Open Discussion – November 23, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 23, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 23, 2011

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  1. Happy Turkey eve fellow Rnaters!

    • I hate when I hit “post” before I proof. Oh well, the message still holds true. :)

      • Sounds more like ‘Ratner’ to me :D AS IN ‘Brett Ratner lol

  2. Ifinally saw Super 8 and…

    possible spoiler
    .Everything was moving along nicely until that letdown ending. It seemed emotionless and rushed. And really… just E.T. meets Halo.

  3. Happy Holidays Ranters.
    To any one who is looking forward to Prometheus, here is an early Christmas present.

    With Michael Fasbender, Idris Elba, and although he is not known but I like him, Logan Marshall Green, I am really anticipating this movie.

  4. In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite holiday themed (fake) movies from around the internet: To Kill A Walking Bird , My Best Friend’s Dressing, Thighs Wide Shut, The Texas Coleslaw Massacre, Gobbled In 60 Seconds, The Fabulous Baster Boys, Silence of the Yams, A Fistful Of Stuffing, For Love of The Game Hen, When Harry Met Salad, The Sixth Helping, and The Wing and I.

    I hope you enjoyed! Have a great Turkey Day tomorrow and an even better Muppet movie premiere day today.

    • how king did that take you to do? lol

      • I didn’t think of those. I’m not that witty. It took about 5 minutes. Google :)

    • There’s already a movie called Silence of the Hams in existence.

      • Whoops. Silence of the Yams then?

  5. I was looking at some concept art for The Avengers, and a thought dawned on me… how would I rank the team in order of “strongest”?
    Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the usual Marvel-U (where we all know “Hulk is strongest there is”), I’m talking about the MCU, and how strong the characters has come across (so far)?
    Here’s how I think they should be ranked:
    1. Thor (in the Marvel-U, the Hulk is stronger, but the movie version just seemed unbeatable IMO)
    2. The Hulk (he’s the Hulk)
    3. Cap (doesn’t come close to Hulk IMO, but he’s still strong enough to take him on)
    4. Iron Man (in every action scene, his suit gets damaged?! — not impressive)
    5. Hawkeye (even though we haven’t even seen footage of him kicking ass, I think we can all agree he’ll be depicted as an expert archer and great close-combat soldier)
    6. Black Widow (her superpower: choking guys to death by wrapping her thighs around em’)
    7. Agent Coulson (have you seen that short!)
    8. Nick Fury (sorry Sam Jackson, I’m sure you’re a great commander, but you’re just not as good as the rest of em…)

    What do you guys think?

    P.S. Read what MTV’s theory about “Loki’s character bio”. It makes for an interesting read…

    • *Typo. It should say: “Read MTV’s theory about…”

    • “6. Black Widow (her superpower: choking guys to death by wrapping her thighs around em’)”

      What a way to go. :)

      • Where can I sign up to be a bad guy?

        • LOL

  6. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! Hope you have a great holiday!

    • Same to you, eh. :)

      • Watch out, Eric. Canadians are the best at what they do, bub.

        • LOOOL! Forgive, I am easily amused.

  7. Just wanna wish all u fellow ranters a happy thanksgiving. :)

  8. Saw midnight showing of Muppets last night.

    definately one of the best movies of the year, meets all expectations.

    if your still on the fence about it, dont be. go see it, it’s really good

  9. So this doesn’t pertain to movies but since game rant doesn’t do open discussions. I have no choice. But has anyone bought the uncharted 3 collectors edition? I ask because I played the game and loved it. Game of the year contender in definite but I really want the collectors edition but I want the items to be of quality. Does anyone have it and also how’s the quality of the extras. ??

    The ring and statue specifically?

  10. Judd apatow has said there should be an oscar category for comedy. I agree. Great comedies are rarely nominated just because they’re not ‘serious’. What does everyone think?

  11. @ Nat
    I agree with that. I mean the golden globes has a special category. Why not the oscars they have one for everything else, right?

  12. I know I’ve brought this up before on different posts but who here thinks that video game based movies should be 3D animated films from now on?

  13. How long is the The Muppets Movie? I been thinkin of seeing it. Watching The Breakfast Club right now. Can’t wait to feast tomarrow for Thanksgiving,especially when theres always plenty of left-overs.

    As for Christmas, im lining up movies to watch for next month. Films like Die Hard & Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon, Batman Returns, Badder Santa,etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  14. Took the family to see Hugo in 3D this afternoon. What a great film! The story was great, and the 3D was fantastic! (I’m not as good as Kofi when writing a review. He nails it.)

  15. I wanted to take a moment to wish all you SR regulars who are in the U.S. a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for coming back day after day!


    • Thanks Vic. You too!

    • Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

    • We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but enjoy your pie!

      • Happy late thanksgiving Ranters!

  16. Anyone know when watching a movie on one of HBO channels if you could pop in a blank DVD in a DVD recorder & record it?

  17. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  18. Well if this isnt depressing and illustrate the decline of society I dont know does:
    (speaking primarily of Breaking Dawn’s popularity wiping the floor with much better movies)

    1. Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Summit) Week 2 [4,066 Theaters]
    Wednesday $12.5M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $58M

    2. The Muppets (Disney) NEW [3,440 Theaters]
    Wednesday $7.3M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $50M

    3. Happy Feet Two 3D (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,606 Theaters]
    Wednesday $3M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $23M

    4. Arthur Christmas 3D (Sony Pictures) NEW [3,376 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.8M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $22M

    5. Immortals 3D (Relativity) Week 3 [3,120 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.2M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $15M

    6. Jack & Jill (Sony) Week 3 [3,438 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2.1M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $15M

    7. Puss In Boots 3D (DreamWorks Animation/Par) Week 5 [3,005 Theaters]
    Wednesday $2M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $15M

    8. Hugo 3D (Paramount) NEW [1,277 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1.6M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $11M

    9. Tower Heist (Universal) Week 4 [2,474 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1.4M, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $10M

    10. The Descendants (Fox Searchlight) Week 2 [390 Theaters]
    Wednesday $1MK, Estimated 5-Day Holiday $8M


    • That whole list is so effing depressing.

    • ^ The world is an unfair place… :(

      I still haven’t had a chance to see The Muppets (we haven’t even gotten an official release date in South-Africa yet! :()

      But I’m definitely still on board to see Tower Heist, MI4 and SH2 this year.

    • What I just noticed… What´s even more depressing (than this comment) is someone who says “I don´t want anything to do with Holtreman and his site anymore” but yet he posts with a different name on the site. Right Van?

      • Hooly crap, is that so? :( that’s saaad

      • Scapegoat,

        I’m sorry, what’s your point? Im not clear on the purpose of your post or if you have a question.

        Van, aka Netshark.

        • Never mind. I was drunk.

    • Breaking Dawn 2 comes out next year right? Figures. It will break more records then the world will come to an end, because the Earth will figure that humanity is a joke. :-D

  19. Scapegoat,

    In case you’re feeling incomplete or left in the dark, I post political commentary at political websites (NYT, WSJ, Tribune, Politico, huffpo, Disquss enabled websites, etc) as Netshark. It’s also the address of my website.

    Everything else is Vanguard, like gaming, entertainment, coding, every other site under the sun is Vanguard.

    I must admit because Im feeling pretty guilty about hiding it from you buddy, but I also have 2 separate phone lines at home. One for business, the other is for everything else. :’(
    (Sometimes I even make business calls from my home line and vise versa, ssshhh dont say anything.)

    Oh by the way, I started posting here recently again cuz I missed the place after a while. I mean, if that’s ok with you I’d like to frequent here when time allows. ;)

  20. Woah. The Breaking Dawn birthing scene has caused seizures for a few viewers in different theaters.