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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 21, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 21, 2012

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  1. It looks like we’ll see Game of Thrones season 3 begin in march, and it got me thinking about the TV show possibly overtaking the books.

    Martin released book 3 in 2000, then book 4 in 2005… then, at that time he said book 5 would be a year away, and it wasn’t until 2011, 6 years later we got book 5. He is working on books 6 & 7, the final two in the series now, but with each being 1500+ pages… who knows when he’ll finish?

    So the show has season 3 in 2013, (first half of book 3), season 4 in 2014 (second half of book 3), season 5 in 2015 (book 4), season 6 in 2016 (first half of book 5), season 7 in 2017 (second half of book 5).

    That’s it… Martin is writing THE WINDS OF WINTER (bk. 6) & A DREAM OF SPRING (bk. 7/the finale) at present, but he has until 2018 to finish book 6, and then only a year to finish book 7. 6 years. It would be nice to get book 6 and read it before the shows translates it.

    It’s cutting it close, but I’m confident in Martin doing it. Apparently he’s told some tv execs at hbo some future plot points so in the event of his death the series can live on.

    • Great news.

    • @Pitt Man

      I understand your concern and I use to feel the same way you feel now. The only reason my mind has changed is because of what I read for the reasons for the long delay. When Martin first sat down to start this series he had only planned on it being a trilogy. Then when he started writing the book he realized he would need a couple of extra books to really complete the story.

      His next idea was to extend the trilogy by two books, and for the start of book 4 (which would be The Winds of Winter) would have started “10 years later after the events in a Storm of Swords…”, but the publisher and Martin himself realized that this wouldn’t work and that Martin would have to write a book to bridge the gap between the events.

      Now, when Martin started writing book 4 (A Feast for Crows) he suddenly realized he had way too much material to fit into one book and so he decided to write book 5 (A Dance with Dragons). Now the problem here is that he was having problems figuring out where to end book 4 and start book 5. This is when he decided that the main characters would be split between books with some being in book 4 and not 5 and some characters being in book 5 and not 4.

      This is what caused such a delay in book 4 and book 5 coming out because he didn’t know what to write or how to properly fit the story timeline wise (Since the beginning of books 4 and 5 actually start at the same time). Martin has even come out and said himself that books 4 and 5 were the hardest to write and that they frustrated the hell out of him. Since the release of ADWD, Martin has stated he wishes to have books 6 and 7 done in about a three year span since he already has the final part of his story completed in his head. (Like I stated earlier, books 4 and 5 were brought in as a last minute idea.)

      On a side note about the tv series…The directors have already stated that season 5 and 6 of the tv show will have scenes from books AFFC and ADWD. They are doing this, because they are written during the same timeline and it would be confusing to the viewers of the tv series and because people would be freak out about not seeing some of their favorite characters for a whole season (I’m not going to name what characters are left out of A Feast For Crows so I don’t spoil what characters are still alive for those who haven’t read the books yet)

  2. What was your favorite toy/action figure as a kid?

    • To many to list, but I will say, I loved playing with my Playmobile sets, and my Star Wars figures. Both things which I still have.

    • the electronic programmable tank, BIG TRAK, my giant SHOGUN WARRIOR, and of course… the combaticons combining to form Bruticus.

      But the AT-AT from empire was pretty awesome.

      • I loved my shogun warrior -” the great mazinga” and I still have him. So cool! I love Legos too!

    • Legos !!!

      • I loved my Terminator 2 John Connor figure complete with scrambler, my ecto 1 car and Peter Venkman figure, all of my GI Joes especially Dodger that I used as Corporal Hicks from Aliens, all my lego and my Empire AT AT, awesome toys!

    • Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. My mom would always snap at me when I would crash it into the refrigerator. I wish I still had it.

    • Star wars figures millennium falcon and snow walker vehicles of which I still have and in great shape too :)

      Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • WOW…

      Rocks and sticks?

      GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip and the man monster thing that did a bear hug. I forget its name.

      • oooo ooooo and Bulletman!

        • He was called THE INTRUDER!!!!!!! du du duuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • I had the Ghost Buster’s fire house that you pour the slime through. it was epic until the clean up.

    • Not as a kid, but I still play with my Lord of the Rings action figures that I started collecting ten years ago. The different Frodos are my favorites.

    • 80′s Ninja turtles, Power Rangers, Hasbro WWF figures, He-Man figures, Ghostbusters, even had a backpack of my own,lol. Went to neighbor’s house to play G I joes since he had everything i can remember. Also Burton’s Batman movie figures from both films.

  3. I’m a little bummed that there is no new episode of Arrow tonight, but it is a holiday eve, and that most of their taffeta audience will be at the bar so I understand. Next week should be awesome though with the Huntress!!!

    I rented The Raid Redemption the other night. It wasn’t too bad, I only watched half of it, and then crashed. From what I saw though, I’m not sure Mr. Outlaw’s rating of five stars is to accurate. I’ll finish watching it tonight, but so far, just meh.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!

    • I loved the Raid part of it. The Redemption part not so much.

  4. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, what are some movies for the holiday?
    The first spiderman definitely to have become one.

    • Rocky and Paul Blart

    • Planes trains and automobiles!

      John Candy and Steve Martian driving the wrong way down the express way at 90 mph in a k-car:

      Driver on the other side of the express way:
      ” You’re going the wrong way!

      John Candy to a sleepy Steve Martain: “They’re drunk! How would they know where we’re going”

      Driver on the other side of the express way:
      ” You’re going the wrong way!


      And of course the scene with Steve Martian at the rental car counter, just classic!

      • How about when Steve Martain is offering the motel clerk his burn credit cards.

        Or John Candy taking off his shoes and socks on the plane.

        Love that movie!

      • “Those aren’t pillows!!!!!”

    • Harold and kumar go to white castle, I Lmao every time I watch it. I’ll probably watch a very Harold and kumar xmas on christmas day :D

  5. Do you think the original trilogy characters should come back/be integrated in star wars episode VII?
    I think so if they cameo or very side characters like obi in ep 4 but I dont want them fully in the story.

    Id be cool with a cloned darth vader sith elite force(say 11 in all) though.

    • Luke could be a master Jedi, comparable to Yoda. Leia could be a queen, with Han Solo as her husband and a general in the Federation Army. Chewbacca could be a general in the Wookiee Army. They don’t have to be just cameos, either.

      • But do you want the actual actors to reprise their roles?

        • Yea, sure, why not? In the roles that I suggested, they could all play their age. It also would be nice to have that direct connection to the original three episodes, the ones that everyone know and love.

  6. I read The New Avengers series and am finishing up The Avengers Initiative. That said I really don’t want The Avengers movie to tackle Civil War. The amount of characters that are involved, Spider-Man’s back and forth, and Parker Robins whole gang. It’s just to much story and as well to much trouble with IP of the studios to do right.

    I feel like with the explosion of comics into film that these characters should almost be treated like James Bond. Yes they are characters we love and want to see on screen, but the comic stories just seem to big to make the proper transition. The movie stories should have their own story line outside the comics.

    • I think the only way to do Civil War justice is through animation, and not the crap animation Marvel has been using, hire the Young Justice animators.

  7. Is it just me or does WB/DC wanna Nolanize their shared universe?