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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 6, 2013

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    • I have read on this site people are worried about GOG based on Del Toro’s portrayal of the Collector in the Thor 2 button? I thought it was good?

    • I’m not a fan of the leopard and mickey mouse gloves, but it’s just one button scene shot for a completely different movie. I’m still holding out hope until we see the first trailer, which should be coming in a few months. I’m seeing Thor 2 friday during my lunch (an extended lunch) so I’ll be able to see it for myself finally.

    • LOL

  1. Just continuing on GOTG, Thanos is definitely in it and works with Ronan according to Gunn, but will he be fully CGI? or is Damion Poitier going to be replaced? Does anyone know?

    • I sure hope he’s not full CGI. If they do motion capture and integrate as much true life make-up/prostetics I’d appreciate it more.

  2. ARROW!

    *Drops mic, walks out*

    • YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      my mic was bigger.

      • @ Draagyn

        I have mic envy……:(

        • This is a “Mikey Mouse” outfit!

  3. Surprised the site hasn’t mentioned it yet but… RIP Marcia Wallace, the unforgettable voice of Mrs. Krabappel

    • Shame she never saw bart make it to the 5th grade

  4. Anyone have any good ideas for a short film?

    I have to do one for my final in my video production class. It should be around 5 minutes long and be able to shoot cheaply and in basically any location.

    I need some inspiration and ideas!

    • Make one about a person who’s life consists of creating multiple profiles to give the appearance of multiple people on internet message boards, when really it’s all just the same person.

      Make sure you display that person believing to be clever by giving each one of their net “identities” specific traits.

      Make him look like a complete nerd-loser-geek, only have a twist at the end reveal they were working for a company all along.

      • I should probably know who this is, but since I treat the commenters to whom I respond as individuals, I’ve never really contemplated any “secret” multiple identities. I AM a bit curious though…

    • Leather Cheerio figured who it is a few weeks ago.

      • Was it me? Do I work for HYDRA?

  5. Watched “Brick” yesterday. Interesting movie, but because it tries to transfer typical film noir archetypes into a school environment without making the necessary adjustments it always feels like a group of kids came together to make their own film noir at home and in school. If it weren’t for the good acting and the professional producation values Brick would totally feel like an amateur project that you would find on some kid’s private Youtube channel. Unfortunately the whole detective story doesn’t work, because of that.

    • *production values

      • I really enjoyed Brick, taking a straight detective story and setting it in a high school offered me the chance to see something I hadn’t seen before. It could easily have just turned into another good girl gets caught up with the wrong crowd cliche however Brendan’s unflinching approach to finding out exactly what had happened to Emily, no matter how bad the beating, really got me routing for him. Ultimately Gordon-Levitt’s performance really does carry this film and with out him I wonder if I would have been as gripped by the story.

        I read that Johnson wrote this film just after finishing film school as a homage to Hammet but didn’t want to produce a copy hence the High School setting. You could also argue taking good acting and production values (as limited as they were) from any film would leave them feeling like something you found on Youtube.

        • You could also argue taking good acting and production values (as limited as they were) from any film would leave them feeling like something you found on Youtube.

          That’s not what I mean. It always felt as if all they characters in Brick behaved way out of character for their age. Do drive it to the extreme: it felt a bit like the kids in Super 8 acting as detectives, wives or as chem plant bosses in their school project movie. It just didn’t fit.

          • Oh right yeah, agreed, for sure they aren’t believable for the ages they are portraying. As I said I think it was to stop it from coming across of a rip of Hammets work. Even reading that interview though it didn’t make sense as he said something like “archetypes of detectives fitted high school persona’s” I don’t think this is true, I mean when I was in school things just happened, nobody really questioned or investigated they just spread embellished gossip.

    • I agree, I was very fascinated with movie but was just laughable at to many points, especially the principal allowing this lone wolf student to investigate serious incidents on campus. Excellent effort but fell short.

    • Interesting…

      I loved Looper and the BBad episodes that Rian Johnson directed. I have been thinking about watching Brick, not to mention the Brothers Bloom. Maybe I shouldn’t…?

      • You should.

        • Alrightee.. so now I gotta add Brick, Bros Bloom, Raid: Redemption, not to mention all the other movies I’ve been meaning to watch to my list. Why does the amount of movies I wanna watch always exceed the amount of free time I have :) haha

          • Yeah, definitely watch it. Knowing what you are in for is half the battle. ;)

  6. So with the new Arrow airing tonight, does anyone else hope that they will leave Ras Al Ghul out of the overall storyline? I mean I like him and all but Liam Neeson was so good I would hate for them to have to bring in another actor for the TV show.

    By the way did anyone else notice that the ninja dude who met up with Black Canary was wearing exactly what Malcolm Merlyn was wearing? So we all know that the real person behind the attack on the glades was Ras Al Ghul.

    • I have a feeling the whole Ras Al Ghul will be more of a communication piece for the series unless he is also being rebooted as well. I haven’t seen any news online though that they casted any sort of character for that role

  7. ***Spoilers for Dead Man Down***

    In the midst of watching the movie I really enjoying myself. The weird but very good chemistry between the two lead roles is great. The story kept you watching, and the acting overall was good (a little phoned in by Terrance Howard but not bad). Then at the very end of the movie, the two leads make it out of the shoot out alive and are in a happy embrace when the credits roll. Everything happening throughout the movie spelled tragedy, but the end was typical “everyone gets married!” I don’t think I have ever seen a movie I enjoyed so much to just hate the entire thing because of the last 2 minutes.

  8. I was really disappointed with Howard as well. Usually I say less is more with acting but that was less is definitely less (Rapace actually taking up the other end of the spectrum). I felt like that with all of the characters actually, none of them made me feel anything for them? the way Rapaces character just blurts out her back story and asks Farrell to intervene just didn’t hold much weight with me. That being said the movie on the whole is not bad and enjoyable to watch but Aaron is spot on the end is really out of place with the darker tone of the movie.

  9. Question: I realize I could just google this but what is Raid: The Redemption? Is it a new IP? Is it based on something I should know about? Can I just watch it by itself? The trailer was just posted for what looks to be the sequel so I thought I would ask.

    • I fell in to the same trap when I first heard about it, I was looking everywhere for the first installment until I realized that is the firs installment. Just don’t watch the dubbed version, all the sound effects are off, really annoying.

      • So the movie is its own thing? Cool cool. Thanks for clearing that up. By and large I avoid dubs, they usually suck so I’d rather read subtitles. Bad subtitles are still WAY better than bad dubs haha. Thanks for the warning tho. I’ll check it out later this month.

  10. So I got caught up last night on The Blacklist and it’s starting to get very repetitive now with the whole “He is literally the most dangerous man in the world” storyline. I thought when they aired the episode when they looked into her fiancés background they would move towards that direction but it seems like the same storyline every episode now. It’s a shame because Spader is soo good in this show.
    Also, I got caught up on Grimm as well. I am liking the direction they are going so far. It still has its issues but looks promising

  11. Anyone hear any updates on the Doc Savage movie? How about the Man From U.N.C.L.E. flick? Flash movie, perhaps?

  12. Would anyone add a copy of Nightmares From Hell to their comic collection if they could?

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