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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 20, 2013

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  1. Saw Captain Phillips. Overall I’ve found the “real life” adventures over the past two years (Argo, Zero Dark Thirty) to be a lot more exciting and engaging than any SH movie.

    • Yeah when they’re done right “real-life” movies are amazing.

      I still haven’t gotten around to seeing any of the 3 you mentioned. I really need to.

      Just out of curiousity, whats an SH movie?

      • SH = Superhero.

        I was a little disengaged watching Thor last weekend even though there was a lot going on. Even with some of the better SH movies, I can’t really say that I’m into it as much as some of these lower budget action movies based on true stories. Just something I was thinking about while watching Captain Phillips.

    • @Nostelg-O – I’m glad you put real life in quotes ;)

      I read an article about the Shooter from seal-team six (in Esquire magazine of all places) that told the actual story. In the article, they write about him watching the film in theater and commenting about how that’s not how it happened.

      But as for your comment, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty were both very entertaining. I’ll have to check out Captain Phillips.

  2. You think black canary on arrow will get her hypervoice or some variant of?

    • @cody:

      She already uses some type of sonic disruption device.

      She used it on the police when Arrow was surrounded and then later tried to use it on Arrow who had some countermeasure for it.

      • But that was like all of twice…

        And anyways, it didn’t really make sense – all the police officers are in agony, and Arrow is just standing there as if some ninja-lady with sonic screeching didnt just fall from the ceiling. But that’s all my take.

        Do you think Laurel will eventually take up the mantle? I hope not – I love Oliver and Sarah’s chemistry, and it’s even better in the fight scenes.

        • hope not, i hate laurel, she is the epitome of a cw drama character
          basically useless and a funnel for drama
          would be better if i actually cared about her but the the actress is so stale
          which is weird because she was actually good/likeable on supernatural



  4. Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Doc Savage? The Equalizer? Anything going on in production of these? Have not seen any real moves towards realization on these recently…anyone heard anything new?

  5. Hey everyone! Good morning and happy hump day!

    What are everyones thoughts and feedback for the new mobile site?

    I like the layout. Its clean and simple. But the archive feature doesn’t work for me and also, the comments are not laid out very well. No way to tell what is a reply and what isn’t.

    • If I only had a phone. (My tight budget forced me to choose between a phone and comics.) I know having a phone is good for emergencies and such, but if I had one, I know I’d be on it playing games all the time. Weak self-discipline. Give me comics any day!

      • Whoah… I can’t live without a phone. I have two mobile phones… just in case.

      • Do you have a home phone?

        • Yes.

          Dumb phone experience:
          I walked into the restroom at work, and someone in the stall said, “What’s up?”
          “Hey,” I said.
          “What’re you doing?” he asked.
          “Using the restroom,” I said.
          “How’s Dad doing?”
          “What?” I said.
          “Let me talk to him.”
          He was on his cell phone the whole time! I felt so stupid that I walked out.

          • Cancel your home phone and get a cell phone? Problem solved.

    • LC,

      Thanks for the feedback. The current mobile site may end up being a stopgap, or depending on whether we don’t like that version that is in the works, permanent. If it ends up being permanent, we will definitely be tweaking it extensively.

      • Anytime, Vic. I would’ve just emailed you my feedback but I was hoping to engage more from the rest of the visitors because I am only one man on an android. It probably functions better on an iPhone lol.

        • I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and an old iPhone 3GS I use just to check what things look like on that. :)

    • @ LC

      Actually, the mobile site isn’t working all that well. It crashes A LOT, and when you click on an article, a different article comes up. I think they are still working on it, that can’t be the final product.

      • @ LC & Vic

        Everything I use for going on the mobile site is Apple, be it an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, if that is any help. :)

  6. Finally saw World War Z.

    It was decent Z movie, reminded me a bit of 28 Days Later.

    But as a whole, I don’t like fast zombies. Doesn’t make sense (well, neither does undead) but if they are really are supposed to be “dead”, they shouldn’t be that mobile. Strong, yes, fast and able to climb and jump like that, no.

    I’m still wondering why Pitt’s character was chosen to investigate, they didn’t really explain it that well.

    And yes, not really at all like the book, but I can understand why.

    • I agree on “fast zombies.”

      Shaun of the Dead uses zombie rules that make sense and is still my favorite ‘Z’ movie.

      …aside from ‘Return of the Living Dead Pt. II” of course. :)

    • I haven’t seen WWZ so I can’t judge but I do agree with you in regards to the mobility of a traditional zombie.

      In 28 Days Later, they weren’t technically zombies, were they? I thought they were infected with a disease, almost rabies like.

      • I believe the term was “rage virus” if I’m not mistaken.

    • Since we don’t really know how actual undead behave it’s free to interpretation. I for one do prefer slow, shambling zombies as well, because they are much more creepy and unsettling, but the fast zombies in World War Z work for a different reason: because most of them are very recently deceased there is no real reason why they shouldn’t be as agile as the living person was. The difference is: now that they are dead they don’t really care about injuries, pain or exhaustion, that’s why they go full steam ahead and just fling themselves around without minding the consequences. Ripping muscles and tendons while sprinting? Climbing on top of each other? Throwing themselves off rooftops? It’s all the same to them.

      • The book didn’t seem to indicate “fast” zombies which I think the movie should have been faithful to.

        The thing about zombies is they already have the advantage of being hard to kill, having unrelenting stamina/strength, having huge swarming numbers and being able to spawn more almost instantly… so giving them speed tips it even more in their favor.

        Realistically, if they are that fast, there is no way even a well-armed/trained group can fight them due to their “suicidal” abandon. They should not have survived the Korean base or Israel with that type of swarming.

        • True, but since they ignored pretty much all of the book anyway it didn’t really matter anymore. ;)

    • Yeah it was ok. My fave fast zombie flick would definitely be 28 days later, followed by Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, then perhaps WWZ. Unless Zombieland counts as a fast zombie movie then that ties for 1st w/28 days later.

      Slow Zombie flicks my faves are Night of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.

  7. This is a test: {intimidation}

    • Hurm…

      …I have a post still under MOD for some reason on the Bale Bat voice thread…

      …trying to figure out why…

      • I saw the one that you did

        • I don’t mean that one. It’s another one where I refer to intelligence being intimidating.

        • HA!

          I just figured out that you can’t put 1ntelleg3nce and 1nt1mid@tion in the same post for some reason.

        • It’s not that one Leather-O.

          Go ahead. Try typing the above two words in the same post.

          • I don’t know if I want to… sounds as dangerous as crossing the streams.

            • Right. Sucks that those words get flagged when referring to Batman :/

          • Intelligence and intimidation.

            • I AM IMMUNE!

              • +all the sticks of gum in the world.

            • try intimidating

            • Try intimid@ting. that’s the one. not intelligence.

              • I am intimidating.

              • Aha… that was it. I have been bit by the mod-zombie!

                • HA! Looks like Paul took the hater blockers off!

  8. American Hustle is less than a month away… When I saw the trailer in theaters my friend and I turned to each other and agreed that it would be our generation’s “Scarface”… a quick reaction and just a very loose comparison to point out my hope in it’s success as a crime film. It was the only trailer that I didn’t think looked corny (surrounded by “The Counselor” and “Out of the Furnace”) and it just looked phenomenal. It was the original trailer with just the Led Zeppelin song and I was hooked. I watched that trailer about 25 times and then loved the second trailer that came out. I adore David O. Russell’s detail that he puts into everything surrounding the story of his films. Either this movie will be at least a 7/10 or the people making the trailers deserve an award.

  9. So Happy that I got the INTERNET back…now its time for some Movie news.

  10. Surprised by how much I enjoyed ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Not because I am adverse to Marvel movies or their cinematic universe (if anything, I actually admire how they are going about it), but mainly because all manner of blockbusters have a ‘meh’ effect on me and every Marvel movie itself a one night stand kind of feel (apart from ‘Iron Man 2′, which was outright rejected and regretted).

    Compared to the first, everything felt a little more natural in its pacing and its scope (the director hired suited the material). The humour was less contrived and flowed within the narrative as opposed to being shoehorned in by an executive. In short, it was fun.

    Flaws? Of course. What does not have flaws (well, other than ‘There Will Be Blood’)? But you know, my main gripe is that it wasn’t a little longer and allowed to breathe more. Let the rest of the Marvel movies offer an open window country drive. This is the character and the world they should be sending on tour.

    • I saw it again last night. Maybe I’m completely biased but I can’t jump on the Jane and Thor relationship… With how cool Sif is, I just wish her character was a bigger part of the story. I’m in a minority there but that would probably change my opinion to loving these Thor movies. Still thoroughly enjoy them though.

  11. Can I please be unbanned ?

    • I guess I can post now !!!

  12. Just watched the Pixar theory on you tube and made me really like the idea of Boo searching for Sully and creating her own sci-Tech to create her own Door Portals. Could be a good spin off Pixars Boo. Incredibles needs a sequel too. Maybe Boo had help createing her tech from Syndrome or was his inspiration in little hidden things threw the films.

  13. I had the weirdest dream last night.

    I was Ben Affleck and a guy came up to me to try and bully me and tell me how I would suck at being Batman. The guy was some internet poster (who shall remain unnamed) but he looked like Christian Bale.

    He tried to goad me into a fist fight and I calmly told him that I don’t think that’s the smartest move because he has no idea what I’m capable of and then he backed off. I distinctly remember saying “Even if I suck at being Batman, I’m still Ben Affleck and you are no one but just some guy on the Internet”.

    I must be spending too much time on Internet forums. :)

    • Evidently! :D

    • That’s too funny.Also it’s funny that I had a dream last night that they casted Bruce Willis as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2.Is it funny I want to see that actually happen now or maybe just that it would be great casting if you think about it.Lex for President!

      • As weird as that is… he would make a pretty menacing Lex Luthor.

    • Awesome! I love epic dreams like that. Well, it isn’t like EPICALLY epic or anything but having a dream that you’re a movie star is pretty cool.

      I had a zombie apocalypse dream saturday night. I don’t remember particulars other than me being with this rag tag group trying to get out of this abandoned mansion. Zombies were everywhere. It was awesome!! I hope its the first of many zombie apocalypse dreams to come.

  14. BigNerd LMAO!

  15. I just watched the latest Agents of SHIELD. They should definitely do more of this “related to the MCU films” thing. Makes the show way better.

  16. Guys, who has seen the latest Person of Interest? Without posting spoilers because OMG I THINK I JUST DIED. If you don’t watch this show you are missing something amazing. Seriously, IGN gave this episode a 10 out of 10 and is raving about it as well. Screenrant why aren’t you reviewing this!

    • @Huntress:

      Just watched my DVR… and you are right… great episode.

      I don’t understand how SR decides what shows get reviews and which ones don’t. Maybe they should start taking volunteer writers.

  17. My petition starts here Emma Watson for a young Jean Grey, and Edris Elba for James Bond, and the new Terminator.

  18. Star War fans the mayor of Cloud City shows up tonight on Key & Peele

  19. Some possible titles for the new MoS movie aka Batman Vs Superman.

    Ill take Man of Steel The Blackest Hour.