” movie.

    At first THQ was working on it… but the studio went bankrupt (or something) and the game was canned.
    Now, however, Marvel is saying that the game is still in the works!

    My only concern: how good could a game possible be, that only has about 7 months of development time?…

  5. When I was growing up I wanted to live in the classic Star Trek universe – but not be a red shirt. The Next Generation was too antiseptic and everyone seemed like they were on Prozac.


    • ha ha funny

  6. In the star wars universe I would definately be a SITH with a double bladed lightsaber that would be detachable with the choice of duel weilding sabers, as for a pirates life I’d definately head to tortuga for some rum before heading out to sail the high sea on the black pearl savvy lol.