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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 22, 2013

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  1. Happy Friday, Ranters! For some reason everyone in the office is a bit jumpy today….

    Planning on spending the weekend indoors watching movies/TV shows. Anyone have any suggestions??

    • Personally I’m gonna do some catching up on Walking Dead and perhaps Brooklyn 99. Idk if either of those are your thing.

      PS: I’ll prbly be indoors as well. I’m in SLC, UT and we had crazy powerful winds last night and today. There’s a high wind warning with gusts in excess of 60 mph. My brother told me it was so bad that it knocked the power out of the theater he saw Catching Fire in last night. Everyone just sat and talked and got popcorn till things came back on about 20 min later. Fun stuff.

      • I watched the first season of Walking Dead but haven’t made a commitment to completely catch up via Netflix. I need to be in the mood though, maybe I’ll give it a try this weekend. I saw a few episodes of Brooklyn 99 as well; I actually enjoyed it. Not sure where I left off yet, maybe I’ll check that tonight.

        That’s crazy! Over here in Philly we only have a bit of rain, nothing crazy yet. I’m going to Vegas in two weeks though with my brother who lives in Denver and I heard it’s hovering around 55-60 there. Should be nice. Heard it was snowing in Denver, too. I don’t envy that!

        • I have to be in the mood for Walking Dead too. That’s prbly why I’ve become 3-4 episodes behind. I just haven’t felt the need to watch it. I enjoyed season 2. People say its slow but I think its worth it if not just for the big payoff. Season 3 is good but I thought the finale kinda sucked. That may have been why they got a new showrunner after that.

          Brooklyn 99 is funny. I’ve only seen the pilot and the Patton Oswalt episode and like 2 others. I should watch them in order :P haha

          and yeah.. I’m not ready for the snow.. at all :( it makes the commute to work/school a nightmare.

    • Deer hunting season starts this weekend in Wisconsin. I’m not a fan of hunting so I’ll be taking my son to see Santa in the Green Bay parade and making a nice warm fire since the high is supposed to be 25 degrees. Snow was on the ground this morning!

      • They have Santa out already!? haha I feel like it’s a game to start it earlier every year…

        • He’s all over the place. I see a bunch of pictures on facebook already. Everyone needs to make $$$. Corporate America I tell you.

        • Lots of the businesses in my city have a rule about no Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. That’s also when the city puts up their tree.

  2. Saw my 3rd Alfred Hitchcock movie yesterday, North By Northwest. It was pretty amazing. I might just watch Hitchcock’s filmography now. I really dig his stuff.

    • Nice! What are the other two? What’s the next one you plan to watch?

      • So technically I’ve only seen 2 and a half of his movies. I saw The Birds at an age when I couldn’t fully appreciate it. I didn’t get to the end cuz the old man with his eyes pecked out kinda freaked me out and apart from that I was bored. But I plan to watch it in its entirety eventually. The other one was Psycho which I saw a few years ago. I reeeeally enjoyed that one. It was a VERY well made movie with some legit scares. And that music “REE REE REE REE” that violin pizzicato stuff?! so iconic..

        Next I was thinking Vertigo. I’ve heard so many good things.

        • Vertigo is very good. I recommend Strangers on a Train. The 39 Steps is another I liked, yet it was different than the novel (but still good).

          Years ago, I went to Universal Studios in Florida, and they had a Hitchcock exhibit, which was great. You looked over a railing onto a screen below, which made you feel as if you had vertigo, and you could use binoculars to watch your neighbors, as in Rear Window. They sold a shower curtain with the shadow of Mother wielding a knife on it, which I know I could never have in my bathroom. :) I purchased a matchbook from the Bates Motel.

          • didn’t see your reply, shoulda hit refresh haha..

            I remember driving by the Psycho house at Universal on the Tram Tour. Norman Bates approaches the Tram car before you speed off, it was pretty fun :D It would have been cool to see those other things you mentioned. Even better if I had seen the movies first :/ haha I’m excited to see them.

        • I didn’t mean to bad mouth The Birds btw. I just had a bad experience as a kid. I’ll rewatch it. I’m sure its great!

        • Don’t be afraid of the more mainstream stuff either. The Doris Day / James Stewart Man Who Knew Too Much is very entertaining. Rear Window, To Catch A Thief, Dial M For Murder, Rope. All of them are excellent movies. North By Northwest is one of my faves though.

          • I liked your suggestions then I went to his imdb page and JUELA MADRE!!! Dude he’s made like 80 movies?! It’ll take months to finish them all! Thanks for the suggestions tho it’ll help me prioritize :)

            Maybe I shouldn’t have said I’d watch his whole filmography.. I feel overwhelmed now haha

            • Just make sure you avoid the Hopkins biopic ‘Hitchcock’. Or should I say, switch it off after Scarlett’s entrance scene…

              Trust me, everything is downhill after that. Of course, one could suggest life is downhill after that and I’d find it hard to disagree.

    • North by Northwest ist my favorite Hitchcock, followed by Rear Window and The Birds.

    • 2 weeks ago we went and saw Hitchcock’s first film “The Pleasure Garden,” it’s a silent film and there was a live band playing the music. It was a great experience.

      • Very cool. Years ago I saw Metropolis with a live band. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Watched catching fire not yesterday but the day before (midnight screening)
    Loved the movie not in as much detail as the book of course but great nun the less.
    I was thinking there’s 73 pre katniss years of hunger games, why not make a television series of hunger games.
    The series can follow the game makers, go through there ups and downs as they slaughter the innocent children of the districts, the time in the arenas would have to be represented longer so weeks or months in the arena, then when the series draws to the end it can show the start of the katniss era, by say introducing the 74th hunger games with an advert and closing with a sinister chuckle from president snow and the film universe kicks off.

    Naturally this won’t happen :( but I reckon it would be great.

    • Gonna see “Catching Fire” tonight.

      Probably safe to say that the target audience for this flick is not the typical Sceen Ranter.

      Never the less, “Catching Fire” is going to blow up the box office. And the explosion may well come close to giving IM3 a good run for its money.

      I’d also expect “Hobbit 2″ to under perform. Over saturation….

      • I think it’ll do well but I dont know if it will match IM3 numbers. It will definitely have a huge opening and kick total a** domestically but idk about overseas.

      • I’ve been hearing it’s a really great movie, looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Anybody watching “Dracula” on NBC?

    The first episode reminded me of “The Prestige”.

    It’s a different take on the vampire genre and how they are doing it in late 18th century London is interesting.

    And yes, daylight is a weakness but he’s employing technology to try to circumvent it with the help of another famous Dracula lore character that you wouldn’t imagine helping him.

  5. Good morning all…
    Happy Friday!

    So, David Goyer is going to be the Joss Whedon for WB/DC. I am thrilled about that. They now have an overseer in place to run the whole DCCU. My only request would be that he do just that and maybe write a little, but leave the directing to others. Like I said a couple weeks ago, DC’s future is finally really looking good. :)

    Speaking of WB/DC, can somebody tell me what is wrong with just calling MoS 2 Man of Steel: World’s Finest, or just World’s Finest for that matter? The titles listed weren’t bad but they seemed kinda played already IMO.

    • Worlds finest was already the animated episode based on the comic and its also kinda plain.
      So I can see that they wanna come up with their own title.

      • @ Cody

        I know World’s Finest has been used before, but it fits perfectly, don’t you think? I like Marvel, don’t get me wrong, but the two most recognizable superheroes in the world, and probably the most popular are Batman and Superman. I know they were for my growing up, along with Spiderman. So they are the worlds finest, so to speak.

        I don’t like ‘Knightfall’ because it makes me think of Batman losing or failing. If I can’t have Mos: World’s Finest, then I kind of like MoS: Batman vs. Superman. It’s kind of grown on me a bit. Either way, does it really matter what they call it? I mean it’s Batman and Superman together! :)

        • Because
          Man Of Steel: Shadow of Knight
          would look so cool on my shelf

        • I like the title “World’s Finest” but in the context of Batman & Superman it’s pretty disconnected, for anyone who’s not a comics nerd. For the general audience, “World’s Finest” would be like naming a new ice cream flavor “Pride and Prejudice.”

        • @ Stark

          World’s Finest would be my pick if it fitted the film. Im not too excited about VS between the two heroes as it’s not like Freddy vs. Jason or the AVP films. Plus the only time I see Green K being used by Batman is after clearly Superman has gone rogue. Other than that Green K is more Luthor’s style. I can see Luthor build a army of machines to rid earth of Superman since he’s still only alien left after the invasion but Batman sees the good in him despite their differences in justice.

    • I have the exact same sentiments, he’s weak in a couple of areas with his script writing but his stories and ideas are usually really great. While World’s Finest would’ve been cool, I think the ‘Knight Falls’ title is much better. It’s like the Dark Knight’s shadow is falling over Metropolis (especially if those drones are part of the film).

    • the Goyer news was great, it will help with keeping the stories aligned, sometimes you need and emporer to get stuff done.

      i like Worlds Finest, i don’t think you need to have Supes or Bats name in the title, they are such big names nowadays you could get away with it

    • For us ‘geeks’ – yeah, “World’s Finest” is a no brainer. Sums the whole thing up.

      However, if DC and WB are going for world domination, then the no brainer would be : MAN OF STEEL: SUPERMAN vs BATMAN.

      Honestly, who doesn’t know who Superman and Batman are?

    • > The titles listed weren’t bad but they seemed kinda played already IMO.

      Agreed. Nothing wrong with using “Worlds Finest”, but I think the appeal is limited to us comic book geeks.

      Personally, I think “Batman vs Superman” is probably the best title so far; it’s got 2 legendary and recognizable names in it, and the vs in it will catch the eye of the audience.

      However, since the concept of Superman doesn’t exist yet in the MOS universe, WB/the writers may not go for it.

    • Err, Whedon got to much credit which should be given to Kevin Feige. I’m ok with Goyer but he’s a hit and miss for me. The guy would be better off if someone was there and co-wrote with him, like how it was in Batman Begins.

      Anyway, either Superman/Batman or just World Finest.

      • Right on, Miss Jen.

        Agree about Whedon getting too much credit.

        He certainly deserves credit for THE AVENGERS, but he’s not Marvel’s point man. That credit goes to Feige.

        Goyer, on the other hand, seems to have been given the keys to the overall DCCU. Creatively.

        And the difference between Feige and Goyer is that Feige it not “talent.” He’s a “suit.”

      • @ Miss Jen

        You are right about Kevin Feige, I agree. As far as Goyer, I have a funny feeling that the person to help him co-write and even direct might be Ben Affleck. I have a sneaky suspicion that his deal with WB might be more than just playing Batman. I could be wrong, but I think he’s going to either write or direct or do both to some DCCU movies down the road.

    • Kinda funny, considering that Goyer kicked off the modern wave of Marvel movies wíth Blade, right before they hit it big with X-Men.

  6. Emma Watson for young Jean Grey in X-men movie, and Idris Elba for a new Terminator, and James Bond these are two really good actors. What X-men characters do you guys think should show up in the Wolverine sequel, and DOFP sequels? I personally think Gambit and rogue need to be focused on a bit as well as Cyclops, and Archangel.

    • What happened to your usual list?

  7. any news on Decaprio’s Island of dr Moreau movie?

  8. What does the fox say?

    • Abra ding ding ding ding ding…

  9. So I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. Great movie, and made me laugh quite a bit. I also found it kinda short, it was probably just a little over one hour, either way, it was a great hour. Has anyone else seen it? And what did you think of it?

    • Well there’s me. One of the guys who *ahem recommended it to you haha ;)

      Yeah I love Fantastic Mr Fox. It was probably my favorite movie of 2009 just above D9, Zombieland, and the Star Trek reboot.

      I think it was the perfect movie for Wes Anderson to make. All his movies look like they were made in doll houses already (Moonrise Kingdom especially) so a stop motion animated film was right up his alley. I really dig the animation. The voice cast is pretty incredible as well. With George Clooney as the lead it was almost like a funnier quirky Oceans 11 with animals.

      PS: If you enjoyed the quirky humor I would recommend Wes Anderson’s other films. They have the same feel as Fox.

      • Haha thank you for that btw!

        The voice acting was especially good, their delivery is part of why I like the film so much. Calm and quirky comedy suits me much more than the blatant type I usually see in movies.

        I actually just looked up Wes Andersons filmography on Wikipedia. He did ‘The Darjeeling Limited’, it was a movie I wanted to see a while back but never got around to watching it. Might watch that next and I’ll take your suggestion on Moonrise Kingdom!

        • They’re all great! Darjeeling Limited is good. Moonrise Kingdom was soooooo hilarious. You’ll be laughing pretty much the whole time. And the cast?!! Its packed with amazing actors.

          I’m pumped for his next film The Grand Budapest Hotel next year. Voldemort’s the lead. Should be cool.

          • Ive seen Bottle Rocket and Moonrise Kingdom. Really enjoyed them both. I plan on checking out some more of his films soon.

    • Love Fantastic Mr. Fox. Can be watched again and again. Made me watch all his movies again, or for the first time. Also, I had to track down the particular version of the book with the illustrations that inspired the movie.

      I like that it’s short and sweet too. It’s all done in stop-motion instead of CGI. I saw an interview where Wes Anderson was asked about possibly using motion-capture. He had to ask what that was. He said, “The fact that I have to ask, kind of gives you the answer.” Honestly I have a hard time believing that anyone wouldn’t know, but I like that he insisted on using stop-motion.

  10. Selma Hayek or someone who looks real similar would make a great Wonderwoman just watch From Dusk till Dawn.

  11. i watched Flight yesterday (very good)…i can’t think of a movie Denzel was bad in?

    • Try Ricochet. He did a lot of overacting in that one. But otherwise I can’t think of any either. He’s one of the best actors for sure.

      • Virtuosity was a weird film for him, not to mention Russell Crow. I don’t think the acting was that great. A rather dumb film really.

  12. Anyone else catch An Adventure in Space and Time last night? I thought it was pretty good. Nice seeing how Doctor Who all started.

    I also recently watched Taxi Driver. It was ok, but it’s probably my least favorite Martin Scorsese film that I’ve seen. Though i’ve only seen like 4 of his films. Shutter Island was good and Cape Fear was pretty good. And i really liked Hugo.

    I do plan on checking out some of his other films soon though.

  13. Tom Hardy for a new version of Juggernaught just needs a little cgi to make him look like a tank. Just put Fantastic Mr Fox in my Netflix list.

    • +1

      to both your idea and for putting Fox on your netflix list.

      wait… that would be two


      there we go!

    • Mr. Fox is a great movie, I think you’ll enjoy it! I’m hoping Juggernaught is in the next X-Men a bit more. He only said one line or something in the Last Stand I believe -.- lol.

    • Apart from they did that with Vinnie Jones and look how that turned out?

  14. So as a guy whos never watched dr. who, someone explain to me why there are 3 doctors, the last one, the new one and the other one?

    • I’m definitely not the biggest Whovian on SR but I’ve seen a handful of episodes (almost all of season 1 and 2 and selected other episodes throughout the series)

      From what I understand every time he dies instead of dying he just regenerates and gets a new body/face. Its a pretty creative way to keep the show new and fresh every few seasons if you ask me.

    • The actor who played the first Doctor was getting ill and couldn’t continue so the producers/writers decided on the regeneration convention to write in a new actor playing the same role. He’s an alien so why not. It worked the first time so when it came time for a third, they continued on, and now eleven/almost twelve regenerations for the doctor and…

      It’s almost the day of the doctor! I know what I’m watching this weekend.

      • I CANT WAIT!!!! ONE MORE DAY!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

      • No I f*cking know that
        what Im asking is why is one of the previous drs with the matt smith dr and a third other one in the upcoming special?

        • I haven’t watched Dr Who since the 80′ when I grew up but since I live in England (its promotional material is pushed quite hard) I can take an educated guess that being the 50th Anniversary they are making a homage to the previous incarnations of the Dr and some of his sidekicks (-Eccleston who had issues with BBC executives).

  15. Laughing at people saying desolation of smaug wont even hit 300 mill ion in the us it will hit AT LEAST that

    • Who is saying that? didn’t The Hobbit hit a billion world wide? Probably just haters. Just to be clear I’m not a massive fan, I grew up with the books and enjoyed TLOTR trilogy and the way Jackson bought them to life on the big screen is amazing. The problem for me is I now find them slightly monotonous. After sitting through 12+ hours of this world I cant get excited for it, having said that I’m not so naive as to think everyone feels the same way.

  16. I was thinking about all the speculation on Marvel’s phase 3 and thought I’d change to thread to speculation on the fox plan with the mutants and the fantastic 4!

    so far,

    x-men,x-men 2,x-men 3:tls,Origins: Wolverine,x-men:first class,The Wolverine (and the 2 fantastic 4 films)

    x-men:DOFP,Fantastic 4,X-Force

    maybe then…

    Wolverine 3: Hellfire (Wolverine saves Jubilee from the Reavers and follows them to Donald Pierce and the modern day Hellfire Club. They want him eliminated so the finale he fights Omega Red.)
    X-Men: Apocalypse (the storyline of Apocaypse and his horsemen and the creation of Archangel)
    Fantastic 4: Depths of the Earth (the four fight the mole man and his pacific rim-style gargantuan monsters)

    • I like the Apocalypse idea. The horsemen can be set up in the X-Force movie.

  17. This week I’m re-watching the Iron Man cartoons on netflix. It makes me really hope Marvel implements The Mandarin and his tech rings really well in the upcomign One Shot.

  18. How about Revolution? Am I the only one still watching it?

    Last night’s mid-season finale had a “I’m Batman” reference. Pretty funny.

    • Im 5 or 6 episodes behind right now. I might get caught up during the break but idk. Ive pretty much given up on that show. Which is good, I have to many other shows to watch plus a mountain of homework to get done before finals.

    • I’m a fan of it! I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet. I had to work late the past few nights.

      • I watched it last night. I laughed at Monroe saying that, but they should of had Charlie be confused or ask what a Batman is.

        I’m enjoying season 2. I watch it on Hulu Plus so I wouldn’t have known this was the midseason finale. I hope they flash forward when it returns so Captain Neville can be closer to running the Patriots.

        • BTW, my wife hates what they’ve done with Charlie this season.

          • That’s what I said when the season started. Charlie is just another girl… err… woman on the show now, no longer that innocent teenager who misses home and wants to protect her brother.

            She looks like she aged 5-10 years between last season and now.

            • Yep, Charlie is basically Nora now. I was happy that her character had a little growth, but they tipped the scales when she became the tracker for the group.

  19. Finally saw Pacific Rim yesterday. It was good, but oddly enough I enjoyed the scenes surrounding the Kaiju/robot fights a lot more than the action itself. Idris Elba was great as always and the rest of the cast did a good job as well. The best actress was the little girl that played Mako in her flashbacks. Her performance was amazing. I almost shed a tear. I also enjoyed the two whacky scientists more than I thought I would, even though the portrayal of the German yet again went for 1940s Nazi doctor. ;)

    • The action scenes were awesome in the theater, but not so much when I watched it at home.

  20. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Governor of last weeks episode of The Walking Dead? Think he’s changed & help the 3 get into the prison or pick up where he started?