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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 29, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 29, 2013

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  1. So I watched the Extras of Man of Steel and that was a very nice experience to know more about this help me a lot to clear all of my questions about some changes they made while making this movie.(specially I am amazed on seeing some big scale visual effects shots of the action and the realistic approach to Zod’s Armor.)and I am so happy to love this movie.

  2. The amount of detail that went into the fight scenes in Man of Steel was amazing. I love the end battle so much were Zod takes off his armor (at a LEXCORP site no less) and they battle through Metropolis and then take the fight into space. I am very excited and happy that this is just the beginning for DC, and the sequel will have Batman! How awesome is that? I just wish the Man of Steel DVD had an extended un-rated cut! I WANT MORE!

    • Yes I enjoyed MOS a lot and the fight scenes were very good, but that last fight went on…and on…and on…and on….and on……….

      • I actually like long final battles.
        If there is a fight that long between supes and bats itll make my everything

      • The first time I saw MOS the fight seemed too long but on re-watching it it actually isn’t. You notice so many more details that have been thrown in and it’s much more enjoyable. While I do like the second half, it makes you appreciate how great the first half is even more.

  3. Who would you like to see star in “Cloak And Dagger”?

    • It would depend on if it’s a TV show or film.

      I’ll say… Tony Todd for Cloak, and Tatiana Matslany as Dagger,

  4. i wonder if they would start making amazing manga movies. it was all about books, now its about comic to movies and i wonder if they would do mangas. i still wanna see a dragon ball z live action movie. and have zack snyder do it, for me man of steel was more like dragon ball z than dragon ball evolution was.

    would love to see naruto too

    • Shingeki No Kyoujin…Would be a wild movie to watch. It would also be one of the few that could translate really well to live-action. The problem with most of the adaptations is that they try too match the characters` looks and the results are silly. The main characters in Kyoujin are all normal and the effects could be done similar to the way Spiderman swings.

    • Been wantin Death Note movie for awhile, supposedly shane blacks into it.
      Ergo proxy
      Fullmetal Alchemist
      Cowboy Bebop
      Attack on titan

      • right now in into bleach. the only anime ive watched was DBZ and some evangelion but i decided to get into it and started with naruto. after im finished bleach im gonna head into death note. i heard a lot of great things about it and people say its the best. also heard attack on titan is a must watch so ill definitely get around to taht.

        • Bleach is okay, a bit disappointing after aizen arc.
          I think a studio has a bleach movie in the works.

    • Anime isn’t to most westerners tastes. You kind of have to get used to the shift in culture a little bit and anime is often more extreme than the live action equilalent. Too much may be lost in the conversion. The “Ganz” movies were pretty good. As Were the “20th Century Boys, “Space Battleship Yamoto” and “Death Note” movies.

  5. Hey guys, Happy American Thanksgiving! I wish it was Thanksgiving in Canada, I want turkey!

    Anyway, I was thinking of watching Grimm, what does everyone think of the show?

    • Who ever said Turkey is only for Thanksgiving? I had turkey on Cdn. Thanksgiving and then another turkey two weeks after that, and I’ll be having turkey again this Sunday.

      But yeah, Grimm is back after last week’s hiatus! I hate how it conflicts with Haven though.

      • I only eat turkey on holidays lol, any other day it’s chicken. What do you think of Grimm?

        • Grimm is awesome as usual. The whole Nick looking like a corpse from time to time is an interesting storyline. I can’t wait til Alexis Denisof makes his appearance

          • Alexis Denisof will be in it!? Nice, I’ll most likely start watching this show.

  6. I really want a Mistborn film series. If you haven`t read the series I recommend it.

  7. Has anyone seen the leaked Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster that has Rhino and Green Goblin on it? I’m surprised SR hasn’t posted that yet, pretty interesting.

    • Link?

        • oh kool, I take back what I said

        • Wicked.

          …dafuq is going on with Rhino though? I’ll have to wait for a clearer image to pass judgement but I’m getting a Go-Bot vibe. Whatevah, still really looking forward to this one.

          • Yeah it’s pretty low quality, not really sure what his design even looks like lol. December 5th can’t get here fast enough, this little poster got my really excited for the trailer.

            • Rhino looks like a Dinobot. I hope the Green Goblin stuff is all secondary, if he’s actually in the movie…..Who knows, I am excited for this though.

              • I’m betting Green Goblin will sort of play out like ‘Two Face’ in the Dark Knight. Transforming into the villain 2 thirds into the film.

              • Haha yea or some kind of jacked up Mouser from TMNT. It’ definitely weird looking.

    • liar, is usually on top of these things, they don’t have anything about it.

  8. So anyone get a new TV on Grey Thursday?

    I’ve been thinking about that 65″ Sammy at Best Buy for $999. Some friends got those cheap 50″ Element TVs from Target for only $229.

    If a name brand 70″ goes for less than $1k, I think that’s when I’ll buy.

    • $229 ? for a 50″ jesus…i wish i was in the U.S. thats a great price for a second tv, i only question the brand but hey $229 if it lasts a year or 2 its all good

      • Element is one of those private brands usually made by a Chinese or Taiwanese OEM.

        Nice looking set actually, and 50″ for $229 is probably worth the “risk”. I should have got one for my kids but I didn’t feel like braving the crowds.

        • yeah from what i see on the news here in Canada, its friggin nuts going to a store, you need Cap’s shield just to get in the door..smh

  9. Just got back home from working Black Friday. In the break room they were playing A Christmas Story on a loop and I swear every time I was back there it was the Battle of the Lamp. But you know what? It never gets old :)

  10. I can’t seem to find any good Black Friday deals online, hopefully they will have them for Cyber Monday.

    • Isn’t Black Friday shopping the plot to the Purge?

  11. Ok they already announced that Leonardo Decaprio is developing a remake to Island of dr Moreau, so where is the news?

  12. Does anybody knows whether or not Jeremy Renner will be returning in Mission Impossible 5? Ghost Protocol was great and his ass was awesome in it. Wanted more in the sequel if he’s returning.

    • last i read on here was he was too busy shooting for Avengers

  13. Who thinks the guitar music action at the beginning of Captain America 2 really sets the tone for the movie?
    To me, anytime they have one of these Marvel superhero movies I’d much rather have a rock and roll background music set the pace when the actions starts than some orchestral number. Don’t get me wrong, i like the orchestral for Batman or Superman because they try to make them so serious but i don’t want that in a Marvel movie. In Marvel I want my superheroes to rock out and have a good time.

    • One exception so far has been when the orchestral number was played when Cap was on his way to intercept Loki in Germany. I thought that interweaving of images and sound was done beautiful. But then again, no action was really started between the two at that point so i guess my point still stands.

  14. Paul Walker died today :( RIP and race on