Open Discussion – November 2, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 2, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 2, 2011

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  1. Has anyone seen this “Bunraku” movie they’re advertising? it looks like scanner darkly mixed with something frank miller would have done. if you’ve seen it, thoughts? if theres a review; i’m stupid.

      • @ shacasha

        Unfortunately, the release schedules for indie films like those are very loosely set, as studios wait to see the early box office returns before they decide how much wider a release to give them. Basically, that means we have to wait and see too.

        However, both Take Shelter and Martha Marcy May Marlene have done fairly well in limited release and are slowly, but surely, reaching more theaters. I live in Utah myself and both those films are finally going to start playing in-state over the next two weeks… so, I imagine both will reach your home state sometime within the next month too.

        As for Shame: I wouldn’t count on that one playing near you until after the New Year, sadly.

      • Like Sandy said, if the box office continues to improve then both of those films will be getting more theaters. Maybe it’ll have a mini wide release by the end of November.

        As for Shame, since its NC-17 I doubt the movie will have a wide release since most theater chains don’t support NC-17 movies.

  2. The Walking Dead.

    possible spoiler
    Shane just got more interesting. How many of the group will he sacrifice to survive. He crossed lines before, but not like Otis.

    • I think hes gunna die soon just like in the comics. hopefully he will get redemption first, go down defending the group or sumthn.


      I’m really happy with the direction theyre taking his charcter. I always thought the comic killed him off WAY too qickly. This is one of those rare events when the film version of the charcter is more interesting than the printed version.

    • Well if you know anything about the farm they (most of them) are not really part of the group for obvious reasons which I think will come from the book partially on screen.

      Shane saw a way to make sure Carl got what he needed. Sucks ya but guess what, big man redeemed himself thanks to Shane. You never fire a weapon not knowing what is on the other side of your target.

      • I dont really consider that redemption. it wasnt by choice, big man wanted to live bad. he almost got shane killed by not letting go of him. So in his last moments he was being selfish, not really redemption

        • @ben

          Well he didnt want to but Shane helped him. He served not by choice but served none the less. ;)

          • I don’t think you can really consider it service if it’s not intentional…

    • I haven’t read any of the source material, but the Shane character has seem to be on a slippery slope from the start. He did write Grimes off before the zombie thing hit to get with his wife, and then there was the near rape deal with Grimes wife at the CDC.

      What happened with Otis, while it seems like he was just trying to save the boy, just came across as cold-blooded murder. On the flip-side, Daryl is turning into a model citizen which I didn’t see coming.

      • There has been some bad character writing in this show IMO. The writers made Shane the “bad guy” and haven’t made the transition well.

        The wife (who I hate the most) jumped his bones and played him cold. Than told him to stay away from her son after he was an awesome surrogate father to him. The rape scene and shooting porky seemed very out of character.

        The Wife is the worst character. She is the real villian. Playin peoples emmotions. Jumpin the bones of every alpha male of the group. Barely supporting her husbands team decisions. Thinking her son is better off dead. Insulting the one man that can save her son’s life. She is just an overall b****. I hope she gets eating.

        Usually im inclined to root for the black guy but I have to say Daryl is easily my favorite. If he dies so does my interest in this show lol

        • @aknot yea i guess at least in everyone elses eyes he redeemed himself. also Daryl is my favorite character, hes had a chance to become a better person without merle around but i think hes gunna get shaken up and really feel tornbetween the group once merle shows back

  3. Has anybody been watchn sons of anarchy? I cant believe how good this season is! I dont think clay is gunna be on the show much longer.

  4. I saw 3musketeers last night in 3D. Will have to admit the story was ok but the 3D was really good. Also saw the trailor for Star Wars in 3D very very disappointing for as long as they have been converting that movie you would think it would have been a better trailor to show the effects or it has been horribly done.

    • Where did you see the 3-D trailer for star wars? Was it during previews of three musketeers.

      • yes

  5. Goodmorning screenranters! Does anyone have any idea when the full trailer for The Hunger Games is going to drop? I just finished the books and im intrested in seeing how the in the world these books are going to be turned into anything evey close to PG13.
    I suppose it’s possible,but even the author herself has expressed concerns about how shes going to pull it off. I guess its possible to make a gritty and violent pg13 movie (see The Dark Knight)

  6. *EVEN close* not “every close”
    sorry…its early

  7. Although Ive never played the game, I was watching a video last night and came to the conclusion that Dylan McDermot would make a great Nathan Drake.

  8. Question for discussion:
    What is your favorite movie that is widely acknowledged as ‘bad’ or that everyone else you know hates?

    Mine would probably be The Island. I like the premise, and even though some of the action scenes are unbelievable, it’s a fun watch for me.

    • Matrix : Revolutions

    • Iron Man 2:
      I loved it (even though I know it was a TERRIBLE FAILURE, as a hard-core Marvel fanboy, I still loved it).
      The action scene where Iron Man and the War Machine go up against the Hammerdrones: BEST. FIGHT SCENE. EVER. (IMO) — the only fault with it? It was too short!

      Man, I wish they could’ve done a better job with that sequel :(

      • I like Iron Man 2, um, too, but I don’t consider it a terrible failure. I liked it more than the first Iron Man. There wasn’t any emotional core to 1, but there is in the sequel (namely the subplot about Stark and his father).

        And I really liked the part with Iron Man and War Machine as well. While I agree the movie could have been better, I far more enjoyed it than Thor, Captain America, etc.

    • i agree with you, i recently purchased that movie and really really liked it.

      also revenge of the fallen. i know i know, it was stupid but really really fun. i have a soft spot for Michael Bay entertainment

    • Harlem Nights was critcally panned but I love it.

      And I love Spawn.

      • Harlem Nights, that’s a blast from the past. I loved Spawn’s HBO animated series, and I wished the live-action movie could have been that good. I owed the live-action movie and watched it a lot, but now I can’t. Why won’t Hollywood reboot that?

        • Todd McFarlane is supposedly getting ready to remake it and also help finance it. He compared the script to The Departed with Spawn being a red herring boogey man character. The clown will not be direct involve in this film. I like the sound of it.

          • He has been spinning that web for about 10 years now. It AIN’T gonna happen, IMO.

            • I tried three times to comment on this, but every time I click on ‘submit’, it says “Your comment appears to be spam”… That´s strange.

    • I also really love Kung Pow!

      • Who said Kunp Pow was bad? I love that movie.

        • reviews say that it was a terrible movie. But i think that it is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.

    • The Happening

    • Probably X-Men 3. I think it wasn´t THAT bad, and at least it had good actors in it.

    • This is a tough question for me to answer since I like a lot of comedy movies that most people don’t (I’ve watched all the “Police Academy” movies multiple times except “Mission to Moscow”), but my favorite would have to be “Hudson Hawk.” An action-adventure-comedy movie with a tinge of musical that I watched so many times, and everyone, who has watched it with me, hated it.

      • Van Helsing, The Losers, Push, Jumper, Green Lantern, there is a lot

    • Green Lantern, Iron Man 2, Bad Boys 2, Van Helsing, Ghostrider, X-Men 3, Last Action Hero… I’m sure there are others but I can’t think of them right now.

  9. Can anyone think of a movie where the production company is toyed with at the beginning of the film? For example, I remember (vaguely) in Coming to America, when the Paramount logo is shown, the camera flies past it to Eddie Murphy’s home. I was just curious of other movies that do something similar.

    • I remember the Warner Brothers logo running like the code of the MAtrix at the beginning of the Matrix…is that the kind of thing you are talking about?

      • Or the Sony/Colombia logo being nailed by a giant banana at the beginning of “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”

        • Dreamworks does this a lot … especially with their animated movies.

          • I forgot about those. Thanks, INK.

        • The Paramount logo in the Indy movies.

      • Thanks, GK. It was brought up today at work, and I was just trying to think of other films that do it.

    • The Simpsons movie, when Ralph is standing in the O of Fox.

      • That’s the one that came to mind immediately for me.

    • In The Core, the camera started drilling into the mountain as the movie started.

      • Also, in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mountain turned into a mountain in Africa.

        • In the first X-Men movie, when the screen with the Fox logo faded to black, the X blinked for a moment.

  10. Im suprised ScreenRant has not posted Shane Blacks recent interviews on his thoughts on the MCU and IM3. His full interview has been chopped up but here is the Quick synopsis if all of them:

    -It will not follow a Demon in the Bottle b/c he feels you must devote the whole movie to it to get it right.
    -There was a jab at IM2 about the unfocused plot and rsndom characters.
    -He called “Madarin a racist caricature” (but did not exclude him)
    -Said Captain America ending was a big mess.
    -Loves RDJ
    -More realistic
    -”Less action, more suspense. less random carnage, more thriller”
    -”more character driven urgency that makes youveanna find out what happens to thr character not the building”
    -”realism and potential for evil invall men”

    The Shane Black is pretty funny and I like how he doesnt pull punches.

    • “Less action”

      He better change THAT tune. If ther’s one thing Marvel movies do NOT possess, it is TOO MUCH action.

      • One more thing …

        “Said Captain America ending was a big mess.”
        Who the eff does this guy think he is? Or maybe he just isn’t bright enough to understand. One things for sure, I don’t think calling out another Marvel movie is the way to go when working for Marvel.

        • Yeah, CA:TFA had the best and most accurate ending of all Marvel movies.

        • Sad but true. Captain America was arguably messy from where the montage started. But it was definately a mess from the attack on red skull’s final fortress on.

          • They spent a lot of time introducing and developing Steve as a character, which is a good thing. But after that montage, the pace was too fast compared to the first act.

            • He was a sucker to me lol. I like the Ulitmate Cap but he can be a little too raw at times. His anti-french sentiments were hilarious to me. “Do you think this ‘A’ stands for France?” lol

              I don’t know a lot but the 616 Cap is just an all out hero, strategist, and inspiration.

              Movie Cap had none of those. No commanding presence. I thought atleast after the montage (3years later) you would see a battle weary tougher Cap. Nope. He was still a virgin & a sucker. Horrible combo.

              I was expecting something like Earth Mightiest Hero’s Cap. Love the scenes where the Avengers r fighting their own styles recklessly but then he shows up starts barking orders, given people specific tasks and even the Hulk listens.

              When the s*** hits the fan I can’t see Evans yellin “Ironman! air support! Widow, Hawkeye. The bridge! Thor, cover the rear! Hulk. Smash the cannon. Hulk Now!!”

              • That was one of the issues I had when Evans was announced as Cap. I guess that´s why they make Iron Man the team leader with Fury giving the orders via radio.

    • I’ve read the interviews, and I have to say: I’m loving Shane’s state of mind :D
      I was skeptical about Marvel bringing him in, but now that I’ve heard some of his ideas for IM3, I’m really excited to see how it’s going to turn out.

      BUT, I do agree with INK: “less action” is a terrible decision IMO:
      The 2 scenes I loved most in IM1 was Iron Man flying through the city, and then the scene where he goes to the middle east and kicks the terrorist’s a****.
      And the scene in IM2 that I loved the most was Iron Man and War Machine kicking the Hammerdrones’ a****.

      So…. that said, Iron Man kicking a** is something that I would like to see much more of ;)

      • How do you figure cap had an accurate ending?

        • I’m guessing this question was supposed to be directed at Scapegoat?

          Anywho… I didn’t like Cap’s ending at all (the last few minutes was a mess):
          -First you have a parade with planes flying through the air (you’d think it should end there),
          -Then it cuts to the scene with Peggy looking at Steve’s file (“surely it ends here?”)
          -THEN, it cuts to a bunch of kids running through the street with trash cans that look like shields (“and then the movie ends right? – oh, no, wait sorry… not yet”)
          -AFTER THAT the screen goes black and cuts to the scene where Cap wakes up in the present day (“okay… I guess this is will be a good ending”)
          -and FINALLY the movie ends with Evans uttering the WORST-line-to-end a-movie-with-ever: “I had a date”.

          WORST. ENDING. EVER.

          • Imagine this, Avenger:

            You´re a guy who´s in his mid twenties. You never had a date (which is really depressing). Then you meet a girl that´s interested in you. Then you´re frozen in ice for 7 decades. You wake up as a 95 year old virgin who still hasn´t had a date. Of course all he cares about is the chick.

            And remember, the first Iron Man ended with a one liner too. “I am Iron Man.”

            • Yeah, but the one liner in Iron Man was f’en awesome! — when the crowd in the cinema (where I watched the movie) heard it, they all jumped of their seats and started to scream and applaud…

              The one-liner in Cap (“I had a date”), just made the crowd go “gnaw”…

              I know Cap loved Peggy, but that line actually made me think: “seriously? a date? that’s it? the love of your life is probably dead, and all you can say is you had a date with her?…” — IMO, when Fury told him what happened, he should’ve collapsed on his knees and started to cry (or something)…

              Don’t get me wrong… I still loved the movie, I just don’t think they did the ending as well as they could have.

        • If you ever read the 616 or Ultimate comics it is accurate. Yes it doesn’t have Namor or the Avengers finding him but this would be more realistic in the real world.

          • The only thing accurate from the 616 or ultimate version was that he was frozen. 616 He fell off a bomb that Zemo launched into frozen waters. In the Ultimates he fell off a bomb that Herr Kleiser(sp) launched into frozen waters.

            • What I meant with “accurate” was the fact that he was frozen. They could have easily “time-transported” him into the 21st century. I don´t think Iron Man revealed his identity to the public (or even his fellow Avengers) until the late 90s/early 2000s.

  11. I have tried watching a couple of new shows this year, and the 2 worst for me so far are 2 Broke Girls and Once Upon a Time. How can people watch that garbage? I have enjoyed American Horror Story and New Girl (I’ve only caught it once, though).

    Any new shows that you guys hate or love?

    • Revenge and Prime Suspect are my two favorite new shows of the season.

    • I like Alphas and Terra Nova…

  12. Ranters in the UK or somewhere in Europe, you seen Tintin, and if so how was it?

  13. @Jose, I hear it’s doing quite well with some positive reviews. It premiered in the UK, France and Belgium, earning $8.5 million. In France it made $4.5 million – the second best debut of the year for its first day after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. On its first weekend, it topped the overseas box office with $56.2 million from 21 countries and earned the top spot in many major markets like France and the Maghreb region ($21 million)where it set a record opening weekend for an animated title- the UK, Ireland and Malta ($10.9 million), Spain ($6.67 million) and Germany ($4.8 million).

  14. Well, let’s wait n see. Keeping my fingers crossed that it does well in US & Canada cos its success determines whether or not a sequel (IMO a more interesting story- ‘The Seven Crystal balls/Prisoners of the Sun’) will be done. That would be great on mo-cap.

    • Same.

  15. I finally got to see “Real Genius”, with Val Kilmer, again after many years. I still love that film…it’s incredibly fun and funny and “cool”. I felt like I was getting together once more with an old friend.


    • Did you know there’s a guy living in our closet?

      Great film!