Open Discussion – November 4, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 4, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 4, 2011

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  1. @ Scape

    I have tried joining the Screen Rant Secret Society on Facebook but it isn’t working. :) I am at work right now so I can’t join from here. I have tried multiple times at home to no avail. Any ideas?

    • Send me a friend request on Facebook (and add a little note so I know it´s you), I´ll add you to the group. My name is Dirk Antosch (I use the same profile pic as on here).

  2. So AMC pretty much OWN all the quality T.V at the minute MAD MEN , BREAKING BAD and THE WALKING DEAD , So who is looking forward to HELL ON WHEELS ?

    • Eh, out of those three, I only am interested in Walking Dead…

      The only tv shows I watch now are House, Blue Bloods, and have to catch up with Justified. Hope they didn’t cancel that show…

    • Man Men looks interesting but i havnt gotten into it yet, Breaking Bad i respect but don’t care for.

      And Walking Dead is awesome but thats maybe cause i also read the books.

      Hell On Wheels looks like it could be nice, maybe i’ll check it out.

    • I would put them a close second with HBO and Showtime tied. “Homeland” is an incredible show. Really looking forward to “Hell on Wheels”, I need a western fix to fill the gaping hole “Deadwood” left!

    • Im all for Hells on Wheels. Big fan of coldblooded westerns.

      The Walking dead is starting to bore me a lil. Still a good show but not as engaging as Breaking Bad. Hopefully it fills thr void.

      • Wait till you see what is in the barn on the farm! ;-)

  3. Actually just read that blue bloods and justified are both renewed for another season, but sadly V has been cancelled. Soooo many cliffhangers at the end of this last season… Ugh…

  4. I’ve recently started watching “How I Met Your Mother” (season 7) – I find it pretty funny.
    Can anyone recommend which HIMYM seasons were the funniest? (I can’t buy every season right now, so I would like to know where to start).

    • I find that seasons 2 and 3 are the funniest, they really hit their stride in those two years.

    • I dont know if I want relations with Cobie Smulders or Robin. Probably the latter.

      Barney is definately my favorite character. And I hate Ted. He’s a sucker. Can’t stand hopeless romantics and their crockpot of emmotions.

      • I think they need to do more with Robin, her character has been really dragging the past season, I hope her new relationship really spices her character.

        And they need to get to Barney’s Wedding fast. I love the show but i dont think they should end it with him meeting her. They built it up to much to just have her in 1 episode.

    • I started watching the show a few years back. If you have a DVR, the best thing is to record syndicated episodes. I caught all of them in order that way, just start with the pilot and record from there. If you can’t watch or record them, season 2 and 5 are the funniest but season 1 is great for character development.

  5. Here is a question. What single movie do you utterly refuse to watch under any circumstance and why — whether fear or complete detest.

    Pretty Woman.

    I hate this movie with a passion. There is no compromise for money food or sex could get me to watch this.

    It’s a hoes fairy tale. You are the ultimate sucker if you fall in love with a pro for any reason. A millionaire/billionaire fallin in love with a street pro. Unfathomable. I get mad thinking about it lol

    • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
      Star Wars : Attack of the Clones
      Saw movies..

      Detest all of the above and refuse to watch again..

    • Any Twilight movie. And I don´t think I have to explain that. I also refuse to watch movies with Scientologists.

      • LOL Twilight. I hate dependent clingy women so I feel you.

        Well given the prequels shatter my view on what was Darth Vader, I guess it comes down to which one ruined it the best. Anakin yellin yippie in a yellow starfighter or the “I killed them all, I hate Sand Prople” speech.
        Im going with Attack of the Clones.

        I would actually laugh Darth Vader now that I know his past. You sad, asthmatic, over-protective dirty little sand urchin. Kill me if you want, I’ll die laughing

      • I’ve never seen Twilight. I consider myself lucky. My tween twin nieces, 30 year old younger brother, and my wife have all told me it’s good, but I’m not an 11 year old girl or never was…I will stick with vampires like Leslie Nielsen’s Dracula or Kiefer Sutherland and the Lost Boys.

    • Not realy a SHOCKER , THE PHANTOM MENACE , Single handedly burst The Myth of Star Wars .

    • Barney’s awesome… I have to say, when I found out Neil Patrick Harris was a homosexual, I was INCREDIBLY shocked (he really doesn’t come off as the type IMO) — sorry if I offended anyone with that statement.

      And yeah… Ted annoys me as well… he’s constantly going on about “fate” — but hey, the show can’t be full of awesome people.

      P.S. Cobie or Robin? — it’s a tough one… Robin is an awesome character (but she’s fictional, so… sleeping with a girl who isn’t REAL? would be a bit of a let down ;)).
      Cobie is an awesome person and actress… plus: she’s portraying Maria Hill in The Avengers! :D — I would definitely go with the real-life Cobie…

      • @TheAvenger

        Yeaa but my EMH history shows me that Maria Hill is a short haired, sandy little beeach. I can deal with beach as long as its long haired. Love my tuggables.

        So i’ll take Cobie as long as she “acts” like Robin. HELL… (wait for it)

        PS I hope Robin and BRney get back together. They was cool and funny together.


        • Sorry Ignur… the above post was meant to be a response to your comment (I have no idea to why it ended up here).

          Anyway, I don’t think the movie-version of Maria Hill will be a “bee-ach” — and I’m pretty sure her hair won’t be as short as in the comics/show.
          I never liked the way Maria Hill looked in the comics, but I have to say, Smulders is really making me ~excited~ about the character ;)

    • i cant watch The Excorcist. I watched it once when i was 5 and it traumatized me and i have never watched it again. I know, im in my 20′s now and i cant make myself watch it yet.

    • I still haven’t seen Titanic (very proudly) but I’m pretty sure I know the plot

      • The movie itself could be very good, if it wasn´t about that cheesy love story.

  6. is anyone else excited for more fringe? I think they are handling this season really well. A lot of people are complaining about how they haven’t explained why certain things are different or what not, but I think they are explaining it slowly throughout the episodes, which is a welcome breath of fresh air.

    So many shows, handle it in the same annoying way, mostly when a television show jumps forward in time between seasons, within the first 15 minutes of the episode everyone is having awkward conversations explaining exactly what they have been doing for the alotted amount of time using oddly specific time references that sound so unnatural. That is why i think Fringe is handling it well, with each episode comes a real reason for someone to explain something. It comes up in a natural and organic way, such as it took 3 or 4 episodes until we had Walter try to relate to a kid about loneliness and losing people by explaining how he lost peter and was in the mental institution effectively explaining some of the differences between the original timeline and the new timeline. It felt like a real natural way to let the audience know what happened to peter in this new timeline and how Walter’s life is different because of it.

    Of course there are still questions to be answered and a few minor odd things like why broyles is still alive in the other universe among other things, so i’m hoping now that peter is back we get some more explanations.

    • I am enjoying this season too. I like how much things have changed since Peter didn’t exist. The strangely evolved shifters this season are a direct result of his nonexistence. Also, the episode with the professor’s alternate reality counterpart being a serial killer was one of my personal favorites.

  7. So this Christmas i am restricting myself to 3 BLU-RAYS ( Times are tite = )Anyway these are the 3 i am going with

    1. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    2. Bridesmaids

    3. Sons of Anarchy seasons 1-3

    Thoughts ?

    • im doing the same thing except im buying:
      1)Harry Potter 7.2
      2)Super 8
      3)Rise of the Planet of the Apes

      your lists sounds good too, althoug i have never seen an episode of Sons of Anarchy.

      • FYI Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix Streaming.

        • cool, i might watch an episode or two

          • The season 2 finale is my favorite episode, the first season is very much based on “Hamlet”.

      • Yeah Harry Potter 7.2 is my stand by , if i had a 3D T,V set up it probaly would of made the list EPIC movie !

    • Mine’s 5, they are

      1) Midnight in Paris

      2) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

      3) 12 Angrey Men criterion

      4) Kung Fu Panda 2

      and of course Detathly Hallows Part 2

      other films that I want to watch like Beginners, Tree of Life and Fright Night I’ll just rent.

  8. Anyone planning on watching IMMORTALS the trailers look pretty good they remind me of the trailers for 300.

  9. Any advise on the new Harold and Kumar movie?

    i loved the first 2 and wanna see the new one, should i see it or wait til DVD. and hows the 3D? i’m skeptical about the whole 3D thing but i have enjoyed it on rare instances (Toy Story 3, Transformers)

  10. Has anyone seen “The Skin I Live In” with Antonio Banderas? I just heard about it this week. Got “Serbian Film” on Blu Ray on Tuesday and will probably trick the wife into watching it tonight. :-)

    • I have, reviews have been great and I too want to see it.

      Good luck looking for it though since its in like 15 theaters nationwide, it was out in Europe 2 months earlier and it had a wide release.

    • Although that sounds really cool, I´d take everything Loeb say with a huge grain of salt. He also said ‘Ultimates 3′ will be epic. But it was nothing more than glossy, really expensive toilet paper.

      • Like, haha. I hate Loeb so much, I wish he would go back to DC where he can actually right a decent Batman story.

      • Feige has nothing to do with the TV division, as he is the head of the movie division.

        • I know, but Feige is in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well — therefore, if the TV shows will indeed tie in with the movies… Feige would know about it.

          If the shows do tie in with the movies, don’t you think Loeb and Feige would have sat down to discuss how stuff should play out?

    • Since he´s german… Hm, maybe german?

  11. So do you guys think that Benecio del Toro will be playing Khan in Star Trek 2 if he gets the part or someone else?

    Also who thinks the new Bond movie “Skyfall” should be called something else? To me its just to close to the alien invasion movie “Skyline.”

    PS the movie I’d never watch is Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” only because I promised my pastor at the time I wouldn’t.

    • I hope he isn’t Khan, just because I’d like to see a new direction in the franchise.

      I thought the same thing about that title. Also, it just doesn’t sound James Bond like.

      I never saw Passion either for an entirely different reason. Passion, Apocalypto, Crouching Tiger, or other foreign language films because I don’t watch movies to read. That’s what books are for.

      • Herd it was klingons dince they are technically bad in this universe still.

      • I think that’s a silly reason to skip foreign language films, you’re missing out on a lot of great ones.

        You could dub them in english, a lot of forign films have that feature on their DVD, but it sounds weird and I prefer their foreign language

        • I may be missing out on some great films, but I watch movies to relax, be entertained, and turn my brain off for 90 to 120 minutes. I love to read, in fact I have a B.A. in English (I had to read American, British, and plenty of other classic literature along with contemporary novels as well). I watch my cheesy comedies, action movies, and Sci-Fi films simply to relax. I usually avoid critically acclaimed and award-nominated films for the same reasons. You may think it’s silly, but that’s my reason.