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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 5, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 5, 2014

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  1. FIRST!!

    • You Batman?

      • No :(

        • Thats right, you know why?

          • hahaha… awesome..

            Did you see the lego movie hishe?
            It was perfect. You’d like it.

  2. So Spider-Man 2 was amazing! Had such a great time in the theater. Being a spider fan for 25 years now. Great movie.

    Now who do we want to play Mary Jane?

    My short list is (in this order)
    1. Lyndsy fonseca
    2. Jane levy
    3. Alexandra daddario
    4. Emma Watson.

    • So Shailene Woodley is out for sure then? I didn’t know that was confirmed…

      • Movie dude

        Yeah Woolley herself said she wasn’t coming back due to her obligations to the divergent franchise.
        I felt bad about her fan reaction to her being cast as Mary Jane though. She was never my first choice but I never had a problem with it. She’s a great actor and probably would have a made a good Mary Jane.

        • Makes sense…

          I remember reading something about that. I just didn’t know it was confirmed that she’s out.

          I saw her in Divergent and her acting didn’t really convince me. Is she better in other stuff?

        • Nothing has been confirmed. Woodley has stated that she didn’t know if she could do both films (Divergent and Spider-Man) and Marc Webb stated that the scheduling would be tricky to get her involved. Neither of those statements are outright confirmation.

  3. Finally watched the evil dead (2013) over the weekend. And I enjoyed it. I wasn’t much of a fan of the original but this was enjoyable. More gross then scary. Jane levy was great in it. The rest of the cast was kinda just whatever to me. But I enjoyed it.

    • I really enjoyed the

      SPOILERS FOR EVIL DEAD (2013) ………………..

      chainsaw to the face part at the end. It was pretty awesome in a macabre over-the-top kind of way.

  4. Saw Cap 2 and ASM 2 over the weekend. Both were great movies. Preferred ASM 2 because Peter had a more human story to him. Currently in debate if I’ll skip over Son of Batman. If I do this’ll be the first DCAU movie I skipped. I just hate Damian. I wish DCAU would give us another Wonder Woman movie or a Red Hood and the Outlaws animated feature.

    • I would like a Phantom Stranger/Spectre animated movie. I hate Damian too, he’s a brat. I prefer Tim Drake as my favorite Robin just because he was such a good detective and he learned from his mistakes. Red Hood and Outlaws could work too, I wish they’d just try and do a animated movie for all the lesser known titles of the New 52.

      • “He is a brat”

        Him he is a pre-teen whose Grandfather is Ra’s Al Ghul. You were expecting what exactly? Give the kid a chance to grow up.

        • I honestly think that if he weren’t killed Damien would end up being a better Batman than Bruce. Heresy, but I’ll stick to my guns on this one.

        • @ Bat-Mite

          I am sorry I just think he isn’t a proper Robin and neither was Jason Todd. I am not saying he isn’t a good character even though I don’t like him, but he just isn’t Robin material in my opinion. Besides I would have expected a kid who was the grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul to be more disciplined and respectful of authority.

          • @ Bat-Mite

            I am saying he’s a bad character. I just didn’t want Bruce to become Papa Bruce. I’ll be a happy camper in my DCAU Tim-Verse where Bruce becomes the bitter old man who most of his old colleagues and friends now hate because of his obssesion with the cowl.

          • Writer (and others who share his opinion)…

            Of course, you as welcome to dislike Damien as a character and as Robin, in particular…Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

            For my part, I think he’s a great character (not my favorite, by a long shot, but still interesting). Here’s why (as well as my views on several of the complaints people have had about him):

            Regarding his bratty attitude and headstrong (sometimes dangerous) impulsiveness, I think Damien, as an ALLY who constantly challenges the other members of the Bat family (often more than the criminals they face) and who tests Batman’s resolve and authority MORE than any of the other Bat family members, provides another layer of familial depth and psychological intrigue to the stories of Gotham’s protectors. Will he learn the lessons being taught to help him overcome his earlier terrorist upbringing and become the hero Bruce HOPES he can be and WISHES Damien’s grandfather and mother COULD have been? We NOW know there was at least SOME reason for that hope, although his life was taken prematurely. As a preteen, he was as bratty as a preteen can be (and too often IS) with the added “benefit” (curse?) of being trained to be merciless and deadly. THINK about how that would shape a child. Add to that the fact that his grandfather considered almost everyone BENEATH him (possible exceptions being “the Detective” and Talia). Damien’s character, I think, was right on point.

            Regarding the idea of Batman having a mystery son (particularly one who, at times, felt little remorse about the idea of his own father dying so he could take over the mantle of the Dark Knight and “do it right” as he perceived things) and any awkwardness of that revelation or any dilution of the power of the Batman mythos as some might perceive his existence to be, I wholeheartedly disagree. All of the previous Robins could LEAVE in some absolute form; Damien will ALWAYS be his son. Considering Bruce’s history with “sons”, having, now, a SON added a whole new focus on Bruce’s dedication, loneliness, discomfort, and principles that actually made him even MORE interesting as a character AND as a construct than he had been before…and THAT is saying a lot.

            Thus, I found Damien to be an amazing character. As for the new animated film, while it is not my favorite, I DID quite enjoy it.

            • @Arch

              I understand and appreciate your opinion on Damian. I just don’t share it. I find that the awkwardness doesn’t fit well with the Bruce’s character development. Adding the son comes across as a ploy, an easy story plot, that forces Bruce into an area he’s never really had a great hand dealt to him. Sure we can point to the other Robins and say Bruce is a symbolic father. He’s more of a foster father to Dick and Jason. But your point about how they could voluntarily leave is what makes the dichotomy work so wonderfully.

              Bruce didn’t have to do what he had to did for these boys. They easily could have told him no. However they forged bonds with one another over years of trust, service, and fighting crime together. Damian because he’s Bruce’s son will never ever have that type of trust. Damian’s inherently will always be able to go to a deeper connection than any of the other Robin’s because he is Bruce’s son.

              Personally I think it’ll lead to a writer one day making Damian the official favorite son of Batman. While to me that’s the worst case scenario I don’t think it’s too far-fetched. Many fathers (I’d want to say all here) have a connection to their first born son. It’s something primal. There is no doubt in my mind that down the line a DC writer looking for a new storyline would bring Damian back, have Bruce turn him good, and suddenly after a few issues and arcs have Damian become Bruce’s favorite. It just stinks of corniness. I expect this out of the boy scout not out of the Dark Knight.

              I just see Damian as a cheap soap opera character. Bruce has a son who he never was aware of, he was born to one of Batman’s greatest villains Talia Al’Ghul! It’s a simple cop-out as I see it. I don’t think it adds anything other than maybe a snickering, sarcastic, narcissistic, assassin boy wonder. It’s not anything new. It was corny from the start.

              • Having a child is not a ploy. It is character development. I am a huge Batman fan and I am all for it. It allows for new directions to be taken by DC. Retired Bruce from Batman Beyond is incredible. It isn’t as if the comics will age him up quickly, even if they start now he will be active for years.

              • Liam…

                Fair enough. I guess we’ll simply remain of two minds of the subject, as I do not find his character soap operatic in the slightest.

          • A proper Robin. Golly, what is a proper Robin. Seriously, it is a new direction. Grayson became Nightwing that wired out great. Todd is back as Red Hood and that is entertaining with Roy in tow. Damien is Bruce’s logical successor. Don’t fight it. It could be so awesome.

  5. Brian Mills (Taken) VS. Jack Bauer (24) Who would win? Both are at full capacity (they’ve eaten, used the bathroom and slept) and have their favorite weapons. Jack has his man bag, while Mill’s has his gun, grenades and awesome voice.

    In a battle to the death! Explain why the victor would win.

    • Jack because he’s saved the world more times than Brian has saved himself (only twice).

      But Brian has better hand-to-hand prowess and detective/tactical skills… he’s like a retired Batman.

      • He’s like a retired Batman… Love it!

    • The better question would be Jack Bauer(24) vs Mr.Reese/Batman Jesus(Person Of Interest) vs Michael Westen(Burn Notice).

      • You missed one out.

        1. Reese – POI
        2. Eliot Spenser – Leverage
        Tied 3 – Bauer and Weston

        Reese wins cause he’s not afraid to hurt anyone, very little poncing about, quite happy to put a round or two in peeps. Same as Bauer but he doesn’t have the same level of skill.

    • Brian, just because he’s a better interrogator. And because Kim Bauer has a habit of getting into ridiculously improbable situations like being trapped by mountain lions.

  6. This weekend I saw TASM2 twice and then I went back and watched Spider-Man 2 (2004) one of my fave CBMs. I haven’t watched it in a while but I found that I pretty much have the movie memorized. I kept saying lines right before they were said onscreen, and announcing cameos before their scenes happened.

    It was a cool spidey filled weekend.

    I’m kinda mad at myself for not watching a Star Wars film yesterday tho..

  7. 1. Game of Thrones (midseason recap)
    2. Hulk Movies ? (Planet Hulk?)
    3. Halo TV show?

  8. Few thoughts on TASM 2 this past weekend:

    - I wonder who will play Mary Jane? I personally was in love with Emma Stone’s portrayal of Gwen Stacy and there is no way Shailene Woodley can play a character audiences will love more than her.

    - Is the news true that Orci and Kurtzman split as a writing duo? If so, thank god. They’re awful, but blessed to have directors like Webb and Abrams.

    - If the script had been more focused on a single villain and gave that villain some depth, this film had the potential to be the best Spider-Man film to date.

    - Anyone else love the score? The dub step theme for Electro was badass.

    - Rhino was an unnecessary character who shouldn’t have been involved at all. Also, Giamatti said his performance was over the top hammy. And it was a BAD over the top hammy.

    - Lastly, despite involving a silly Rhino, I found the final scene to be very exciting. Really gives you a reason to love Peter Parker.

    I gave this film 4 out 5. It was a really good movie with some GREAT parts and some NOT SO GREAT parts. Had a lot of potential, and despite some bad writing, the film is really exciting.

  9. Seems like the comment form changed.

    There is no field for the website anymore.

    Does that mean it keeps the data? Let me check.

    • Bleh… it still doesn’t keep the info and now the screen names no longer hot link to a URL.

      • No more soliciting! LOL

        • No more Hydra HQ link from me :(

          • No more Stark Industries link for me. :(

  10. Any idea on who should play Mary Jane? Emma Stone was so great and there is no way Shailene Woodley can be a more well-like character than Stone. Anyone have any personal suggestions? One site mentioned Jennifer Lawrence. I would find that amazing beyond belief. Also, Jane Levy seems like a good choice.

    • I’ve always liked Mary Elizabeth Winstead for MJ.

      • ME Winstead….. love her so much in Scott Pilgrim, simply fabulous. Does a decent job in DH4, not seen her in much else but I’ll second her as MJ

  11. Without spoiling it, is ASM2 worth watching?

    We had bought our Costco tickets, but SR and local newspaper reviews made us hesitant. Would my kids enjoy it (9 to 11)?

    • I recommend see it once. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t watch it again. But I still say go see it. You may feel different.

      • @ Matthew

        I completely agree. You put it perfectly.

  12. I think its worth seeing. It’s a bit overcrowded with all the villains and universe building, but its still really good. It’s not the Citizen Kane of CBMs but it’s no Spiderman 3 either.

    Your kids would certainly enjoy it. But they may be scared at certain points in the film. Idk how sensitive they are to violence and scary situations and stuff, but they’ll prbly be fine.

    • This was meant for you @BigNerd

      guess I didn’t hit the reply button :/ haha

  13. Saw The Amazing Spider Man 2 this weekend. Nice popcorn entertainment, really enjoyed it. Electro’s origin story was crap, and the soundtrack was absent almost throughout the movie, execpt the climax. Cool 3d effects, though.

    Still, Cap 2 was miles ahead of Spidey, which was surprising.

    Cap 2- 9.5/10
    TASM 2- 7/10

    • You didn’t like TASM2′s soundtrack? I thought it was definitely a step up from TASM1′s soundtrack. There are several songs that I am still hearing in my head. Like when the train comes out of the tracks (its in the trailer so I don’t consider it a spoiler) and the times square scene (also in the trailer). Some of the music was just filler stuff but I thought there were some strong points here and there.

      Personally I think Cap2 is going to be the best CBM this year. It was pretty dang good. Best CBM I’ve seen in a while.

      • I was confused by the film’s score. I didn’t know if I was listening to Hans Zimmer, Dubstep or Skrillex.

        • haha it was pretty weird huh.

          It was Hans Zimmer, The Magnificient Six, and Pharrell was in there for good measure and I think somebody else too. That’s prbly why the soundtrack was so eclectic.

          I liked the variety in the music. But I can see how the differing musical styles could be a little jarring from scene to scene.

          • I think the only piece I liked was ***SPOILER*** the battle in Times Square when the lyrics to the score featured Electro’s internal monologue. But that was only because it was unique and original.

  14. I’d like to see a Krypton movie. It would be about Jor-El and Zod. Their parents would perhaps be separately fighting their programming (codex induced). They would be trying to raise their sons that way. Then they meet and discover both of their pursuits. Zod and Jor become best friends along the way. Maybe introduce some archeological/historical aspect to it. The parents discover their true history, not the lies fed by the council’s censorship. They could even maybe introduce elements of the larger DC cosmos, like Green Lantern Corps, Old Gods, New Gods, Genesis, Apokolips, etc. The parents try to rediscover long distance space flight. However, the council discovers their doings and takes action to ‘arrange’ an accident. They die, and this would be when Zod and Jor take different paths. Zod somewhat gives into his programming and pursues his warrior side but with vengeance in his heart. Jor decided to continue the course the parents did but with other venues and more secretively. They maybe have a falling out of some sort. Would be a cool little flick. Of course, I wish they’d do a full blown prequel involving a lot of the greater cosmos in DC universe, intertwining them and giving them a more cohesiveness to it, but don’t know if that would be possible.

    Has anyone watched either Odyssey 5, Blake’s 7, Wakfu, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes?

    • My friends and I used to play a little game of “spot the kit part” whenever Blake’s 7 was on: the object being to identify which model kits had been blatantly scavenged for that week’s spaceships. The Airfix Eagle Transporter’s undercarriage pods seemed to be fairly ubiquitous. Always had a thing for Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan.

  15. I saw TASM2: Electro Boogaloo in IMAX 3D. Visually, it was so cool. I had a lot of the same issues with the film that were mentioned in the SR podcast. But a few minor things really bugged me.


    Why are crowds gathering in Times Square when a blue dude is shooting lightning out of his body? I see a skunk and I run the other way. I see a rogue participant of the Blue Man group electrocuting a police car. I’m out. Same thing with a guy in a mechanical rhino suit. Real rhino charging down the street…people would run into buildings for cover. Guy in a suit, the police set up barricades like it’s a parade. Thor 2 handled the crowd scenes so much better IMO.

    If people thought TASM had the same plot as Raimi’s original Spider-Man, then why aren’t they complaining about TASM2?
    1) Harry Osborne convinces a super villain to go after Spider-Man.
    2) Peter pines over girl. Stalks girl.
    3) Peter quits being Spider-Man for a short time.
    4) Willem Dafoe OR Dennis Leary (I confuse those two) appear as an hallucination.


    Still, I enjoyed it. I’m a fan of Spider-Man and look forward to seeing that web-head on screen. I feel as if some further character development was needed and some things felt too instantaneous…but the Harry Osborne turning evil aspect was drawn out in Raimi’s version through 3 films. Maybe in the next spectacular reboot, they’ll get the timing down perfectly.

  16. My TASM 2 review (no spoilers):

    “Soon, everyone in this city will know how it feels to live in a world without power…a world without mercy…A WORLD WITHOUT SPIDER-MAN!”

    “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is a 2014 superhero film. It was directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Campbell Scott, Chris Cooper, Sally Field, and Paul Giamatti. It is a sequel to the reboot of the franchise, “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

    The plot revolves around Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), who LOVES being Spider-Man and embraces the life of a hero with pride every day. And the people of New York love Spider-Man! Especially Oscorp technician Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), who obsesses over the web-slinger with a longing admiration to be noticed and loved just like him. However, Peter struggles to hold a relationship with Gwen (Emma Stone) as he finds himself haunted by the ghost of her father, burning the promise to leave her out of his hero life into his mind. Peter’s childhood best friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) returns from boarding school to carry on his own company, Oscorp, after the passing of his father, Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper). And on top of it all, he still has to deal with Aunt May’s (Sally Field) secrets about Peter’s father (Campbell Scott) and the crucial information he left behind. It’s a tough life to lead, but Peter knows he must keep it together because although his friends may need Peter Parker, the world needs Spider-Man even more.

    That sounds like a mouthful because, essentially, that’s what the movie is: a mouthful. There are so many things I haven’t even mentioned, subplots galore that go unfinished or don’t even matter. In terms of organization, it’s sloppier than “Spider-Man 3″ because of how much information it attempts to throw at you. Things you don’t need to know and things you WANT to know, but never get the answers to. It’s so hard to praise something when it feels like you’re watching 5 movies worth of plots because the focus is robbed from everything in particular. You go “Wow, that’s really interesting!” And then never see that again. The only things I could take time to savor were the action sequences, which were BEAUTIFUL. The story itself? It doesn’t pick something to go with.

    The acting, however, has IMMENSELY improved from the last movie. Andrew Garfield kills it as Spider-Man and Peter Parker, I like him now more than ever. Emma Stone is another great highlight, as is Dane DeHaan. Jamie Foxx…eh. Equal to Jim Carrey’s Riddler in “Batman Forever”. They are EXACTLY the same. Paul Giamatti does well in his over-the-top Russian accent, it’s a nice change for him. And we got to see more fleshed out portrayals with Campbell Scott and Sally Field, I really liked that.

    On that note, the villains. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: one is awesome, two are pointless, one of the two that are pointless has a great actor stuck in a poor rendition of the character, and the awesome villain becomes a minion for one of the pointless villains. Hm, where have I seen this before? OH YEAH! “Spider-Man 3″.

    All in all, the movie is a MAJOR step up from the first reboot film. The music is GODLY and the camera work is very well done, it is a visually magnificent film. And it’s fun! When you stop looking at the film as a critic and start enjoying it for what it wants to be, confusing or not, you have a LOT of fun with it. Which is why I’m bumping up my original score from 7.5/10 to:


    • ” It’s so hard to praise something when it feels like you’re watching 5 movies worth of plots…”

      You’re right! It felt as if it set up 5 movie plots. TASM2, TASM3, TASM4, the Sinister Six, and Venom. :D Maybe even 6 plots, since it actually finished the “untold story” from the first film.

      I agree with your review except Giamatti. I thought he was goofy. But, you are correct in saying that visually this film was great. I saw it in 3D, so it’ll be interesting to see if it holds up during home viewings. Spidey dropping down from the sky was so intense and Electro was so cool in 3D.

      I don’t rate movies anymore, but I’d give this one $19.

      • @ACW 007:

        Maybe they are reversing the trend, instead of taking one story and breaking it into 2 movies (or a trilogy), they are combining multiple stories into one movie.

        Your spoiler-less review makes me want to go see it, despite my fear of being Noah’ed.

        Wonder if we should wait a few weeks and double up with X-Men.

        • “reversing the trend” – if that is the case, this film is groundbreaking and I love it even more!

  17. i’m trying to find someone to take care of my dog so he will be safe when i’m gone