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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 15, 2013

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  1. Do you think Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet could possibly be a two part film? It’s currently a trend with studios trying to maximize dollars on their big films. By the time we get through phase 3, there will be so many characters that it will be impossible to put them all in one film right? And something as epic as the Infinity Gauntlet needs to be a huge story.

    The only reason I think they wouldn’t do this is that it would be different than all Avengers films (1, 2, and later ones).

    What do you think?

    • Agreed. Studios are only around to make money.

    • I feel like they’re going to milk it for all it’s worth so I wouldn’t be surprised if they split it into two. I’m sure it’ll depend on how their other properties end up doing (GOTG, ANTMAN, etc). Eventually RDJ will be out of there and someone else will take over IronMan duties. I’m excited to see how they portray Thanos in GOTG…hopefully he gets a decent amount of screentime, even being ‘in the shadows’ as they’ve alluded to.

      • That is something I didn’t consider. RDJ only signed on for two more films. They can’t make Avengers 3 two films then…

        • Or they can kill off Tony?

          • Or Iron Man isn’t in part 1.

            • Actually killing him off at the end of part 1 would be a crazy ending leading up to part 2…

              • Make Avengers 3 at least a 2.5 hour movie. But Marvel would never go with that as it would cut into their profits :(

                • I think the Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet story line might be split in to 2 films. Would Thanos be too much for a 2 part story? he pretty much wipes the floor with anyone he wants so probably. The Age of Ultron title suggests something pretty epic of a character who has yet to be introduced let alone give a reason why he just decides rule the world. Are they going to give him a reason to threaten Earth? or will the villain have no reasonable explanation for wanting world dominance seen in IM3 and Thor 2?

                  I’m actually more interested in Ultron than Thanos, not sure why I just think he is more interesting, which works in my favor I guess as I will be seeing his story first.

                  • I’ll admit I am pretty excited to see how Ultron is potrayed. Especially considering his back story will most likely be completely different. It would be pretty cool to leave Avengers 2 hanging with Ultron still in power and Thanos sensing a good time to strike, or something like that for the third one. (Clearly I’m not a writer)

                    • The only problem with that would be ending Avengers 2 and then leave those characters? branch off in to GOTG and Ant-Man stories then just jump straight in to Avengers 3? I don’t know? But as you say that’s why were not writers.

    • As a rule I don’t like split movies. They are usually just bloated cash-ins with lots of superfluous padding. Any good story can be told in two hours, especially when you already have done many, many hours of character development in previous movies.

    • I’d be down with a two-part episode if they release them a few months apart…like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 OR Thor 2 and Captain America 2.

      • I think maximizing the release schedule would be smartest. First weekend of May and then a 4th of July release.

      • @PP

        I agree. That would be the only way Id be down as well. Have them released months after each other.

    • Makes sense money-wise and with all the characters, but is the Infinity Gauntlet really such an epic story?

      It’s basically something that nobody, and I mean nobody, has the ability to fight at all (In the comics not even Eternity, Mephisto, Watcher, Galactus, etc). It’s one of those stories where someone has basically infinite God powers, and they are only defeated due to some personal character flaw. But it seldom has anything to do with the heroes and their powers. It might have a Captain Kirk moment (“What is Love, SuperGodComputer?”).

    • In frivilous attempts to put my bias aside for the infinity series (Gauntlet and War were my introduction into comic books as a kid), I honestly think the best money grab and opportunity to do the story justice would be to have separate trilogies for the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity War, doing character movies in-between.
      It feels like a waste to shoe horn all that story into one or even just two movies.

  2. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Anyone pick of the MOS Blu-Ray this week? Were there any extras worth actually getting? I rented it on xfinity last night and although it’s a little better through another screening at home, I hope they pick up their game in the sequel. I just hope they don’t go all XMEN3 on us…

    • The SF’s could’ve been better but there is that huge S that they are selling. That probably has them all. I just have the 3 disc blu ray pack.

      • I have heard that a lot regarding the SF’s. Kevin Smith was producing white wee wee when talking about the SF’s recently, maybe he was talking about the “huge S version”.

  3. In honor of SR’s anniversary, I thought I’d ask the Scranters…what’s your origin story. My story starts with a 7-year-old watching Ghostbusters….fast forward 20-some years:

    I was a mild-mannered working man that was going through a divorce when I decided to go back to college. College forced me to get a laptop computer and broadband internet access. This was in 2007 and that’s when I discovered Superherohype and Comingsoon. In 2008, I discovered Screenrant. I wasn’t much of a commenter, but I liked reading articles. Occasionally, I commented using the name Y2Jesse (WWE fan) and Spawnacus (Spawn fan). At college, I ran a bi-weekly column in the school newspaper called the Procrastinator’s Point. In 2009, I became a first-time father and a college graduate…my Screenrant time dwindled. In 2010, I returned as B-List Pornstar Extra (because I like jokes). I ran with that screenname for years. I also became a husband for the second time that year. Then in 2011, I brought the Procrastinator’s Point into blog form. And Professor Procrastination was born. I’ve ran with this screenname and discovered the Open Discussions. In 2012, I became a two-time two-time father. And in 2013, I joined H.Y.D.R.A. I’ve said too much.

    Hail HYDRA

    What’s your SR origin story?

    • Yeah…………hmm……..i like movies………the end

    • Mine is a little shorter… I’m one of seven kids in my family. The easiest way to shut us all up when we were younger was to take us to the movies. I’ve been doing it ever since and it’s in my top 2 of most relaxing events. A nice all inclusive resort is the other. :)

    • Thanos turned and smiled at the end of the Avengers and I had absolutely no one to talk to regarding those implications.

      That’s how I found SR. I kept entering search terms like Adam Warlock, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange… and those searches resulted in SRs ComicCon 2012 articles.

      • Wow. I honestly thought you’d been around a lot longer than that.

        • Me too!

    • My girlfriend, family and 90% of my friends laugh in my face if I mention anything remotely geeky.

      I happily stumbled upon Screenrant and found people wanting to discuss similar issues related to film. A huge incentive to come to this site is this community actually feels like a small group away from all the usual cynical social media, one word comment, hashtag, twerking environment the internet has become.

      • #R2isaJedi

        I wrote that while twerking…Sorry had to do it ;)

        I enjoy the community here as well. The articles, the discussions, the podcast. Vic has created something beautiful.

        • LOL! ha

      • +1. I often want to discuss these films. I said to myself the other day, “Self, we need more geeky friends”. One of the many reasons I come here. :)

      • Many of my friends are geeks. Others aren’t.

        I went to Thor2 for the second time yesterday with some friends from the latter group. While the credits were rolling we started talking a little bit “Ehh, it was good. But the Batman movies are way better.” said my friend. “Yeah but Marvel’s got DC pretty much cornered at the box office.” I replied. he’s like “What?”

        Turns out he had no idea that Marvel and DC were different universes or even a remote definition of which heroes belong to which. I was like “come on Justice League and Avengers its not that difficult to understand!”

        Its nice to come one here and talk with people that know at least a little more than some of my friends haha

        • Hey movieDude! I watched Coraline earlier this week and it was pretty damn good. Weird as heck but good aha. Funny how every stop stop-motion flick are always the most bizarre movies.

          • @ ColdSc

            Awesome! Glad you liked it! When it was originally released I instantly fell in love with it and showed it to everybody I could. Most people thought it was too weird haha. I’m glad it worked for you.

            As far as stop-motion films go Laika studios and anything Tim Burton or Henry Selick is gonna be twisted and bizarre. Aardman studios makes stuff that’s less creepy. Also Fantastic Mr. Fox is a delightful stop-motion animated movie.

            • Just wiki’d them and they have another movie coming up, The Boxtrolls, looks promising. They also did Paranorman, great movie and one my favorites from last year. My brother actually suggested Fantastic Mr. Fox a while ago too, might check it out soon.

    • SR Origin Story

      Well it originated from Rotten Tomatoes. I was a frequent visitor of their site stemming from high school circa 2002. I used to get my news from Yahoo! (Greg’s Previews to be exact). I don’t know how i heard of RT, but I liked them and I thought they were very innovative in their own way. I also thought for the longest time that they got their own news 100% of the time. Little did I know. I don’t remember when but they updated their site to where all news that they would post, would go directly to the source. One of those stories led me to ScreenRant… and Ive never turned back. Although I have respect for RT, they have the worst moderation system ever. One guy that posted drove me insane with his political beliefs.

      Anyways, Screenrant is by far the best site there is. The friendliest staff and the most diverse articles.

      • @ LC

        Did you ever check out the Rotten Tomatoes Show? I wanna say it started in…. 2009? entering into 2010. It was like a modernized version of Ebert and Roeper with more gags and jokes that were ACTUALLY funny. The movie reviews themselves (given that it was a movie review show) were also very funny. Fans would upload vids of their opinion on a movie then when they made the episode review the following week they would splice in clips from all the fan’s reviews. Its a shame it didn’t go anywhere. I used to watch the show at but there’s nothing there anymore. Not even old clips :(

        That being said I also love how friendly the staff is here! Sometimes they respond to my comments. I like to see that. You can tell they love what they do just as much as we love reading all the articles they post/write.

        • Current wasn’t available where I was at in Texas at the time so I never got to watch it. But I do remember it. I was excited for it, saw a clip, and it reminded me of AotS.

          • I never watched the show on TV as I didn’t have Current either. I’ve actually never had cable. But yeah it kinda had an AotS vibe to it. My fave part were these Top 5′s that they would do. They were a lot more entertaining than any other movie-centric “best-of” countdowns you’ll find on youtube or other shows.

            If I ever find it maybe I’ll send you a link :D

    • I’ve just always been an avid movie-goer. Before I was 16 I would have to find people to drive me into town to the nicer theater. Any theater just wouldn’t do, I always wanted to go to the nicer one in town where I would get the full experience. Once I could drive I went to movies with more freedom. I followed movie news through and the shortlived Rotten Tomatoes Show (which I still miss :( btw). Fast forward to 3rd quarter 2012 (or was it 4th quarter?). That’s when I first came to SR. It was in the wake of the big Disney Lucasfilm deal. My brother knew about it waaay before me and before most other people. He found out about it here. Needless to say I was intrigued. I checked the site out, really liked it, and I’ve never looked back.

      • It was the 4th quarter. It announced the day before or the day of my son’s birth. I returned to Screenrant a few days later and found out that the internet dropped the biggest news of the year and there I was stuck in the hospital looking at the most adorable baby.

        I feel as if the internet missed out that day.

        • Wow!! That’s so awesome! He must a little over a year old now. Very cool.

          Yeah the internet was up in arms about the whole deal. Obviously there are more important things in life like *ahem* the birth of a child haha.

          • Yep, just turned one. He’s our little Halloweiner…born on Halloween. We should have named him Casper…or Frank (middle name Einstein).

            • Thats right! He would have been born on Halloween. I remember that’s when the Lucasfilm deal went down cuz a friend of mine didn’t know what to dress as for a party and I said I’d lend him my darth vader mask if he wore a mickey mouse shirt. I thought it was creative in light of the new deal haha.. He thought it was too nerdy.

              • That would’ve been awesome!

                • Thanks! I’m glad someone appreciated my idea. :D

    • I used to go to this site called It was a nice smaller site that reported movie news. It used be a lot bigger but was almost dead by 2008-2009. then one day it just, disappeared. So i was stuck without a movie site. I kept using IMDB’s news feature for a while. Every now and then i would be taken to an external link and it was screenrant. Im not sure when it happened but i suddenly found my self checking out the site daily reading random articles until finally I put it in my favorites. that was probably around 2009 or 2010.

      I didn’t start commenting on stuff until probably 2 years ago. Now i go to the site every day, several times a day and read most articles. It’s the only movie news related site in my favorites. IMDB is there to but its nowhere near as good as screenrant and i like the small community that is here.

    • I actually found SR back in early 2008 because of Iron Man. I loved that movie so much that I started digging around in the Internet for anything about it or future sequels. It was during that search, that I stumbled across SR, and I’ve been here every since. I have yet to find a better site for the type of movies and shows that I like. The staff is outstanding, and the articles are informative, and I like Vic, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

      • “I actually found SR back in early 2008 because of Iron Man” – quit talking about yourself in the third person! ;)

        • @ Professor P.

          Sorry, I should have said I was searching for myself!. My bad. :) The suit and I are one. I am Iron Man, the man in the can! ;)

    • I found this site googling the “Inception” ending, and like you I had read coming Soon and Superherohype, but Screenrant is second to none for the commentators and the moderation that keeps us all generally civilized over such passion-stirring topics like the shape of Batman’s cowl, etc.

      When I did comment, I was making some minor point about nostalgia affecting our opinions, and I quickly came up with the name, “Nostelg-O” because it sounds vaguely like a comic book character (hero or villain, you decide). Kind of silly and stupid, but then I just stuck with it for the sake of consistency. It only later occurred to me that perhaps it should be spelled “Nostalg-0.” Part of me says, “D’oh,” but then part of me finds it amusing and humbling in a self-effacing way.

      As for how I acquired the awesome power of arrested adolescence way into what should be adulthood: there are so many things from movies to comics, but really it all started when I was over at my Grandmother’s when I was really little and the movie King Kong (1933) came on and she encouraged me to watch it even though it starts off slow (for small children). I think I fell asleep but couldn’t wait to see it again. And for some reason I remember Kong as being giant and with bright orange fur. Why I don’t know but maybe I just saw something orange, or she had a color TV when we had a Black and white one (that took several minutes to warm up). And no it wasn’t a Japanese knock off, I doubt my Grandmother would have been recommending any of those. Anyway, King Kong had me searching the TV guide insert that came with the Sunday paper, and naturally lead to interests in things like (as substitutes) Tarzan, Planet of the Apes, any Japanese Monster movies (UltraMan and Johnny Socko). Also, it’s worth mentioning that way back then comics and sci-fi were strictly “weirdo” stuff beyond a certain age, so I felt the need to hide this stuff from the public, but that led to a lot of interests in other movies and arts (which was not an uncommon trajectory I’d discover).

    • Ha, great idea, Professor – I was actually thinking about a post on the site asking that very question. :)

      • Great minds think alike. Or maybe I’m a narcissist that wanted to write about myself. The world may never know.

        Keep up the great work. I love the site. It’s my Cheers…without the booze.

  4. Anyone getting a PS4 today?

    I usually wait until the first or second price cut… not a big gamer… right now both our PS3s are primarily used for Netflix and BluRay, the Xbox is only used by my kid for Minecraft.

    • I usually can’t wait and pick one up during the release period but I think I’m going to wait a few months so they can work out the bugs.

    • I’m going to wait it out for a bit. When it gets more games or its first price but maybe. I don’t play much vg’s as is. Its difficult with school and work.

      • I’ll definitely be waiting until other games release too. I’m not much of a gamer but there are a few that I just need to play aha, both Uncharted and the Batman games is all. Like you though, I have school and work so I try to wait until the holidays or vacation.

        • Interesting, those are the same games I play :) I need to finish Last of Us. I’m like 2 hours in. Perhaps over Thanksgiving.

          • I think you’ll like the rest of the Last of Use, amazing story. I was also really attached to Joel and Ellie half way through the game. Naught Dog knows how to pack an emotional punch, geez.

    • Now is the PS4 commercial the one with the “Perfect Day” song? I thought that was Lou Reed, and I checked. It was. Funny, I know they were starting that commercial before he died.

  5. I was perusing the web a few years ago when I came across a link to ScreenRant. Upon reaching the home page, I was absolutely blown away! Up until that moment, I had no idea that Jackie Earl Haley had his own movie review site.

    As for the Professor’s bio, I remember most of those handles you used, sir. Congratulations on getting married twice in 2010. I had no idea that was allowed. ;)

    • haha, bad wording on my part. :P

      • Not at all! It brought to mind that line Samuel L. Jackson used in The Long Kiss Goodnight, about how he’s always frank & earnest with women. In New York he’s Frank and in Chicago he’s Ernest. (or something like that)

        • hahaha. My favorite line from that movie. You could see those things coming around the corner. You have time to comb your hair.

          • That was a hilarious line, back when SLJ was still an (underrated) actor.

        • The Long Kiss Goodnight you mean the film everyone was talking about when saying “they should make a female Bourne movie” then instantly ignored it had been made and produced Salt! thanks for that Hollywood.

          • IMDB has been floating around a Long Kiss Goodnight 2 for years … imagine it will never happen since the Harlin-Davis split. The original was a fantastic flick for its time, though. To this day, I can’t watch Craig Bierko without thinking of that movie.

            • That film influenced so many others, even little things like Geena Davis shooting through the ice/Kate Beckinsale doing something similar in Underworld. Brian Cox is in it because well hes in everything!

              • The ice skating shootout was a blast! Who’d have ever imagined SLJ & Brian Cox being so hilarious together? Also, the film itself features one of David Morse’s best performances.

          • The Long Kiss Goodnight is a great movie. I watch every time it comes on cable. I don’t understand why the critics didn’t like it. I think Gena Davis did a great job.

            • I couldn’t agree more.

  6. Continuing the lovefest:

    the Agents of SHIELD and Arrow debate continues:

    I have to thank those of you in the OD that kept the faith in Arrow last season. I gave up on it early and let the episodes build up on my Hulu queue, but I kept seeing Scranters writing positive feedback about the show. I went back and caught up on my queue. I was hooked and burnt through my queue very quickly. It’s now one of my favorite programs.

    So, that’s why I haven’t gave up on Agents of SHIELD yet. I want to return the favor if the show gets better. So far, it is slowly improving…but it’s nowhere near MCU fan expectations.

    • I think both shows have received unfair criticisms. When characters are established icons there’s this demand for immediate perfection and gratification because of how beloved the concepts are. Both shows, like nearly all new shows, started out bumpy but have found themselves and continue to improve.

      • I agree. Plus, do you really want the show to start off with the best episode because there is only one way to go from there?

        • Agreed! Sadly, I’ve seen a few shows that fall under that category.

    • I don’t think either show is great. Arrow is watchable but AOS is unbearably bad.

      • I enjoy it. But I still watch Revolution and I liked Terra Nova. So, maybe my judgment is skewed.

        • I really enjoyed Terra Nova, sucks that it didn’t get a second season. Love Arrow, AoS is ok but slowly improving. Revolution I kind of gave up on a while ago, I’m 4 episodes behind i believe.

          In related(ish) news… ALMOST HUMAN ON SUNDAY!!!

          • I’m excited for Almost Human!

            Revolution is different this season. The Aaron storyline is intriguing. The last three episodes got me yearning for the next week. I like what they’ve done with Monroe this season too. He’s way more BA on his own than he was commanding an army. I like that they’ve given all these characters a common enemy to work against yet they don’t trust each other. It’s like when Magneto teams up with Professor X (or Thor with Loki), you just know at some point someone is going to be crossed…but until then it’s a lot of fun seeing them work together.

    • I as a general rule give everything a full season, Arrow = Stuck with it, Matt Smiths 1st year as the Doctor = walked away (coming back for the 50th though).

      At the minute AoS is not a good show, some of the episode have been plain dull. ep.4 (I think) x-ray eye was a glimmer of hope, ep.6 FTTZ was a ray of sunshine (very enjoyable) and we here in the UK get ep.7 tonight.

      I’ll stick with it for this 1st season then decide. It has potential, that’s the thing, if only the writers and producers could tap in to that we might get somewhere. With the exception of Skye and May (who’ve not had much to do yet) we’ve started to get glimpses of a half decent cast, especially highlighted in ep.6

      If they’re given the material the can work it.

      As with Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor, I feel the problems with AoS is more the writing and direction than the cast themselves.

      • My family started watching Doctor Who this year on Netflix. We burnt through the first season very quickly. Over the summer, we watched David Tennant’s time as the Doctor. So…from last April or May, we watched the first 4 series. And now, it has taken us 6 weeks to watch 8 episodes of Matt Smith. I know part of the reason is because the fall TV season started, but I don’t think my family will ever like Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor as much as Tennant’s version.


    • @ Professor Procrastination

      You’re welcome my friend. Arrow had a rough start, but all the signs were there for this show to be good, which is why I defended it so heavily. It’s now my favorite show. I’m glad that you enjoy it now. :)

      AoS I am concerned about however. I don’t see the same attributes that just need cultivating there like I did in Arrow. They can still turn it around, but IMO, big changes need to be made. IMO, I say give it one more season to find out if it truly is a good or bad show; give the show runners time to get things right. That will take us right up to Avengers 2. If it doesn’t improve, they may have to cancel it. :(

    • It’s funny but my favorite shows have a common theme:

      1. “Super” powers
      2. Flashbacks to the past that make the present story more interesting
      3. Very short title page

      And, they all happen to be on The CW

      Arrow, The Tomorrow People, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

      They have similar production quality too.

      I know some of you don’t like the vampire stuff, but you should check out The Tomorrow People, esp if you liked Jumper or Push.

      • Im enjoying The tomorrow People. I think its even better than AoS (so far). I like that i get a double dose of (super)heroes on Wednesday evenings.

  7. Watched Prisoners again yesterday, ended up being one of my favorite films. I very rarely get such a thrill ride with my heart pounding when watching a movie, no matter how good it is but this one definitely did. Both Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal were amazing in it. What did everyone else think of it?

    Also it being one of my favorite films, what’s everyone’s top 5 of this year? Mine has to be:
    1) Prisoners
    2) Man of Steel
    3) The Way Way Back
    4) The Wolverine
    5) The Place Beyond the Pines

    • Well there are still many, many films i want to see from this year, but my top 5 SO FAR are:

      1. Star Trek Into Darkness
      2. Fast & Furious 6
      3. Olympus Has Fallen
      4. Iron Man 3
      5. Now You See Me

      As you can tell, my list so far includes mostly big budgeted popcorn films. I usually don’t see the smaller, more serious type of films until later on. So i will have an updated list by the end of December/January.

      • I’ve seen every one of those except Into Darkness, which is weird since I really like Karl Urban, Chris Pine and the first Star Trek movie lol. Fast and Furious 6 I thought was a great action packed film, same to Olympus Has fallen. I thought both Iron Man 3 and Now You See Me were alright, I think the cast upped the quality of Now You See Me though. Summers are known for popcorn flicks man, and winter is probably the better season to watch the indie flicks. I’m usually at home during the winter / holidays, trying to get warm and watching smaller indie flicks.

    • My top five for the year (so far, of course):

      1. MOS
      2. “Gravity”
      3. “Pacific Rim”
      4. “Fruitvale Station”
      5. “The Croods”

      (I did also very much enjoy “Now You See Me”, “Oblivion”, and “Despicable Me 2″, as well as being entertained/amused by others…

      • Oops…Close the parentheses )


  8. I know its a silly movie but my #1 has gotta be Pacific Rim

    1) Pacific Rim
    2) Into Darkness
    3) The Way, Way Back
    4) The World’s End
    5) Gravity

    I wanna throw Man of Steel or Elysium on there but they don’t fit and I prefer these other 5. Also, my 5 might change when I see 12 yrs a Slave today.. We’ll have to see how awesome it is.

    • Pacific Rim was pretty good, the action scenes were ridiculous too and c’mon, it has Idris Elba aha. The Way, Way Back was really great, coming of age flicks has to be my favorite genre right after thrillers. Hope you enjoy 12 Years a Slave, unfortunately it’s not playing at my theater. Michael Fassbender is one of my favorite actors so it really sucks I won’t catch the flick in theaters.

      • Dude! Just got back from 12 years a slave. Fassbender was terrifying! He put Calvin Candy to shame and that’s reeeeally saying something cuz I loved him in Django.

        • Gosh dang it!! Sry I forgot to switch back my username. I am SteveChow sometimes.

  9. suprised nobody has Thor 2 on the list, i still need to see it as well as The Butler, Olympus and FF6

    so far

    1.Man of Steel
    2.Iron Man 3
    3.Star Trek Into blah
    4.Now You See Me
    5.Great Gatsby

    • Thor2 is great! I done seent it twice already.. I just liked all the other movies I mentioned more.

  10. Anyone hear any recent progress on the movies for Doc Savage, or the Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

    • Or how about for The Equalizer movie? No recent news there either.

  11. I just want to ask. How many Screenranters are following the Blacklist? I’ve been watching and this show started out good and is getting better. I wish SR would give it some more coverage.

    • I like the Blacklist too. Do you think Red is Lizzie’s father? I do.

      • Did you see last week’s episode? Because I think they pretty much cleared that up.

        • They covered it without uncovering it.

          People have criticized the acting on other new shows this year, but the Blacklist has had some very wooden acting and incredibly under-developed characters. All that’s held it together is James Spader and an array of villains-of-the-week.

  12. I told my son that Olivia ‘s mother was alive on Scandal and I was right before it was revealed. I also think that Red is Lizzy’s real father on The Blacklist.