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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 16, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 16, 2012

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  1. Good morning ranters. Anyone wanna list some of their favorite movies by genre (im trying to see what ive missed) starting with action, horror, sci-fi, drama, superhero, comedy, and indie film. No need to overthink which movies belong more towards one genre and if you want to add more thats fine!
    my list:
    Action – expendables 2
    horror – insidious
    scifi – predator
    Drama – the town
    superhero – the avengers
    comedy – superbad
    indie – everything must go

    • Action -raiders of the lost Ark
      Scifi-the (original) total recall
      comedy -the hangover and Friday
      Drama -stand by me
      Super hero -the avengers
      Horror -creature from the black lagoon
      suspense -jaws

      • can’t go wrong with classics

    • Action- Die Hard
      Horror- The Exorcist
      Sci Fi- Aliens
      Drama-The Departed
      Superhero-Superman II
      Comedy-Caddy Shack
      Indie- Time Bandits

    • Action – The Bourne trilogy
      horror – Blade 2
      scifi – inception
      Drama – Signs (and if that dosn’t count then The Village)
      superhero – The Dark Knight
      comedy – Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn
      indie – Pendragon, The Booth at the End (web show)

      • Western – Tombstone, Cowboys and Aliens, and 3:10 to Yuma
        War – The Patriot, Red Dawn, Captain America

        • Animation – Toy Story trilogy, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Despicable Me, Megamind, The Iron Giant
          Romance – The Princess Bride

    • Action – RED
      Horror – Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil…Zombieland….Shaun of the Dead…Ghostbusters (I’m not a horror fan but I love horror comedies)
      Sci Fi – Rise of the Planet of the Apes
      Drama – The Shawshank Redemption
      Superhero – Watchmen
      Comedy – Fletch
      Indie – Red State
      Thriller – Limitless

    • Action – Taken
      Horror – Wolfman (2010)
      Drama – Fight Club
      Scifi – Tron Legacy
      Superhero – Dark Knight
      comedy – Clue
      Suspense – Red Eye
      Mystery – The Prestige
      ActionComedy – Hot Fuzz
      Horror Comedy – Cabin In the Woods
      Fantasy – The Harry Potter series

    • Action – “Skyfall”
      Horror – “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers”
      Sci-Fi – “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”
      Drama – “The Truman Show”
      Superhero – “The Incredible Hulk”
      Comedy – “The Mask”
      Indie – “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

      • Action: ip man sci to: moon horror: the decent drama: shawshank comedy: Scott pilgrim superhero: the dark knight indie: take shelter

    • action – Most Jackie Chan films, Die Hard series
      adventure – Indiana Jones series, Jurassic Park Series
      horror – Wrong Turn, I know What You Did Last Summer 1&2
      scifi – Men In Black, Aliens, Star Wars Original Trilogy
      superhero – Iron Man, The Avengers, Chronicle, Spider-Man 1&2
      drama – The Pursuit of Happyness
      comedy – Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Zoolander
      romance – Crazy Stupid Love, Hitch

      Honorable Mentions – Bourne Trilogy (Action), Thor (Superhero), Dodgeball (Comedy), The Karate Kid (Drama), I Robot (SciFi), Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventure), Halloween: Resurrection (Horror), Shallow Hal (Romance)

    • Action: “Firefox”/”Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” (tie)
      Horror: “The Lady with White Hair”/”The Woman in Black” (tie)
      Science Fiction: “Inception”
      Fantasy: “Willow”
      Drama: “The Dead Poets Society” (also my favorite film, overall)
      Superhero: “The Dark Knight Rises” (if ACTUAL super hero: “Watchmen”)
      Comedy: “The Princess Bride”/”Spaceballs” (tie)
      Animated: “How to Train Your Dragon”/”The Thief and the Cobbler” (tie)
      Children’s: “Matilda”/”Fairy Tale” (tie)
      Young Adult: “The Hunger Games”
      Foreign: “Like Water for Chocolate”
      Romance: “Ever After”
      Sports: “The Replacements”

      …and there are a number of Honorable mentions.

    • Action – Aliens/Terminator 2
      Horror – John Carpenter’s The Thing/Repulsion
      Sci-Fi – 2001: A Space Odyssey/Blade Runner
      Drama – Godfathers I & II
      Superhero – Iron Man/Hellboy/The Dark Knight
      Comedy – Withnail And I/Shaun Of The Dead
      Indie – Primer
      War – Apocalypse Now
      Western – Once Upon A Time In The West

  2. Some questions to ponder

    What do you think Jurassic Park IV is going to be about?

    Will they ever do a 4th/reboot of back to the future?

    What a cool film soundtrack, Im currently listening to Tron Legacy?

    Also what would you want from a tron legacy sequel?

  3. Jurassic IV, I am going to go out on a limb, Hybrid Dinosaurs with Todays Birds and Animals.

    Most Likely a reboot. Everything else is.

    The Amazing Spiderman- Especially track Saving New York.

    Tron 2- They enter our world.

  4. To Carry Over a previous thread. If you were to have a movie of your life. Who would be best suited to star in the movie of your life.

    Who would play you, your wife, mother and father, sisters and best friend.

    • Alan Tudyk would play me after putting on 50 more pounds. Kevin Smith as my older brother with a speaking role though. CM Punk as my younger half-brother. Deborah Ann Woll as my younger half-sister. My best friend would be DJ Qualls. Jane Seymour as my mother. Burt Reynolds as my dad. Kurtwood Smith as my step-dad. Jewel Staite as my wife. Debra Jo Rupp as my mother-in-law. And lastly, Vic Holtreman as my father-in-law…seriously, my 3 & 1/2 year old daughter says “papa” when she sees Vic’s avatar pic.

      • Professor, do not take this the wrong way.

        But your mom is hot…

        Carry On….. :)

        • It’s sad…it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

    • Dane DeHaan could play me if he put on a couple pounds. I’ll have to think about who would play the people in my life.

    • Would be hard to find a person to play me, I am of Mixed Race, and well…I am 6’4 248 lbs.

      I work out a on a daily basis…

      My Wife, is easy to pick,pick any blonde woman under 5 feet talk, my wife is 5 Feet tall, and to put her into perspective, she could be played by Kelly Stables.

      My Father, would be James Earl Jone and my Mother would be…Helen Mirren, since the two of them could pass for sisters.

      My sisters could be played by Rosario Dawson, LeLai Arcieri she can play the twins. Best friend can be played by Charlie Day.

  5. To my fellow Screen Ranters.

    Best Theme Song from 80s Cartoons?

    • Ulysses 31!! Big time, loved that theme tune!

    • Liked the thundercats theme and even though this cartoon sucked,Turbo teen’s theme was kinda catchy. The bionic six theme was alright as well.

      • I know that’s more than one but I’ll say thundercats was the best 80′s cartoon theme.

        • +1

    • I was born in 1991 so bare with me as I believe my 90s cartoons were far superior to the 80s but Ill throw a few out there

      The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
      The Simpsons(yeah 1989, its basically in the 90s but ill give it to ya)

      • And Ducktales

      • Yeah, Try Google search on 80s Cartoon themes and get back to me on that.

        80s Rocked.

        Jayce and The Wheeld Warriors, Galaxy Rangers, Might Orbots, Pole Position, GI Joe, MASK, Thundercats, Silverhawks.

        Galaxy Rangers was perhaps the best.

        • I see those and raise you
          Tiny Toon Adventures
          Darkwing Duck
          The Critic
          Spider-Man: The Animated Series
          Dexter’s Laboratory
          Hey Arnold!
          South Park
          The Powerpuff Girls
          Home Movies
          Batman Beyond
          Rocko’s Modern Life
          Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron
          Family Guy

          Id also bring 2000s cartoons but you would be literally crushed with invader zim alone.

          • Defenders of the Earth!

            Flash Gordon, The Phantom et al taking on Ming the Merciless and his crew! Awesome cartoon

          • Cody Laying the smack down.

            Ok, I will see your list and raise you
            Bionic 6 (Thanks to Rome)
            Defenders of the Earth (Thanks to the Good DR.Noisewater)

            I will see your Spiderman and raise you Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

            Batman and Batman Beyond were 90s, but I will let you have them if you will give me W.I.L.D Cats…And I will go a little bit back into the 70s and pull out…Superfriends 73 theme.

            Man, I am dating myself here.

            Orbots, Silverhawks, MASK, GI Joe, Galaxy Rangers,

      • Suddenly sad that Cody was born in 91…My second oldest daughter was born in 91, oldest was born in 88, the twins was born in 93 and Jr was born in 04.


    • Inspector Gadget

      • Muppet Babies was catchy too

        • Disney’s Gummi Bears was another one. I can remember the words to all three of these theme songs and haven’t watched them in a quarter of a century…so apparently they were all very catchy.

    • Unsure if these are from the 80s or 90s but X-Men had a pretty awesome theme song, and the old Spiderman theme song aswell.

      • The X-Men theme song is one of my favs.

    • Thundarr the Barbarian!

      “In the year 1994, from out of space comes a runaway planet hurtling between the Earth and the moon, unleashing cosmic destruction!”

      • I haven’t watched Thundarr in a while. I used to watch it when it was on one of the Direct tv chnnls can’t remember which one.

        • I recently picked up the box set of Thundarr and also Dungeons & Dragons, another one of my childhood favorites. Nothing was better than sitting in front of the TV every Saturday morning with my bowl, Donkey Kong cereal, and a gallon of milk!

          Other great cereals I miss: Donutz, E.T., C-3PO’s, Mr. T, Crazy Cow, Pac-Man, and Smurfberry Crunch.

          • LOL @ $2.

            Mine was Saturday Morning with a mixing bowl, and a box of Pink Panther Cereal( Turned the milk pink). I would sit there and my parents would be looking at me and saying “The Boy is going to eat us out of house and home.” is what my dad said…My Mom response was ” Take a good look at your son, he is 8 years old, and he is 5’10 and 150 lbs…AND HES NOT FAT!…He is going to burst through the home, let alone eat it.”

            • Haha!

              I never had Pink Panther cereal. And pink milk! That’s why I loved Crazy Cow because it turned the milk a strawberry flavor. I recall years ago when Cap’N Crunch issued some alien-related cereal that turned the milk green. Green!

              Anyway, here’s a commercial I found for you:

          • I miss Kaboom cereal…sigh.

            • I remember Kaboom. One of the kids in the neighborhood would have pocketfuls of it in his jeans at the bus stop every morning. I guess his family couldn’t afford sandwich baggies?

              • Highly possible ;)

                I was thinking about other cereals I miss, and it occurred to me how much I wish I could find Rocky Road now…double sigh.

    • “Thundrecats” and “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” were my two favorites.

  6. So I finally saw savages and though I enjoyed the movie I expected more. Definately passing on picking it up on Blu-ray, possibly when the price drops.

    • Aw i hated that movie i was so tempted to walk out but the main guys were just so damn good-looking

  7. Anybody watching the Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome seres mailing tube? I’ve seen the first 4 episodes and I have to say, it’s not half bad.

  8. Godzilla to start filming in March!!! hopefully we get some casting updates soon. Im curious to see if they will go the more unknown route or try to cast more bankable stars?

    • Very excited as well. I grew up on Godzilla movies. I have been waiting to see a proper budget AND STORY bring him to the big screen.

  9. I am going to see how old some of you are…Younger People sorry, but this is rather dated list(Kudos if you get any of them ). Here are 5 Questions…..See if anyone can catch the Show.

    1. Young Boy uses a Wrist Watch to Summon.

    2 Young Man of Science uses a Beta Capsule

    3 Young Boy uses a Whistle, 1 Whistle summons his friend, 2 Whistles summons his Friends Mother and 3 Whistles summons his Friends Father?
    (Bonus for this is the First “Transformer”)
    4. A Young Man’s alphabet only goes from A-G and sometimes H?

    5. Chewing Gum can make you breathe under water?

    Now all of these date back to 60s and are considered lame by todays standards, but when you are a 6 Year old Kid, this is what you watch.

    • is #1 Johnny Sako (sp?) and his flying robot?

      • Bingo to Mr. Stark.

  10. 5 TV Opening Words in the begining of TV Show. Iam going to go 70s, 80s and 90s.

    1. 70s TV. “In the Year 1987 NASA Launched the last of Americas Deep Space Probe. Aboard this compact starship…” Name the Show.

    2 80s…Line from the Opening theme “…Never meaning no harm. In Trouble with the law since the day they were born.”

    3. 70s TV (Cartoon) “Banded together from remote galaxies are 13 of the most sinisters villians of all time……”

    4.80s TV Show (Part of Opening Theme) “…..These Men promptly escaped from a Maximum Security Stockcade to the Los Angeles Under Ground….”


    On a personal note.

    I do this, because I do enjoy the people, the post and the topics.

    • I got most of the ones from the 70’s, I think I got one from the 60’s.

      • Good times Stabber those 70s Shows.

    • 1. “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”

      2. “The Dukes of Hazzard”

      3. “The Super Friends” (speaking about the Legion of Doom)

      4. “The A Team”

      5. “Space: 1999″ (I had a crush on Mya…)

      • BRAVO….and here I thought I could sneak one in.

      • Here’s Catherine Schell in a one-off appearance from season 1 minus the sideburns and bobbly eyebrows, Archaeon!

        Full episode at

        • Ah well, can’t get that link to work. The second one’s fine though.

        • Thank you, Dentist…I enjoyed the brief revisitation. :-)

      • Ah, The Super Friends!

        • My dad sat down with me in front of the TV every time the Super Friends came on, so I have great memories associated with those shows.

          • My dad used to do that with me on the weekends in front of my little black and white t.v. when the Clayton Moore “The Lone Ranger” came on on weekend mornings. Good times…

    • Number 4 is The A-team. I’ve heard/seen the first one before but I can’t put my finger on it. The rest are a mystery to me.

  11. I recently watched what might be the most brutal, fierce, manly, film that I have ever seen. It is called, Valhalla Rising. Has anyone else seen this film, or any like it?

    • Nope, but I might check it out.

      • I should also mention that besides it being brutal and fierce, every frame is gorgeous.

    • I’ve seen it, but I didn’t like it. Yeah, it has some gorgeous cinematography (at least as gorgeous as low standard digital cameras and heavy color grading can get), but it was way too surreal for my liking and there was too much blank staring going on. I wouldn’t be surpised if every single spoken line of dialogue was already featured in the 2 minute trailer.

  12. How come there are so many names in the twilight breaking dawn 2 spoiler discussion that I have never seen on this site before?

    • I haven’t been to that thread. I don’t want it spoiled…since I’ve never seen any of the films.

      • neither have I but I dont plan too and honestly its not that hard to gather the general plot.

  13. Me and the Wife call home to check on kids, house, cars, neighborhood, town we live in, state of PA in general….Kids got us on speaker phone, I hate speaker phone, Wife hates speaker phone, kids love speakerphone….Wife says out loud, “I still cant believe that killed Jacob in Breaking Dawn Part 2..So Sad.”

    CHILDREN RESPOND! “MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE NOT SEEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU RUIN IT FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WERE GOING TO GO SEE IT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I love my wife…..p.s.

    We never saw the movie.

    • Hahaha…nice!

  14. Just finished watching Demolition Man with Sly and Snipes. gotta say, it was a lot funnier than i thought it was gonna be, idk if it was all intentional or what but boy will people be idiots in the future.

  15. Well now that this Twilight vampire & werewolf saga is over what’s next?

    • The hunger games obviously.

      • I can take seeing Jennifer Lawerence on screen than Kristen Stewart, I thought I was talking to Kristen Stewart, but I was talking to a rock, it had more personality….

        I am sorry, Kristen Stewart Broods so much, she makes Batman seem like Willy Wonka!

      • Thank God that series is actually based on some good books and the first movie was solid.

    • Stephanie Meyers next saga.

      Humans and Alien love triangle…The Host.

  16. i just want to say if anyone has netflix and is looking for something cool to watch, check out Ip Man. that film fracking kickS @$$!!! I;m not a major kung fu fan, but i like some of it, but that movie was awesome! i wasn’t expecting such a simple story and the acting was awesome, even in a foreign language. that was some of the most realistic fight scenes i’ve watched in a long time. not so much “crouching tiger hidden dragon” stuff, unfortunately the same ccant be said for Ip Mna 2.

    • sorry bout all the typos. 6 bud light platinums and i’m lucky i’m getting as much right as i am

  17. Anymore news on the Wonder Woman TV series? Just thought about it as I’m thoroughly enjoying arrow and it would be great if we could get a Wonder Woman production of that quality :)