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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 25, 2013

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  1. Ha ha, I’m first!

  2. I want to see Wolverine in his yellow and brown costume, I don’t care if he needs to have a reason to wear it. I think it was stupid to tease fans like that by showing it in a cut seen.

    • Maybe I misunderstood, but I think there was no actual costume, that the suitcase view was something “whipped up” by the props department at the request of the director. But it wasn’t planned or approved by the studio. The director just wanted it in case they came up with a way to fit it in the story.

      Actually, it seems like it could have tied into the whole samurai warrior thing. It looked better than I would have imagined but I’ve never been keen on the comic costumes in movies.

  3. So I saw a few movies last week. I saw Wolverine, RIPD, and F&F6.

    Wolverine is so far my favorite CBM on the Marvel side to date. I thought it was incredible in every way it was delivered. The tone, the drama, it was all great. I hope DoFP continues with the same trend. Since FC was my least favorite X-Men movie, it could use some of that tone.

    F&F6 is the best of the series. That entire series just gets better and better after each film. Great stuff.

    RIPD sucked. It wasn’t even fun.

    • I really liked Wolverine too. If for no other reason, I liked the different locale and actors with it being set in Japan. Definitely one of the better Superhero movies.

      • I liked about Wolverine that it was pretty much a straight forward action film with a Yakuza setting and just a couple of fantastical elements sprinkled in here and there. I’d even go as far and say that The Wolverine was most mature Marvel movie yet. Only the showdown really betrayed it’s comic book nature and didn’t quite mesh with the rest of the movie.

        Funny thing about the Blu-ray, by the way: it would stop starting and show me a message that I need to update my Blu-ray player in order to play the disc. But when I removed my USB flash drive the movie suddenly played fine.

        • Definitely the most mature movie. After thinking about it (I guess I blocked it out) the Samurai looked pretty ridiculous. I watched the extended version via streaming. My blu ray will be here in a week I suppose.

          ***SPOILER WARNING***

          In regards to stealing his healing power… were they basically taking it from bone marrow?

          • I don’t know.

            ***SPOILER WARNING***

            To be honest, neither the power suppression by heart bug nor the power transfer via boreholes in his claws made any lick of sense. Just don’t think about it too hard and accept that stuff as the plot devices that they are. ;)

            • Ha. Will do.

    • Wolverine is cool. Though the movie itself felt more like a yakuza movie with wolverine in it rather than an X-men movie or Marvel movie, for that matter. It’s like buying a Wolverine Max title and wondering why does this felt so much like a Vertigo/Image/Darkhorse book but then again, Max is kinda Marvel’s respond to Vertigo or mature comics…

      Haha, I make no sense but I like First Class the best and Fast Five > Fast & Furious 6.

      Agreed on RIPD.

    • Yes, I forgot about Wolverine. It’s the best Marvel movie for me this year. Can’t wait for the DVD/Bluray release!

      FF6 was also good. I’d like for Justin Lin to direct the Justice League movie for a while now. He’s done such a good job with the FF series and ensemble pieces, that I figure, why not?

      And, you watched RIPD? Glad you had the stomach for it; I didn’t even bother.

      • I loved Justin Lin’s F&F movies. They are great. Now that I think about it… as long as he isn’t the writer for the JL movie, I think he would do great. He is a great visual director. His camera pans and everything are wonderful. He makes cars look amazing through a lens.

        Yeah… RIPD was bad. I love the MIB movies so I gave it a chance.

  4. Saw Man of Steel this weekend. I really liked it, obviously WAY better than Superman Returns. Can’t wait for the sequel.

    • No. It was inferior even to Superman Returns.

  5. Official New-Look of Optimus Prime On TRANSFORMERS: AOE

  6. So I had a weird dream the other day. The mid credits scene for Thor 2 changed and it was a preview for Thor 3 including the Executioner, Enchantress, Lady Loki (which was Sif) and Loki. It was the opening sequence of the movie.

    Reminds me of movies back in the day (such as Back to the Future 3) that started filming the follow up before the previous one came out. Huge gamble for studios now a days but a fun concept.

  7. So I just got done watching last nights episode of Boardwalk Empire and it was a good episode but I just felt a little cheated with the whole Richard Harrow character. It might just be me but I was always hoping that he woul bring some punishment back like in his Jimmy days. Ugh, RIPD Harrow

  8. Seen Thor 2 yesterday..Not impressed. Started watchin Battlestar Galactica too.

  9. Any ideas on how X-Men days of future past will get around there being no am a frost in the story at the end of X-Men first-class it was pretty pivotal the whole team came went out of their way to get Emma. I think he wouldn’t performance by January Jones does warrant in a frost not coming back but I think it should be explained how do you think they will go about explaining this or will they even mention it?

    • It appears to me from the trailer that Magneto’s team seems disbanded… But that could’ve been just me.

  10. Damn dictation on my iPad I apologize!

  11. My dad and I where talking about the Marvel films the other day, since he just watched them for the first time back to back. He did not like any of them as much as he could have he said, except Ironman 1 and the Incredible Hulk. He was a huge fan of captain America as a kid and loved the idea of the sleepers. I got to thinking about what was wrong with the first Captain A film. I think Red Skull and Cap did not have a good action scenes together, and a lot of events where skimmed over. I was disappointed with CA. I liked the Thor film, would have liked to see The Enchantress, and loved Ironman 1, and The Incredible Hulk. The Avengers was not a story driven film that I really get into but more of a Michael bay action film. I do give it it dues that it had some great scenes, but I like a film that gets me thinking. I also liked Ironman 2 but was also disappointed with 3 mainly The Mandarin and this is where I fear for any news I get from new films, I am thinking here we go get our hopes up and bamb nope you guys get something totally different. Another thing that really did and still does P!$$ me off is The Incredible Hulk film created The Leader, a Super smart Telekinetic, Telepathic, able to understand most ideas like Gene splicing, weapon creation (etc) a Super Villain like none we have seen yet. Well what happened to him? where is he in the films? I would love to see this villain really give the heroes some trouble maybe multi villains. Any ways the new Captain America looks good and the Avengers looks like it might have stepped in the right direction for my taste, adding Ultron, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch and still have room to grow and become something a bit better and I am looking forward to them.

  12. How come the open discussion doesn’t show up on the mobile site?

    Ps I love the look of te mobile site. Just wish the discussion posted there as we’ll.

  13. So me and my wife were talking the other about the how I met your mother spinoff.
    Were both huge fans of the current show and are both looking forward to the spinoff. And we came up with a pretty fun idea I think. What if the show focused on teds daughter when she was grown up post college or what not. We could have her brother in the mix and even marshal and Lilly’s kid Marvin. Plus add a couple other characters to fill out te group. Idk I liked the idea.

    Also I’m pretty sure I’m in love with lyndsy fonseca (teds daughter) so watching her on a comedy is a dream lol plus Nikita is over now SOO. Anyway would love to know what you think.

    Sucks that it would take place in the future but maybe we can suspend disbelief for now.

    • That would at least be a spin-off. From what I understand, they are planning on using the concept with all new characters, right? That’s a reboot.

      Your idea would actually be a spin-off that I would watch. I didn’t like the idea of using the actual mother from the original series either…because of the timeline and they’d either have to set it a decade earlier where Ted started his story or have the mother and Ted divorce so she can meet a new guy.

      My question for the spin-off/reboot is…will Bob Saget be the voice of the mother?

      WHY DOES TED SOUND LIKE BOB SAGET IN THE FUTURE? I hope that plot line gets resolved this season.

      • I don’t like the TV show… but that IS Bob Saget, right?

        • If I understand anagrams correctly, and I assure you that I don’t. “Ted Mosby” is an anagram of “Bob Saget.”

          • Thank you, Nic Cage!

            • LOL!

      • It’s the final season. Of course it will!

        …I hoped so.

        Anyway, started watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I love it! The show reminds me so much of That 70s Show and Regular Show.

      • At prof procrastination

        Your absolutely right about it being a reboot. I think their calling it a spinoff cuz the setting and concept is the same. But cheers for saying you’d watch my show haha

        • It’s an original idea! How many sitcoms have been set in the future? Then, to set something in the future to just make it about romantic interests. Genius!

          Their reboot idea isn’t original. I believe it was called Sex in the City when it originally aired. I could be wrong since I never actually watched that show.

  14. Artful Mark I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering if they will even explain Angel Salvador, Banshee, Azazel, and Riptide’s absents too? What was the point in adding Emma Frost, a very important character as well as Banshee to just dismiss them in the sequel? But maybe we will see them in other sequels that take place in the 80′s. I think DOFP will be really good, and look forward to X-Force, and a sequel to the Wolverine, I hope to see X-men Age of Apocalypse with the Original Mutants, and I hope to see the younger Mutants in the 80′s and where they have been explained like Azazel being Night crawlers dad and Mystique his mother for crying out loud, and bring Beak in already he and Angel Salvador where together. I say get Hugh Jackmon back as Wolverine and the rest of the cast of DOFP make 2 films back to back for Age of Apocalypse. Here is what they need to do Start out showing the future where Apocalypse has risen. He has Sinister create Archangel and has built a powerful Army you see the X-men dealing with this and actually have to Physically Travel back in time to change events again we see forge create a device that allows this time travel for who ever is wearing this device. Bishop, Rogue, and some others travel back Wolverine stays in his time to help, of course his younger self is in the past as well. Now in the past we see Xaviers school he has recruited Cyclops, Jean, Gambit, Beak, and Storm. Maybe we see some others like Banshee return and Emma frost but we also get to see Magnetos or Mystiques Brotherhood mainly Sabretoothe, Blob, and Juggernaught and the x-men dealing with them. Well Rogue falls for Gambit but he is the reason Bishop came back Bishop knows something the others do not. anyways we would get to see a lot more from the other characters and get two great x-men films back to back with a great storyline. and they would need to keep Brian Singer. Anyways there are a lot of details they could add in or things they could take out to flesh this story out and make it something great. I just want to see these characters all shine on screen we never get them in any x-men films.

  15. well we got Nightcrawler in x2 but then they dismissed him after.

  16. I think with the Wolverine sequel they should show Gambit and Rogue and have the real Deadpool show up along with Sabretoothe. I mean what ever happened to them? its the same time line as the other x-men and most could be considered Immortal, Gambit could age slower then most people, and Rogue is still around showen in DOFP. So all this time Sabretoothe has given up on following Wolverine I do not think so, as well as Deadpool no.. no.. no. anyways they need to use Omega Red in it for sure.

  17. my rants done what do you fellows think they should do with the series besides Remake it. Where should they take it and what characters should they introduce and bring back to the series?

    • Xfan

      Honestly as much I have fun with the xmen films I’d rather just a full reboot. I think they can really have a epic xmen film with a clean slate. But I know they won’t do that so I would like them to have the next xmen film take place during the early days of jean storm and cyclops.

      Lyndsy fonseca for jean grey.

      And I’m good lol

  18. I caught up on some TV…and WOW!

    Almost Human is pretty darn epic.
    Sleepy Hollow is freaking awesome.
    Arrow is amazing, and I love all the tie-ins to other DC characters.
    Supernatural/Grimm – they’re both great shows but really haven’t up’d their game lately (still, I love these shows)
    I’m behind on the Blacklist, but I like what I’ve watched so far.

    And AoS and Revolution are my guilty pleasures that I enjoy. My expectations for Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. were initially too high, but I feel as if since I accepted the show I was getting that the episodes have improved and I continue to watch…but I don’t anticipate the next week’s episode like I do with Supernatural or Arrow and now Sleepy Hollow. And Revolution, what can I say? I’m a sucker. If you ignore certain aspects of the show, it’s some darn good television.

    And I’m loving Brooklyn Nine Nine and the Goldbergs for new sitcoms this season.

    • Hey, Professor! I was at Toys R Us this weekend and saw some Ghostbusters figures. Then I thumbed through my Previews magazine and saw this:

      I can’t escape you, you meddling kid!

      Side note: They had a raffle at TRU, and my son won his choice of any bike in the store. Free assembly, too! (No, it wasn’t a Ghostbusters bike, but that would be pretty sweet, though.)

      • I want that. And Toys R Us has Ghostbusters figurines??? My boy is only one…but he could sure use those as decorations :D

        • And by “I want that,” I mean that if I was rich and didn’t care about my kids having food on the table…I would buy that. Maybe there could be a Screenrant Christmas miracle…hint hint to any trust-fund kids out there.

  19. The Mighty Avenger you are right and I cannot wait for the day we get a remake and hopefully it is a great series with no huge continuity issues. I would like to see Emma Watson play the young Jean Grey. Since I know they will not remake any time soon, I really really want to see Archangel, Gambit, Rogue, and Cyclops in the next sequel dealing with Sinister and Apocalypse. they just leave us wondering what the he!! happened to this character or that character from film to film, drives me crazy and makes me care less and less for each sequel, but loving these characters I keep coming back. What the heck happened to Nightcrawler, Sabretoothe, Deadpool, Gambit, Mystique in the future DOFP, Emma Frost, Angel from x3, and Azazel?

    • Yeah fox is all over the place. They had such a opportunity to reboot with a true first class. But is what it is.
      We need to find out what happens to all the other mutants for sure.

      I love Emma Watson and she’d be great too. Lyndsy fonseca or Emma Watson for Jean grey. Either and I’ll be happy lol

  20. Patrick Jane finally gets his Man ..

  21. im enjoying haven,
    American horror story felt a bit slow this week
    walking dead looking forward to the battle of the prison…..

    Any suggestions of series to watch i may have missed?? am getting caught up on everything… :(

    (also watching supernatural but probably more for the boys who are easy on the eye;) )