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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 21, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 21, 2011

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  1. Starting to see more Sherlock Holmes 2 commercials on my TV the past weekend. Looking forward to it!

    • I’m with you dude.
      It’s been on my “3 most anticipated movies for 2011list” for a long time, and I’m really hoping it’ll make my “3 best movies of 2011″ list as well.

    • The most anticipated movie of the 2011 holiday season for me.

  2. I have decided to give up on correlating TWD with the comics. My wife constantly asks me what happens here, what happens to this character etc.

    I have no clue.

    With that in mind it is still a great show.

    Did I hear correct when Ricks wife said it WAS Ricks baby?

    • My wife asks the same thing, and I too have given up, but it’s really interesting how they’re taking things on a different path.

  3. So, according to Nolan, “The Guy In The Black Rubber Suit Rises” is set 8 years after the last movie. That would have been the perfect opportunity to call the movie “The Dark Knight Returns”, right? No. Not in Nolan´s mind.

    • If it is called “The Dark Knight Returns” and its the final movie, then it wouldnt be a good name. If there would be more Batman flicks it would be good, but since this is the final one, Id say “Rises” is much better.

      • Plus, they made a movie called Batman Returns with a version of Catwoman in it already. And studio execs thing the general public is a bunch of morons and would confuse those two movies.

        • THINK not thing – that edit button would be nice

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing a more mature, more centered Batman in TDKR. Bane looks massive, and I’m curious what that “fiearm” is in Batman’s hand…

    I am extremely excited to see the preview footage coming soon.

    • Ummm, that should be “fiRearm”…sheesh.

    • I respectfully disagree with almost everything you just said:
      TDKR being set 8 YEARS after TDK? — terrible idea: I doubt it’ll be Bane that’s gonna break Batman’s back — at age 40-something, Bats’ll probably just break it by falling onto another car (like he managed to do in TDK without any injuries ;))
      And Bane doesn’t look massive IMO, he just looks like my slightly-more-skinny-uncle (you read right, my 56 year old uncle has more muscles than Hardy)

      I do agree with one statement though: I’m also looking forward to seeing some more preview footage.

      Despite all the doubt I’m beginning to feel about TDKR, I’m still excited to see it.

  5. Question. What film comic, novel or video game adaptation you would like to see made and how would you like to see it done. This also applies to films already made but you would like to see it done differently.i.e. Batman in spandex tights or Captain America as a soldier in a WWII movie. (Try to be as specific as you can)

    Halo. I would to see it filmed in the style of Black Hawk Down. 2.5 -3hr film based on one prolonged battle from different perspectives. From the view of Marines and/or Army on the frontline, ODST Helljumpers dropped in behind enemy lines on a seperate mission, a UNSC destroyer/battlecruiser space combat & of course the Spartans on an OP. Already years in the galactic war, it would be important to show the ferocity of the covenant and fear of going against an unstoppable army. The entire battle is pretty much an evacuation and everyone pretty much knows there is no “stopping” the covenant. As much as I love the Spartans, they would be best served in a less is more. 20-30 minutes overall movie time but featuring the most awe inspiribg moments in the film. You would definately leave the theatre feeling the bad@ssery of the Spartans

    • Dragonball Z done right, I know it will probably need a budget of about 500 million in order to shoot it but i would still like to see it. And i know that it will look ridiculous as hell but it has always been a dream of mine to see these character come to life, given that the right actors are cast. I want really want to see it happen, Super Weird hair and all.

    • I don’t really want to answer this question, because i’ll just end up writing a 2000-word essay ;) (there are just so many characters I’d like to see in a movie/game/tv show).

      Although, I guess the most present and important adaption I’d like to see is a Black Panther movie… If Marvel could squeeze it into 2014, he could feature in Avengers 2 (Ignur, I believe it was you who gave a few examples of how a BP movie could play out? — I completely agreed with most of em’ if I remember correctly, so I probably don’t need to go into detail about how the plot should play out)

      But like I said, there are way too many options that I could discuss… and at this point I’m actually quite happy with the amount of adaptions being made (we all know they can’t make everything for everybody).

    • I’ve been waiting YEARS for a Sgt. Rock and Easy Company movie. First it was going to be Arnold to play Frank Rock and then it was Bruce Willis. The latest I heard (and it’s been some time since I heard it) is that Rock won’t be in a WWII film but some near-future war flick. What the?! Just put the man where he belongs–in WWII.

    • I’d like to see a God of War or Soul Reaver adaptation. I don’t know how well you could do these as live-action movies or even if it is possible to cover their stories well enough in two hours, so I’d like to see them done as an R-rated animation series on a premium cable network like the Spawn animated series from the late 90s on HBO.

  6. The Walking Dead possible spoilers if you have not seen the latest episode stop reading now!!!
    I knew the walkers in the barn where friends and relatives and that walker glen took down when making a supply run for Lori that was awesome and andrea and shane gettin it on totally unexpected and then when Dale confronted shane about leaving that cold look he gave Dale wow, and finally Lori came clean to Rick, the one thing I was hoping on this episode was that they find Sophia I thought for sure shane and andrea were gonna find her when they went to the housing community all the walkers they encountered there was bad*ss.

  7. I read some spoilers about True Blood season 5. I must say im looking forward to it. Like every season pretty much, theres been things i liked & didn’t like. I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone but by the sound of it, it seems like characters in the season will have scores to settle.

    I just realize The Sitter i think is the last movie this year i wanna see. Never got around to see Real Steel.

  8. I would like to see them adapt a JLA tv show in the same vein as Smallville. I mean they already laid out a lot of the groundwork for it, right? So why not?

  9. @ TheAvenger and anyone else really.

    Who is the quintessential Black Panther Villain?

    And the 2 runners up?

    • First of all, they don’t really need a “supervillain” for a BP movie (it would make it a bit boring though).
      Villains that could work for a movie would be White Wolf (T’Challa adopted brother — that storyline would be perfect IMO), Man Ape, Klaw & Radioactive man, or even Hellrazor (an assassin working for Roxxon Oil — which means they could do an environmental storyline — Roxxon has already been teased in IM2 and the short…)

      I could go on, but I think you get the point, a BP movie could easily be just as good as Iron Man or even Nolan’s Batman movies.

      I don’t get why you’re down on the idea…

      • Who’s down? I’ve been waiting my whole life for a Black Panther movie.

        I didn’t say “super”.

        • Sorry, the way you comment came across to me just sounded a bit negative IMO — I thought you were bashing BP’s villains.
          -Guess I was wrong: my apologies.

          As for the “supervillain” quote-thing, I must have read incorrectly (I could have sworn you said supervillain), but still, most of BP’s villains ARE supervillains anywho, so it doesn’t really matter does it?

          Anyway, again, sorry for the confusion from my side, I guess I need a cup of coffee ;)

          Good to know you’re a fellow fan.

          • Dont think we will be seeing a BP movie anytime soon despite what the marvel execs said. Marvel has a lot to get done before Avengers 2 abd I can see BP easily gettin lost in the shuffle. IMO there seems to be a little lack of organization. They know what they want but they dont really seem to be doin a good job of getting done.

            Personally I would have had Marvel kicking out (great) films like clock work. Scripts done years in advance.
            08 – IronMan & TIH summer
            09 – SHIELD intro Fury, Hawkeye, BW, Pym&GF summer; Luke Cage&IronFist Grindhouse double feature winter
            10 – Thor & Captain America summer
            11 – Avengers summer (not may); Dr Strange Winter
            12 BP summer. Heroes For Hire winter (possibly summer depending on performance)

            Basically I would use the sunmer as large blickbuster films that are tied into a larger Avengers plot. While the winter (non-summer) would be the more “experimental” films with lower budgets.

            • @ Ignur Rant

              What do you think the chances are of seeing Doc Samson in maybe a Hulk sequel or Avengers sequel?

              • @Wally West

                I have no idea man. If the continue with TIH plot where it left off than definately but I get the feeling they may do a semi reboot just to spite Norton.

                TIH left the Hulk series in a great place. The Leader would have been a great second villian. Brawn vs Brain with a subplot for a gamma exposure to Samson would be sweet. Also the issue of Betty choosing Banner over Samson would be great to explore. Maybe an awkward team up against Leader?

                • I highly doubt that they would include Samson in The Avengers although Ty Burrell(sp) has become quite popular since TIH so that could factor in including him in a sequel. For because he is popular or against due to finacials.

            • Yeah, I don’t think for a newly established studio, that they’d have the financing to do what you suggested (releasing about 14 blockbuster movies in 5 years…)
              It’s would have been a good idea, but (with no disrespect meant) wishful thinking IMO.

              If memory serves correctly, they were actually planning on having Avengers in 2011, but there were a ton of reasons why they couldn’t do it (if you watch the behind the scenes and director’s commentary of IM2 – I think Favreou explains why)

              I also doubt they’ll have a BP movie in 2014 (or even 2015), I just said it would’ve been awesome, ye know?
              And I just think that if the fans demand it, Marvel will take note (and if they take note, hopefully, they’ll consider putting BP on the fast track for 2016 maybe)

              • @TheAvengers

                What did Faverau say? Never watched the commentary.

                Let me be clearer because I think it could definately happen but Marvel was unprepared. The Summer Blockbusters wouldnt have a budget akin to the Avengers but more on the lines of TIH & Thor. They would promoted heavy. A SHIELD movie would have taken place of IM2, so you could even move that film back to 2010 and every thing else accordingly.

                The winter films would be low budget. Im thinking less than 50 mil. Basically you would be looking to turn an immefiate profit. By having Luke Cage honage to a blaxplotation 70s film and Danny Reid a classic Bruce Lee film you not only appear to a largee audience but also have the guaranteed comic fan group. Grindhouse budget was 53 & Machete was 10.5. Marvel could have made an easy cash flip used to fund future endeavors.

                Still dont know about BP. I pretty much assume it won’t happen till after Avengers 2.

                • Honestly, I can’t remember what Favreou said…
                  It’s been a while since I watched the commentary and all the featurettes.
                  I do remember that it had a lot to do with financing, the script, finding a suitable director, and getting the cast together (at the time, most of the cast wasn’t even hired, so I’d assume they had that problem as well).
                  (As soon as I watch the commentary again, I’ll post my “findings” on the open discussion for ya).

                  As for the rest of what you said: I’m gonna have to be stubborn and stick with what I’ve said ;): I don’t think an up-and-coming studio (at the time) would have been given the go-ahead to bring out such a huge amount of films (even if some of em’ have low-budgets).
                  By the end of 2010, the general audience would’ve probably been sick of the mass-amount of CB movies and then Marvel’s whole “long-term plan” would’ve gone down the drain.

                  Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve welcomed your suggestion more than anyone else, but I don’t think it would’ve been practical for Marvel.

  10. Klaw would be my first choice .
    Runners up would be Man Ape,
    and Solomon Prey.
    Even with those answers,
    I think it is very unlikely that a Black Panther movie will be made.

  11. Ken Burns documentaries streaming of Netflix. Thomas Jefferson is quite excellent. (sorry no CGI. exposions or screaming for you short attention span dummies) Highly recommend

    Also If you have the means the Six Million Dollar Man boxset from Timelife may be the greatest piece of genre media ever produced

    • Hey, who you callin’ short??!! :-D

  12. Can someone from screenrant look into when “Retreat” w/ Cillian Murphy and Jaime Bell is going to have a US dvd release date???

  13. Anyone here anything good on the next James Bond movie, now that it’s actually filming?

  14. I’m watching Ocean’s Eleven right now (yes, I’m off for the entire week :o) ), and the scene with Pitt and Damon right before we see Tess, Pitt is eating off of a plate but after Tess passes them, Pitt has a shrimp cocktail glass instead. I thought that was amusing.

    • WOW…