Open Discussion – November 26, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 26, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 26, 2012

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  1. I finished watching the Raid Redemption over the weekend, and I must say I was very disipointed. Definitely NOT five stars Mr. Outlaw.

    • Best fight choreography and filming I’ve seen in years. IMO.

      • you are correct on that Trey. That part was amazing.

        • Very thin story tho and dialogue

          • right, that’s what I thought.

  2. I saw Red Dawn over the weekend as well. Beyond Chris Hemsworth, the rest of the cast was brutal. Not a very good remake. One of the kids, I think his name was Roger, was the spitting image of a young James Caan. That could have been the most entertaining part of the movie.

  3. Looking forward to “Oz, The Great and Powerful” in March, I pretty much ended my 2012 movie run in with “Wreck-It Ralph”, “Skyfall”, and “Lincoln”

    Started working on some independent films:
    “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”
    “The Naked Idol: 007″

    Did some voice acting for an animated “Mortal Kombat” film that’s being done by a college student

    Finally picked up the live-action adaption of “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. It’s been extremely rare to find around here, even during Christmas time.

  4. I rented resident evil: damnation from redbox, its a cg one and I would say its way better than the paul ws anderson films but thats not saying much so Ill just say its good and worth a rent.

  5. I seem to have a problem with rewatching movies, as I have a very good memory and watch films I like many times when they first come out and the result of this is that its hard for me to sit through them again later.
    This hurts because I want to start a dvd collection and I think I want a movie but then question if Ill actually sit through it without getting bored.

    • I own hundreds of DVDs and dozens of blurays yet I rarely watch them. I can’t control the urge to snatch up every movie I like. :???:

      • haha I am exactly the same!! I sit there for ages looking at them trying to decide what to watch then end up watching nothing and put the tv on and watch drivel!

        When i was a kid i would watch films over and over again, I could rescite the entire script of The Goonies or Ghostbusters and was quite content!

        I think the fact that the home release is only around 6 months after the cinema release so most movies are still fresh in your mind, movies used to take years to come out on video or DVD, now they get hyped, advertised to hell, shown on the cinema then hyped again, advertise to hell and sold on blu ray and so on!

    • I’m like that as well. Ironically, I usually get movies that I wasn’t quite sure of when I watched them in theaters. Examples like “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” and “The Amazing Spider-Man”. When I saw them in theaters, I couldn’t really tell if they were good or bad but I still liked it overall. But when I get movies I really liked such as “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” and “Kangaroo Jack”, I watch them once in a blue moon.

      Of course for me, there are always collections I could watch over and over, mainly Jim Carrey’s movies and the James Bond franchise

    • For me good movies are like a good song: I can watch them over and over and appreciate the acting, the cinematography, the soundtrack and the editing every time. The story and possible surprises are definitely not my only motivation for watching movies, and neither are lyrics the only motivation for listening to songs. ;

      • That’s why my favorite films are psychological thrillers cause though the main twist is ruined after one viewing films like memento I catch something new each time

  6. Watched Lockout. There is sone fun to be had with this movie, but none of the characters were likable, so I couldn’t attatch to anyone and the main character was just a big jerk and never changed throughout. Kinda’ disappointing.

    • I thought Snow was hilarious. You just can’t take him to seriously, because he doesn’t. I would love to see Snow brought back in another movie that’s better written. He was fun and funny.

    • I liked snow because Im a “jerk”.

    • Saw it over the weekend as well on Netflix. It served it’s purpose for me as a cheesy action movie for a lazy Saturday, but other than that wasn’t all that great. Story wasn’t that original and couldn’t really get into the Snow character, seemed he tried to hard to act like he didn’t care about anything whereas a character like Riddick just sort of lets his actions do the talking.

  7. What environment do you guys think should be in the next Bond film? I would personally love to see Craig’s Bond in the artic or some place with a lot of snow. Past 007′s haven’t really done it for me (mainly Pierce Brosnan) but I feel like this Bond would fit in well there.

    • *arctic

      • I agree, is like to see Bond in a snowy environment, suppose its difficult to come up with new scenarios that we haven’t seen before, Bond back in space, attempting re entry? Haha

        • Yes! Totally was thinking that the other day.

    • Nice idea, but. The dynamics of a Bond film in Artic temperature poses a little bit of a threat. As Bond films IMHO are one of the few films where they rely little on CGI if every. They are pretty much open sets with the world as the stage.

      As I once had to train at the North Pole, just incase I was every stationed at Coast Guard Station Kodiak, Alaska. The cold temperature wreck havoc with our helicopter mechanics and had to be maintained at a warm temperature 24 hours a day, with that said. Think about the extreme conditions that an entire film crew would experience in those condition. Take Empire Strikes Back, the logistics for that movie were hell for some of the actors and crew. And they had a short shoot of 4 weeks (I think).

      I however can see a Bond Movie that starts in Moscow and moves across the country through Siberia, which would be more preferable for a filming location.

      • The main reason I brought this up because I just remembered Daniel Craig in “The Golden Compass” and there were scenes where his character was in this arctic environment. He just really fit perfectly running through the snow with his ice blue eyes carrying a gun.

        Honestly, Daniel Craig looks like he could kill you in 5 seconds if he wanted to. I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I haven’t been slightly intimidated by his performances. And his deep voice just adds more. The snowy environment really reflects Bond’s character, the way I imagine Ian Fleming’s characterization brought to life which Craig most certainly qualifies for. You can enjoy snow…but snow is always cold and enough snow can kill you with hypothermia. James Bond is like a really thick iceberg

        • Of all the Bonds, Daniel Craig’s version is the least likely I would want to get into a fight with, and I havehave almost 8 inches and 100lbs on him.

  8. From the Mouth of my Son.

    “Dad, why are you buying a new car?”
    I said to him.” The old car is no longer worth fixing,so I am getting a new car for your mom.”

    “Why do cars need to be replaced?”

    I said, “Because Cars like most thing mechanical. Over time, they get old, their parts wear out and they need to be replaced. We had the car 10 Years.”

    And this is what got me, and the salesman.” Dad, R2D2 Started off with the queen, repaired a ship, went to Anakin as a boy, went through 3 wars, got blasted in the head, ate by a monster, took another shot, and he has been around for like 50 years!”

    After the laughter died down and I wiped the tears from my eyes, the salesman gave me the car at invoice.

  9. Screenrant based question. Why is Paul Young helming the open discussion? Did something happen to Vic? I apologize if this has been covered in the last few weeks. I’ve been in and out on here since my son was born.

    • I’ve seen Vic post within the last couple of weeks. Maybe he’s just busy in the mornings to put up the open discussion.

      • Good to know that he’s shown up on here. I thought maybe he’s hiding in a secret protective bunker for the next four years.

  10. I also caught the last third (quarter?) of True Lies and I absolutely loved it!! It was a lot of cheesy fun, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is always amazing in all his cheesy BAness!! If the beginning of that movie is as good as the ending then I’m in for a good time when I watch the movie in it’s entirety.