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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 28, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 28, 2012

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  1. Did anyone else hear about JGL signing on as Batman for the upcoming JL movie?

    • i’d like JGL as Batman but only if he was Batman. Meaning we’d only see Batman on screen and it would never reveal if it was Bruce or Robin Blake under the mask. It would add to the immortal legend of Batman thing they got going on.

      • I hope that’s not true. I think batman should be Bruce Wayne for a justice League movie.

      • Chris Evans reps declined the rumors that he was going to star in Captain America.

        • Yeah you got a point there but I just really wont them to cast a unknown and only show him as batman and don’t reveal his face until the reboot in 2016 (I think that is when everybody says it gonna be) which I guess the could do with JGL but like I said I would love for it to be a unknown actor

  2. Enjoyed Skyfall last week, Javier Bardem makes a brilliant villain, this one’s just as interesting as his ‘No Country For Old Men’ villain, but not quite as creepy.

    Have to say Daniel Craig is now my favourite Bond, and SPOILER. . . .

    Sorry to see Judi Dench leave the series but interesting to see Ralph Fiennes take up the mantle as M.

    Looking forward to the next couple of films.

    • Yeaah, but I do hope they bring Quantum back and finish off that story properly.

      • I don’t think Quantum is a good idea. Greene told Bond everything he wanted to know about it. Odds are? Quantum was immediately shut down within the next few days.

        Plus, time has moved on and “Skyfall” doesn’t seem like it takes place anywhere close to the time period of “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”. The Quantum idea could’ve worked as a modern day SPECTRE, but this really can’t work unless we go back in time. Which isn’t something I personally want, Daniel Craig’s Bond has evolved dramatically from reckless to strategist. He’s much more aware and careful of his duty than he was in the beginning. Taking a few steps back doesn’t really add anything.

        I would like some sort of organization though

        • I only want quantum if they can come up with a good story that makes sense with where the series is going.

          • To me Quantum is the new SMERSH/SPECTRE. I would like for Mr White to make a return in a big fashion. If written well Quantum can still be a great antagonist.

        • I really want them to give the Quantum storyline a proper sendoff, but unfortunately I have to agree with you: it doesn’t fit into the time frame anymore.

          In fact I think Skyfall is maybe one or two movies too early. The M storyline worked well but somehow it just feels like too sudden a transition, going from a fresh young Bond in QoS to an aged one in Skyfall, especially given it’s only Craig’s third movie.

          They just MIGHT be able to bring Quantum back in a limited way, given they never conclusively resolved it in QoS, but they can’t follow it directly – by the next movie I think it’ll be hard to sell the story when most people would’ve forgotten about it. Which is a shame, because the Quantum aspect of the story was the stronger part of QoS, IMO.

          • They could do SMERSH, which is basically the literature version of SPECTRE. Of course, SMERSH was also originally introduced in “Casino Royale”. I’m curious on how the next 2 will be connected to each other.

            I feel like Quantum was building terrific suspense…and then was quickly out of the picture to make Dominic Greene seem like a stand alone villain who wanted to control the water supply. I mean, Le Chiffre I could buy because he just lost a gamble and his partners were after him. But Greene? Eh…he wasn’t very villainous, more of a prick than anything. It also would’ve helped if there was a cliffhanger, but everything was resolved and Bond was back to work in his normal state.

      • Well who knows, the Quantum group of bad guys are still out there, it’s just that now their existence is no longer a secret.

        Blofeld could make a return. Then again Mike Myers made such a mockery of that character with Dr. Evil it would be hard to see Blofeld stroking his cat and keep a straight face, even with Craig as Bond.

    • Dame Judi Dench has a aliment with her eyes, which is slowly robbing her of her vision, she herself found it hard to read scripts and her lines are read to her.

      I think it is Macular Degeneration. Sad, she is such a damn fine actress.

      • That is sad, and yes indeed she’s great. Really glad they kept her on as M when Pearce Brosnan’s stint was over.

    • I have to say, though, the only fault I can find with Bardem’s character is that the whole cyberterrorist angle never really hits it home. It’s used as a convenient plot device to allow ominous things to happen (blowing up MI6, invading M’s computer, etc.) but was totally dropped in the third act (although you could argue that it was just Bond playing smart on that one). Where he succeeded was portraying Silva as the disgruntled ex-spy that he is, with all the brutality, the creepiness, the (*spoilers*) disfigurement. Take away the cyberterrorism part and the character wouldn’t have suffered, IMO.

      And I was hoping Q would have a slightly larger role given Silva’s plans, but great work by Ben Whishaw nonetheless.

      • i found bardem underdeveloped he seemed like the joker but the way the joker was presented is far more compelling. it was a good performance but he never seemed like a threat to me.

        • It’s the opposite for me. Silva seemed much more intimidating than The Joker. Just because you could tell he was psychologically disturbed. Always in a joyous mood, smiling, laughing. But you could sense the tension and it kinda scared me. Where Joker fails, Silva succeeds. I’m personally not a fan of Nolan’s Joker. Heath did a marvelous job, but the characterization just didn’t do squat for me.

  3. One film I’d love to see a sequel to is one of Kevin Costner’s rather surprisingly good films (at least I thought so anyway) which was Mr Brooks.

    His relationship with his ‘dark passenger’ alter ego played by William Hurt reminds me a lot of Dexter, but despite him being a sociopath I enjoyed the film and his character.

    Also liked the way he played games with Demi Moore’s detective, killing her husband and his lawyer girlfriend, which put the suspicion on her.

    Enjoyable film.

    • I agree, it was a really good movie, love Kevin Costner! Just finished watching Hatfields and McCoys, awesome!

      Was surprised to see that it was directed by Kevin Reynolds who vowed never to work with him again after Waterworld

      • I think it’s rather sad when you see people who are friends let work differences get in the way.

        It was the same with Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby, when City Slickers 2 came out and no Bruno Kirby. Nothing against John Lovitz, like him too, but Kirby was sorely missing there I thought.

        But getting back to ‘Mr Brooks’, the problem with his daughter was left unresolved there. I think that would be a great angle for part 2.

  4. Is it just me or does everyone want Nolan to oversee or atleast be part of DC’s shared universe?

    • Nope, it just you.

      And about 1 Billion other people.


    • I don’t. His extreme use of realism from the dark Knight movies would be bad news for super powered heros.

      • He did Inception quite nicely.

      • Just because super powers have not shown up does not mean they don’t exist in the Nolanverse. The films are not as realistic as people would have you believe. They are plausible

        • The issue is what makes all of the other members of the JLA ‘plausible’ that would fit into the Nolanverse?

          Sorry Flash is not plausible. Wonder Woman is not plausible. Superman is not plausible. Aquaman is not plausible. Green Lantern is not pl… well you get it.

          So how would you make the rest of the JLA plausible (not to mention villians) to fit into his universe? How would you make anything with super powers plausible?

          That is what is wrong with using Nolans Batman/Universe.

          • Superman is plausible cause they made the new Man of Steel have a real world tone similar to Nolan Batman also have you forget he is the producer of that movie lol.

            • @ Mace not every DC hero is popular as Batman/Superman or would have a realistic rogues gallery as those two would. FLash would be one, among many others depending how far WB/DC stretch their universe. If keep gon down that route, in the Batman reboot, how soon would you expect to see a villain like Killer Croc? Snyder’s just doin what Nolan has been doin. That’s why i think it’s better Snyder’s MOS be left as a trilogy if he & Nolan wanna keep that kind of tone. When it comes to Justice League & solo franchise films afterwards, i think the CBM should be balanced like Marvel Studio’s between fantasy,realism,etc.

          • @Akott & Wally West

            Let me be clearer. It’s not about trying to explain how a guy makes a freeze ray or turns into a ManBat but crafting a story in which the events are plausible. Nolan recently spoke on the “realism” of his Batman movies.

            CHRISTOPHER NOLAN: The term “realism” is often confusing and used sort of arbitrarily. I suppose “relatable” is the word I would use. I wanted a world that was realistically portrayed, in that even though outlandish events may be taking place, and this extraordinary figure may be walking around these streets, the streets would have the same weight and validity of the streets in any other action movie. So they’d be relatable in that way.

            It’s an aspect more comicbook movies need to use. The first Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk used that formula perfectly.

      • He wasn’t using “extreme” realism, that is to say, he wasn’t going for something that is absolutely 100% possible in real life – what he was going for is plausibility as opposed to escapism/fantasy, in that you could feasibly imagine that someone could put together the suit, and fight as Batman, against those particular set of villains. The realism is only really meant to go so far as to be more immersive, by making the audience think it could happen in real life, although obviously being a superhero movie it necessarily has very unlikely elements in it.

        That said, I wouldn’t mind a producer credit for Nolan on Justice League if Man of Steel turns out right, although I wouldn’t want him directing JL. I think Man of Steel will be the real litmus test for whether realism and ‘seriousness’ can be a fair approach for a more fantastical, unreal character.

        I definitely think it’s a good idea to do Superman this way, given that we have yet to see him really used to his full potential as an ACTION hero character, and given that we’ve already explored the more unrealistic elements of the character in movies, but we’ll have to hold out and see the movie first before we can decide.

  5. Has anyone experienced a moment where the scene, the music, and the small dialogue just makes you mentally gasp with excitement?

    One for me is in “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas” when you haven’t fully seen The Grinch’s face and he steps outside his cave after scaring off the teen Whos. “So they want to get know me, do they? They want to spend a little quality time with The Grinch.” And then he turns around and the subtle music just adds this ominous magic effect. “I guess I could use…a little social interaction.” Then he streches his face out into a wicked smile.

      • I have many. Another would be the crane scene in “The Amazing Spider-Man”

    • For me it was the…WTF Moment in the Crying Game.

      Did not see that coming.

    • Die Hard.

    • Not 100% sure but sounds a bit like When Harry Met Sally.

      Just had another thought mid-sentence and thought it sounded a bit like Endless Love.

  6. Hypothetical Question.

    In case of an Alien Attack with a large motherships.

    Has Star Wars and Independence Day ruin us? Or are we going to come up with the tried and true “Fly into the center of the mothershhip and destroy her primary reactor and fly out just befoe the mothership blows up” defense?

    Just saying.

    • Well, hypothetically, the ‘fly into the centre of the mothership’ thing, don’t think it would work now.

      As all our transmissions go out into space anyway all the Alien’s have been watching and know every manoeuvre we’ve ever thought of.

      So we’d have to come up with something new, and then make sure nobody puts it into a movie so they don’t find out!

  7. If a Movie Scenario was to break out and it would be these three

    Zombie Outbreak.
    Giant Monster Attack.
    Alien Invasion.

    Which one would you prefer to be involved in and fight, or would you seek shelter?

    • Haha someones hypothetically bored tonight lol

      • What do you mean Dr? It is a little past 3PM in the afternoon.

        I am taking sometime off from the Coastguard, I just got an assignment an hour away from my home in Philadelphia, and I am in a transistion.

        OK DARN YOU DR! I AM BORED OUT OF MY FREAKING SKULL…I have been home for a week, to a house I have not been at in over 7 years…GOD I AM SO FREAKING BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I understand. I work at Credit Union that is not that busy. So spend the most of my day on SR and reading political opinion pieces (or more the comments on them).

          I would have to say Zombies. I would love to put together one of the vans they had in the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

          Here is my question. Could a zombie virus infect insects like misquotes? Because then we are all SOL.

          • Well thanks to Aaron, this summer is going to be scary…Thinks I shall move to a…ANTARTICA!

            • Just don’t dig up aliens frozen in the ice.

              • ARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

                AARON!…SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

                DANG IT!


                • Yes, because you know, as soon as you get to the ice someone starts playing that double bass note, you know the old Ennio Morricone bass ‘dum dum, dum dum’ and you get that ominous feeling down your spine, and you start to question, am I human or . . . ‘dum dum, dum dum’.


    • I think the zombie outbreak seems the most fightable from a normal citizen’s standpoint. Giant monsters might be easier for the military to destroy however. :)

        • It depends on the zombies though. Slow zombies would be a piece of cake. Fast zombies? No thank you!

    • Alien Invasion, hands down.

      Zombies must reek like Hell, a fact that is ignored on too many zombie movies/shows. That alone is worth avoiding it like the reanimating plague!

      Giant monsters already had their chance. Evolution did away with them. Let’s keep it that way.

      Aliens, however, would be interesting on so many levels. Biologically. Technologically. Culturally and of course astronomically. Oh yeah, and you can reason with them once you crack the communication barriers. Try that with some zombies or monsters. Bring on some aliens!

      I’d probably fight, so that I get a chance to see them, and if it’s the last thing I’m doing.

      • Remember when US President Nicholson tried to reason with aliens? Didn´t go so well.

        • It’s all the dove’s fault!

  8. ARROW TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

    • More importantly: SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT!!! I didn’t like that little Thanksgiving break last week at all.

      • no i had to go without arrow, elementary and fringe last week! not fun. All i had was revolution. and that wasnt much.

  9. I have another question to ask my fellow Ranters…
    It goes without saying that I value a lot of the regulars opinions here so I’m curious what the consensus is about Fringe?
    I recently started season 1 and after a few episodes I’m not really digging it so I’ll ask is it worth sticking with or is the first 5 or 6 episodes a pretty good indication of what the series will be?

    • Fringe is one of those shows, it Was good, it got boring, it picked up, it got boring and it is more intresting in its final season.

      It is however, not as bad or confusing as LOST or Heroes were. If that helps Kevin?

    • Its a really frustrating show, but it gets better after the first half of season 1 IMHO.
      It becomes less of an X-Files rip-off and does its own thing, and the season finale cliffhangers are great.

      The current season is very different from its first season.

      • the first 3 seasons are great, the fourth is pretty good, and the fifth so far is just good. but definitely try to finish off season one and then see how you feel about the series. i encourage you to stick with it!

    • My wife watches Fringe. From what I catch it seems alright. Like others have said it is not so X-Files later on.

    • Fringe can be summed up like this:

      Season 1: okay
      Season 2: really good
      Season 3: at first okay, then breaks the whole show.
      Season 4: don’t care. Will not watch.
      Season 5: don’t dare. Will not watch.

    • Thanks for the input everyone. I appreciate your opinions…
      I received another disc last night so I’m about half way through season 1 and while I’m not completely sold yet I think I’ll stick with it for a little while longer.

      • For me, Fringe really picked up at the end of season 1. I recommend finishing the first season, then if you’re not intrigued enough to want to continue, don’t. The first season seemed like X-File reject cases in my opinion, but I stuck with it. The following seasons gave life to it’s own story and the final season is unlike anything I ever would have expected.

  10. Am I the only one that thought Darth Vader was black as a kid? Total surprise when the helmet revealed a pale, soft spoken egg head in ROTJ. Def thought Luke was bi-racial.

    • Only his heart.