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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 9, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 9, 2014

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  1. Lets Start this show..!!
    DAWN Of The PLANET Of The APES is looking very promising..this might turns out movie of the year [Interstellar is still up there too]..

  2. Mini rant coming after thinking about yesterday’s “shared universe” post. Shared universes aren’t hurting the quality of films. Sequels, reboots, remakes aren’t hurting the quality of film. Stretching one 250 page book into 9 hours of screen time isn’t hurting the quality of film. Bad scripts, bad writing, bad acting, lazy producers, and CONSUMERS WHO SEE BAD MOVIES are hurting the quality of film. There’s no such thing as a bad idea if it is executed well. Sure, I’d love to see more original ideas in Hollywood. But, really, all I want is a movie that’s good.

    That’s all. Happy Friday everyone!

    • finally someone i agree with, as long as the movie is good it does’nt matter if its a reboot

      • That’s true, otherwise I wouldn’t be guilty of quite enjoying certain reboots. But still, I’d like to see more original stuff. Galaxy Quest, Interstellar and Jupiter Ascending to the rescue!

        • Argh! I meant Guardians of the Galaxy, not Galaxy Quest! :D

    • You’re clearly making a reference to the Hobbit films, which aren’t superhero movies, so that example doesn’t really apply the topic of the article.

      I think Marvel’s shared universe is hurting everybody else cuz they’re all faltering trying to keep up with them. Hopefully “(man of steel line about how they will) falter they will fall, but one day they will rise to the occasion and join you in the sun” (I wish I could remember that line better haha) I think it’s making everyone more ambitious with their CBMs, which is good, but its hard to replicate something as awesome as the 4 year buildup to the Avengers.

      • Yep, I was extending the discussion further than comic book movies. And I agree with many points in that post. The shared universe certainly makes it harder to make great movies. But, to be specific, Favreau felt limited to what he could do since he was forced to make certain decisions by the studio. This undoubtedly made the film he wanted to make “worse”. BUT, it’s not that he couldn’t make a better film, he likely just didn’t have the talent or vision, in this case, to do so. That’s not a knock against him. There’s no excuse for including that drunk Iron Man scene in any movie, for example.

        The Avengers was just about as good of a movie as could be done under the circumstances. Mos, Spiderman, FF, all could be just as good and just as successful. It’s just extremely challenging, but the idea of building the “universe” itself doesn’t necessarily preclude a film from being good.

        • I wouldn’t blame IM2 completely on Favreau. I kinda see it as a Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3 situation where there’s studio pressure and other factors needing the movie to be a certain way. IM2 had to do a lot of groundwork to set up Nick Fury, Black Widow, and give more background on Shield for Avengers. Yeah the drunk IM scene was kinda retarded, but I can live with it.

          But yeah man. That’s always been my mantra too. Just make good movies. Shared universe or not just make the movie good. It can be done.

          Take TASM2 for example. Its building towards a Spidey movie universe. They did a lot of things right and I enjoyed the film a lot, but I feel like there’s a lot of things in there that could’ve been done better. Flesh out Green Goblin more for example.

          Look at the villain in Avengers. They gave Loki all of Thor (2011) to develop as a character and I think it really paid off for them. TASM2 is just trying to do everything all at once, kinda like how MOS2 is going to have all the Justice League in it. I wonder if they should take their time to develop the individual characters a little more like the MCU has.

  3. Good Morning all….

    Happy Friday!!!  :)

    One week to go before Godzilla!!

    So, Agents of SHIELD is picked up for season two. IMO, that is a very smart move by ABC. That show continues to improve with every new episode. Good move ABC!

    Now we also have Agent Carter coming. That is exciting. I’m very interested to see what hey do with her, how the SSR will work and I think this show will fill in a lot of gaps and answer some questions. I’m very much looking forward to this show. I don’t think it will happen, but I would love to have Dominic Cooper reprise ho’s role as Howard Stark. IMO, he did an excellent job in Cap 1.

    How about Arrow this week?! Holy Cow, what a great episode! Who’s going to die?  The impact of the events of this season are going to be felt for a long time. Did anybody else think that Felicity was going to kiss Oliver there for a moment? Man, I was hoping. I love this show and I cannot wait until next week! :)

    • Won’t return for AoS’ season 2. If Agent Carter is anything like the one shoot, I’ll be watching.

      Arrow was awesome this week but Manu Bennett did slip up and said that Slade would still be in season 3 so…

  4. For Teacher Appreciation Week, what movie teacher(s) is your favorite?

    My choice is Robin Williams as Mr. Keating in Dead Poets Society. He taught using unique methods blended with humor.

    • Does Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting count? He is a teacher after all. And you could argue that in his therapy for Matt Damon he was teaching him.

      I would also say Amy Adams in The Muppets (2011). She only had one scene teaching in the movie but you could tell she’s a kicka** teacher! (pardon my french)

      Honorable mention to Jack Black in School of Rock.

      • Three good choices! I forgot about AA teaching in that movie.

        How about Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi? He was definitely a teacher to Daniel.

  5. Vikings is like Game of Thrones without the ________________

    • Vikings is like Game of Thrones without the ratings.

      • lol :)

    • boobs?

      gratuitous violence?


      Idk I haven’t seen Vikings…. If it also has that stuff then my bad haha

  6. From 6months in the past over here in the UK (that’s one hell of a time difference) we’ve finally got the cancelled Almost Human (it’s so funny hearing the channel announcer proclaim it the “hit” US show lol)

    Well if they can keep up the quality of the pilot I will be officially bummed out cause I thought it was a chuffin’ good bit of telly.

    The opening dismemberment, NICE :) A little bit of survivor guilt, the inflexibility of the logical syths, Dorian all emoting and free willing and all that.

    Karl being all gruff and Will Smith soulless machines Grrr. Laughed my ass off when he bunged his first syth partner out of his moving car.

    Do we know if any of these dudes are “three laws safe” or is Dorian 100% a free will, autonomous dude. Do they cover in any detail exactly what the DRN’s got up to for them to be decommissioned, mass murder?, mass suicide….. all these feelings man.

    Is Dorian all “Sonny” special or just a DRN who didn’t go batsh1t crazy.

    All questions for season two I guess, no wait….. BOLL*CKS :(

    For I-Robot – The Series set in Robocop Detroit-esc super crime generic city (complete with Ford patrol cars with chicken wire windows) it’s pretty good.

    Karl’s even getting a bit of practice in on the Dread voice so he’s ready for his return to Megacity One lol

  7. Here’s an idea. Do you think Marvel would ever create a Marvel TV Channel? Think about how much they have:

    Mornings: Cartoons from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today
    TV Shows: Old school Hulk, AOS, Agent Carter, new Netflix shows
    Movies: ALL of their movies, not just the MCU. To date, their are 33 Marvel movies, and more coming!
    Other: Could do live broadcasts about comic books, comic con, declassified things, info on video games.

    Would anyone watch this channel?

    • “I’d buy that for a dollar……”

      • Smash TV? :)

    • Marvel already has a tv channel, its called the Disney Channel.

      • Ba-dum-dum.

        But yeah, if they can fill Disney Channel with tween sitcoms… and Disney XD with teen sitcoms, why not a Disney Marvel channel with spandex?

    • It would be cool, but the money just wouldn’t be there at this point (maybe 10-15 years from now). For the time being it’s just us nerds.

      I’ve got every Marvel film since Blade (except Man-Thing) on DVD, downloads of all the one shots, Agents of SHIELD, the Blade series and working on getting my hands on the rest of it. The rights to all of this stuff are so scattered.

      BUT what I could see happening is a Marvel/Netflix channel. On Netflix they just have a section for all their Marvel content. The cartoons, films, short films everything. Not quite the same, but a channel would end up super repetitive even with that much content.

    • I would watch a Marvel channel. Aren’t they basically doing that on Netflix though? I know FX always has Marvel movies on as well.
      Heck, I’d watch a DC channel too as long as the programming was good.

      • I’d like to have a comics channel, but could it work?

        We could have:
        1. Movies and shows from the two powerhouses (DC/Marvel)
        2. Also focus on the smaller publishing houses by highlighting them in numerous ways. (See #3-#7.)
        3. Reviews
        4. Artist/Writer interviews
        5. A daily news show
        6. Biographies (people, houses, characters)
        7. Debates/Forums (taking calls/emails from viewers)
        8. Animated shows/series
        9. Reality Shows, like getting the Toy Hunter guy to focus on comics-specific toys and games. Also have a show about biggest comic fans?
        10. Reporters at comic-cons (like G4 TV did)
        11. Versus shows, where experts discuss who’d win in a fight, like Kid Flash or Spider-Man? Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, or Jason Todd?
        12. Test your knowledge in a comics trivia show.

        • Why aren’t we funding this!?!?!?!?

    • They can probably make an online library similar to WWE Network & the online digital comics. I suspect they’d charge a crapton, but if they were smart, they’d make the price accessible to millions of people so that this way they can put the spotlight on lesser known characters to help promote them for their major motion picture debuts.

  8. Regarding Power Rangers, I was watching top 10 saddest moments of Power Rangers history. Pretty good actually, some of it was sad & some was awesome of what was shown.

    My picks would be while Kimberly lost her power coin to evil hands & just when Kat was to warn her, she falls & gets hurt. Not to mention her weaking in fights & kidnapped by Zedd. Another would be Andro’s accidently kills Astromona who’s really his sister Karone & then her resurrection due to Zordon’s goodness.

    Of-course while sad & awesome at the same time, Zordon’s death. And to see his energy of goodness turn most of the Zordon era villains to dust. Last but not least we see the first time a Power Ranger get killed, Kendrix in PRLG but later resurrected.

    Let me know you thoughts your favorite moments if you been a fan of Power Rangers.

    • I loved the “Forever Red” episode, which united all the Red Rangers for one epic battle. It was so cool seeing my 2 favorite Red Rangers fighting together: Mighty Morphin and Lightspeed Rescue.

  9. Sad news for Community fans.
    #SixSeasonsAndAMovie is no longer an option.

    • #darkesttimeline, :(

      Sad day but while this season was an improvement over last season, it still feels like it lost some of it’s zing it had in seasons 2 and 3. I think it’s better in this case to enjoy what we have instead of watching it deteriorate into something terrible.

      • I hear ya but after the dreadful season 4 this past season was a welcome return to some of the highs of the first few seasons and I was hoping for a proper goodbye.
        I know that’s greedy because the show had 4 more seasons than most networks would have allowed.

  10. too many tv shows are getting cancelled! whats the point of watching a show if it’ll end up getting cancelled in a year?!