Open Discussion – November 30, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 30, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 30, 2012

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  1. pacific rim trailer in 12 days… yay

    • Yeah, I can’t wait!!

    • me too, it’s sounding very cool!

  2. I can’t wait for the hobbit. Anyone going in Imax?

    • I’ll be watching in IMAX at the midnight premiere.

    • The Hobbit debuts 48fps technology (HFR 3D).
      Most if possibly all IMAX projections will not be
      48fps but the more conventional 24fps format.

      The film was not shot in IMAX and HFR 48fps might
      be the preferred projection to look for in The Hobbit.

  3. Watched “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” again last night. Really isn’t a bad movie overall except for Baraka- I mean Cirque de Reject- I MEAN DEADPOOL!. Man, such a waste of the character, besides the short screen time Reynolds had with Wade Wilson which was brilliant

    • The only good thing about that film was Sabretooth. A brutal, sadistic mothereffer just like used to be in the comic books.

      • And Wolverine. Hugh Jackman always gives an incredible performance as Wolverine

        • That´s true. But since he proved that he IS Wolverine in three movies before, I thought I could point out that Liev Schreiber´s Sabretooth was superiour to that underused henchman in the first X-Men movie.

          • Yeah, they could’ve just done a rivalry between Wolverine and Sabretooth for one movie and it could’ve been a really good movie. They really crammed a lot into the movie that could’ve been divided into different stories for different movies

  4. Here’s my dream cast for a Batman series:

    Bruce Wayne/Batman – Thomas Gibson
    Alfred Pennyworth – Bill Nighy
    Richard Grayson/Robin/Nightwing – Liam Aiken (from young to current age)
    Commissioner James Gordon – Bryan Cranston
    Barbara Gordon – Emma Stone
    The Joker – Jim Carrey
    Edward Nigma/The Riddler – Neil Patrick Harris
    Ra’s Al Ghul – Liam Neeson
    Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze – Daniel Craig
    Johnathan Crane/Scarecrow – Johnny Depp
    Waylon Jones/Killer Croc – Michael Clarke Duncan (God bless his soul)
    Harvey Dent/Two-Face – Leonardo DiCaprio
    Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin – Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Thomas Elliot/Hush – Jon Hamm
    Basil Karlo/Clayface – Ray Liotta
    Bane – Dominic Purcell
    Selena Kyle/Catwoman – Charlize Theron
    Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn – Rachel McAdams
    Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy – Eva Green

    • Yeah, thats a dream. And a Nightmare of a Budget for TV.

      Good in theory though.

      • I meant movie series. Sorry, I wasn’t very specific xD

        • Welcome back to reality ACW!!!!!!!!!!! We missed ya for a moment there! :)

    • I agree about Thomas Gibson. He´s also my dream choice for Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four reboot. I think he´s very underrated.

      • Gibson is very talented and I definitely could see him as Mr. Fantastic. In “Criminal Minds”, there’s a vibe to him and his character that just screams Batman. One episode told of how this guy went after his wife and son. The son was able to survive, but his wife was killed and he was never the same since that day. Very determined and serious when it comes to his job, but understands emotion very well

  5. Not really movie related, but I´m listening to the Beatles album Abbey Road right now. And every time I do that I´m blown away.

    What´s your guys favorite band and/or album and why?

    • I love a great many band and musicians so it is hard to name one.

      But, I do have a great love of movie Sound Tracks, and well I have a best of selection on my Iphone, so when I am in traffic, I like to play the Imperial March.

      And if I feeling I am being tailgated, I play the Theme From Jaws.

      And when I am feeling like merging before the semi, I play Raiders of the Lost Ark March.

      Wife thinks I am missing a few screws.

      • The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is a constant on my iPod, never gets old, lifts you up, brings you down, there’s a track for every mood!

      • @Jeff W, I’m a soundtrack fan myself although I don’t do the ‘traffic’ thing.

        Favourite soundtracks:
        The Sand Pebble’s
        Star Wars (especially Ep IV but all good)
        Conan The Barbarian

        Other genres:
        The Sound of Music
        Fiddler On The Roof
        The Dish
        Good Morning Vietnam

        • @Pedrosarus.

          Nice collection. Now, have you heard the Aliens Soundtrack? That is a pretty good one as well.

          • @Jeff W

            I have it on an old LP which I converted to mp3 (LP Ripper), it’s good albeit a more conventional style soundtrack.

            What I loved about Jerry Goldsmith’s music is that it has a very, I would say ‘HR Giger’esque feel to it. It has a very stark, terrifying yet beautiful feel to it. A lot like Giger’s Alien, which is rather fitting.

            I only wish the music had been more prominent on the soundtrack than it was. I loved the ‘crew awakening’ sequence at the start, just a beautiful piece of music.

            A lot of it seemed to get drowned out by sound effets. It came into it’s own in certain scene’s aboard the Nostromo though, the hunt through the air shafts in particular was very menacing. But even in more quiet moments his music just never let up, some of it is quiet and creepy. Makes you want to look over your shoulder just to make sure there’s not a facehugger waiting.


            • @Pedrosaurus.

              Nothing wrong with Vinyl, I still have a large collection of LPs.

              But what is this LP Ripper you speak of???

              • @Jeff W

                It’s a little program, I bought a PC magazine with a freebie disk and it was included.

                You can record your old LP’s onto your PC, load the file into LP Ripper and it recognises where the silence is between the tracks, of course it has it’s drawbacks. If the track has silent spots in it then it gets confused. You then just manually adjust where the breaks are, then once you’re happy with where the breaks are it automatically creates separate mp3 files for each track.

                Despite the drawback with the silence it does make it a lot quicker.

                I’ve done quite a few LP’s like that. I also did it with the Alien soundtrack, I bought the 20th Anniversary edition which has an isolated music soundtrack. I recorded that to PC then split the tracks up with LP Ripper, works the same way.

      • @ Jeff W

        I have too many to name,lol. But the few i have are…

        1. Batman(1989) score
        2. The Terminator score
        3. T2: Judgement Day Score
        4. John William’s Superman Theme
        5. Titanic soundtrack
        6. The Best Of “A Nightmare On Elm Street” score from films 1-6
        7. Star Wars Imperial march & Raiders of The Lost Ark aswell
        8. MMPR soundtrack

        Thats just a few.

  6. Skyfall was finally released in SA today… and of course, I was there for opening day ;)

    To sum the movie in two positively British words: bloody brilliant!

    I loved it. Great acting, great action, great story. I would have liked a bit more lightheartedness from Bond, but that’s just nitpicking.

    If this movie gets Oscar nods, I think it should be for the cinematography (although IMO, TDKR should get that win) and for Javier Bardem’s performance. He was great! Very scary, creepy, menaci8ng and surprisingly reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker…

    After seeing some of the trailers and hearing Mendes’ comments about TDK trilogy, I expected it to be a little like Nolan’s Batman movies, but after watching it I was actually pretty surprised at how much inspiration they took from that trilogy after all.

    Anywho, t’was a great, great movie. My folks didn’t much care for it (old-school Bond fans), but I think Mendes and co did wonderfully in telling an original story, in a modern setting, yet still managing to include some of the classic stuff too.

    … now I’d really pumped to see Nolan take on the franchise!

    • He was shot twice, fell hard from a long fall into the water, and visited a place he really didn’t want to go to.

      I wouldn’t be in a joyful mood either lol. And Nolan isn’t confirmed to direct Bond 24, he may never get to that. Sam Mendes is willing to do another Bond film and odds are, he probably will.

      • I know Nolan isn’t confirmed to direct the next Bond, I’m just saying that I can’t wait till the day when he DOES direct a Bond film – which I’m sure he will seeing as he’s one of the best directors out there IMO and actually wants to do it (and on top of that, he met with the producers a while back). I think they’d be crazy to turn him down…

        • Who knows, even Mendes didn’t to do a Bond film initially but the more he and Craig talked about it the more he liked the idea.

          So you may one day get your wish.

          • *didn’t want to do*

            Can we have an edit button please? Pretty please?


    • If Judi Dench does not get an Oscar Nod, there is something wrong.

      • She got an Oscar for less than 10 minutes of screen time in Shakespeare in Love so I can’t see why she couldn’t get at least a nomination.

    • Regarding the cinematagraphy it waa very good, but after a while the silohoutes (thats spelled wrong, shadows) got old. Well worthy of a nod but dkr beats it just cause the pure scopea and set piece size.

  7. Movie’s have an indelible way of imprinting themselves on your memory, even from an early age.

    My earliest movie memories I think are what made me love scifi movies so much.

    Earliest memories:

    Mysterious Island (1961)
    Dr Who and The Daleks (1965, Peter Cushing as the Dr)
    Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966, Peter Cushing again)

    All of the above I was before 1970 and really stuck in the old memory

    1970′s onward:

    The Day The Earth Stood Still
    Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers
    This Island Earth
    Forbidden Planet
    Cyborg 2087
    The Lost World (1960)

    TV Memories
    Joe 90
    Captain Scarlet
    Adventures of Superman (George Reeves)
    The Time Tunnel
    Land of The Giants
    Lost in Space
    Star Trek (original)

    Then of course there was everything else from 1977 onwards, Star Wars, etc… which I loved mainly because all the other stuff just stuck in my memory, making me a lifelong fan of the genre.

    What did you grow up with and what’s your earliest scifi memory?

    • I did forget to add:

      The Time Machine
      War of The Worlds
      When Worlds Collide
      Crack In The World
      The Lost Continent

      Although all old movies I loved watching repeat’s on Saturday afternoon’s.

    • I’m a lot younger than you judging by your list but I did grow up with a passion for sci fi because of my father. My best memories of when he was around was watching Star Trek TNG after my bed time. He would sneak me out of bed just to watch it lol. I became such a Star Trek fan that I even named my son “Tiberius”.

      My list would contain shows and movies from the early to mid 90′s and on. I have watched and seen the older ones you’ve listed but I never could watch them 1 episode a week as they aired, which is where the suspense lives. The Stargate series (All of them) and Enterprise and Voyager of Star Trek I had the pleasure of. And the silly short lived series like Babylon 5, and the Joss Whedon shows.

      Ill never forget watching Jurassic Park and Star Trek Generations for the first time in theaters. We had watched them at the original “Cine Capri” of Harkins Theaters here in AZ. So incredible.

      Just thought Id share as well…

      • Thanks for sharing, you seem to have some very fond memories which is a very nice thing.

        Hope I’m not making myself sound older than I am, I’m only 49 so quite a few of the old movies I love were made well before I was, but it was those first memories way back which stuck.

        I was lucky, back in the 70′s they would show all the old TV shows, like Lost In Space. I’d get home and it would be on every week night.

        Here’s hoping your son has some good memories of his ‘old man’ when he’s older.


        • I appreciate you opening the door on the topic. I enjoyed thinking about them. I’m 26 so just a tad bit younger, almost half your age lol. I love the campy scifi movies that exist. Netflix is a great source for terrible campy scifi. As far as the father/son relationship, I hope to do my best.


          • Actually you can find some old movies on YouTube as well.

            I’ve been pointed to a link here and there on occasion by other ranter’s and enjoyed re-watching old movies I’d half forgotten.