Open Discussion – November 4, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 4, 2013

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  1. Am I first on the first Monday of the the month

    • I believe you are, good sir.

  2. Ok, so this was a busy weekend as far as new movies I watched:

    The Mechanic
    Tango & Cash
    Escape From New York

    I think Snatch is my favorite Guy Ritchie film (outside of the Sherlock Holmes movies)
    Revolver I was able to follow for a little while, then I had no idea what was going on haha. It held my attention thats for sure, but I was lost through half of it.

    And all the rest were pretty good. Except The Mechanic I felt was a below average Jason Statham film. Chaos was slightly above average.

    • While I also adore Snatch *ahem* Lock Stock N Two Smoking Barrels gets my vote for best Guy Ritchie.

      Tango & Cash and Escape From New York? HA! Hope you had some wine with that cheese! :D

      • I still haven’t seen Lock Stock, but hopefully this week.

        And i really liked tango and cash, the acting wasn’t the greatest, the dialogue was pretty bad, but it was a really fun movie and i like seeing Kurt in that kind of role. As for escape from New York, I found it kind of slow but ok. I didn’t give it as high a rating as it has on IMDB though.

      • “I also adore Snatch *ahem*” nice

        Ritchie movies for me would have to go –

        Lock Stock
        Sherlock Holmes
        Sherlock Holmes 2

        I couldn’t make it through Swept Away, I tried and failed. I’m looking forward to seeing his interpretation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

        • You folks should look into Rock-n-Rolla. A wonderfully crazy Guy Ritchie Film.

          • RocknRolla was pretty good, but i still like Snatch better. Revolver is such a crazy film i don’t know if thats why i like it, or why i don’t like it. I’ll have to watch it again after a while and see what i think after a second viewing.

          • It comes fourth on my list of Guy Ritchie films beaten by Revolver for being so incredibly different than anything he made before.

      • well played “ahem” sir. lol.

  3. Right I had a less movie crammed filled weekend in comparison to Draagyn however I did watch Runner Runner, which was extremely shallow and while the subject matter may be current it fell a long way short of being engaging. There is barely any character development so for me I couldn’t have cared less in regards to what happened to anyone.

    Next up was The Last Days of Mass which I didnt know to much of in advance so I was suprised when “SPOILERS” space zombies turned up! oh how I laughed. Very simplified premise, cliched charecters but overall an enjoyable but ultimately mediocre movie. If you love zombies then give it a shot but don’t expect to get blown away.

    • Oh yeah, I saw a nice little independent movie about a blonde dude with a hammer however I don’t think people will appreciate spoilers on that one!

      • ‘Runner, Runner’…

        I suspect half of the budget was spent on the phone bill when one considers just how phoned in for the cheque Affleck’s performance was. This is coming from someone who didn’t like ‘Man of Steel’ but considers drafting Affleck in as a potential DC Movie Universe overseer a masterstroke by the way.

        • @ Ajeno

          Runner Runner was bad, granted, but don’t let that change your view on Affeck as Batman. I was not sold at first, but after watching The Town, (at Dr. M’s suggestion, thank you), I’m convinced he cannot only pull it off, but do it well. I’m also excited about the Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman rumors. She would be great. I think WB/DC is really getting their act together and has all the right pieces in place to really do some great things. Signing Goyer to a long term deal was a smart move, IMO, and will really help with continuity. The future for DC is bright and I’m excited to what they do. By the way, I have now watched MoS 4 times, and I must say, it gets better with multiple viewing. Give it another shot and I’ll bet you’ll like it better.

          • @ Stark. Glad to see your opinion’s changed. I remember back in July you were unimpressed with MOS. I try to tell people that it’s a cerebral movie and that Goyer and Snyder packed a lot (almost too much) of stuff in the two and a half hours. Multiple viewings is the only way to catch the nuances and IMO that’s what made the movie for me (along with a Superman that actually fights).

            • Very true. The first viewing of MOS was a bit hazy. I still enjoyed it but not without missing several tidbits here and there. For that reason, with my blurry image of what the movie was like, there were a couple things I wish Snyder changed just to fit the image of what I had in mind better. But after the second viewing, I was able to grasp what they were trying to do, the point of the scene with the gravity beam for example. First time I watched that scene, I was hoping they would do some sort of Pa Kent monologue in the background or something but the second viewing, I saw what Goyer was trying to do. How they constantly cut between White and his associate getting Jenny out of the rubble and Superman standing up into the gravity beam gave me the impression that there’s still good in the world (as cheesy as that may sound) and despite young Clark’s run ins with the bullies, he knows there’s still people who want to do the right thing. How I see it anyway.

              • reason for* not ‘point of’

            • @ Naledge

              You are correct, when it first came out, I was a huge critic of it, and very disappointed. Got beat up pretty good for those views around here, but, I took the advice of some of the guys beating me up and checked it out again and it got better. To be honest, I only did it because I didn’t want to miss out on what everybody else said they saw in it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Oscar worthy, but it’s way better than I gave it credit for initially. I’m looking forward to the next one.

              • Since you guys are talking Man of Steel anyone see the Ben Kingsley interview where he was asked if he would be interested in playing Lex Luthor? he sounded quite up for it, what do you guys think?

                • @ Eddie F

                  I have not seen that or read that, but I don’t think he would be a good choice, IMO. Too many Trevor flash backs. My personal choice would be Mark Strong (Sinestro).

                  • It was a throw away questioned posed at a junket for Enders Game. Mark Strong isn’t a bad choice. Pretty sure I’m on my own here but I would like to see Matthew McConaughey shave his head and bring an intensely obsessed take on the character.

              • @ Stark

                It’s good you like MOS, id probly give it 3 stars outta 5. I just know my stance will stay the same on likes/dislikes on any film.

                • @ Mr. Castle

                  My opinions usually don’t change either except once in a awhile, like this. There have been movies that I have seen in the theater and hated. Six months later they’re on cable and I think, hey this isn’t to bad. Prometheus was another film that I disliked in the theater, but saw it again and liked better.

                  • @ Stark

                    I get what you’re saying. Only usually it’s the opposite for me. Once in awhile I like films more. Not often is all. And when the idea for Batman vs. Superman film came to the net I thought it was great but after hearing some people’s thoughts I figured it’s only great in comics & animation and harder in live-action. Leaves me concerned over the next film you know?

                    • @ Frank Castle

                      I do hear you, but I’m not to concerned. I think they know what the fans liked and didn’t like about MoS, and the second one can only be better. I honesty think the DCCU/ WB/DC is in probably the best shape it’s ever been in. This is coming from somebody that was one of their harshest critics. I think they’re on the up swing. We’ll see, but I think they actually have a plan now.

                  • @ Stark

                    Sorry, my friend. Seen ‘Man of Steel’ three times and whilst it has not gotten any worse, neither has it gotten any better. I come at it from a different angle though. It is the opening hour or so I have problems with. I just do not think Snyder has the finesse of touch to shoot/edit any scene that does not involve things going boom (conversely, I do think in the final hour he finally found his identity as an action director. There was a lot to like in that for myself). I also think some of the writing was very poor and for me personally, Zod’s reasons for terraform were more convincingly laid out than Kal-El’s ever were for saving Earth (Jor-El’s plan seemed to basically involve hoping his son gets the horn).

                    As for Affleck, I was actually praising the idea. I firmly believe this is more than casting an actor and he is actually being drafted in to play a major part in the DC Movie Universe. It actually would make little sense to not use his proven considerable talents behind the camera to some long term benefit.

            • By calling a movie, any movie, a “cerebral” movie implies that you have to be smart to like it, and if you don’t, you are stupid.

              MOS was not a cerebral movie. It was a simple action movie with plenty of flaws. The opinions of critics and disappointed fans attest to this.

              • If the definition of cerebral is the only ‘implication’ you took away from my comment then I think you got hung up on one word instead of the context. It’s cerebral on a thematic level. Being true to two fathers and two cultures, destiny vs chance, self discovery and self acceptance. These themes are all touched on and analyzed in MOS and these are off the top of my head. That’s what I meant about cerebral, buddy.

                • No, you meant you need to be smart to enjoy it.

                  It’s okay, stick to your guns. :D

                  • @ Dr. M

                    I don’t know that you necessarily have to be smart to enjoy or get the film. I look at it this way; people are expecting to get on a bus, but they’re actually getting on a bullet train. I think the first time people watch, they’re just not prepared for it. IMO, that’s why it improves with multiple viewings. Just some thoughts.

    • *on Mars* oops

  4. Umm, I forgot, is Famke Janssen confirmed (or rumored) to be in X-Men DOFP? I hope there is some mention of the White Queen, or some way left open for her to come back (as a different actress) in future installments. The way XFC ended, it would be odd if she were not even mentioned, no?

    • At the premier of “The Wolverine” she said she wasn’t asked to be in it so probably not.

  5. No offense to the hard working folks that keep the SR site up and running, but the lack of moderation was bad this weekend. I come through SR last night for weekend updates and the comments were out of control and not even tangentially related to the featured articles. Just giving you guys a heads up. I know the intrawebs can be a jungle sometimes, but damn.

    • I agree, pissy “in-jokes” and pissing contests among members make droll reading!

  6. Did anyone else rematch the first Indiana Jones movie because of Amy’s spoiler on The Big Bang Theory? I did, I can’t ever watch that movie the same way again.

    • Yep, killed it!

    • Yes, it killed it for me. Good thing they didn’t go into Star Wars LOL

  7. Watching Nightmare 5 & I want a copy of that Nightmares From Hell comic,lol.

  8. I was about to buy the DVD and Bluray copies of Man of Steel when I noticed that there is no directors commentary or any commentary of any kind at all. On both versions. What the hell!!! My favorite movie of the year doesn’t have any commentary, and it’s a Snyder movie no less, his commentary on 300 and Watchmen were brilliant.

    • Probably release later editions with commentary etc, its all about making the big bucks!

  9. Anyone think MOS will be little cheaper on Black Friday sale for DVDs?

    • Most likely. I bought Fringe: season 4 last year on black friday right after it was released on dvd. it was $40 but dropped down to $10 for black friday! so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a deal somewhere on black friday. Whether thats amazon or hastings or somewhere else.

  10. watching great doc on pbs

  11. If you’d like to keep the OD relative to what’s showing NOW on screens it has to be Shield . Because they are finally admitting this is a way to advertise ( OOPS SORRY . bring YOUR fave characters to TV from ) the movies .
    To the point : I had blown Shield off by Episode 3 , as I am not watching it to see ” To Catch a Mutant ” like EVERY show has as a main plot . Trying to reassure Mom And Pop America that THOSE PEOPLE will be kept under control ???
    I think this show will be better if A) they keep using it to tie up plotlines from the movies . Like for example (pardon I don’t remember if Daredevil was made by Marvel ) say Bullseye is finally healed and immediately gets on a killing spree . so the team has to TRY and stop him B ) they concentrate more on “Centipede ” , as I remember this was the main focus of Shield , counterbalancing Hydra and AIM. Stupid name but I guess Marvel doesn’t have the rights to “Hydra ” from whoever made Elektra , so this name bluntly implies independent cells …
    This begs another topic of how MUCH better these large-and-small screen stories will be better when Marvel has those rights back from Fox and Sony ? or if they can somehow coordinate between them . Not likely I suspect ..

  12. Well guys, it’s the end of an era. Bitstrip pictures have recently taken over my Facebook feed. I’ve noticed a ton of them. So, I’m going to have to change my gravatar pic because I’m usually ahead of the curve.

    For old times sake…..

    Hail Hydra.

  13. Watched Pacific Rim last night.

    It was stupid.

    That is all.


  14. Scranters – Look, Screenrant made national news!

    • LOL, yeah, that’s pretty funny. :)

    • Very nice!

    • Anthony Ocasio “It says April Fool right on it,”