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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 13, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 13, 2013

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  1. OK so open discussion time and I would like to know what people think about Facebook comments being directly linked to the articles.

    In my personal opinion is that yes there are far more comments which is to be expected however, and I’m generalizing here, there seems to have been an increase of aggressively derogatory comments aimed at Films/Actors and users without any explanation or rational reasoning. I understand this is synonymous with social media which is why I would rather come to this site and discuss film and television news with like minded people than sift through thousands of pictures of individuals dinners/pets/pets eating peoples dinners etc.

    I would argue the natural ebb and flow of many debates that occur on these articles have been adversely affected by these changes. I’m however aware that I may very well be in a minority on this topic and people are of course entitled to disagree and argue their point as to why I am wrong.

    In addition please be aware Screenrant staff that I am in no way criticizing the attempt to bring new followers into the mix and increase the popularity of a site which I consider to be the best in the business.

    On a side note I know auto play adverts have been bought up before but for some reason it appears to be happening a lot more this week than previously.

    • My only problem is… do the people who comment on Facebook know that their comments are plugged into the articles? Isn’t there a privacy issue there? For people who have their profiles set to a super private setting, are now going to be flushed into google’s search results. If you don’t believe me, google your username here on SR and see how many results you pull in. I can care less how many results LC pulls in but I would seriously be angry if my facebook profile starts hitting the internet.

    • I hate it! The Facebook comments should be removed again. Permanently.

    • i don’t like it, but i understand the business side of it… feels less personal, like a big box store.

      • Hey gang,

        You speak, I listen. I am ending our little Facebook comments experiment and it will be back to just us folks here.

        On a related note, no one noticed the changes we made to the site yesterday evening? :-\

        • Thanks Vic,

          Just a quick word to say well done with Little Favour, I thought it was an excellent piece of work.

          • Hey, thanks very much for saying so. That short film really exceeded my expectations.

            • Oh Vic,

              I almost forgot to mention this but seeing as you clearly have an interest for short films you may well have seen it. Pitch Black Heist with Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham check it out if you haven’t already.

        • I noticed. I even commented on Facebook. :-D

        • Yes I did. I liked it, except for the bold font, which you since have removed. I’m grateful for that. Also, thank you for getting rid of the Facebook integration. It made a real mess of things. ;)

        • i like the new layout vic. sorry i didn’t comment on that yesterday. it was noticed.

        • Thanks Vic. I’m not sure why the Facebook integration bothered me so much, but it did. Thanks for removing it. It is appreciated.

    • I almost never use facebook to comment
      I dont want what little friends I have to know I argue incessantly about nerdy topics.

      • +1

    • Good morning all…

      @ Eddie Felson

      Personally, it doesn’t bother me either way. Other than the OD and occasionally the Arrow review article, I don’t comment on anything nor do I read them. I neither have the time or the energy to read through pages of ignorant Marvel vs DC comments, muchnless respond to them. I do think that the level or quality of the comments had been dropping off a quite a bit, whether it be about the race of a character, choice of an actor or what have you, and I do think that by opening it up to the Facebook crowd, it will only degrade further.

      I understand SR is a business, and that they need to drum up hits to the site. I will say however that for the last month or so, the site has not worked very well either on desktop or mobile, but especially the mobile site. I hope SR is not trying to get to big to fast. I have really enjoyed this site very much for years, but the current rash of changes have not been going very well at all.

  2. Good morning, Scranters!

    Who watched Man of Steel last night?

    • I DID I DID !!!! Threw a little party with friends on the 60 inch.

      Got the special “S” shield blu ray collector’s edition. I haven’t even gotten to the special/extra features yet.

      Faora rocks!

      • I couldnt find an s shield one anywhere. Hmmm

        • Amazon.

        • Trey >>>

          It’s on Amazon. I never looked anywhere else, I’m guessing it’s exclusively on Amazon.

          Pre ordered it and got it the day of release.

          I’m big on Amazon.

      • I watched the special features on the blu ray edition. I didn’t go all out for the S because I will EVENTUALLY by the box set from the franchise. Probably 10 years down the road lol. Same as I did for TDK trilogy. I waited til the end to even own ONE of those films. But MoS was too good not to own immediately.

        The SF’s werent all that cool though. Its almost what we already have seen with all the interviews they’ve already posted.

        • I hear ya, LC.

          There were so many features about the making of MOS building up to the the theatrical release.

          I enjoy the INTERVIEWS, (especially with Antje Traue) but a lot of these extras go too far into the technicalities of how the FX were done.

          While I enjoy those details, I prefer not seeing Supes without his cape and hanging on wires lol.

    • After going to see Thor, we stopped at Walmart and picked it up. Watched it the moment we got home. Great day!

      • THOR and then SUPES.

        Now, that’s quite a double feature, Huntress.

        • Like I said, it was a great day :)

      • Superman vs Thor!

        A friend of mine who was a “mighty” THOR fanatic (see what I did there) used to engage me into these crazy scenarios in which Thor and Superman would throw down their capes.

        I’m the Supes fan, so I always joked to him that there was no contest.

        Superman would simply melt Thor’s hammer with heat vision then throw him into the sun.

        Once he was done washing his hands, Supes takes out Lois for a drink.

        • Check this out if you haven’t already. Its fun to watch.

          • BTW… I didn’t embed this youtube video. I apologize that it did this…

            I just posted a url.

        • Thor’s hammer is made of a star. So therefore… a sun can’t melt it.

          • That’s illogical. If Thor’s hammer was made from a star then it was made from material that was formerly melted in that star. Therefore: a sun is a star and a star can melt Thor’s hammer (i.e. return it to its initial state).

            • I’m not understanding your tactics…. and Im going to take it as a threat LOL.


              • That’s the way of the internet. You learned well, Padawan. :D

    • Watched it two and a half weeks ago (for the first time) and thought it was alright. Towards the end it kinda falls apart, for example the whole World Machine thingy with those tentacles was way over the top and reminded me of the showdown in Ang Lee’s Hulk, with Banner’s lightning daddy. Too crazy and surreal to be fun. 3.5/5

      • I loved the terraforming World Engine! not the tentacles so much but in 3D seeing cars and bodies float up and then getting slammed into the ground was an awesome spectacle, for me at least.

        • Yeah, that was a cool idea. I just didn’t like how Sups fought it.

        • The scene where Superman flies into the gravity beam has to be my favorite part of the movie. I do agree that the tentacle addition was unneeded though lol.

    • Me too! Looks amazing on Blu Ray, haven’t gotten to the special features yet though.

    • I did, and still feel the same, it was a bit boring. Doesn’t deserve the extreme hate I’ve read but I don’t think it deserves the extreme praise either. I still say Russell Crowe was the best actor in the movie and Cavill has the best Supes look I have ever seen.

  3. Ladies and gentleman boys and girls children of all ages

    • Barnum??…..Baily?? :-D

  4. I watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on Monday. Another good Guy Ritchie film. But I still like Snatch. better. I would like to see Ritchie return to these smaller British films (after the third Sherlock Holmes of course).

    And yeah, I also find the new Facebook comments annoying, people on Facebook and youtube like starting stupid arguments and saying stupid crap. The people on here are (mostly) above all that which is nice. but we will see how it goes.

    • He’s working on The Man From U.N.C.L.E next with Henry Cavill (not being Supes obviously) I’m really interested to see that when it arrives. Not sure if anyone mentioned RocknRolla to you before but you should check it out, not as gritty as Lock Stock and Snatch but a good watch nonetheless.

    • How’s Revolver? I never got around to watching it but I have it in my streaming queue. I found Rock’n’Rolla very disappointing, which keeps me from trying Revolver.

      Snatch and Lock, Stock… are great, though!

      • Revolver is a different beast entirely. Its probably Ritchie’s most divisive film, I cant speak for everyone else but I loved it. Great performances from Ray Liotta,Andre 3000, Jason Statham acting rather than beating people up, intriguing storyline. A lot of people hated it but for me its a great movie.

        • Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

          • Ive seen every Guy Ritchie film except that romance one, forget the title. Anyone know if that one is worth checking out?

            Revolver I actually enjoyed, it is definitely a different film, might take a couple viewings to understand everything that happens, I myself have only watched it once and feel like i need to see it again.

            • Swept Away, he did it for his then wife Madonna. I tried to watch it and failed, I just couldn’t finish it which honestly isn’t like me even if I think a film is bad I will at least see it through to the end.

      • Revolver is awesome, you’ll either love it or really really hate it, there’s no middle ground for a movie like this. I studied it, read blogs trying to explain it scene-by-scene and still to this day I have no idea what it all about.

    • Periwinkle blue

  5. im contemplating getting the PS4

    • Good luck dude. I think most of us can only afford only one next-gen console and making the right decision will impact the next 5 years of gaming for that individual. I haven’t decided but the Xbox is only coming out next year April/May in my country so my decision could be already made.

  6. So I went out last night and bought the Man Of Steel. I hadn’t seen it in theaters. I decided since it was a DC movie that I should splurge and by chips, popcorn and soda. I sat down watched what felt like four hours of video-game graphics punching each other. I am so sorry but I HATED the Man of Steel! Their was an excessive amount of unnecessary language in the beginning and TONS of advertising for Ihop, Nikkon, Sears, 7/11 and even Lexcorp had their own logo flaunted all over the place.

    • I am surprised to hear that from you, Writer. But each to their own.

      The advertising IMO wasn’t advertising. It was to make the film feel as if it was real. Putting real world things into a film, ya know? I could be wrong but that was my impression.

      • I know… Perhaps I set my standards to high or something but I honestly felt like it was dragged out too long and the fighting scenes were jammed packed with computer animation. The storyline was great but they hardly used the emotional aspect of the film. Where he has to destroy his own people to save the humans. Of course this was still present but I think it was misused.

        Plus the dad runs back to save a dog in the middle of a tornado. To me (which I actually live in Kansas and have for all of my life) a guy doesn’t run back for his dog no matter what. Either the dog runs or he winds up with the wizard of Oz. I liked how in the original movie the (heart attack) death of his father was out of his control. Although now I can see your point about the advertising and that would make more sense so thanks for clearing that up. It was a “good” movie but that is all it was, nothing more to me anyway.

        • Writer, check out Honest Trailer’s Man of Steel. It was just posted yesterday on YouTube. See if it mentions any of your issues. It definitely mentions all of mine. All in a hilarious way, of course.

          • Adrian

            Wow… That was actually a hilarious but decent portrayal of most of my views. Of course one thing they didn’t mention was that Superman didn’t use one of his powers. He didn’t use his frost breath.

            • Oh, and it didn’t mention the dog and the tornado thing.

        • Watching last night, I could’ve sworn that in theaters he went after a human as well, not just a dog. But in this release, obviously it was just the dog. I agree… shouldve been swooped away like Lana in the first season of Smallville.

    • You will be hard pushed to find a film without any product placement in it these days. The Lexcorp logo’s are Easter eggs. It looks likely that Lex will be introduced and is going to be pretty pissed at Supes for smashing through his new building etc.

      • Man of steel was awesome in that it destroyed it advertisement
        Ihop and Sears get f*cked up in the film.

    • The only thing that troubled me about the product placement in Man of Steel was that they ruined Lois’ Nikon D3s. That’s an awesome camera, well beyond my budget ($7,000 just for the body). Seeing it getting destroyed was painful. :(

      • I know someone who felt the same way. I too still can’t handle a destroyed supercar, I’m no where near owning one but it hurts my soul when they crash.

      • I hate product placement, this years prize has to go to World War Z for the Pepsi scene just such a cringe making moment! Zombie Apocalypse, stop for a Pepsi, ahh refreshing!

        Casino Royale was probably the one film I remember most for this, that contrived scene on the train. Vespa “Nice watch Rolex?” Bond “no Omega” Urgh
        Bond in a car commercial for a Ford Mondeo?
        Bond using Sony Vaio laptop close ups? Sony Ericsson phones.

        I like the film and there are probably worse examples but it got to me watching such blatant advertising.

        • Don’t get me wrong. I hate contrieved product placement, when it plays out like a commercial with tailored dialogue. But product placement like in Man of Steel, where they just use and have have things in the background that actually exist, doesn’t bother me at all. I didn’t think that any product placement felt forced in MoS. In fact, I only really noticed the Nikon, because I’ve been drooling over that camera ever since I saw what it can do in low light conditions with very high ISO settings.

          Great… now I sound like Nikon plant. :D

          • Don’t worry about it I have a set of Technics SL210 MK5G Turntables and whenever I mention them everyone in close proximity visibly rolls their eyes!

            • the Ferrari of turntables my friend i have sl-1200mk2, for the last 15 years still ticking like a clock

              • I had 1200 Mk2′s as well, bought them 16 years ago and sold them to a mate when I bought the Mk5′s who still has them. The only issue I had was I being so young and reckless with them I found myself scratching away at the silver finish all the time. As far as durability goes they just seem bullet proof, my decks have been through a lot in their life and they just keep on going.

                • yeah man i have always wanted to get a new pair but can’t find a reason to replace them haha

    • I thought the same things when I saw it in theaters.

      I will watch it again at some point. Things can play differently on DVD (smaller screen and all), but I’m not expecting major changes in my first opinion.

  7. New Arrow tonight!!!

    Does anybody think that the sleeping giant that is WB/DC has finally woken up? I think they have, and I think they have a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipe, both in the DCCU and in the TV market. I have been asking for years that they get a plan together and start doing something, and it seems that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    I am confused about one thing however, are we going to have two different Nightwings? On on Arrow, and one in the DCCU? I read the article, and it’s still not clear to me what the story is there.

    • I think DCCU/TV can be more successful in achieving what Marvel is trying to do with AOS. I’ve read numerous reports on Nightwing and a site that I trust with information is saying the Nightwing character is going to be a “young John Hawkes” type of actor/character which leads me to believe it’s going to be a young actor. If this is true and the whole McQueen thing is true then it leads me to believe that the TV series is now leaning towards connecting it to the movie. Maybe it may be in a sense that Nightwing makes just a brief appearance in the show as something of a glimpse type of thing or the show may be trying to set things up for a JLA movie.

    • @ Stark

      It’s funny I thought I remembered someone telling Stark that DC had everything under control almost a whole year ago. Hmm… I wonder what person told him that…

      • I am just kidding.

        • @ Writer

          That was you!
          Hey, when you’re right, you’re right. Actually, I think it was longer than a year ago Writer, so good call by you! :) They were such a mess back then, but now they’ve come around a bit and seem to have a plan in place which was all I wanted. I see hope and a solid future with their properties now. I think all CBM fans will win with both WB/DC and Marvel going full speed. Great time to be a CBM fan!

  8. On episode 4 or 5 of House of Cards, it’s pretty goOd but for some reason I can’t get “attached” to it. WhAts the main goal, what is there to look forward to by the end of the series. I can’t figure out why I should care for these characters if I can’t figure out what motivates them. For me, not the best drama of the last year. I still think Hannibal is better.

  9. Agents of SHIELD….

    Last nights episode “The Hub” is just another example of this show getting better with each episode. The ratings however continue to drop. My fear is that the show will be canceled, and deemed a failure when there is so much potential here.

    I wanted to pose a scenario. I think a lot of what is holding back Agents of SHIELD is that it is on ABC. What if the show ended up moving and being included in the deal with Netflix? It would be released of the restraints put on it by a family oriented broadcast channel.

    • I don’t think the show will get cancelled. I think it might not get renewed for a 2nd season but with the supposed ties to Cap 2 I think it will stick around until next year. After that, I doubt it. ABC does have Castle and some other shows which were more adult oriented shows. I think most of this is more on Whedon and Co. Compare the shows now toned down humor and it matches more to that sort of humor of Thor 2. I think the shows issue is that they don’t have any known characters beside Coulson. I think from what I’ve heard from friends was that they were expecting something different in which they would have little known superheroes on the show like a Luke Cage or an Iron Fist. They didn’t expect it all the time but they expected at least 1 or 2 of them by now. The Skye storyline is kind of interesting if it has a point and ties into the Marvel world. They need to speed things and show a direction in which it’s going IMO. Once they do that then I think the show, like Arrow, will start to gain some ground

  10. I love this site use it on my phone all the time but it won’t allow me to view in mobile mode. I use gamerant also and it works fine.
    Any chance of a fix please

  11. So I must have been waaaaaay out of the loop because as I was visiting my local video rental store I happened to notice James Franco’s movie adaptation of As I Lay Dying. Needless to say I was completley jazzed and watched it that night. I just remember seeing the trailer for it like this past summer and then nothing sense so I was kinda shocked, good shocked, but shocked nonetheless. Anybody else experience this or am I just living under a rock in my tiny town?

  12. Oh for crying out loud… since*

    • Aaaaaaand not even on my original comment.
      off to kill myself now tah tah.