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sr open discussion Open Discussion   November 09, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   November 09, 2012

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  1. Just saw Cabin in the Woods, which received a lot of praise from both critis and fans, but I must say, I did not particulary care for it. Perhaps it was just too overhyped? Mediocre, I thought.

    • I just saw it a few days ago. I found it, unique.

      • I’ll agree that it had some uniqueness to it, but again, I thought it was mediocre at best, and I am a Joss Whedon fan.

    • Was really good, comedic, put a new spin on horror tropes and had a lot of payoff at the climax. Hype was earned.

      • I kind of enjoyed it while I was watching it, nodding at all the horror references and some cool deaths, once it has finished my life wasn’t particularly changed, a few weeks later I’ve forgotten all about it

        • ….I hope it didnt change your life…..or anyone elses, movies are for entertaining. A few weeks later it left my mind as well as any movie does but there was a reason.(avengers).

          But within the horror genre it was very nice and new, but if you have a suggestion of a horror movie that was great of recent do tell?

          • Tucker and Dale Vs Evil was a fresh take on the horror genre in the same vein of Cabin in the Woods, but done much better and rather quite funny! Check it out

            And I was being sarcastic, but movies can change your life or at least have an impact on them, is that not why we watch them? To be entertained and illicit an emotional response?

            Watching The Notebook definitely had an impact on mine, along with the lady I was watching it with, got me laid! ;-)

            • I watched T & D vs. Evil and even though I liked it I think it couldve done more in comedy and its parody, I wouldnt place it above Cabin.

              I still dont believe you should make life decisions based on films youve seen but you can connect to them. But for me they are just entertainment.

              As for that last part that is all you and I have no comment movies that get people off.

    • I thought The Cabin In The Woods was the worst movie of the year.
      The movie failed to work for me on any level as intended or otherwise.

      I do know the statement the filmmakers were trying to say about the genre
      with the film and how they thought they were oh so clever making their point.

      • Well its ironic you say that since the films message was basically when horror filmakers try to do something different or thoughtful instead of the generic formula horror movies have, viewers(the gods) get upset.

        The worst movie? Did you not at least find it funny or aware of paranormal activity(the most generic of horror films and part of this films satire is on) 4 came out last month.

        • I’ve never seen any of the Paranormal movies.
          But, as I said, the film did not work for me
          on any level and was the worst movie
          of the year of all I saw of course.

    • I actually liked it more than most movies I end up Redboxing.

      As long as I didn’t question too much how a bunch of humans have control of basically EVERY freakin’ monster under the sun (not to mention caring for, replenishing stock, etc…….the premise was a lot of fun.

      My only regret was they played out the entire story in one shot. I wish the first one had hinted at the controlling elements but played itself out so we would get to see the cabin go through a couple iterations with different monsters before completely revealing the big surprise.

  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the latest TF 4 news ?

    • I can no longer comment on Transformers, I am resigned to the fact that it will be loud, it will be expolosive, and it will be something me and my son will enjoy.

      Hes 8, He likes them.

      • Your son liking Transformers and enjoying them with him is all you need to know.
        If the innocent wonder of a child can appreciate them maybe everyone should.

        • @Robert Palmer.

          I agree, I was stating. After Revenge of the Fallen, I am just in that “Eh, just give me a movie.”

          Whomever directs, stars, plot. I no longer care, my boy is going to sit in his chair with an oversize tub of popcorn and a soda way past his bladder capacity.

          He is going to sit there, and watch the movie and not say a word. And I am going to look at him a few times to reassure myself he is still there.

          Then he will replay the movie bit by bit in the car on the way home, up the stairs, into the batroom, he will talk and talk and talk about the movie.


          • Some day in the future your story will be reversed, Jeff.
            You son will recall and cherish the fun he had with his dad
            when he took him to see Transformers when he was a kid.

            The son becomes the father and the father the son — Jor–El.

    • I liked the first and third movie, the second was garbage. They werent “Terminator 2″ but they were still entertaining (except 2)

      However, i was very supportive of it being a contained trilogy. With a fourth movie coming out, they are making no disguise that this is a cash grab. Michael Bay, who use to have a passion for the project, has basically said that he is reluctant to do it but they are paying him a ton of money. Where the first 3 had a team of people trying to make a decent movie, a forth is just soulless production.

      I really hope this film falls through and they give the budget to something else, anything else.

  3. So who’s picking up the AMAZIBG spider man on BluRay today?

    I can’t decide if I want the regular library combo or the one that comes with figurines. I may splurge the extra cash to get the figurines.

    Fantastic movie though. I really enjoyed it.

    • I’ll be picking up the Blu-ray with the figures today and will be watching it tonight :)

      • Hey vader yeah I ended up picking up the figurine set with the BLU ray combo. Haha it was labeled for 59 but it was on sale for 35 at my local best buy. So it was pretty cool hahaha.
        I almost got the steel book edition but I opted for the figurine set.

        • @mighty avenger

          That’s awesome I also picked it up as well, next on the list the dark knight rises :)

    • I’ll prolly pick it up. Haven’t seen it yet.

    • I rented and watched it last weekend and enjoyed it. I will pick it up one day when the price is way down.

    • I’ll get the regular Blu-ray/DVD combo. It was a fun film, but I don’t need the figural decorations.

    • Hopefully I’ll be picking it up! It is one of my favorite movies of the year!!

      • Heath Ledger or Raul Julia.

      • hopefully getting the DVD today.

  4. There’s a campaign for Brad Bird for Star Wars 7 that’s picking up a lot of steam on several sites. There’s even a fan video to go with it. Check it out.

  5. If there was one actor that you could bring back to life to make one more movie who would it be?

    • Whoops. Heath Ledger or Raul Julia.

      • Hmm interesting, I’d say James Stewart or River Phoenix

        • What a cruel joke. We resurrect you but you can only make the movie we want you in and then you go back to your dirt nap!

          But as long as we are entertaining it (and I assume I get to resurrect the actor in their prime?) it would be Charlton Heston.

    • Heath Ledger or Michael Clarke Duncan.

    • Heath Ledger or Alec Guinness

    • Vincent Price

    • Why are you posting a link to the WWZ trailer on another site when we’ve had it on ours for 8 hours prior to your comment?

      • He’s a traitor!!!

  6. Ahh Day 2 of my little trip to Los Angeles.

    Wife is out shopping, I shall be broke 1n 15 minutes…2 Days then shipping out to Hawaii for a 2 week Multi-Branch Helicopter training….Get to see what Blackhawks, Seahawks, Jayhawks,Pavehawk, Hueys, Cobras and Apaches can do….WOO HOO…HELICOPTER OLYMPICS!

    So anything I should take in while in LA Today and tommorrow?

    • Sounds like fun! The helicopter training… not your wife shopping. ;)


      • 3 Years ago, there were 4 crashes. Rule of Thumb


        Carry on.

        • Ouch! Then a heartfelt “Be safe!” as well!

  7. Hey, can someone at screenrant do a little digging and organize the list of potential Star Wars Directors.

    list people who have stated that they wont do it (Michael Bay, Tarantino, Zach Snyder). The ones who contractually can’t direct it because they are busy on other projects(Spielberg, del Toro, Peter Jackson). And a list of directors who are still viable possibilities(Matthew Vaughn, Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird)

    Release it in a week, so more directors have a chance to say where they stand on the topic. Just suggesting that this would be an interesting article to have on the site.

    • Mathew Vaughn is locked into another project. And Speilberg says he doesn’t want to do it because it isn’t his genre.

  8. Despite prometeus, which I liked,

    No one has mentioned Ridley Scott.

    • I think ridley scott is currently suffering delusions of grandeur and wants whatever films he makes now a bit too meaningful and filled with metaphors.

  9. Man this Lego movie has a pretty awesome cast!

  10. So now that princess leia has joined disney
    which previous disney princess would you want to be with or had a crush on?
    Use this for inspiration

    But you must marry her, its a rule, happily ever and what not.

  11. Congratulations to Kenneth Branagh on his Knighthood.

  12. check this out Phoenix Jones KO’s racist