Open Discussion – November 14, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 14, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 14, 2012

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  1. What director would you want to direct the movie of your life and what would it be like?

    • I would definitely say Milos Forman to direct, he seems to catch the moving and key parts of anyone’s life.

      Basically, my life would be in the similar style of “Man on the Moon” where people could see me for who I really am by myself or just in a comfortable setting. The major ups and major downs would be explored and then in the end, after my death, people could have the right to understand who I am or was and then decide if I could be considered a relatable role model or someone you never want to hear of again.

      It’s about the truth of all lies and rumors that’s important. You want to stop the speculation and just come clean with everyone in a style people can understand.

    • I would love for Nolan or Spielberg to direct such a film (Spielberg probably closer in overall lifetime attitude, Nolan closer in terms of lifetime “feel”). Knowing my luck, however, I’d probably wind up with Seth Rogen…I generally HATE anything with Rogen attached.

    • Mel Brooks.

      Its a satire.

      Wrought with Asinine, immature and toilet humor for the first 18 years.

      Then…Adult Hood.

      It would be a dramedy.

    • Kevin Smith. A mundane life story with a lot of comedic dialogue and not much action.

    • David Fincher. If he can make an absolute snooze topic like Facebook interesting, he’s the right man!

      • French director Michael Haneke, it would be a 245 442.758 hour
        (28 years) movie about every moment of my life, from waking to living to sleeping, like an unedited The Truman Show, yawn!

        • Actually, Haneke is austrian, not french.

          • Ah I stand corrected, thanks

    • Haha! Great question…
      Even though he’s not my favorite director I’d say Wes Anderson.
      2nd would be Spike Jones.

    • Cronenberg.

      • Lol! My second choice. In full “body horror” mode. Long live the new flesh.

    • Armando Iannucci. The swearing would be slightly more imaginative.

  2. Advanced tickets for the Hobbit have gone on sale, has anyone picked them up already ? I’m getting mine today for IMAX I can’t wait, my theater is having a LOTR marathon.

    • I’ve never liked LOTR, but “The Hobbit” looks amazing. I’ll definitely be seeing it opening day

      • The Hobbit looks exactly like LOTR with added dwarves, think you may be dissappointed

        • Maybe you’re right. Certain movies aren’t for everyone and by no means am I saying LOTR is a terrible franchise or anything like that. It just doesn’t fit my interest and I don’t think I could fairly watch it with an open mind

          • I loved the LOTR trilogy, thought it was awesome, however my interest for The Hobbit is low, there’s only so much walking and arguing and walking a bit more, that you can watch in one lifetime, especially when it’s split into 3 movies with extended editions over 3 and a half hours long each with around 30 hours of docs and making ofs! Imagine when the complete boxset ultimately comes out in a few years, over 20 discs of LOTR material, I bet even Tolkien didn’t expect it to turn into the mahoosive cash cow that it has turned into

            • I share your sentiments exactly, Good Doctor.

    • I’ll wait until the major onslaught has died down. The Hobbit will no doubt be shown in theaters until well into spring.

      • It will have it’s own tv channel one day!

  3. So… Jamie Foxx is CONFIRMED for Electro?

    And what is the official title for the second Spider-man?

    • Has it been confirmed?

      • Not that I’d know…

    • Shocking.

      Yeah! I said it! No one else was going to…So sue me! :)

  4. Catching Fire logo to be revealed before Breaking Dawn 2.

    • I really hope this one steps up it’s game, just like they did with the books. The second book was the best of the three IMHO. Too bad they aren’t making Catching Fire into two parts instead of Mockingjay, there is a great dividing line right in the middle of that book.

    • I added it to my netflix queue a while ago, but I haven’t gave it a watch yet. I’ll be sure to watch it sooner now.

      • Haha. Judging from your comments, you chose your screen name well. Just FYI, the original web “episodes” were maybe 10 minutes long each but subsequently organized into “seasons”, and each “season” is over an hour long. There are now six “seasons”, but the show is still being produced by creator Felicia Day, with pending “episodes” still to be released in “Season” 6. First episode/season dragged a bit, but it only gets better, in my opinion.

        • I’ll be sure to check it out. I like Felicia Day so that’s why I added it a while ago. I actually need a new show on Netflix to watch.

      • Watching it on Netflix is nice because the have all the individual episodes cut together so you can just watch it straight through instead of having to queue up each individual six minute episode.

        • Yep, that’s where I watched it, after being introduced to Felicia Day in Eureka and doing a search to find some of her other projects. In my opinion, The Guild is her best work. I really think it would make a great sitcom on television. Vork kills me!

    • Screen Rant already posted this in their news wrap up a couple days ago ;)

      • Thanks, boodoo. I think “Ignur” just likes to post links to other sites. 8)


  5. Anybody have any thoughts or comments on Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. I’ve like what I’ve seen so far, it only been two episodes so far though.

  6. Royal Flush gang on Arrow tonight!

  7. Also, I really like the idea of a Indiana Jones series of movies where much like James Bond, there’s a new Indy every so many movies. If Disney does that, I think Indiana Jones could go on for a long time, like Bond.

    • I vote for Jensen Ackles in that role. :D

    • I think Disney should turn Indiana Jones into a television series on ABC. It’s the perfect format for television. Think about the journey in each movie that he takes. Now, make each little step 42 minutes long and lead up towards an epic payoff at the end of the season. Each season could be a new adventure. It could work with the right writers. But, it would have to be an adult Indiana Jones and not a “young” Indiana Jones. I’d like to see Josh Holloway in that role.

      • and it would be best to do shortened 13 episode seasons.

        • Hasn’t there already been an Indiana Jones tv show?

          The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles?

          • yep, that’s why I said not a “young” Indiana Jones.

      • This was already tried once with a show called “Tales of the Gold Monkey” on ABC in fact, and it bombed badly back in 1982, at the height of the Indiana Jones/swashbuckler adventure era. Indy needs to stay on the big screen, like Bond.

        • Good lord, someone as old as me remembers that.

          Anyone for a remake of Automan?

          • That car made 90 degree turns… 90 degrees! And Disney made a cartoon series, which was inspired by the short-lived Tales of the golden monkey called talespin.

            • you are correct Pitt Man, they did. I used to stay up late to watch Gold Monkey when I was I wee little tyke. Pilot was good, series not so much. Auto-man, I think was a Tron rip off. Hilarious! :)

          • Not only do I remember Tales of the Gold Monkey, but I also own it on DVD! Love that show! Jake Cutter, Corky and all the other guys. ;

        • I was 4 in 1982, so I don’t remember that…but I do remember my sister watching Talespin. I’d take movie versions like Bond, but a TV series seems to me that it could work really well. Some of my favorite movies nowadays are TV series…Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, etc. So to take this franchise and stretch a good story out over 13 episodes…that would be awesome.

  8. just finished up Heroes last night. I thought it was a pretty solid series overall. Wouldve like just one more season to tie up some loose ends though.

    Also bought The Cabin in the Woods. Im not usually a horror movie fan except for a select few but this was pretty good. I liked how they played with some of the horror cliches. I found the last 30 minutes or so really enjoyable ** spoiler ** when they take the elevator down and release all the monsters ** spoiler **.

    • It was all the loose ends that bothered me about that series. One that really bothered me was the fast food worker with photo-reflexes (or something like that, could immediately mimic anything she saw) and spent a few episodes with her freaking out about it and then just dropped it with no reference to her again. I think they just tried to add too many characters in season two and got of track. I wouldn’t mind a follow up movie or something to show the fallout from Claire showing the world about their existence though.

  9. I’m waiting to see the newest episode of Arrow tonight. I am hoping they follow one canon on the Royal Flush gang. In most appearances two members of the gang were women. The Queen{of course}and the ten but they will probly change this for the show. have to wait and see.

  10. I just finished watching The Shield.
    Unfortunately it wasn’t available on Netflix Streaming so I had to watch all 7 seasons on disc at a time but it was worth it and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good “Cop” show but can grow tired of the case of the week format of most series. Sure that happens from time to time on The Shield but it usually works into the bigger picture.
    Also, without spoilers I’ll say the series finale was pretty fantastic.

  11. Edgar Wright

  12. I would really like to actors like Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper get nominated for Academy Award Best Actor for their roles in Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook because i think they have a really good chance and i think this might be the only they will get in their entire career at winning a major acting award.
    Also i would like Javier Bardem to be nominated for his role in Skyfall. I thought he was brilliant in that role. Best Bond Villain ever!!

  13. Just started watching Jericho over the weekend safe to say I am addicted. It is a shame it will end with the 29th episode such a good series I am on episode 7 right now.

    • It is such a good show its to bad it got cancelled though; they are trying to revive it so it plays new episodes exclusively on netflix kind of like what they are doing for Arrested Development

    • Jericho was one of my first Netflix addictions. About 3 years ago, I sat down and watched every episode within a week or two. It was awesome. I hope Netflix does revive it.

      • I love it so much I wish they would bring it back

  14. Tom hardy will play the lead in the splinter cell adaptation. according to indie wire

  15. I keep seeing a certain trailer while watching TV shows and I have to ask…When did Gerard Butler become the male Katherine Heigl?