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about vic1 Open Discussion   November 11, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 11, 2011

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  1. Ok I’ve got a topic of conversation. Why is it we as a movie viewing audience freak when one of our favorite actors or even actors in general step out of their comfort zone? Be it Jim Carrey trying to be serious or Dwayne Johnson trying to do family films. Why is it that we want them to stay for lack of a better word typecast? I eagerly await your responses.

    • I think it all depends on the results , wether an actor can reinvent him or herself , i think the audience are inteligent enough , to admire talent , its the untalented ones wich try and do this , when its painful to watch The Rock is a good example of that,

      Good reinventions , Justin Timberlake ( The Social Network )
      Robet De Niro ( Meet the Fockers )
      Charlize Theron ( Monster )
      Halle Berry ( Monsters Ball )
      HeatH Ledger ( TDK )

      Bad reinventions , The ROCK ( Every family film he has made )
      Nicholas Cage ( Con Air )
      Joaqin Pheonix ( I forget the name of that docu film )

      • Some actors can make the transition from their usual genre.
        Tom Hanks(Big/Forrest Gump)is the first to come to mind. But there are others who need to stay in there familiar lane. Sandler is who immediately comes to mind (Happy Madison/Spanglish)who should stick to the overdone slapstick. Although he was quite good in Punch Drunk Love but most fans prefer to see their favorite actors stick to what made them famous in the first place.

        • Sandler was great in Reign Over Me. I´d love to see him play more serious roles.

          • true dat Scape…forgot about that one

      • Don’t forget about Vin Diesel as the Pacifier!

        • The only thing that keeps me remembering that movie is Lauren Graham. The ultimate M I L F !

    • I think it depends on the actor’s ability and the script. If you put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a tooth-fairy outfit, then you can expect fans of his action movies to be horrified. Actors like Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, and Jim Carrey are all great comedians, and they have all pulled off a serious role or two. The thing is that they all go back to their comedic-shtick and people forget about their performance in more dramatic roles like Stranger than Fiction, Reign Over me, Dan in Real Life, and the Truman Show. Tom Hanks moved away from the comedy movies and did multiple serious roles. Robin Williams does a lot of family movies and comedies, but he can turn around and be a sinister villain. But if you put Larry the Cable Guy or Rob Schneider in a role as multi-layered villain, it won’t work…based on the actor’s ability. I don’t see certain actors like Ben Stiller, Russell Brand, and Jack Black ever making the jump to serious dramatic roles. Stiller (everyday Joe in a funny situation) and Brand (Aldous Snow-like character) will probably be typecast for quite some time. But others like Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, and Jason Segel seem like they have the potential to switch back and forth between roles with ease.

    • Jurassic Park > every single thing Chris Nolan did! Effing period!

      • thank you scape. Jurassic Park was groundbreaking

      • In terms of special effects, definitely…otherwise, not so much.

      • Totally agree. While I enjoy Nolan’s films, I can rewatch Jurassic Park anytime. The first time seeing that T-Rex in the first JP movie was one of the greatest movie experiences I ever had.

  2. What Movie, TV or animation character would you want to have as a roomate?
    Im torn in a three way tie. Uncle Bernie from Weekend at Bernies, Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother or Bender from Futurama.

    Uncle Bern keeps the party goin even in death. Barney finds the party. Bender is the party.

    • Kelly LeBroc (Lisa) from Weird Science

      • @Nautis

        I appreciate the vintage flow. Lisa was definately (room)mateable.

        My Vintage Roomates Picks: Ferris Beuler from Ferris Beuler Day Off & my main homey Jeff Spicoli (sean Penn) fron Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    • Without a doubt Penny from The Big Bang Theory. And Cheech Marin.

      • Ack! I can’t stand a messy room/apartment (I’m a bit of a perfectionist ;)), so there’s no way in hell that I could be able to live with Penny (HOWEVER, if it turns out that she walks around her apartment in the nude… I might very well be persuaded…)

      • Hail to the Cheech.

    • Come on! Who wouldn’t want to roommates with Tony Stark! :D

      But a more realistic choice: I would go with Barney Stinson (the amount of techniques, to pick up chicks, I could learn from him… PRICELESS)

    • Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, or Scrooge McDuck…because I’d be living in a mansion then.

    • Jessica alba!! nuff said

    • Great question (I love questions like these). But it’s much tougher than I thought.

      I doubt I could name just one. But it’s hard to think of one. I’m probably overanalyzing it.

      Someone else mentioned the likes of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, and I was thinking the same thing, but then I realized that having them roommates also comes with huge risks… such as a bunch of powerful bad guys from the criminal side of life gunning for them.

      I think that being roommates with Adelaide Bourbon from the movie “Shanghai Kiss” could be fun. She’s spunky and spontaneous, two things an overthinker and occasional stick in the mud such as myself needs to spice things up in life.

      It’d also be fun to be roommates with Jack Tripper from “Three’s Company.” He gets a lot of hot women, and maybe I could take some of his cast-offs. Even the ones he rejects would be hot and cute.

      And then lastly, Lucy Ricardo, from “I Love Lucy.” We’d get in a lot of trouble, but it’d be fun kind of trouble, and lots of experiences to laugh about, remember and savor. Life wouldn’t be boring being roomies with Lucy. I’ll be ready to put my crazy hat on.

    • i’d say either chloe from SGU, carter from SG-1, or anyone from the fringe team lol

    • I’d have to pick either Smokey from Friday, for obvious reasons, Leelu from the fifth element because she’s smokin hot she kicks ass and she’s new on Earth so she’d be easily persuaded, or Alisha Cuthbert’s character from The Girl Next Door because…well she’s a hot porn star

    • Q, from Trek: TNG. He can give me everything you all wanted and more.

  3. To any Ranters or their family members who served… I salute you all and thank you for your service!

  4. AMERICA, F*** YEAH!

  5. Okay so I was watching the incredible hulk, IM, IM2, CAFA, Thor & the Marvel shorts, The consultant & What happen on the way to Thors hammer with my kids and gettin ready for the Avengers. Then we decided to watch Hulk with Eric Bana and let me say that one had way to much back story and it made the movie very boring for me an my kids. I am glad Marvel came out with TIH so it would tie into the Avengers

    • Not only did it have too much backstory, the present stuff was also boring. The only good thing about this movie is the editing (the comic-esque frame cuts). And Jennifer Conelly´s acting. She was a way better Betty Ross than Liv Tyler.

      • I for one wasn’t really a fan of the “comic-esque frame cuts” — it looked corny IMO.

        But as for the rest of what you said: I agree.
        Eric Bana also did a pretty good job (although, he doesn’t really suit the role of Bruce Banner — with Bana being all rugby-player-like an’ all…)

        The Hulk (2003) was really bad movie IMO: I’m so glad the rights reverted back to Marvel so that we could get the Incredible Hulk (2008)
        Now Marvel just needs to regain the rights to the FF, Daredevil, X-Men, and of course, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and then do reboots on all of those movies.

        • Yeah, not only did they castrated Banner, they also effed up his name. I mean, come on! Bruce Krentzler?! Please!

          And Nick Nolte was portrayed as the guy that he is right now. An unemployed crack-head.

  6. Would anyone else consider Sandler’s career to be in the crapper? I really feel like his films have been agonizingly bad and hard to watch. Especially chuck and Larry, zohan, grown ups, just go with it, bedtime stories, bucky Larson (he helped write it), and of course jack and jill; which I heard had incredibly racist “jokes” about Mexicans. I haven’t seen it but isn’t that just distasteful for a pg kids movie? Whatever, bottom line is I think he’s doing worse than eddie Murphy ever did and the only reason people don’t think so are because his films still make money (somehow) but they’re awful and the humor is just cheap if not nonexistent

    • That’s it Sandler’s movies inexplicably still make loads of money even though they are beyond horrible. Unlike Eddie who’s releases are terrible plus they bomb (Besides Shrek)which makes it worse. Sandler hasn’t made a rewatchable comedy since Big Daddy. After having my expectations crushed after Funny People I have gave up on Sandler, who had been my fav comedian. Now I just avoid his projects but every now and them I pop in my Happy Gilmore Dvd just for old times sake.

      • I’d have to agree. Sandler’s best comedic movies are all from the 90s (Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, the Waterboy, the Wedding Singer, Big Daddy). Even Bulletproof and Airheads are better than most of his movies since Y2K. In the past decade, I can only say the Longest Yard and Mr. Deeds are somewhat worthwhile comedies, but nothing compared to his previous works. I did like Just Go With It, but that may be because of Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston both looked gorgeous in bikinis. I thought Grown Ups could have been way better than it was (look at the cast), but it turns out it wasn’t that funny. And Jack and Jill’s trailers make me want to throw up.

    • i liked grown ups and bedtime stories lol

  7. Hulk with Bana was a disaster thank god for The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton still wish they would of kept him in the Avengers.

    • Over six years ago, I was at the local video store, and I saw the 2003 Hulk. Me, still loving comic book movies, wanted to watch it. So, I watched it, but fell asleep pretty early, I think before Nick Nolte came onscreen! Now, I recently watched the 2008 Hulk and loved it. So, I don’t think I’ll ever put my eyes on sad-sack, fat, 80-ft tall, Ang Lee Hulk for a while :).

    • In my mind the film who we shall never speak of, doesn’t exist. IH was more than an adequate reboot. And I agree with Vader about Norton, He owned his portrayal of Banner

  8. I would like to Deadshot or Killer Croc go up against Batman in a big budget feature film with Nolan directing and bale as batman that would be awesome, now the question is who would you choose to play either of these villians and why.

    • See*

      • If its a Nolan film then Killer Croc most definitely would be the more realistic one in the Joker graphic novel, which is a read read by the way, and the Croc penciled in there does have a resemblance to D-Bo, but have you seen Tiny Lister lately. He has not aged well. Micheal Clarke Duncan would be the next best thing I think.

        And for Deadshot I think he should be from some foreign country and he’ll be wearing the mask and a suit so I’m getting Benecio del Torro.

        • Haha yea but that decripit look actually help him look more the part of Croc. During the boat scenes in TDK my mind went immediately to Croc especially after reading Joker.

  9. Ye know… this a question that I don’t think has ever been asked on this site (to my knowledge):
    If you could only pick one, who would be your favorite (not talking about the “best” here — only favorite) actor and actress currently working today?

    My favorite actor: Robert Downey Jr.
    My favorite actress: Cameron Diaz (great looks, funny, smart, great actress)

    • Hands down I gotta go with Leo. He nails every performance. Its funny though cause I use to hate hik b/c of Titanic.

      Meryl Streep would be my female choice. She kills. Plus I have an affinity for cougars…

    • Favorite Actor: Mark Strong
      Favorite Actress: Emma Stone(She has a certain charm about her and she is easy on the eyes)

    • Favorite actress – Jennifer Aniston
      Favorite actor – Jim Carrey

    • FAVORITE ACTOR: Viggo Mortensen (I will see anything he’s in, regardless of topic. He’s the only actor I can say that about. I even saw “Hidalgo” because he was in it).

      And coming in at a close second for favorite actor is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He often does less serious fare, but no matter how corny or bad his movies look, something about his onscreen presence makes me want to see it anyway (even if Vanessa Hudgens is onboard… ahem, “Journey 2.”)

      FAVORITE ACTRESS: Marion Cotillard (She’s not in much, and she rarely plays the lead, but I will pay attention to anything she shows up in. I was hoping she would be in The Dark Knight Rises, and I got my wish. Although it’s too bad she couldn’t play Catwoman)

      And at a practical tie with Cotillard, I have Michelle Yeoh. She’s great in practically everything she’s in. I want to see her upcoming movie “The Lady,” in which she plays Aung San Suu Kyi, largely because of her. She’s great in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Sunshine,” as well as when she’s starring opposite Jackie Chan.

    • actor-joshua noble

      actress-anna torv

      lol i’ve been obsessed with fringe lately

      • Did you combine Joshua Jackson and John Noble to create a super-actor? Very Fringe like! ;)

        • lol oops…..i meant joshua jackson xD

    • Mark Wahlberg and Angelina Jolie because they are both very versatile

    • My favorite actor has always been Robert Deniro. Favorite actress is a tough one; I guess I would go with Meryl Streep.

  10. Favorite actress would be Tina Fey
    Favorite actor Leonardo Dicaprio

  11. WOOT got my copy of DH2 at target the bluray exclusive 4 disc combo pack! Really good special features and amazing movie. Damn I love it sooo much :D

  12. @rickster
    Are you planning on doing the studio tour in London. I know I am! It looks awesome!

    • I really wish I could, but unfortunately no money or time :(

      Congrats to you! Hope you enjoy :D

  13. I vote Shaquille O’Neal for killer Croc

  14. Nolans last batman movie :(

    Get me in the directors chair and/or write the script for the 4th movie (and more)!!!

    -The mob (black mask) hires a weapons dealer (penguin) to supply weapons to the mob, and since it rains alot in gotham (at least I imagine it does) using umbrellas to stage a high profile assassination would be used to draw batman out

    -Hugo strange teams up with mr freeze, but freeze does not need to be in sub-zero temp, hes just a guy who uses a liquid nitrogen gun in a protective suit, freeze is not a BAD guy like hugo, he was fired from his job and is using the liquid nitrogen to get money to save his dying wife (similar to the comics)…

    -Riddler (re-imagined to have a split personality) uses deadshot to let everyone know that riddler is the smarter then batman, deadshot is hired to do a number of things (riddler is just using him to observe batman and find out who he really is)

    -Clayface (a master of disguise, not a monster) is hired by strange (if he isnt used with freeze) to steal things that would help him discover who batman is from wayne tech (the cell phone bat radar?) after he promised the public that he will find out who batman REALLY is…

    -Onomatopoeia, (it could be EXTREMELY creepy if done right, plus, he teams up with scarecrow)

    what do you guys think of these ideas?

    • Pretty good and interesting realistic takes. I really wish the franchise would continue after TDKR…

      • And why can’t it? Nolan isn’t the only good director out there. Of course, if Batman dies in this one, then I guess it does end.

  15. I second that Pharoah.

  16. anyone see fringe yesterday? it was epic! lol :)