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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 6, 2013

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  1. I’m a DC fan. I won’t lie. But I’m also a Marvel fan. And honestly I’m not too impressed by “Iron Man 3″‘s box office numbers. Tony Stark has headined three movies before this. Of course he is going to eventually make these numbers. It took Iron Man 4 movies and Batman only 2..

    • I like both marvel and dc, iron man 3 was good just wasn’t great. The first iron man is my fav of the trilogy.

      • I love ironman 1 its my 2nd favorite comic book film. If marvel keeps this pace up 1 billion won’t be special at all it won’t be an expectation. I enjoyed Iron Man 3 for what it was but I feel it didn’t reach the expectation that I have for it (which was on par with Ironman 1 and the avengers) If marvel isn’t given expectations than they will coast with meritocracy which I don’t want to see. I love that they are challenging themselves with Gotg and Ant-man.

        • *will be an expectation


          I am not saying that all Marvel films are mediocre, I am saying if they aren’t given expectation than they could make sub par films and make billions with it.

  2. I really hate when I forget to take the trash to the curb. Especially when we have a party/bbq over the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, never made it to see IM3. Oh well lol.

    • @Leather Cheerio

      Here is the John Madden Review of Ironman 3

      You see this guy has a metal suit made of iron…and WHAM..He can fly and do all of this really neat stuff..And BOOM…He is like this Billionaire Smart guy…and BOOM…He runs this way to the bad guy…and he is like all…Glowing and then he goes BOOM…and Then there is a scene when one guys goes BAM BOOM BAM! AND Ironman is kind of Ticked off..and WHAM..The Billionaire kind of sort of meets this kid..and BOOM..

      Now he has this friend in a metal suit and he is in American Colors…BOOM…He is going all over with this suit on doing BAM!

      And then the main girl..she gets all caught and she GOES BOOM AT THE END.



      • Thanks Jeff this made my day :)

        • @Vader

          Welcomed my friend, glad I could make you laugh.

      • Dude! SPOILER WARNING, perhaps? LOL

        • MY BAD!


          • Best post ever by jeff!

      • @Jeff W

        Thanks Jeff. That makes a Monday I little more fun.

      • That very well may be, but is there any BOOM in the movie?

        • @ Lost Winchester

          Ther is a whole lot of BOOM in the movie!!

        • No…no BOOM, other than the BOOMS in the movie. I wish there had been one important BOOM (preferably BEFORE I wasted money on this crap): I wish any and all copies and originals of the movie had gone BOOM.

          What a pile of tripe…

          • @ Archaeon

            C’mon is was good, admit it!

            • No.

              • Come on, give into the darkside.

                • Already did…years ago.

                  Still NO.


      • I think I am going to do all my Movies review for movies I see, as if John Madden saw them.

    • IM fights the bad guy and is loosing pretty badly. Then the bad guy chops IM’s hand off and tells IM that he’s his father. Then…..oh, wait. :-D

  3. Without giving away any spoilers, can anyone who has seen Iron Man 3 let me know which films I should refresh myself on (e.g. Iron Man 1, 2, Avengers) before watching it? I would imagine it would refer to Avengers more since it was the most recent film to feature the character, but I’d like to go in being as prepared as I can :).

    • none…. if any the avengers but the only references to that film is a couple name drops and a location drop. It doesn’t at all have anything to do with Iron man 1 or 2. Its really just a solo film it was slightly an avengers sequel but not really.

    • Ignore IM2, unless you’d like to revisit Black Widow’s debut ;)

      • Ignore IM2, unless you’d like to revisit Black Widow’s butt

        There, fixed it for you.


    • I personally think it’s best to see this movie and appreciate on it’s own and not compare it with previous movies. I saw it twice. First time I was looking for how it connects to every thing… Was incredibley disappointed.

      The second time I saw it, I just went to enjoy it and loved it.

      • It is better that way but its title is ironman 3 its suppose to tie in. They could call it Stark and then i cant complain

        • I completely agree. It SHOULD tie in. I enjoyed it more when I wasn’t looking for the easter eggs and expecting Sheild to pop up.

          • Thats fair and the complete truth

    • Thanks for your replies guys. Good to know I won’t have much to review :)

    • @ Pyronaut

      I would watch IM 1 & 2, and the Avengers first.

      • Well, everyone above basically just said I don’t need to re-watch any of those.

        • Your call Pyronaut…….just my opinion.

  4. Just wondering but, am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Spiderman costume for TASM2? Because to me, it seems like a down-grade from TASM and also a bit more cartoony and like Raimi’s version. It could just be that I’ve only seen the costume before the whole special effects and all that good stuff is added but I’m curious

    • It looks almost exactly like the comic version… what could possibly be wrong with that?

    • At first I didn’t like either – the eyes were the main things that looked cartoony to me. But then I went online and saw some more photos and they completely won me over.

    • I like the new design for the sequel. The only thing about the suit in ASM was the eyes and the fact that at times it looked like an alien face just my opinion.

      • I dunno, hopefully it’ll grow on me. I’m just not sold on the suit so far, maybe after I see some post-production images. KInda like Electro, I like the concept (drawing inspiration from the Ultimate comics) but I’m waiting to see some more, ‘complete’ (if you will) images

    • @ Amazing…….

      Actually I love it and was happy to see it like that. It’s way more true to Spidey than the yellow eyed mess we got before.

      • Agreed. I’m kind of glad their going the more cartoony route to be honest. We already have dark and “realistic” superhero films like Dark Knight and MOS and the action/adventure films like Marvel so it’d be nice if Sony just went for an all out comic book look.

  5. I finally got to see Mud… best film I have seen all year hands down. it may also be the only film I have seen this far that will end up in my top 10 by the end of the year. its a high class film that in my opinion at least deserves Oscar talk by the end of the year. I’d say this years Beast of The Southern Wild but I disliked that film.

  6. Question for all you ranters ….

    If you were to get inked with your fav comic hero which would you choose and why ?

    • Oooh that’s a good one bro.

      Uh what about you? Lol

      I think the sheild logo, Thor’s hammer, or nightwing a bird.

      • @ Mighty Avenger

        My choice would be either batman or captain america.

    • Spider-Man: he taught me how to stay humble and to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do – don’t do good things for rewards.

    • hmmm I not a fan of tattoos, but Id choose the bat symbol idk why

    • Mother’s Milk from The Boys.

      Of all Superheroes, he is the one best that fits my personality and physical stature.

      Plus he loves his daughter with a passion unmatched.

    • If I had any room left for a tatt, I wud get my chest done with the skin tearing off with supermans, or spidermans suit coming out…

    • Worlds Finest.

    • Tough decision. May I get a few?

      1. Sgt. Rock
      2. Flaming Carrot
      3. The Goon
      4. The Crypt Keeper

      • *Crypt-Keeper

    • @ Vader

      Good question.

      The Stark Industries logo……of course!

      • @ Stark

        That would be an awesome tattoo

    • I’ll never get a tattoo but if I did I might get some Kryptonian symbols spelling out something superman related. People always get tattoos in another language, but it’d be so different to get something in an alien writing. Plus Supes is my fav. hero.

  7. I haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet and I don’t think this is a big spoiler but I was wondering: does Tony Stark control his armor using Extremis? I watched the trailers and saw how he makes pieces of his suit fly around in the air so, basically, does Stark gain new powers in the film?

    • no, but their is the possibility it could have happened at the end of the film

  8. Question of the day for the Screen Ranters.

    You are now a celebrity, you have wealth, fame and fortune.

    You have to surround yourself with a security staff.

    Without naming any Superheroes or Aliens.

    Name your five real or fictional bodyguards.

    And Go.

    • 1.) James Bond
      2.) Frank Martin

      Thats all I need :p

    • My five body guards would be…

      1.Robert Downey Jr
      2.Chris Evans
      3.Chris Hemsworth
      4.Jeremy Renner
      5.Mark Ruffalo

      Haha see what I did there :D

      • ::SIGH::


      • My Five

        1 Mila Kunis
        2 Kate Upton
        3 Brooklyn Decker
        4 Zoe Saldana
        5 Scarlett Johansson

        See what I did there Vader?

        See, I am already 6’5 260 lbs, and my weekend workout involves plowing 2 acres of farm manually. Throwing bales of hay.

        Weekday work out involves chopping wood with axes that weigh, 20, 40 and 60 lbs.

        I do not need to worry about anyone :)

        • Haha great list Jeff :D

        • So why hire anybody? You’re married…

          • @Leather Cheerio

            You Stinking Mother(beep)ing thing to say! You had to go open your (beep)ing mouth and say I was (beep)ing Marred and (beep)ed up my fantasy! You lousy Son of a (beep)! I should ring your (beep)ing neck!
            God (beep) it!
            Lousy Mother(beep)er!

            • MARRIED! NOT MARRED!

              Though if my Wife read this..I MAY BE MARRED!



            • (bleeping) great! :-)

        • So my Wife see the list.

          Looks at me

          Looks at the list…I say “Honey it is a Joke.”

          She looks at the list one more time and says to me.

          “It is ok Honey, I have dreams about me and at least two of them myself.”

        • @ Jeff W

          In no particular order…….

          1. Maximillian (killer robot from The Black Hole)
          2. Drago (Rocky 4)
          3. Frank Martin
          4. Driver (the Rocks character from Faster)
          5. Jeff W. (6’5″ 260 lbs. enough said!)

          • Great choice with Maximillian. (The Black Hole SPOILER ahead!)
            Unless you’re Anthony Perkins!

          • @Stark

            You might have to rethink that. Seems I left Screen Rant on my computer when I left to go get dinner.

            Me wife made a post.

        • Oh and Arnold’s character from Comando!

      • Vader you realize you hired RDJ right? He would steal your guards for himself then laugh at you cause he can

        • Good point trey

    • I’d hire The Shield from WWE.

      • Really? They’re the reason I stopped watching WWE lol

        • If they can take out the Big Show, 3MB, Sheamus, Orton, the Undertaker, Ryback, Team Hell No, Cena…and everyone else in the WWE. I think they could protect me from Jeff W.’s bovine army.

          • @professor pro
            Good point about the shield.

    • Bruce Willis as John McClane.
      Arnold Shwarzenneger as John Kruger
      Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo
      Wesley Snipes as John Cutter
      Keanu Reeves as John Utah

      This will be glorious.

      • That’s a lot of John’s.

    • @ Jeff W

      The A-TEAM! (They got a van to get away in. A crazy guy who can fly anything and Hannibal can come up with all the plans. B.A is pretty self explanatory and Face who can con anybody out of anything.

      Oh… and the fifth member of the team would be Justin Beiber. (I can trip him as I run away from the gun shots, explosions, aliens, zombies, bad guys and such. Hey… it will slow them down and if I am lucky I won’t have to listen to his music in Wall Greens ever again.

      • @Writer


        I like the Justin Redshirt Bieber move

    • The Watchmen

    • Jack Bauer. I’d feel pretty confident with just him.

    • 1. Dr. Manhattan (with clothes, of course)
      2. Superman
      3. Hulk
      4. Batman
      5. Captain America

      Of course, Kahless leads them all. :-D

  9. I started fighting to have a Freakazoid skin for The Flash in Injustice recently. I’m actually gaining a lot of support, believe it or not

  10. I saw Iron Man 3. Liked it even though I knew the twist from that troll.

  11. So, since I have completed my Trooper Training (Had to get familiar with the area I will be patrolling from the air, so I had to learn the ins and out of my territory.)

    I have a week off before I start full time flying at night.

    So, I am building my son a Tree house.

    I have it planned between two trees.

    The Floor and Roof are done and have been water treated and coated. they will have insulation between the floor and roof, the walls will be insulated, I am putting 4 small windows and installing solar panels on the roof as the sun hits it for 12 hours during the day.

    I think about installing a small LCD TV in there. It will be powered by the Solar Cell Batteries, so electricity will not be a problem.

    Is the TV Too much?

    • @ Jeff W

      I just have one question… Do you ever want to see your son again?

      I don’t think I would ever leave the Tree House if I had a fridge with some food and water in it. Throw in a bathroom as an added bonus and I am seriously saying you won’t even know he exists.

      • Not going to give him indoor plumbing.

        When the baby arrives, I want him to have a place of privacy and get away from all of the attention the baby will receive, he is still the baby now, but I want to have a place to go and just relax.

        • @ Jeff W

          I agree with giving him a place of his own in light of the baby’s arrival ( congratulation to you and your wife btw), but don’t let him think he can escape life out there. The TV is cool, as long as you hang out there with him to watch it.

          • @Stark.

            Thank you.

    • @ Jeff,

      Back in the eighties, my three friends and I built a tree house. It was four stories tall (meaning you had to crouch within each one), giving us each our own floor. We covered the walls with Playboy centerfolds. The house was waterproof, and with an electrical cord running from my friend’s house, we had TV, VCR, and a cordless phone. Our parents let us sleep there on weekends, and we’d use our allowance to order pizza. The delivery guys would climb the ladder to the first floor to deliver the pizzas. Fun times.

      Speaking from experience, I say go with the TV!

      • @$2

        After what my wife did, I might be living in it!

        • It was torn down fifteen years ago. I got a small board from it and had my three buddies sign it. It sits on a shelf now and never fails to make me smile.

          • Well, I just spent the last 4 hours securing the 3 supports to the trees. The trees are healthy enough to support the weight.

            Floor and walls are done, insulated walls and floor. Rubber Floors done.

            Will be done with the roof this afternoon. All the wood has been treated and water proofed…

            Solar Panels are installed. Batteries storage installed. Weather proofed outlets

            Load Bearing Support Beam anchored to ground.

            Tomorrow..Leveling everything out and getting it up in the trees.

  12. Now that Iron Man 3 is out and we see it for what it is, my fan boy-ism is in full effect for MOS. I predict absolute awesomeness!!

  13. Finally started Battlestar Galactica. Watched the miniseries and am now like on episode 5 or 6 of season 1. Im liking it so far. Sad to see that it only has 4 seasons though.

    also, i can really see where the comparisons between this and SGU come from. I watched SGU first though so this really reminds me of SGU.

    I only hope that Galactica doesnt end on another stupid cliffhanger, im getting sick of those.

  14. So, My Name is Bruce

    I like Football.
    I like Action Movies.

    When I was in high school, I took ballet classes. Yes in High School, I performed each year in the Nutcracker as the Mouse King. I also did Shakespeare in the Park as Othello, King Lear and Much ado about Nothing.

    I like to plant flowers.

    I say I am 6’5 260 when in reality, I am 6’5 260 and I like to Watch Downton Abbey. I think I hide it from my wife, but I tend to leave it on the Saved List in ON DEMAND.

    I like to go to Flowershows.
    Even Though I am a big and strong….I secretly can be found for a couple of hours on Saturdays working at the Local Kitten Adoption Center.

    Sometimes, I forget to close my laptop lid and forget my wife is now home on maternity leave and was sitting on the couch with me.

    Love Katelynn Jennifer Waine

    • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • @ Jeff W and wife…..


      • This is why I don’t want to ever be married!! :)

        • My wife doesn’t know about SR.
          SR = my Fortress of Solitude!

          • @$2 – LOL. My wife knows about Screenrant. She doesn’t care enough to pay attention to what I do on here. Just like I don’t care enough to check to see what she is doing on Pinterest and Etsy.

            • My girlfriend knows about Screen Rant, and that im on it, but she could never figure out how to post a comment………thank God!
              (although she is very hot) ;)

              • What?! You have another girlfriend?!

                • BUSTED!

                  GET INTO THE MK-43 BODY CAST..HER SUIT!

                • @ Pepper Potts

                  Sorry Pepper, I’m just not a fan of red heads, I’m trading up for a blonde. :0

                  • In Social News

                    Millionaire Tony Stark was taking to the cleaners by Pepper Potts.

                    Tony, you may be Iron Man, but you damn sure know nothing about Power of Attorney when you signed those papers for control of Stark Industries over to Pepper Potts.

      • @Jeff W (and Katelynn)

        So, how about starting your own Web sitcom, I’m liking what I see. The Hughley’s and the Wayan’s have nothing on you two.

        Wifely torture, it’s so funny!


        • @Pedrosaurus

          Sitcom, us…LMAO

          • Why not, like ‘EdTV’ only funnier.


    • @ Jeff W

      At least she gave you the manliest part in the whole play. (Mouse King)

      Downton Abbey is kind of embarrassing though… (I didn’t say I don’t watch it though and do you know when the fourth season comes out?)

      Kittens are… Ugh… Cool…

      Flowers… (I am just not gonna comment on those…)

      • @Writer.

        I did the Mouse King, because I was rather intimidating at 6’2 220 when I was 14. The first Mouse King was a female, because no male wanted to do it, so Katelynn asked me to do it…and well then 31 years with the same Woman….

        Katelynn was a, and still to a point a ballet dancer. She does it to keep in shape, and well. Were friends for awhile.

        So, she figured…”Any 14 year old boy willing to humiliate himself for to be either stupid or kind spirit

        As for the flowers and flower shops. I plant, because I grew up on a Farm.

        Downton Abbey..Season 4 Sept 2013.

        We have 2 Main Coon Cats. We have 3 St Bernards and 3 Golden Retrievers

        Oh and…1,278 HEADS OF COWS!

        Yes, I am more than meets the eye.

  15. Just wondering if anyone saw Iron Man 3 with Dolby Atmos, and how it was. I loved it with the Hobbit, but I was underwhelmed by it in Oblivion (hardly seemed different from regular surround), so I was wondering if it’s worth it to make the trip to the only cinema in the area that has it.