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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 11, 2013

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  1. First! But it’s monday so not sure how much that counts.

    Saw Thor 2 over the weekend and…LOVED it. The action was crazy this time around and while I thought the humour would ruin it, it only enhanced the experience. Overall good movie. Can’t wait for DOFP and CAP2 next year!

    • I agree about the humor. A lot of people hate Kat Dennings but I thought she actually had a great performance in this movie.

      • She was the worst part of the first film but she seemed a bit more enjoyable in this one.

    • I saw thor twice! Once in IMAX 3d and once in standard. IMAX was amazing!! Plus I got to see the extended cap trailer with the full elevator scene which was absolutely intense. Can’t wait for that movie gonna be incredible I can already tell.

      I loved thor! Thought it was a fantastic movie all around. The elves were kinda weak but the action and the basis of the story were awesome. Loved seeing more of Asgard loved the way ended. Loved that each warrior got their scene and loved that heimdall got a sick action scene. He was a scene stealer for me. Portland character was way better and never bothered me at all. Actually loved her too. All in all great movie for me and my favorite marvel film to date. Maybe even surpassing the avengers.

  2. Saw Thor TDW twice this weekend. Fun flick. Won’t spoil anything but I just can’t stand Portman’s Foster. Was really hoping the story went a different way.

  3. So…after seeing “Thor: The Dark World” (a pretty good film about whose rating I agree with SR), I decided to see “Gravity” a second time (I STILL haven’t seen it in IMAX, although the 3D version is impressive, nonetheless).

    Wow. I say again, WOW. The plot was nothing particularly stunning or new, but it was solid and engaging. Clooney and ESPECIALLY Bullock were excellent in their respective roles. As for the effects, both visual (definitely, the high point, as intended…I think)AND the aural, they were magnificent.

    What a magnificent film…truly what the “Movie-going experience” was meant to be.

    • @ Archaeon

      Give yourself a treat and see Gravity in IMAX. It’s amazing! I really think its something you’ll enjoy.

      • Stark…

        Thank you for the recommendation…I am REALLY hoping I can finally get a chance to hit the IMAX theater this week (I believe it’s still playing there).

        • In my area it lost some IMAX screens recently with the release of Enders Game, but definitely check it out its still available to you! I mean you’ve already seen it twice so you’re obviously a big fan of the film. IMAX is the way to see it. Earlier this year I saw Pacific Rim three times and the 3rd time was in IMAX. It was totally worth it :)

    • Agree with your assessment of the film. It’s a good to great film, but way overhyped (IMHO).

  4. Saw Thor 2 over the weekend. It was IMO the best Marvel movie to date. Looking forward to Captain America: TWS to see if it does better. Seems more drama filled though. We shall see.

    On a good note… MoS comes out tomorrow!!!

    • I forgot MOS comes out tomorrow, YES!

    • I think CA:TWS will be the best Marvel movie once that comes out. If I were to rank them I think Avengers would still come out on top.

      • Avengers was too cheesy for me. I am liking the tone of Phase 2. I am sure Age of Ultron will be better than the first movie. But its all a matter of opinion.

      • Personally, I still find “The Incredible Hulk” to be the best MCU film…I just found it to be the best made all around. Thankfully, TTDW has finally started “Phase 2″ of on the right foot after a misstep or two. I look forward to seeing Cap2. It looks intriguing…

        • Oops…”ofF”, not “of”…butterfingers…Sheesh.

        • I think IM1 just nicks it for me ahead of The Incredible Hulk, I just felt the Hulk didn’t look great in that movie but Norton nailed Banner.

          I really enjoyed Thor the Dark World and agree with it properly kicking off Phase 2, I cant wait too see Cap 2, the trailer really sold it to me.

          • I quite enjoyed IM1, as well, but TIH edges it out for me.

    • I will definitely be at Wal-Mart tomw after work to get my copy of Man of Steel.

      • Mine will be delivered to my house before I get off of work. Oh I love Amazon lol.

    • Although it’ll be Thursday before I have a chance to go get my copy, I can’t wait to pick up MOS this week…YAAAY!

    • Strange. The Man of Steel Blu-ray was released two weeks ago in Germany.

  5. Cool. Can’t wait to see Thor.

    Hey. What do you guys think about putting Amells Arrow into future DC Movies like the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. I’d love to see that and I really think it would make sens. I mean the show does great and people get to know the character. Even in Austria where I live the are putting a dubbed version of it on TV. I think it would be stupid to let another actor play Green Arrow in the movies.

    And if that happens, would you think they might do the same with the Flash(Grant Gustin) who we will get to know in the near future? To be true I would love to see a more known character as Flash (or Aquaman) but I’d like to see it first before I count him out.

    I just hope DC gets Charlie Hunnam before Marvel does!

    • I like the idea of tying in the TV shows with the feature films. Either in a large way (Justice League) or in a small way (cameo in a solo film). It gives the actors a bonus check plus allows a broader audience to maybe check out the show if they haven’t already.

  6. Anyone know when the mobile site is going to be fixed?

    • They are working on it I believe. Not sure when though. Technology I tell you… :)

      • Thanks!

    • @ amazing fantasy #15

      NOT SOON ENOUGH!! :(

  7. I might get Pacific Rim tomw as well since everyone said the action was spectacular.I did my part and bought Dredd about a month ago because I enjoyed it at the movies plus I want a sequel.

    • I finally saw Pacific Rim and I can see why people thought it should have done better in the US box office.

      Now I wish I had seen it in the theater and it’s actually a movie my kids can watch.

      Probably one of the best films of the summer.

      • For me, its on my “worst movies ever” list lol.

        • @LC:

          I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it was better than I expected. Very hard to avoid reading any spoilers until it came out on DVD. And yes, there were some plot holes.

          So what were the best movies of this summer for you?

          • I posted a list… and it disappeared.

            • I really enjoyed Pacific Rim. Some of my Summer faves would be

              Star Trek Into Darkness
              Pacific Rim
              The World’s End
              The Way, Way Back
              Man Of Steel
              This is the End
              Elysium (it wasn’t as good as the other movies in the list but it was enjoyable)

              Not in any particular order either. But if I had to pick some faves would be the first 4.

            • Anyways, since my list went away, Ill just name a few.

              Man of Steel
              Star Trek Into Darkness

              And that’s really it for the summer.

      • I watched pacific rim finally! And I can honestly say that I didn’t like it. Thought it was gonna be different. The effects and action were fantastic but the story was bleak and the character development was worse. Elba was the best part of that movie and even he was just bleh.

        Also the only movie I’ve fallen asleep to before the end while watching for the first time.

        • Agreed

        • Interesting. I’ve only fell asleep to Game Of Shadows, that Sherlock sequel from a year or 2 ago.

  8. I think I might buy Carrie remake since I enjoyed that in theaters. Better than I thought it would be.

  9. Gonna see Thor again sometime this week.

  10. Did anybody see Bullet to the Head? I’m kinda curious about that one.

    • I saw it, it was okay. Better than Arnold’s Last Stand.

      The ending was a stretch, as it is with most of these type of films.

  11. I am taking a vacation from watching rebooted franchises. Some moron is rebooting the Terminator series. What the…

    I didn’t see Star Trek: Into Darkness, Judge Dredd, and Total Recall in theaters. I refuse to see Star Wars: Episode VII and Terminator in theaters. I will watch them on Hulu or Netflix.

    Hollywood needs to be relocated to the bottom of the ocean.

    • @Marcus:

      To be fair, Star Wars VII is not a reboot. It’s the continuation of the saga.

      As for Terminator, I don’t think that’s a reboot either.

      • Even they call it Terminator 5, right? I don’t think it’s a reboot either… but not a direct sequel to 4? Like how The Sarah Connor Chronicles was after 2 but before 3?

  12. Morning all…..

    Thor was very good, start to finish IMO, BUT…… I saw it at my local MJR theater on Friday, and there was NO Captian America extended trailer. I asked after the movie and they didn’t even know what I was talking about. So on Saturday, I took my niece to the local AMC to see it, and they had the extended CA trailer. Whatch out where you see the film if you want the CA trailer, (which is very good btw), it doesn’t seem to be in every theater.

    • Did you see the first one in 3D? I know it was only attached to 3D showings. Trying to bring in more revenue.

      • I didn’t see the movie in 3D and I saw the trailer.

        I don’t watch anything in 3D. Makes me sick.

      • @ Kyle

        I did see it in 3D both times. It was an extended 5 minute trailer. Basically an extended scene from the first trailer, followed by the regular trailer. It was quite good.

        @ Frank Castle

        Yep, SR had an article on it, I think about a week or two ago. It only comes with the 3d viewing.

        @ LC

        The full extended trailer?

        • No idea. It was a Cap trailer lol.

    • There’s a CA trailer? Didn’t know about that till now.

    • I didn’t see the trailer. I didn’t see any trailers. I was a couple minutes late to my viewing. Curse me for procrastinating!!

        • I did. I found it very entertaining. It felt like Star Wars, Braveheart’s battle scenes, and Flash Gordon all rolled into one experience. The Earth story was actually fun this time around. My only complaint would be that I really wanted them to delve into the nine realms a little more. Still, the action sequences were worthwhile and kept me happy throughout the film. And Loki was fantastic once again.

          However…this is Spoiler-esque to Thor 2 and Iron Man 3:


          Does anyone else feel like Looney Tunes has influenced the final battles in both these films? Stark jumping from suit to suit and Thor travelling from realm to realm. Felt a lot like watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon with Marvin the Martian.


            It made sense given the “Convergence” that was happening. But I agree, it was silly after a while.

              • I like Thor’s comments about the shoes LOL!

                And yeah… hidden in the very back of the joke, they are stealing from WB.

  13. Fox needs to get with Bethezda and make a open world X-men game. Imagine being able to either play as any of your favorite mutants or create a new mutant and play as them threw open world. playing as night crawler able to go places most other mutants cannot or Archangel using flight abilities, or Wolverine leveling up to be able to stand in front of gun fire and as bullets rip you apart you can see yourself healing instantly then you tear threw them, or maybe be able to play as humans and level yourselves up with new Tech or robots. Maybe play as a evil mutant and walk that path like En Saba Nur and as you level up you become to Powerful Apocalypse and since you are playing as a villain you have to battle the X-men. I think this would be an amazing game opritunity. I just keep thinking how awesome playing as Gambit, Rogue, Colossus, Iceman, Beast, and other would be. Another thing that would have to be in the film is that when most humans know you are a mutant or see your mutant appearance as nightcrawler and others like him some fear and run while others attack. so many things they could do with this if fox and bethezda teamed up for this.

    • I liked playing DC Universe when I had the time. Maybe doing something similar like that for X-Men?

  14. Bethezda already did Fall out, and Skyrim doing something different like the X-men would be something all people could get into.

  15. Morning Stark. How’s Stark Industries?

    • @ Frank Castle

      I’ve never been busier. Everybody wants stuff done before the holidays hit. It’s crazy right now. 6 maybe 7 days/week, 9 or 10 hours a day. There’s just to much to do and not enough time to o it. I prefer it when it’s slower.

      • Too many kids requesting Iron Man suits for Christmas?

        • @ Big Nerd

          Exactly! Plus Pepper is bugging me for a ring. UGH! It might be ti

        • @ Big Nerd

          Exactly! Plus Pepper is bugging me for a ring. UGH!

          • It posted twice, that’s weird!?!

      • Dear Stark,

        Would you have preferred the latest movie in the Iron Man series to have been delayed release to fit in with the Christmas theme or have had the Christmas theme dropped altogether?

        Of course there is a third option that you don’t care as the film made so much money you would have changed neither.

        Yours sincerely

        An Iron Man Fan

        • @ Eddie Felson (An Iron Man fan)

          I am not really a Shane Black fan, (I’m even less of one now after IM3), and I know his stories usually center on or near Christmas. IMO, it’s always hard to sell a movie centered around Christmas, either after Christmas or in the spring. It’s like, we just got done with this holiday, and now it’s back again. I would have preferred that IM3 not have had a Christmas setting at all. The fact of whether or not a movie makes money has never kept m fom enjoying it or not enjoying it.

      • @ Stark

        That’s pretty much how it is, you have the early shoppers who things done early. I know the feeling. I avoid Black Friday unless there’s something I want or there’s good deals.

        Had to try explain to my nephew difference of reboots regarding the Spider-man films because he asked why there was no Spider-Man 4 of if Amazing Spider-Man was the 4th film. He asks all kinds of questions,lol.

    • @ LC

      Pretty sweet. I want a gray suit, with a black bat, like a Greg Capullo design. That would be perfect IMO.
      I still can’t believe Nightwing and WW are boh in this movie, that is just vey cool IMO.

    • Well the story came out saying it will be based on the Noel suit but from what Smith is saying in that article it sounds like its going to have Blue in it? Either that or its made from cloth rather than the more protective/durable armor suits from the previous movies? Whatever it was, it was enough for Smith to lose his sh*t over it!

  16. Will I ever be unbanned?

    • @Drool – When you stop commenting about race on posts that have nothing to do with it, then yes…you will be unbanned.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • LOL @Paul!!!

  17. LC I hear that DCU is pretty good but I really want something darker like the skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout world for X-men games and the action controls could really work for it as well.

    • Gotcha, for a non video game player, I thought it was fun and exciting. Especially for being FREE.

  18. I was just thinking how cool it could be to use shape shifting abilities to get things you want or take over and give orders to lower ranking people could be in a huge game like that. It would be cool to see even if fox/Marvel did not want to move in that direction with X-men if Bethezda made a medevil version where there are not Demons and things but instead the humans and mutants are waring.

  19. I forgot to mention earlier…

    I bought and watched the PBS documentary “Superheroes A Never-ending Battle” this weekend (busy multimedia weekend for me…sheesh!).

    I found it to be an excellent, fair-minded presentation of the history of superhero comics and related media. Later, it does concentrate on the Big 2, but it does give other companies and their characters their dues, I think, and it is even narrated by Liev Schreiber, sounding cool and collected. :) All in all, I was quite impressed.

    I’m definitely happy to add it to my collection…now, I just have to sit down at some point to watch the really cool extras.

    • Ill have to give that a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Gladly…It was just a neat video giving a fairly entertaining history on this genre we all seem to love :)

  20. Thanks for changing the mobile format back to its prior rendition.:-)

  21. Can somebody please tell me what the heck is wrong with the people at the Cartoon network? Beware the Batman was on for about six weeks, then they starred showing reruns, now it’s just gone altogether. I liked that show, and IMO it had some real promise, and now it’s gone. Did they cancel it?

    • Apparently it’s delayed until January, according to the man who voices Batman.

  22. After seeing Moonrise Kingdom this weekend I have finally seen all of the movies made by director/screenwriter/producer Wes Anderson.

    I reeeally dig his stuff. I highly recommend any of his films to people here on SR that don’t know much about him.

  23. What is going on with the facebook links in peoples names these days? Did I miss something from RARELY reading the comments outside the OD?

    • The Facebook comments are linking directly to the comment section of articles now.

      Well, it’s been fun guys. But the !diots are coming.

      • Is that real? Because that sucks.

        • On SR’s Facebook, the post for the Thor podcast, the comments were the exactly the same on there as on the actual thread.

          I’m testing it. I posted my own comment, but it hasn’t shown up yet.

          • My comment still hasn’t shown up. However, it’s been removed from the FB comments too.

            It said something like: “Why are the Facebook comments appearing on the actual article?!? OH THE HUMANITY.

            Since then, I haven’t seen any new FB posts appearing on here. I’m monitoring the Star Wars audition one now.

            • I think I saw that post on another article the “OH THE HUMANITY” part rings a bell.

            • Our worst fears…Facebook comments ARE linked. My experiment has been confirmed.

              Also, mobile screenrant crashes way too often.

              • What a terrible idea. Way to ruin the community in one fell swoop. How are we supposed to discuss with people, when they only comment on Facebook and our non-Facebook comments don’t show up there? People who don’t realize it will start talking with people who never respond, and I certainly will not sign up on Facebook.

                • I’m just going to stick to the OD. Time to bring this comment section back to the 300′s!

                • I’m not a fan of the FB comments because a good portion of them are people tagging their friends. Plus, nine times out of ten, the comment has nothing to do with the content of the article and is only referring to the Facebook post (which is usually a quick one liner and the title of the article).

      • Wait… what about our posts? Are they displayed in the facebook comment sections?

        • Nope

  24. Has anybody seen ‘All is Lost’ with Robert Redford? I’m curious if it’s any good.

  25. I saw the Thor sequel in theaters. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Flash Gordon meets Braveheart!
    I saw This is the End on VOD. Absolutely hilarious. I should have went to this in theaters.
    And I watched Skyfall streaming on Netflix. I wish I saw this last year in theaters. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see it.

    Lastly, for those of you with kids, I watched Lego Marvel Superheroes on Netflix. Honestly, if you don’t have kids, you’ll probably still find some humor in watching it. I may have enjoyed it more than my 4 1/2 year old.

    • Lego Marvel Superheroes? Is that on DVD? Amazon, here I come.

      • it’s only 22 minutes. I’m not sure what it is for or from. Netflix suggested it to me.

    • Okay, I couldn’t find it.

        • I found it. I have yet to watch it though. Looks fun!

  26. After watching Pacific Rim, and already not being a fan of Guillermo del Toro’s, I really don’t want him to do Justice League Dark. At least not write it. Sure, he can direct. His visuals are amazing. Theres no doubt about that. But all of his writing credits according to IMDB, I am not a fan of. But hey, he might surprise me. Just hasn’t yet.