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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 19, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   November 19, 2012

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  1. It could be just me but I’m having a hard time understanding why race is such an issue when it comes to fictional, emphasis on fictional characters? Whether it is the possible casting news of Jamie Foxx as Electro or even Idris Elba as James Bond it shouldn’t matter. It saddens me deeply to see such an uproar about things made up of purely fiction.

    • Same People who complained about Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.

      We see how they played out.

      • But one could argue that black nick fury existed in comics before and was the reason sam jackson was cast to be him. That is, if your arguing details and not over race.

        For me it wasnt an issue as jackson is a good actor to me but I dont know about jamie foxx, hes never been stellar to me and this sony spiderman series(which I already have prejudice against) needs some oomph.

    • I don’t think it always matters for supporting characters, but when the main protagonist is written and desribed in a certain way with a race reference in mind then yes it does, James Bond was written during a time when it wouldn’t have been very likely for a black person to be a spy, with his confidence and personality all centred around being a typical gent, he is the opitomy of everything British, just like Superman or Captain America are the poster boys for everything American, these iconic characters are written a certain way for a reason, you can’t go and change that just be politically correct, I’m sure there would be uproar if there was ever a black Jesus!

      • Yes but now we are in a time that a black person can be a spy. The movies are written to be in the time we are currently in.

        Are you saying in the day and age we are in now a black person (man or woman) can not be the opitomy of everything CURRENTLY British?

        And for the record Captain America is a SYMBOL of America. So yes he can be not white. Superman is an Alien already so he could concievalbly be any color.

        While the original storylines back in the time was correct there is no reason that characters cant be “revamped” at one point or another.

        As for Nick Fury….. he is black (sorry am I supposed to be using African American? I can never keep up with what is right and please note I mean no disrespect) in the Ultimate Universe.

        Again there is no reason why various races cant be changed for MAIN characters. As long as it is done properly and not just cause.

        • I do understand what you’re saying and that is a good arguement for change or a revamp, i suppose it just comes down to personal choice and i just couldn’t see certain characters, especially James Bond portrayed that way, the point of adapting a book or comic is to honour the source material and translate that to film, if you are going to make vast changes to what the author intended then why not just write something completely new and film that?

          • Honoring the source material means you portray the character and try to convey feeling from that character. That has nothing to do with the race UNLESS of course the subject matter of what you are trying to convey relies on race.

            Case in point slavery, illegal immigrants, etc.

            I could not see a slave owner in say Roots be portrayed by a black person. Just the same I could not see a white man trying to cross into America from Cuba because of his families persecution over the years by Castro. Nor could I see a black woman as Anne Frank.

            Yes there is a time and a place for race to play a part. James Bond (IMO) is not one of them.

    • ” It saddens me deeply to see such an uproar about things made up of purely fiction. ”

      Why are you crying? Where’s the uproar?

      We’ve had a black Catwoman/Halle Berry, a black Nick Fury/SL Jackson, a black Heimdall/Idris.

      In the upcoming “Man Of Steel” Lawrence Fishburne is gonna play Perry White and most likely Jamie Foxx is going to be cast as Electro.

      Where is this uproar you weep about?

      • Kryptonic – You forgot about Kingpin.

        Damon – I’m not sure why some fans get upset by changing their beloved character’s race when it switches mediums. For me, it should go to the best actor/actress available regardless of race. When Michael Clarke Duncan was cast as Kingpin, I thought excellent casting. Who else should play a giant crime lord than one of the biggest (size-wise) actors out there? My issue is when studios cast who is hot at the time to play these roles, Ben Affleck and Colin Farrel are examples of that type of atrocity from that same movie. Jessica Alba as the invisible woman, January Jones as Emma Frost, Chris O’Donnell as Robin, Topher Grace as Venom, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet, Julian McMahon at the height of his Nip/Tuck fame as Dr. Doom…these are all examples of Hollywood shoving the next hot actor/actress into a role that doesn’t fit. Then, sometimes the studios just bend us over and put someone like Nicholas Cage in a role like Ghost Rider or Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. For comic book films, I’d prefer the best actor/actress out there and could care less about race in these roles. My thought is that Jamie Foxx would do a fine job as Electro and Idris Elba would be a fantastic Bond if given the chance.

    • I think it would be absolutely ridicules to cast Blade as a White person or Asian or Latino, etc, etc. He (Blade) is a fantastic character as is, right out of the comics.

      Side note, I think you are making mountains out of molehills, I haven’t heard any “uproar” over any of these casting choices that you speak of. I’ve heard some good arguments, but nothing mean-spirited.

      • Have any of you ever written a character? They actually come to life the better you write them. That being the case the longer history the character has the harder it is to change who they are. By necessity they have to be reinvented from the ground up to make the kinds of changes that changing race entails. For example several black operatives have made appearances in James Bond movies just not as James Bond. So not having a unique black MI-6 operative is silly in todays world. Perhaps in this particular case the best answer is to expand that universe to include a new super MI-6 spy that reflects a more modern sensibility. A parallel expansion of the franchise sounds way more exciting and provides great opportunities to tell more MI-6 centered stories. In fact that’s an outright suggestion of mine. A movie titled ‘MI-6′, it would serve to launch a new franchise. It would showcase different operatives, in fact role 007 into the new model of the franchise. Every couple of years you get a new movie about a new operative. They each have a unique adventure. Cast an arc that draws the movies into telling a larger whole story. This Quantum that started out as a good core idea was unfortunately mishandled as it could’ve been a good arc foundation. Perhaps the next best thing is to re-ignite SPECTRE as an organization that must be stopped and one that is not only sophisticated but robust and pervasive. A big crime syndicate that has political aspirations is a good fit for post nuclear society and one that an organization like MI-6 would naturally want to kill…

        • I disagree.

          James Bond does not owe anything to his race that cant be portrayed by another race.

          1. Male – check
          2. Ethnic diverse parents – check
          3. Well off parents – check
          4. Dead parents – check
          5. Lives in an orphanage – check
          6. Joins the military – check
          7. Gets recruited by Mi6 – check

          Now what in that list makes James Bond in this day and age “white”? The movies have evolved in all aspects with the ‘times’. Villians are a lot different than they were when Dr. No came out, M was a man, and that just scratches the surface.

          The assumption would be you would still want M as a man and NEVER a woman cause women just cant do those jobs. Even though it has been handled quite nicely through the years.

          Do we need to explain why James Bond is Black and not White? No. James Bond much like MOST characters are not defined by their RACE but by their life, their ups and downs, their PATH that makes them what they are.

          For all intent purposes you could make James Bond female, call her Jane Bond and thats that. 30 years ago? Oh heck no. Now? I dont see why not.

  2. Morning ranters, 2 weeks till the release of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray I can’t wait!! Anyone picking up The Expendables 2 on Blu-ray tomorrow ? I’ll be picking up a copy as well as Hitman Absolution I pre-ordered the personal editon at gamestop.

  3. Still no news on the villain for Cap 2: winter soldier? Strange.

    • My guess? It’s the Winter Soldier.

    • Crossbones and Winter Soldier?

      • Yeah but crossbones and winter soldier usually work for someone else. who? Zemo? Red Skull? Hydra?

        • Good question! :)

        • In the Winter Sodier storyline from the comics, WS worked for that russian guy Lukin, if I remember correctly.

  4. So, I was all caught up on my TV and movie rentals this weekend and I couldn’t find anything to watch so I figured what the heck and I went ahead and rented Magic Mike.
    Yep, it was a quiet Saturday Night I was home alone and I watched the movie about male stripping.
    Guess what fellow Ranters?
    It was a pretty good movie. It was really funny at times. Actually, it was a lot funnier than most comedies I’ve seen this year. The story was pretty simple and cliche but not in a way that it comes off corny and Soderbergh worked in some pretty cool and interesting shots.
    It goes without saying, if you’re not comfortable watching a bunch of jacked guys dance around you’ll probably have a hard time getting through it but if you’re ok with that and are just looking for a good movie to watch I recommend it.

    • Wow, not going there…… but I did see sky fall this weekend. I don’t think I blinked through the whole opening action sequence, Wow! Over all not a bad flick, although, I didn’t care for the last 1/2 hour or so.

  5. What was the last film you hated(for any reason) and why?

    • “Racing Stripes”. It was just…terrible, everything about it. I can’t really point out one thing

    • Batman Returns, all the characters are stupid (especially the Pinguin) the story is rediculious and stupid and all the villains were annoying and I HATED it so much!!! Sorry for venting a little bit there, but man, I so disliked that movie. Just my opinion, I know a lot of people like that movie, but it is not for me.

    • One for the Money. Katherine Heigl.

    • The latest Resident Evil, because it was just plain stupid. Milla Jovovich as a red-headed housewife was hot though.

    • ‘Drive”, and the reason is, it was dumb. and it had ryan gosling in it. and it had the worst soundtrack ever. and it was the most unnecessarily overly-hyped film of the year. and it was dumb. i will admit it had some good camera angles when he did his get away job in the beginning, but, the rest of the film sucked, and am glad i waited til it was on netflix.

  6. Saw “Lincoln” this weekend. It’s INCREDIBLY well done, but the last hour or so just drags itself out and a lot of people started to fall asleep (not me)

    “Zero Dark Thirty” looks okay. I knew there was going to be a movie on killing Bin Laden eventually, even though I don’t believe he’s dead (why would they hide proof like that?)

    Don’t think I’ll be seeing “Life of Pi”, espescially after they call it “The next “Avatar””. “Avatar” was “Pocahontas” with blue monkeys as the indians and robots as the colonists. They put effects above story, which abuses the fact that cinema is an art. True, it’s art with effects alone, but it isn’t a masterpiece unless you have a good balance of everything.

    • I wouldn’t nessasarily concider Avatar a masterpiece, but it was a beautiful peice of art and the Life of Pi looks at the very least beautiful.

    • I thought Avatar was a live-action Ferngully.

  7. Saw Skyfall this weekend, the opening action sequence was awesome! got a little slow in the middle but was still intriguing.

    I also finally started watching Smallville this week. Im about halfway through season 1 and it is pretty good so far. the effects are a little dated but i dont mind that to much.

    • I agree about Skyfall. That opening action scene was fantastic. But I actually fell asleep during the middle. I’m not sure whether it was because of the movie or I was just a bit tired, but falling asleep usually tells me I was bored.

  8. So I looked at the comic kickass 2 and the gangbang scene is implied not shown so I wonder how much they will show in the movie.

    • I head the it not going to be in there at all. Might have heard wrong…

  9. Do you think the original trilogy characters should come back/be integrated in star wars episode VII?
    I think so if they cameo or very side characters like obi in ep 4 but I dont want them fully in the story.

    Id be cool with a cloned darth vader sith elite force(say 11 in all) though.

    • I’m hoping Disney makes a Star Wars romantic-comedy where Han and Leia get married and start a family but Han’s best man Chewbacca gets left out on his own. The story will be about Chewbacca’s journey to find love for himself and start a family of his own. Khloe Kardashian is set to star as Chewbacca’s love interest.

  10. fellow ranters, i would like to pose a question. what film recently surprised you the most? it doesnt have to be a new movie, just new to you. for me, so far, would have to be Ip Man. I know it’s an older film, and while i’m not a hardcore kung fu junkie, i do like to watch the occasional good @$$kicking, and that movie certainly delivered, and the story and acting were just top shelf imho. such a simple story, and Donnie Yen has a very “quiet cool” about him, at least in this film. i didn’t like ip man2 as much. it was good, but had to much “crouching tiger…” stuff in it for me.

    • Red State really surprised me. I’m a fan of Kevin Smith’s early work, but over the years the quality of his films took a turn for the worse (Jersey Girl, Cop Out). So when I heard he was tackling another genre with his style of film making, I was worried. I had this film on my Netflix queue for quite some time and finally watched it a couple weeks ago. I loved it. It’s different. The style is unique in how perspective is portrayed and his dialogue while filthy and vulgar fits this movie. Then I watched, Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell on Netflix to hear about his film and the protesters from the West Baptist Church. It’s a perfect companion piece to this film.

      • *Westboro Baptist Church – my apologies to the West Baptist Church 😉