Open Discussion – November 23, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 23, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 23, 2012

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  1. hey i watched the amazing spidey on dvd yesterday does anyone remember the part where one of the oscorp members mentions norman osborn????????????

    • He gets mentions quite a few times.

  2. I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Man, did that movie suck. I want my dollor back.

    • Imagine the people who paid more than a dollar at the theaters.

      On Netflix, I watched Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. It was hokey but I was surprised at the production quality and the side story with John Wilkes Booth was an interesting add-on.

  3. I watched There Will Be Blood on blu ray yesterday, got to be one of the best movies ever made!

      • I actually disliked the movie, with the exception of the first 15 minutes. Daniel Day Lewis, however, was great in it, as he is in everything.

        • @Jeff

          So, you just liked the part with the civil war, the rest of the movie, dealing with the passing of the amendment that actually would end slavery was just boring to you?? Or what was it that you disliked?

          • Ken, this line of discussion is/was about the movie “There Will be Blood”, and that is what my comments were in reference to. I have not yet seen “Lincoln”, although I plan on doing so.

            • @Jeff

              Ah, I guess I would have been able to tell that had you replied to the comment about There Will Be Blood instead of thedave’s comment about wanting to see Lincoln….

              I haven’t seen There Will Be Blood, so don’t really know what happened in the first 15 minutes. :-)

              • It’s worth seeing once, but it’s not something I would watch again, except for Lewis’ performance in it. I felt the same about Gangs of New York…a mediocre film made far better by Lewis’ performance in it. I am really looking forward to seeing him play Lincoln.

                • @Jeff

                  Cool, thanks for that, I might check it out one day if I can’t think of something to watch…

                  I think I’ve seen Gangs of New York. I say I think because I know I started watching it, and I think I finished it, but I honestly don’t really remember it…

                  • Yea, the main thing I remember about Gangs of New York was Lewis’ performance in it. He had a thing for cutlery. :)

            • Jeff I agree 100%. I was so hooked from the first 15 min then it just crashed for me. may attempt it again someday.

              • I’d watch the first 15 minutes again, too, but that’s it. I think the caricatures they made out of Lewis’ oil man, as well as the young preacher, are what ruined it for me.

                • I just found the experience of drilling for oil far more interesting than a oil barren vs religion battle.

                  • I agree, but it appears whoever wrote the film had something he/she wanted to say about both “big oil” and “religion”. The biases were clear throughout, as Lewis’ character, as well as the young preacher, were just ridiculous stereotypes by the end of the movie.

      • @thedave

        I saw Lincoln at an advanced screening, great movie, great acting by just about everyone. The only part I would change is the ending… the real Lincoln had such a profound ending I wonder why they made the movie feel so detached at the end when they got to his assassination… Could have been a lot more powerful and emotional had they done it differently in my opinion.

        • Whoa’ spoiler!!!…JK…

          • @Helix

            Lol, I was actually intially trying to avoid saying too much, then I thought about it and realized that it’s not really spoiling anything, lol.

        • Maybe cause the film is more about the amendment than Lincoln. Idk i left half way through due to boredom. not anything against the film just not my cup of tea. I admire many things about it.

  4. Saw Killer Joe the other day. What a weird but interesting movie. Too bad that it kinda falls apart towards the end, as if they didn’t know how to resolve the story and just made it blow up into everbody’s face. In that respect it almost exactly pans out like Friedkin’s previous movie “Bug”.

    • yeah I felt the same! I watched that after ‘The Killer Inside Me’ suffice to say, nightmares were had that night!

      It’s funny how directors like Friedkin, Coppola and Carpenter all did their best work in the 70′s and then have never come close to achieving anything half as good, giving up the drugs obviously ruined their creativity

  5. I saw some deals yesterday at fye at my mall
    simpsons season 10 for $10
    prometheus $10
    etc etc
    shoulda maybe gone to best buy but I was tired.

  6. So did anyone hit up midnight sales?

    My wife bought some clothes at target but I spent my money at best buy. Got bout 6 bkurays and ac3. Total for the night between us we spent bout 120. So pretty good night. Best buy was worth it for sure. Got season five of the office for 9.99 Snow White and the huntsman for 7.99 ac3 was 29.99 and spidey was 16.99 (I just really love that movie ) so good nigt.

    How bout everyone? Did you pick anything up
    Or plan too?

    • I got the entire Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series and several video games including, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Lost Planet 2 and X-Men Origins Wolverine.

    • They could give away stuff and you wouldn’t catch me ruining my holiday by standing out in the cold in a line on Thanksgiving for it. Absolutely ridiculous that these big retailers make their employees give up yet ANOTHER holiday so that people can buy cheap cr*p that they could have just as easily had purchased the next morning at 6am. It’s even worse that people actually FIGHT over this garbage,too.

      • I did some shopping today, ended up hitting best buy for buy one blu Ray (the raid) get one free (taxi driver) and lotr blu Ray steelbox 9 bucks a piece

  7. How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?

    • Awesome! Lunch with the wife’s family, dinner with my family, and the rest of the night with the Corleone family on AMC.

      How was yours?

      • Mine was fine.

        Best part about being home this thanksgiving and then having to go back to Elizabeth City, I got my transfer to Atlantic City, so I am only an hour and half from home :)

  8. Ok, I know this is last Sunday’s discussion, but anyone else watch this last episode of Walking Dead just freakin’ HATE Glenn like I do right now??? He had the gun trained on Merle’s freakin’ head, why the heck didn’t he just shoot when Merle went to draw his weapon?? SERIOUSLY… That’s it, they need to switch their one Asian with me, I would have driven a hole right through his skull. Heck, even from my holster I could draw and fire quicker and more accurately than that guy… I need to be in that show, lol.

    • You got my vote lol

  9. Hate to seem like I’m a sucker for commercials but does anyone else think that the commercial for Forevermark’s “The Center of my Universe” is just a beautiful commercial? It doesn’t try to be gimmicky, it doesn’t try to guilt you into buying their product, it doesn’t try to convince you that you have incentives to buy the product, it just seems to target those men who really truly loves their wife/girlfriend, those who really treasure them as everything. I actually really like it… I guess I am kind of a sucker, lol.

  10. I just got back from watching Red Dawn and I absolutely loved it!! The original Red Dawn is one of my favorite war movies ever and this one takes everything great about the original and takes it to the next level. It is actually better than the first one! If you like war movies this is a must see!

  11. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I wished i did more so this year but had to work. I got Promethethous on dvd. Now, is it a unofficial prequel to the Alien franchise?

    And I know don’t mean to start riot here when i ask this. But am i the only one who feels that WB/DC shared universe is being Nolanized? What i mean is Nolan’s been involved with MOS & the way Snyder is makin it like his Batman trilogy. Then theres Nolan being involved in the next Batman reboot aswell. Im just curious if all DC heroes are gonna get that kind of treatment in the shared universe.

    • Thank Wally, hope you are your family enjoyed their day.

      • You’re welcome,likewise. I know my family did, but i worked but atleast i had leftovers,lol.

    • we will work on that next weekend, we finished off Transformers just a few hours ago…Been Watching since Thursday lol.

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