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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 18, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 18, 2011

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  1. I really don’t want to get into this on a movie website, but just think about much the world could improve if people put as much interest in helping those who are starving and have diseases than over-hyping the new Twilight movie.

    • Ha well hopefully the stars of twilight donate a lot to charities at least. Im not sure if they do but its likely. Sidenote: isn’t the latest trailer for it hilarious?? Jacob: “you did this!” Edward: “what? Got my wife pregnant? Oh yea, I did that. How dare I!!” Lol I haven’t seen much of lautners acting (and I don’t intend to) but he ALWAYS comes off horrible in the trailers…

    • The world would be better if everyone, not just the Twilighters, would help those that are in need. Of course, it would also help if those that are able, but decide to let others take care of them, would get out and do their best to aid in the human condition.

      • John “Kahless,” that includes the super wealthy individuals (the ones who are most suited and capable of helping others) who keep on stealing taxpayers’ money and keep on wining, dining, travelling and partying while the taxpayer not only foots the bill for their extravagances but is already paying for their huge salaries, pensions, subsidies, handouts, perks and other undeserved bundles of money.

        It’s a fact that people who are not wealthy tend to give most to charity.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I would like everyone to share in making humanity better. But I wouldn’t say they are stealing tax-payer money, I would give that honor to the government.

          I don’t know if that’s a fact. If it is, it’s probably because there are far more people who are not wealthy than there are those who are.

          • @John

            It isn’t a fact, he pulled that out of his ass. Bill Gates alone probably gives more to charity than half of everyone else in the country combined…

            I hate that naïve point of view. The people stealing taxpayer money are the people who have enough money to buy alcohol and drugs but then goes to welfare offices and expect free checks. Most rich people are rich because they worked their ass off to get there or they were smart enough or innovative enough to make it big. Either way they did something to get there and I’m sure every one of us wish we could too. What if one of us becomes rich? Do we magically become evil like these idiots try to make all “rich” people seem?? Grow up people.

            • Preach it, Ken!

            • Amen, brother!

          • if you live and work in the u.s.a. you are part of the top 10% wealthiest people in the world.

        • Ahhhh, class envy at it’s finest. Just because they don’t go on TV and brag about their givings doesn’t mean they don’t give LARGE amounts of money to charity. Where do you see the taxpayer paying for the perks and other thing you mentioned? The only perks, trips, vacations, handouts, pensions, etc. the taxpayer pays for is government employees. If you have proof of ANY to the contrary, please enlighten.

          “It’s a fact that people who are not wealthy tend to give most to charity.”
          “fact” = opinion? If not, link please.

      • @John


        I feel that anyone who is physically able, should try to get a job and work instead of expecting everyone else to take care of them.

  2. I watched, or should I say fell asleep to “On Stranger Tides” and thankfully, never spend a dollar of my own money to view the worst of the pirates’ franchise.

    possible spoilers….. to those lucky ones that missed this turkey.
    What a stinker! And that overblown soundtrack… why does every tiny moment have to sound like the epic finale?! Why are all these “pirates” screenplays so convoluted? Can’t they get a simply pirate story?

    Oh, and the real Blackbeard would have killed that missionary at the first sign of trouble.

    I’m done with depp.

    • I havne’t seen this one (no interest after the third film), but I think this is proof that franchise has sailed (pun intended) its course.

    • There were a couple of good things about the film: I thought the mermaids were good and that brief scene with Jack’s father (forget the singers name) was good. But yeah, the film was not that good. Unfortunately, it made over a billion dollars worldwide, so expect more.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I nodded off about halfway through and had to turn it off. What a waste of money.

      One would think that Hollywood could at least make an OK Pirates movie, but they couldn’t manage anything more than “bad.”

  3. Keith Richards, He’s a Rolling Stone man!!! Don’t “Start me up” dude!!! LOL!!!

    • Yeah, and he´s the guitarist, not the singer.

      • Don’t get Kahless started, dudes! :-)

        • I thought it was fun … unlike the previous two offerings.

  4. So I saw A Single Man this week. What an amazing film.
    And Colin Firth was robbed of the Oscar.

  5. I read that ScarJo is going to direct an adaptation of Truman Capote’s Summer Crossing, but her derrière (backside, bottom, butt) has not been offered a role. I can honestly say after witnessing her camera work from her hacked cell phone pictures, she does have an eye for beauty.

    • @ B-list Pornstar Extra

      Im surprised no-ones made a Batman & Robin wisecrack about ScarJo’s butt in the poster.

    • Love it.

    • I like it as well, Vic.

    • It takes a little longer to load the page, but other than that, it’s awesome Vic, thanks a lot man :D

  6. I just watched «The Change-Up”, I dont remember what kind of reviews it got, but me and the wife had a good time watching it.

  7. I also recently watched ” the change up” and I have to say there were some funny, raunchy, and thought provoking moments in there.

    Okay here is a fun question for everybody. If you could change places with somebody for twenty-four hours who would it be and why?

    I’d choose an astronaut aboard the space station just so I could say I’d been to space.

    • scar jo’s costume assistant on THE AVENGERS, self-explanatory.

      • The one who put the costume on Mystique in X-Men 1, 2 and 3. :-D

    • George Lucas. I would take a pile of money and some memorabilia and hide it somewhere I could find it when I became myself. Then, I would go on an insane tirade complete with politically incorrect rants all on video. I’d buy a bunch of hookers and drugs and trash a hotel. Lastly, I would do some sort of non-lethal but blatant criminal activity (and poop his pants while in handcuffs) towards the end of my 24 hours so Lucas would be in jail when he returns to his body. This is my payback for Jar Jar Binks, Indiana Jones 4, and continually “improving” Star Wars to steal from fanboys.

      • Well… that’s just about the best answer to a question anyone has ever given — I applaud you dude.

  8. I must say that the acting in the latest SOA episode shows that SOA can entertain along with the best shows on TV today! Great work SOA!

  9. I think the pop-ups and banners got out of hand around Halloween…………

  10. i miss the fringe review threads lol it’s getting epic

  11. Anyone read about what will happen in season 5 of True Blood? I have & hope its gonna be a good season cause theres one thing about it im comflicted about. The rest sounds pretty good so far.

  12. Watching T2 now, love the score & how T-1000 is driving the helicopter w/ 3 hands.

    • 3 hands? I’ll have to watch that again because I don’t remember seeing that. And the score is up there as one of the best scores.

      • @John

        Yep, that’s why James Cameron is such a genius, because he puts little details in his movies that are not stressed or turned into gimmicks. He knows most people wouldn’t notice it, but he puts them there anyway. In the scene where the T-1000 is flying the helicopter and shooting at the Police van, when he starts to reload his MP5K, notice he’s using two hands to reload the weapon, and there’s still a hand, coming out of his belly, to fly the chopper… :-)

  13. @ John

    Like Ken J says, it happens moments after T-1000 flies the helicopter under the bridge.

    • @WW

      That movie is THE best action movie of all time, I don’t care what anyone says. There are so many great moments, so many great lines, and such a deep and profound ending in my opinion. So much subtlety in an action movie. From the symbolism in them driving in a station-wagon to signify them being kind of like a screwed up nuclear family, to the ending where a machine is able to learn the value of human life to the point where he ends his own life to try to save it. Sarah Conner shaking his hand was a very moving scene, especially if you understand just how much she HATED the machines before that moment. That was when she not only stopped hating it, but she RESPECTED it… And come on, who can ever beat the line: “I know now why you cry, but it’s something I can never do.” One line was powerful enough to convince a heart-broken kid that the deed has to be done. And funny point that this ending scene brings up too. He said it himself: “I cannot self-terminate, you must lower me into the steel.” He is hardwired to not be able to self-terminate. Yet in T3, when he takes out the modular power cell that was introduced in that movie to blow himself and the stupid TX up, he technically breaks that unbreakable protocol… Not to mention how he’s still functioning after he takes out his last remaining power cell, lol.

      If only T3 received the attention to detail T2 got… Pity…

      • @ Ken J

        You don’t know how much i wished i could see both Cameron’s Terminator films on the big screen. I never got that experience. I agree. I enjoyed some of deleted scenes in the extended cut which i thought would of made it better. Like the scene where John gains access to the T-800′s cpu & Sarah almost destroys it. Arguing she doesn’t trust it etc & John telling her he’s the only proof the have about the future etc. I thought that added well, with Sarah & Terminator shaking hands at the end. I liked the little chat between John & Terminator when John says he wishes he could of met his real dad & the Terminator replies You Will. Makes me think of that scene in T4. Im not sure id rule out self-terminate if the T-800 was gonna blow up the T-X with it’s last power cell so John & Kate can survive. Im sure the T-800 would have enough power between he took out his power cell & both it’s & T-X’s demise. That’s just my opinion. I loved all the chase scenes in T2. I can’t decide which is my favorite though.

        • @WW

          The scene with the CPU is probably the only deleted scene I wish they would have left. The others they left out for good reason I believe. They were definitely interesting to see, but I still believe the theatrical version of the movie is the best version, again, except for that CPU scene…

          I didn’t see the first one in theaters, but saw the second one in theaters. I really wish they would re-release it in theaters though, would love to see it on the big screen again… I was hoping that for T4 they might do that to kind of bring the hype back, but they didn’t. But they did remaster the movie in a new Blu-Ray release. I’m definitely happy about that…

          • @ Ken J

            The CPU scene is probly my favorite outta all of them. Imo i wished the first scene of the T-1000 malfuctioning was added when his hand gets molded to metal bar. Only because in the theatrical cut you still notice briefly him malfuction. I just didn’t the scene where John sees T-1000 as Sarah with legs lookin like they’re melting to the ground. I kind liked & kinda didn’t like the scene where the Terminator scans a guy smiling at the gas station scene. When i first saw the movie, i wondered why is the Terminator smiling?lol. But i didn’t see it be needed for the theatrical cut for pacing reasons.

            I heard a rumor a long time ago they would re-release in 3D sometime after Titanic. It would be nice as i only saw T3 & T4 in theaters. I never really watched the tv series which is a good thing if it ended on a cliffhanger.

            • @WW

              Well, here is THEIR reasoning for why those malfunctioning scenes were first written into the script, then edited out for the release. Basically through the entire film, the T-1000 is portrayed as this crazy unstoppable force. They initially wrote those scenes in to show that he CAN malfunction and isn’t completely invulnerable. Basically it was to give the audience some hope that maybe they can defeat him. But at the last minute, they decided that it’s actually better to keep the audience wondering how this machine can be stopped until the very very last moment when the T-800 fires the grenade into the T-1000 and he’s about to explode and you see that precious look on the T1000′s face that you go “holy hell! he’s been defeated!!” And I completely agree. It’s definitely worth it to see those extra scenes, but it really was a much better experience to see the T-1000 as completely unstoppable until the very last moment.

              And regarding the feet melting into the ground thing, that obviously falls under the above reasoning, but also, I think it’s important to show that John Connor doesn’t need to see that to be able to tell the difference between the T-1000 pretending to be his mom and the real deal. Basically, the T-1000 pretending to be his mom was acting weak and risking John’s life by calling out to him for help. While the real Sarah Connor was strong and simply says “get out of the way John.” So from that perspective, it’s obvious who’s the real Sarah, and it’s good that they were able to show that John knew the difference by cutting the bit where he looks at the fake Sarah’s feet to figure it out…

              I think everyone behind T2 are really intelligent and made great decisions all-around regarding the film. And yes, the smiling scene was basically cut for pacing issues, which you recognized and so did I. Again, interesting to see now, but glad it wasn’t in the movie. I’m glad I originally saw the theatrical version of this movie. I kind of feel sorry for those where their first viewing of this movie was the special edition with the deleted scenes, because like I just explained above, it took away from the impact of the scenes in my opinion.

              Aliens and The Abyss I feel the opposite about. The director’s cuts of those two, with deleted scened added back in, are definitely superior. But especially with The Abyss, the reason they cut those scenes was simply to make the movie shorter, not because they felt it made the movie better. So those scenes really shouldn’t have been cut at all, because in my opinion, they were CRUCIAL scenes to the plot of the movie… Whoever made the decision for which scenes to cut, really need to be smacked because they picked the absolute most important scenes to cut… WTF?? lol

    • Oh, but technically speaking, if you look REAL close in that helicopter scene, he always has AT LEAST 3 hands, even when he’s just firing, but you really see it when they show him reloading. And you can actually kind of argue that he actually has FOUR hands in the reloading scene, but one is kind of hard to see so it’s kind of speculation… Since flying a helicopter is actually a two-handed thing, he’s technically using two hands to reload the weapon and two hands to fly the helicopter. :-)

    • OK, just saw it, and you are definitely right. Cameron is the king!