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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 8, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 8, 2013

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  1. Here is your assignment for the day Open Discussion.

    Come up with 5 of the most outrageous ways to kill…SEAN BEAN.

    • The most outrageous way to kill Sean Bean, is to not kill Sean Bean.

      • But he always dies!

        1. Killed while Microwaving Popcorn with a steel ball bearing in the bag.
        2. Killed while caught in the middle of the street in front of a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, which is directly across the street from a Jenny Craig.
        3. Driving his Convertible at an intersection where a truck carrying honey crashes into a truck transporting African Killer Bees.
        4. Killed when his shoelace gets caught in an escalator
        5. Pushed off a building into a back of a pick up truck filled with razor blades…that speeds up and crashes into an iodine bottling plant which he is ejected into a vat of iodine and then pulls himself out and stumbles into another plant that produces table salt and an explosion sends a cloud of salt his way.

        • 1. Dropping him into a territorial group of Honey Badgers
          2. Getting shot by Elijah Wood for trying to take the ring from him in Lord of The Rings
          3. Getting hit by a passing airplane while skydiving, his body then falls into a Elijah Woods hot tub.
          4. While reenacting his death scene from Lord Of The Rings at Comic Con the 3 Orcs participating stab him with real swords.
          5. I got nothing else.

    • I agree with Trey. It’s almost more clever to just let him live.

    • 1. Let him hang out & party with Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen.
      2. Hulk Smash
      3. Have him mess with Jeff W’s cows.

    • How about using Sean Bean to kill Sean Bean!?

      • Or looper scene where a younger sean bean kills the older sean bean in turn killing all sean beans

        • @ Trey

          I like that!

    • 1. Dehydration and madness after a 72-hour karaoke marathon at gunpoint.
      2. Being one segment of a human centipede behind Zach Galifianakis.
      3. Acupuncture performed blindfolded by Hitler.
      4. Being strangled by a clown.
      5. Being strangled by a clown on board a submarine.

      • @The Big Dentist.

        #2 scares the crap out of me. Wait wrong choice of words..ITS SCARES ME PERIOD!

    • 1) Cuff his ankle & give him a mini-cassette player. “Hello Bean, I want to play a game.”

      2) Inject him with a slow-acting poison and send him into a post-apocalyptic city to save the Queen.

      3) Plastique in the derriere a la Man on Fire.

      4) The Alan Rickman “Die Hard Watchband Freefall”.

      5) Force him to watch live performances of all his roles, with Sean Bean being recast by Seth Rogen. To make it feel a bit like Speed, we’ll set him on a bus and hire Mr. Bean to phone Sean Bean with challenges and taunts.

  2. RDJ negotiations have begun; also, future Marvel project on the horizon.

    • Stark

      Yeah hopefully the whole cast reaches deals cuz I’d hate to see recasting though I honestly doubt marvel would want to re cast freaking hemsworth dudes a huge star rigt now. But I wouldn’t put it last marvel after norton despite how much I like ruffalo.

      Here’s hoping for a smooth contract negotiations.

      Would anyone want a iron man 4 after seeing iron man 3?

      Personally I would. Love to see war machine again fighting along iron man and pepper Potts in rescue.

      • I wouldn’t mind an IM4, but I think they should branch out and explore other characters. For example, my most anticipated movie is GOTG.

      • I’d like an IM4, so they could fix a few things.

        • Unfortunately IM4 cannot be fixed. :(

          • Dammit. I meant “IM3″

            • moot point since it doesnt need fixing, imo.

  3. Today is going to be a fun day. It’s my son’s first birthday and I scheduled him for his 1 year checkup today. Let’s go get some shots! I’m an awesome dad LOL.

    • Hahaha! Congrats man!

      I had my 18th birthday on Thursday… I also had shots, but very, very different kind of shots if ‘ya know what I mean 8)

      • @The Avenger? just turned 18 Happy Birthday (belated).

        And that means.

        I have 5 Children Older than The Avenger?

        Suddenly, I am feeling very, very, very old.

        • Is it time to bust out the Depends, Jeff?

          • @Leather Cheerio.

            Really Harsh there man, really harsh..FUNNY..But Harsh!

      • Happy belated birthday to you! I hope your shots were painless cuz I know these won’t be :-P

      • Hey happy birthday belated as well of course. Mine was on the 30th of April I turned 21

        • @Trey.

          Happy Belated Birthday…You are younger than 3 of my daughters.

          This so has to stop!

        • @Jeff W, It’s okay, I’ve always been 64 years old in spirit so there’s no need to feel ~that~ old… :p
          @leathercheerio, Thanks! The shots had a kick, but completely painless. I hope the same goes for your little guy… well, you know, without the alcohol effects of course… and the hangover the next day… you get the point.
          @Trey, happy happy to you as well!

          • @The Avenger.

            Nah, dont help! lol

        • First an 18 year old, now a 21?! Good grief; I have ties older than you younguns! BTW, did you 2 forget to buy my Ensure? :-D

      • Happy belated birthday, grasshopper. While I’m not as ancient as Jeff I’m also twice as old as you. :D

      • @ Avenger

        Happy B-day (belated)

        18!!! Holy Cow!!
        Your a young’n!

        • PERK
          Did someone say HOLY COW?

          • @ Jeff W.

            i did, I did indeed………….


            I almost put in IN ALL CAPS JUST FOR YOU JEFF!! ;)
            Lol! :)

      • Happy Birthday!

      • Man, I’m not 18 until October. I hate being born in the later half of ’95, people always think you’re born in ’96.

        However, Merry Belated Born 24-Hour Period! :D

        • June 13 I join the 18 club. Hope you have a good one bro.

          • You guys are really starting to get on my cracking nerves! :-P

            • I’m feeling ancient next to these young bucks!

    • A Blade reboot sounds very interesting, but I have a feeling that it will not be Rated R anymore and watered down to PG-13 instead.

      • Argh! Clicked the wrong Reply button. Where’s my medication?

        Anyway, congrats to you! :D

        • Thank you!

    • Awesome? Perhaps?

      Caring, loving and doting…NO DOUBT.

      What good parents do, take their kids in to make sure they are healthy.

      With that said, Happy Birthday to Leather Cheerio Jr. :)

      • I unfortunately know some people that aren’t very good parents and haven’t taken their kids in but maybe once a year for their immunizations. Sad. This marks his 7th trip. I’m pretty careful with my lil man. Tyberius Q Williams says thank you for the new nickname!

        • ROCKIN NAME!

          All I have to say..ROCKIN NAME!

        • Our Oldest is 26.

          The other day she called home, she lives in Colorado. She has a cold…My Wife went into full bore mommy mode! I mean full bore no brakes…

          “OMG YOU ARE SICK..TURN ON SKYPE I WANT TO SEE HOW YOU LOOK!…Take some Ziacam, I am calling the hospital in your area and make an appointment. Take yourself there now! I will have you dad fly out to take care of you, I would fly…but I am pregnant..Hold on, want me to call the hospital for you? I can do that!”

          Me I said “Make some soup, drink some tea, get rest.”

        • Tyberius!!!!????

          Calm down Kahless; it’s spelled differently.


          • Hahaha! Yeah, I had to make a compromise with the spelling. Its so if he wants to shorten it for the “uneducated”. Plus we call him Ty anyways. And I also landed the middle name of Q. Its actually Quentin but I shorten it.


            • Too bad he doesn’t have the powers of Q; you would be set for, well, eternity. ;-)

    • @ the Cheerio

      Happy Birthday, here’s your shots?!?


      Bad daddy.

      (but really, happy b-day to the baby Cheerio, and good for you!)

    • Congrats on your son’s birthday!

    • Awesome! Merry Born 24-Hour Period! :D

    • @ leathercheerio – Happy birthday to your son!
      @ The Avenger – Happy 18th!

      In the words of poetry teacher John Keating, “Carpe diem! Seize the day, boys! Make your lives extraordinary!”

      • Or as Edward Cullen would say, “Carpe Jugulem”. :)

        • I had to look up Cullen to get the reference. My students who are Twilight fans would kill me if they knew I did that!

          • LOL! The Refference actually originated in one of Terry Pratchett’s books…

  4. Since injustice is basically a whole of fun
    Who would want a marvel version of injustice?

    And roster choices
    Iron man
    Black widow
    Dr strange
    Mrs marvel

    Some villains is like to see
    Winter solider
    Male kith
    Red hulk
    Ten rings mandarin

    • NetherRealm is owned by WB. You could get a Disney version of Injustice…That sounds like a lot of fun…

      • I know who owns it. I wasn’t talking neatherealm I was talking that style. Obviously it wouldn’t happen.

      • That is why there was Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I love playing that game with my friends. Disney made marvel game… you are right they should stick with films

    • The same roster from Marvel vs Capcom except replace the Capcom people and add more heroes/villians

  5. If Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD TV show does well, will Marvel pursue other TV possibilities?

    They have Daredevil back, that would be my choice for a TV show. Matt doesn’t have the same kind of rogues gallery as spidey but it’s large. A gritty crime thriller superhero show could work… but with DC’s Arrow on now, well, that would be very similar. Maybe too similar.

    There’s been talk of others over the years like Cloak & Dagger, Heroes for Hire and even the rumored Hulk show (whatever happened to that?)

    Ghost Rider may fit for TV, there’s no way They’d make another film, and it would be a shame to waste or shelf such an interesting character, and the rider has been about a dozen different people over the years, not just blaze. I can see it working, and Marvel accessing more of its horror characters, morbius or manthing anyone?

    • I think daredevil works really well for tv.


    Do not know if anyone saw this. I stumbled upon it lastnight when I had my wife snoring me awake.

    I thought it was funny as heck.

    • @ Jeff W

      You might end up paying for that snoring blast, LOL!

  7. Does Sony own the rights to Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman as well? There are some great Spider-Woman stories out there. I don’t know much about Spider-Girl, but that seems like an obvious choice for Sony to intruduce into their Marvel world IMO.

  8. When fox ultimatly decides to reboot the xmen film series which story would you all like to see with which characters?

    • Personally I would love a true first clas comic based film with those mutants


      I have a fantasy cast if anyone is intrested lol

      • Replace Angel with Archangel, and we’re set.

        • Archangel has to be created first though. I agree, a better version but he takes a bit of explaining lol.

          • Yeah, I know. We would have to explain Apocolypse and why Archangel starts out bad, yada yada. Dude is a prime mutant though.

  9. Alright… I have something I would like to get off my chest… I want their to be a continuation of the V series. Not the old one (even though I like those) the new one that came out in 2009 and only went until 2010. I don’t understand why the show ended. It had a great story plot to me and had cliff hangers.

    The acting was good and they had characters you loved and characters you loathed. Mystery was present throughout the seasons and it still died. I at least want answers to the cliff hanger because it has driven me crazy for the past 3 years. If Firefly can get a movie to resolve the situation than why can’t V?

    Please I need to know your opinion and what you thought of the V show.

    • I liked the show. Most of the sci fi films I like die early. My most beloved show was Flash Forward. I REALLY liked that show. I’ve come to terms that sci fi needs to stay away from network television.

    • @ Writer

      To be honest Writer, I could never get into it. I LOVED the old V when I was a kid, (although I was terribly disappointed that there were no cool toys or play sets). The old V tv movies were great, the series that followed, not so much. It was ok but not great.

      Why the new one didn’t work out, who knows? They should have just picked up where the old V left off IMO.

  10. Gonna bring some Superman/Batman stuff to the discussion-

    A very popular idea is that you can’t have Christian Bale’s Batman involved in the shared universe because it will cheapen the trilogy, and cheapen the way the trilogy ended.

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    If anything, having Bale return as Batman re-strengthens a trilogy that was cheapened by it’s third installment.

    This isn’t a TDKR trash post, here me out-

    It is established in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that Bruce Wayne is the mask, and Batman is the person. No matter what, Bruce Wayne is Batman, whether he is in uniform or not. Retiring is never an option, nor is hiding for 8 years because your girlfriend died.

    So Bruce is living his retirement, every day realizing that Batman isn’t something he can simply walk away from. It is who he is, regardless of his desire for a “normal” life.

    So, what if there is reference to an ongoing hostage situation wrapping up in Gotham right around the time Supes is discovering who he is? The full blown alien invasion that occurs in MoS could happen just a few months following the events in Gotham.

    Yeah, I doubt the nod will be that significant… but I can’t help but feel that Bale reprising his role as Batman to stand toe-to-toe with Cavil’s Superman isn’t just a possibility, it’s a fore-gone conclusion if WB wants to step up and let everyone know that they are serious about competing with Disney. ( SW Ep. 7 and Avengers 2 )

    Putting the established Batman next to this new Superman is the way to go about this. A brand new take on Batman this soon would be an ill-advised marketing move. 1) it confuses the average public 2) you’ll tick of die-hards(you would also potentially please alot of die-hards so I guess this one is irrelevant, especially compared to #3)
    3) You are charged with selling a new face over the established one

    Simply put, having this new Superman in the same frame as the recently established Batman will create a frenzy the likes of which have never been seen in CBM circles.

    The only thing that casts doubt on any of this, is the fact that it’s WB. If there was ever a time to change their track record and give something back to the fans… I would have to say it would be now or never.

    • I like it, the thing that people complain is that this Batman gets his butt kicked too often to stand toe to toe with superman and aliens. Which I think is wrong, I haven’t read many comics but have seen the animated TV show (justice league and BTAS) and Batman gets his butt kicked a lot. The reason he succeeds is because he adapts and uses his superhero friends to his advantage. All they need is a director to upgrade the action and fighting style (Snyder can do that) and then Bale’s Batman is capable of anything. Just cause Nolan restricted Bale’s fighting skills in his films doesn’t mean people can’t enhance him in theirs. Snyder could easily use a good stunt double or special effects to make Bale a better fighter. Nolan restricted him not Bale.

      • Having Bale show up in Man of Steel would send people in a Frenzy. There is some very vocal comic book fans against Bale which is cool, but the public loves Nolan’s Batman trilogy and love Bale. If Warner Brothers wants to be competitors and take a less risky route bringing Bale in would absolutely strengthen their situation.

        • I’m one of those vocal comic fans who is against Bale… ( I HATE THAT STUPID VOICE ) but if I get an established Batman next to this new Superman I will probably fall into a coma from nerdgasmic bliss.

          • I got use to his voice because it makes sense. He clearly doesn’t want people to recognize him. At least though being against bale you realize how smart of a move it is to bring him back. People will sh*t themselves while others will kill themselves lol. But Like I said a new director can completely change Bale and how he is portrayed.

          • I love Bale’s Batman voice! I watched the older Batman movies before Batman Begins and I never thought they nailed Batman’s voice until I heard Bale’s super-rough version and thought, “Now that’s Batman!”

            • I just find it to be very silly. An adult would laugh at that voice before being intimidated by it.

              • Idk about that.. if a black figure pulls me from my car via the back windown and says “im batman!” Id pee myself

                • Batman would hurt himself trying to pull me out of a car. I always have my seat belt on.

              • Idk about that.. if a black figure pulls me from my car via the back windown and says “im batman!” Id pee myself

              • Exactly. Bale’s voice is just plain ridiculous, it is nowhere near intimidation

                • Honest question: Did you find Michael Keaton’s Batman voice intimidating? Because to me it pretty much seemed like he was just talking normally.

                  • Not so much intimidating, but creepy. Mysterious. If he had to be intimidating, I have no doubt that he could.

                    Batman doesn’t have to have that constant growling noise in order to get his point across, that only adds to the fear he creates (an idea brought up in Batman Begins, abandoned in later Nolan Batman films).

                    Take Kevin Conroy for example: while he does only supply a mere voice to an animated Batman, it is considered an iconic take on the character and people love it. Conroy went low with his voice to separate Bruce from Batman, but he did without making the mask of his voice sound so absurd.

                    In all honesty, if THAT Batman were to pull me into the shadows, I’d probably crap my pants. Because it is, IMO, a solid performance of mystery and intimidation at the same time

    • I get what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s financially okay for WB to buy back Bale. His price tag to come back has to be like 25+. And its terrible because it shows how little he wants to play the role. Most men would kill to play Batman. They’d do it for free. Bale wants money. Pathetic.

      • 25+ is nothing when people like RDJ is making 70 million. Bale is an established actor the guarantees more money for WB. Nobody else in the film may be making a lot at all.

      • Your employer must love you if you work for free. Actors are paid for their time and talent, not the character they portray. If his price is $25M, that’s his price for all roles and not just the ones first seen in comic books. Bale has said since Batman Begins that he was anchored to Christopher Nolan’s vision, not another director’s. I’d love to see him come back for a Superman/Batman or JLA franchise but if it doesn’t happen I won’t think less of the man.

      • Most men will do it for free no bankable A list actor would

  11. * Possible Spoiler *

    I am on the fence about “Enders Game”. And because I read the book I am a little upset that they put the last shot of the trailer in the trailer (does that make sense?).

    How do other people feel?

  12. Did you like the twist in ironman 3, which made the film grounded and realistic or did you want more fantastical/comic book?

    • Eh there is an advantage towards each it all depends on how its excecuted. I didnt like the manderin twist because the fantasy element to me stuck because the extremis virus tho scientific feels like fantasy. I though ben kingsley terrorist was more intriguing than guy pearce. But just an opinion

    • It’s strange because even with the “grounded” Mandarin twist this movie is still the most fantastical out of the trilogy with extremis and those crazy super soldiers running around. It still felt very much like a comic book to me. I think the twist itself was bold and a defining moment in the film where it became a straight up action-COMEDY and not just an action movie with humor and honestly, I had no problem with that. It’s Shane Black’s version of a super hero movie and I like it for that.

      • well what I meant was, would you have preferred the mandarin of the trailers or a super powered ring/armored fin fang foom one?

        • I would have preferred an alien ring powered Mandarin, but I wasn’t expecting that. I totally didn’t see the twist coming, but I rolled with it. It seems a waste of a huge IM villain but…

        • I think I would have preferred the super powered Mandarin since that would have satisfied the most amount of people.

    • @cody – it wasn’t a twist. Check out this SR article from a year ago.


  13. Just got back from the doctors with my son. He toughed it out. I think.his autobots shirt gave him some added courage. For his stats though, they said his height is above the 99th percentile. Is that a nice way of saying he is outrageously tall? LOL.

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Tyberius appreciates them all.

    • Or it is saying, you are outrageously short for your age group!



      • HOLY COW! Oops, I mean: HOLY GRAZINGS, BATMAN! :-D

  14. So I went to meet my momma for lunch.

    Walk into the Hospital, Security Guard ask me who I am here to see.(Restricted Area of Hospital) I say, Bruce Waine, which is the name mom put down on the allowed visitors list.

    Guard says ” You some kind of comedian? What is your name?
    “Bruce Waine.”
    “Sigh. Here, let me get my wallet..”

    “Hes Reaching for a GUN!” So Two Guards try to tackle me, I got two on my legs, one of my back, one pulling on my arm, cops are called, it takes two pair of handcuffs.

    My mom comes walking down, and the first guard says ” Dr Waine, step back, we have a smart ass.”

    “That is my son Bruce. I am surprised it took 4 of you to take him down, usually it take 5 or 6. Oh and if I were you, I would let the police un cuff him, because he looks like he might be a wee bit angry.”

    • Are you so desperate to take on Hospital Gaurds that lock yourself in with them to take them on one at a time?

      • No, I was going for my wallet and all heck broke out, they thought I was being a joker.

        Did not even bother to call my mom or check the list.

        • Bruce Waine was being a joker.
          You made a funny! :D

    • Alright Jeff…I’ve accepted a few of your stories without comment, as I believe you have the tendency to embellish a little, but I’m calling you out on that one. No way.

      • @Jeff

        The area of the Hospital where my mom works. Was nuclear medicine. The Security guards they have there respond, a bit to aggressively. They did put two pair of cuffs on me, till it was to be straighten out.

        The odd thing was, I do not get violent or nasty, I just shake my head. It was a response to me reaching for my wallet to get my ID Out. When I did get my ID Out, they thought I was still being a smart ass.

        I learned over the years, I tell people my name, they will get curious. You should see me when I travel and have to deal with the TSA.

        It just a name that either makes people laugh, or think I am a terrorist.

        • Well, if all is as you say it is, then either the security guard should be reprimanded, or you probably did a bit more to instigate. If the former, then you have my apologies for doubting you. If the latter, then you should know better, from your previously disclosed line of work. Regardless, I hope you can stand back and see how the objective reader might find this one a little far fetched. :)

    • I don’t know about this one Jeff. I think this will require a bit of confirmation, maybe from the Daily Planet or Daily Bugle. Oh sorry, wrong universe. :-)

      • Where’s the entry in the Captains Log?

        • Kahless ate the Captain’s log. :-P

  15. Has anyone else noticed that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds is following me around…on Hulu Plus? First, he was on Bones. Then last week, he appeared on Supernatural. And now, he’s on New Girl. What’s next? Grimm? Community?

  16. OK so iron man and also captain america are grounded realistic movies to the extent of using scientific technology and things of that nature but I don’t get it… After teaming up with avengers, the whole “Grounded” theme went out the window!! putting both regular human super heroes with a demi God and aliens??? Come on’ it was time to bring in a villain for iron man based of supernatural elements and fantasy… That was the whole point to open doors for more than just “grounded realistic” stories… The whole concept of mandarine would not have worked before avengers… It opended the door to bridge the gap between grounded and supernatural/fantasy elements together in one universe. Then to have iron man 3 come out and slap everyone in the face with the theme that iron man still lives in this “seperate” and “GROUNDED” world is just ridiculous especially when iron man keeps mentioning what happened in new york and flash backs… It was a good movie as a stand alone but to be included as a true iron man movie is a mistake… They totally abused their freedom with the mandarine character… I would have at least been ok if he at least was a “terrorist” like they were portraying him as without powers but after that twist I said forget this…

  17. and for batman cameo in man of steel. I’m torn, one part of me says yes do it… the other side says no.. Mention him to a certain extent but not the nolan version. We need to bring back some elements of batmans roots. Like an immortal Ras’ and such… I loved what nolan did for his universe but then how would we go about bringing in major players with sci-fi elements to a realistic universe. Everything was “too” real in batman trilogy. You can’t bring in zatana or dr fate, you cant bring in vandal savage who is immortal if Ras’ wasn’t??? We have to have a batman thats delt with supernatural before he gets into it with the metahumans… He has to have gone up with the poison ivys and the solomon grundys and all those guys… I just think they should go with a reboot after a superman sequel and a few other solo dc movies…

  18. Not sure if this has been discussed yet but with IM3 pulling in $175m… what is the over under on Man of Steel?

    And will any non-spandex movie pull in similar numbers this summer/year?

  19. Just got back from vacation! Do I get a welcome home? :)

    • Welcome home. I have notice you missing in ODs lately.

      • Thanks! I was way out in the boonies with no WiFi. Lots of mosquitoes though …

    • HMM?

      SuperEdje101 goes away?

      Two cows missing?

      Receipt from Costco shows he bought a lot of bbq and A 1 Steak Sauce?

      • Ahhhh! Darn! I thought i had got away clean… great two more weeks of mosquitoes while i try to escape @JEFF W’s SWATT bulls. :(

    • Welcome back.


      Thought it was cow friendly the past few days.

    • Welcome, and I like your new Avatar/Image.

      • Thanks mate!

  20. Just seen Star Trek Into Darkness – AMAZING FILM!!!! Good laughs, solid plot, emotional moments acted well and some of the best effects I’ve ever seen :)


    Gentlemen, I apologize for odd opening, but I hope to get the attention of one or all of you to ask a favor: Please, get rid of EVERY post by Statler on the Ben Kingsley…Mandarin…”Iron Man 3″ thread from about a week ago and ban him. He has gone well beyond insulting to outright attacks (my deceased mother NEVER needs to occupy his diseased thoughts). He insulted another poster also but seems to have fixated on me and mine lately. I tried to respond at first (you’ve all seen that I certainly don’t mind some verbal sparring) then, I tried to ignore him. He is not debating or even legitimately complaining about anything…He just seems intent on attacking me. I’m tired of it.

    Please, help. Thank for your time.

    • @Archaeon – clicking contact us and filling out that form gets their attention pretty quick. I saw those comments earlier today. It’s a shame how people hide behind the internet and have no common decency.

    • I have Paul’s email address. Ill shoot him an email letting him know if you want if they havent already taken care of it.

    • Never mess with anyone momma.

      Alive or In a better place.


      • that is just wrong.

        Why people feel the need to stupid things like that is beyond me. Verbal sparing, debating, a snarky blast here a there, ok, i get that, in fact, I do all of that. But this is a maniac and completely out of control. This is fun site about fun stuff we all love. I just don’t get the hate.

        • I went back and read them just because I had to… my mental instability or something like that drew me in. But as I was reading it, I read them in Sean Connery’s voice like he was talking to Trebec on celebrity Jeopardy. Terrible, I know.

    • @Archaeon – Sorry for missing this. Send me an email if it ever happens again – – and I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.

      I’ve taken care of the situation.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  22. @Vic and Screenrant

    I noticed a new checkbox below the submit comment button. Which one does which? I remember you guys saying you might look into fixing the issue that was before. Can we get some details?

  23. I just realized who Alice Eve is and why she looks so familiar! She played Vinny Chase’s fiancĂ© on Entourage in the final episodes. I can finally rest easy.

    • She was also Agent ‘O’ in Men in Black 3.

  24. Star Trek Into Darkness was fu**ing awesome! One of the few sequels that perfectly hit the same tone as their predecessors. If you love the first one you should love the second one. If you hated the first one you’ll probably hate this one as well. Also, Abrams is definitely the right guy for the Star Wars job! I’m sure of that now.

    • Thanks man! What do you think it will draw in domestic BO?

      • I’m fairly sure that it will make a quite a bit more than Abrams’ first Star Trek. The theater was packed and the word of mouth is very positive so far, if you don’t mind the usual “worst movie ever” and “I hate Abrams and his unborn children” trolls, that is. ;)

        At least $600 Million don’t sound too far fetched to me. I wouldn’t expect The Avenger numbers, though.

  25. Was watching Rise of The Planet of The Apes again the other night, I don’t remember anyone bringing this up but during the film there are reference’s to a manned mission to Mars.

    The mission suffers a set-back, they appear to lose contact with the ship and it gets lost (in space as it were).

    Now if we forget the Tim Burton version of PoTA, I’m wondering if they’re going to have PoTA as the last film?

    We have Rise, next is Dawn, not sure what they would call the next few, but then the last film is Planet of The Apes. The missing Mars mission, it’s crew having accidentally not been woken up from stasis by the computer, arrive back on Earth, 200, 300 or more years later.

    The virus which killed most of the human population perhaps has had a reverse effect on the surviving generations, who are now dumb and unable to speak.

    And it rounds of the series, and in a unique way, having what was the first film in the original series become the last.