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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 31, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 31, 2013

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  1. Someone came up to me yesterday and told me I looked like a cross between Chris Pine and Nicholas Hoult. Now, if that doesn’t brighten your day a little, I don’t know what will :)

    • I would consider that an honor.

    • I’d say you’re going pretty good there, ACW 007.
      People think I look like Gregory Peck. I actually do.
      Trouble is people who say it are in their 70s and 80s.

  2. For all of you to ponder.

    Given Equal Ships with Equal abilities.

    I have come up with 10 Captains to be pitted against one another.

    1 Captain Kirk vs Captain Marko Ramius
    2 Captain Nemo vs Captain Captain Horatio Hornblower
    3 Captain Jean-Luc Picard vs Commander Lee Adama Re-Imagined.
    4 Captain Dylan Hunt vs Captain Malcolm Reynolds.
    5 Captain Nathan Bridger vs Admiral Nelson.

    To me, the top two Captains/Commanders are Marko Ramius and Lee Adama.

    Honestly, Captain Kirk could not beat either one of them.

    Debate them, or give your Captains.

    • “Captain Captain Horatio Hornblower”

      Wait, his first name was actually ‘Captain’?

      I didn’t know that, you learn something new every day.


      • I cut and pasted a switch, left one captain in…SHEESH.

        So sue me


        • Speaking of ‘Avatars’, had a thought about ‘Avatar’ what if Jake’s twin was a sister, not a brother.

          Would have put quite a different spin on things, especially for him, hah!!


          • You drinking down there again???


            It is friday, I am officially on FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act.

            So, I am utterly bored.

            • ahhahah, no not drinking again.

              I’m all out of alcoholic beverages at the moment, so have to make another trip to the bottle shop and get me some Yee-Olde Plonk.


            • Are you on leave for the impending arrival I take it?

              • 2 Weeks and counting.

                Then Number 7 will be here.

                And I GET TO NAME HER!

                • Do you have any names picked out yet?

    • Yeah, Kirk is great and all, but he really does have blind luck. I give him major props for being a great captain though.

      I say Marko Ramius

        • Don’t you mean William Adama? Lee was the son (Apollo)


          • D’OH!

            Just watched Battlestar Galatica this morning, actually as I was writing that…his name came up last.

            But, still he commanded the Pegasus so, technically.

      • @ACW

        Marko Ramius vs Lee Adama, now that is a battle I would love to see.

    • Where is Captain Jack Sparrow??? :)

      • @Kyle.

        Did ya not read the part…Or Add your own Captain.

        Sparrow is good, but would get owned by any of those Captains.



        • Ah, but Sparrow can’t die! Or can he? Was the curse of the Black Pearl ever lifted? I can’t remember, it’s been a while.

          Captain Will Turner, however, might be a better opponent since he is in charge of The Flying Dutchman

          • Are we talking Jack Sparrow Curse of the black pearl version? He was awesome in that one, but kinda sucky in the other ones. (especialy #4)

    • Captain Morgan would own all of this guys!

      Inebriation whilst in command of a starship is gross miscoduct!!

      • DR Noisewater.

        YOU DA MAN!

        • How about “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman?
          English teacher joke! Get it?

          • HO HO! I smell Robin Williams references, HO HO!


          • More than a Captain. A father to a nation.
            Who gave the last full measure of devotion.

            • A great poem about a great man. I have my eighth graders recite the poem from memory. Recently, a former student from years ago stopped by to see me and could still recite a couple lines. :)

              • The poem expresses the profound sorrow of grief.
                I feel it every time I read it and more when recited.
                And coupled with all its meaning makes it truly classic.

                It never gets old because it captures the truth of tragedy
                and you know you are alive because you feel death’s losses.
                Teaching this great poem as you do makes you a great teacher.

    • I would take Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges) from the old Battlestar Galactica show as my commander. That guy knew how to win.

      • -Captain Falcon(F-Zero) vs. Captain Fox (Starfox)

        -Captain Hook vs. Captain Crunch

        -Captain America vs. Captain Planet (they both have ships, technically. CA has the helicarrier and i’ve seen a captain planet jeep in his toy line, so that counts as a vessel.)

    • Why am I not surprised lol

  3. Starting to see a trend in Names………I atleast had a good reason…YOU COPY CATS!


    • I don’t know what you are talking about. :)

      • No me neither.


    • Sorry, can’t read caps… ;P

    • Just to be a copy cat.

    • What trend? ;-)

      • Welcome back… :)

  4. So, any update on Kahless?

    • Kahless is on the mend and will be checking out of the hospital today. I’ll leave it to him to give you the details when he can.

      • Thanks Vic.

        That is indeed good news.

      • excellent news!!!

        Thanks Vic!

      • Good to hear. Thanks Vic.

      • Thanks Vic. Great news. I came to this thread to ask
        if there was any news and I am sure others did too.

      • Great News! thanks for the update!

      • What a relief! Thanks, Vic! :D

      • AWESOME!!!!
        Thanks, Vic!

    • who’s kahless?

      • Leader of the Resistance
        Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise
        The Last Hope

        Kahless is a wonderful member of this community :)

        • Oh Lord! MAK didn’t just ask who Kahless was did he?

          His blood will pave the way to the future!!!!

          Not again!


    • Kahless has returned, petaQs!! You may all now cower in fear!!

      ZZZZZZZZZ! I’m sorry, did someone say something?


      Looks like it was fluid in my lungs, brought on because of other complications. The doc has put me on oxygen until they can figure out a way to reverse some vascular damage. I would like to thank Vic and Rob for their e-mails, and all of my SR buddies for their thoughts and prayers.


      • Well it is good to have you back.

        I would hug ya, but Klingons are all spikey and stuff!

      • Rectum, damn near killed him. Glad to have you back! They checked your lungs througb your rectum? Sounds uncomfortable.

        • Kahless wasn’t to happy when they passed his fourth kidney. :-D

      • Ah, all is right with the universe.
        Glad to hear your spirits up, Kahless.

        Sounds like you are on top of this
        and you will come out on top.
        Great to have you back.

      • Good to have you back, Kahless! When I emailed Paul about the situation, I didn’t think they would be able to reach out to you because of privacy policies and such, but I am glad they were able to!

      • Relax, its on youtube.

        • I’m lost. What is on youtube? Rectal exams?

      • Good to see you back in fine fettle, Kahless. :-)

    • Joker is a Stock Broker?

      • And he’s taken James Bond hostage!


      • I mean, I always thought Craig would make a good Bruce Wayne, but…

        This picture is just so goofy :D

        • I will take Real Names for 500 Alex!


          • First clue: My middle name is half of an angry Christian Bale character who Hulks out whenever someone walks in on a scene in the background

            • Connor or Chris.

              • Correct-a-mundo

                Dead give away for first name: the state capital of Texas

                • AUSTIN

                  Cool Name.

                  • Could have went.

                    One half name of Rebuilt Astronaut…At a Cost of 6 Million dollars. Also Capital of Texas.

                  • My middle was almost Condor, believe it or not.

                    And thanks! :D

                    • Whoa

                      Underrated Flick


    • I laughed out loud… i did not fully understand the picture, but so many funny stories presented themselves to my mind that i had to laugh…

      • I fear very little in life.

        Thinking about what could be going through your mind…IT SCARES ME!

      • I know what it is, they’re both making a crank call to Bruce Wayne!


  5. I clicked on the banner for “the Purge” on here. That’s an intense premise. Why haven’t I heard about this movie until today?

    • You must have missed the day that SR did an article on the trailer.

      • They do articles not related to Iron Man, Star Trek, and Man of Steel on here? Hmmm, well I guess you do learn something every day.

        You are correct about me missing that one. Some days I don’t tune in and look what I miss out on.

  6. Read a really interesting sci-fi novel many years ago, can’t remember the name (so if anyone knows it by all means share), it’s set in an alternate Earth timeline.

    The Nazi’s pretty much occupy and control all the world except for the United States, they are of course alone and realising they are going to be invaded next, it’s just a matter of time.

    Some scientists have invented a time machine and are preparing someone to be sent back in time to change the course of history, however there’s one problem, he can change history, but not for the current timeline.

    Even if he changes the course of history and stops the Nazi’s from taking over the world, the timeline he’s leaving will still be the way it is.

    Enjoyed the book but can’t remember the name of it.

    • Sorta off topic, but that reminds me of a book I started to write a couple of years ago:

      It was called “Time Runner: Author of Counter Earth”. Basically, on 12/21/2012 (intentional), the government sent the first human being back to the very beginning of mankind on Earth so that they could resolve religious conflicts and finally prove what really created everything. However, the very presence of the traveler disrupts the original timeline when he first encounters man and woman (I make it seem like Adam and Eve because I am Christian, but I never call them that) and the traveler desperately climbs back through his time machine before it can disappear.

      Back in the present day, he finds Counter Earth: the mirror reality of mankind being torn to shreds with a statue of the traveler erected to remind people of the person who was at fault for their destruction (instead of many religious resources noting people like Muhammad or Jesus as a savior, they focus on the image of a traveler and how his presence led to an event similar to a never ending apocalypse).

      In the flames of Counter Earth, however, lives a mysterious outcast known as the Time Runner. He is unaware of who he is and how he came to be, but deep down feels that Counter Earth is not the place he was born in as Time Runner is equipped with more advanced time traveling technology than the traveler has ever encountered. Agreeing to help the traveler return home, the Time Runner uses what little power he has left in his equipment to journey towards the birth of mankind, harvesting the natural resources in different time periods to push him further and further into the past.

        • I never said Time Runner would succeed. I want to send him into limbo, or to another timeline where he discovers what really happened to him and why he ended up in Counter Earth

          • I suggest you write the book.

            So I can find it.

            And Read it.

            And Reap praise upon you.

            Then get you to sign it a book signing.

            Then I can shake your hand.

            Then say, See you on Screen Rant.

            Ok…CHOP CHOP! Get to it man!

          • Perhaps he did succeed. Think about it.

            How far back in time can a person go back in time, before he or she dies and their DNA is what caused life.

            It would be as simple as Time both ran out and began.

            • Right. Technically, there is no succeeding; the original timeline still exists, but the traveler put himself so far back in time that he ruined the chance of returning to his universe because the technology that sent him back in time never existed.

              Time Runner knows this later on, and he realizes going back to that same point wouldn’t fix anything; it would just send him into another timeline.

              The gamble of dealing with black holes and white holes plays a part in getting the traveler home, as well as alternate versions of Time Runner leaving their dimensions to sacrifice their power of technology to create an opening so powerful that it could send the traveler to a point in his time where he hasn’t left 12/21/2012. A force so powerful that it would almost be like jumping bodies; another version of the traveler wouldn’t be there entering the warp

              • dude… you SERIOUSLY need to finish this book

                • It’s an on and off project, it really is. Started out as a book, then film idea, then BACK to book, etc.

  7. I never read the book, or heard about it at all. Sounds interesting though. So I may have to look for it.

    But, it sounds like to me, he travel back and used resources that he found to go further back.

    Till he picked up something that had an instablity and created a Big Bang. And whatever DNA From him that was left, he became life itself.

  8. I am so lost right now lol. Glad Kahless is on his way back to norm. Hope everyone has a happy weekend.

    And what’s the current trend on names/avatars? I need on this bandwagon.

    • My name is Austin Conner Williamson Auditore da Firenze and the Deathly Hallows Part II: The Wrath of Con-Air Bud.

      The secret is out, no thanks to this trend

    • I saw Ironman into Darkness After Earth Fell To Zod for Man of Steel to Stop the World War Z From reaching out to the Pacific Rim it Would be Despicable Of Me 2 be caught in his Dark World. It was Fast and Furious of me to Kick Ass 2 Well upon them. So I will see you At Worlds End, where I made be the Lone Ranger of the Planes. I might end up in Sin City 2 to See Carrie do some Paranormal Activity. I do know my Hunger is Catching Fire and that no Game Ender.

      So let me Trek out of this post.

      • Bravo sir!

  9. lol!

    You guys are killing me with these name changes and avatars.

    • I’m not seeing it

      • Bubbles McBurgertown?!? It’s been forever since you posted!

      • Me neither. :-D

  10. Yay, I joined the club. Mixed it up a bit lol

    • I swear I changed my avatar….

    • Seriously, what is my avatar of? LOL

    • Thats what you think, my friend.

      • Which friend? You have many :)

    • LLC? Long Lost Cows?


      • Oh snap.

  11. Ah ha! It worked!

    • And that is your better half?

      • Much better half.

      • Click my name. Its my twitter. BTW… I’ve followed you a long time ago. A little stalkish? haha

        • I’ll follow you if you follow me. We will be…stalkers united :D

          • Ha. Its obvious I use multiple devices to browse the web. The name changes on each one.

        • That’s a beautiful wife and family you have there LC.

          • Thank you Mr Palmar. I feel blessed everyday.

          • Than you can tweet more than once…. uuuuuhhhhh duuuuuuhhhh! lol

        • @ L. Cheerio

          That’s avoid looking family you have there. You son is very cute! Nice Batman shirt!

          Nice job!

          • Thanks, Stark. Judging by your speech impairment, I shall assume you are drinking a scotch as usual. LOL jk. I know what you meant!

            • @ L. Cheerio

              It’s times like these when I wish I did drink!!!

              It should have read “That’s a good looking family you have there!”

              Fat fingers + auto correct = non-sense

              • @ L. Cheerio


                My girlfriend Becky is my “Pepper Potts”, (except better looking!).

                • I am sure your wife is gorgeous. Gweneth in my eyes though… bleh lol.

        • I’ll follow you if you unfollow me…wait that’s not right.

          • Ha! I will follow you to the moon and back!

  12. Done deal good sir!

  13. Da fuq is going one here?!

    • on! on here! Dammit! Editing function please! ;)

    • It’s a little holiday I like to call: “MAY”DAY!

      We pick one day of May to have a mental breakdown and go nuts. Obviously not Cinco de Mayo; BECAUSE WE’RE RACIST! :D


      • +1

      • just one day?

      • LOL

  14. Cool people don’t have to change their avatar or name to try to fit in.
    ZING! ;)

    • You live by the caste system and social classes? Who the hell does that?!

      Now you can’t be a part of the Normal Club!

      Duh dun, tsssssshhh…

    • Join the dark side. Search your feelings. You will know it to be true. Cool people change their names and avatars.

    • Well with the exchange rate, you would be 1.45 now :)

      • How much now?^
        Cheerio! :)

        • welcome to the dork side ;)

        • 1.31 GBP

          I’m only answering this because you summoned me.

          • Get back in ya man cave.

            $2 went British on us.

            • Ha… I’m at the office for another 5 hours. Bleh! I would much rather be in a man cave!

              • Damn.

                I am getting my annual…HURRICANE SEASON REPORTS AND ESTIMATES.


                • If that is code for “the baby is on the way”, then congrats buddy!

  15. I really missed you guys. Well, maybe not that cow guy. :-D

    • It’s great to have you back, Kahless. Get well!
      And petaQ to you!

    • Aww Sir, you have cut me to the quick.


  16. I’ve just gotta get this off my chest and say, I really can’t understand how iron man can get two crappy sequels and Hulk can’t even get one. Shane Black completely ruined the third and, I’m guessing final installment to a lackluster franchise

    • Hollywood is about money. Hulk was the least profitable out of all the characters’ solo runs. As much as IM3 is hated amongst the CB fans, it still made more money than all the other films. I bet Fury could get his own film and it will make more money than the Hulk could.

      If you havent already seen them, check out his animated features. Hulk VS & Planet Hulk. They are worthwhile and good to watch until then.

      • I know Hollywood is a money machine but I was hoping that just once they’d take the fans into consideration, especially with Shane Black being involved in the process, but no all we got is a steaming pile of f*$k you comic fans. I can’t believe with Joss Whedon overseeing phase two that he and Kevin Fête Fiege would let this see the light of day. IH was my favorite of the stand alone films and given it had the only finale worth a crap I can’t believe it did so poorly. I actually own both those totals and just watched them the other day actually. I hope that given the fan response to the Hulk in the Avengers that he’ll get another shot because I really was hoping that I’d get to see the leader on the big screen. Hopefully, one day

    • Now thats funny.

  17. Place #2,895 on list of place not to allow wife to make appointment
    BMW of Ardmore.

    Taking her car in for routine service and recall repair.

    Service Advisor calls my name.

    Two service techs.

    “Dude, are you Batman?”

    “Do I look like I am Batman?”

    “Dude, you are like 6’5 and solid…YEAH YOU COULD BE!”

    “Love my parents, hate dad’s sense of humor.”

  18. I went to see Iron Man III. I see why it was number one. Great movie. Really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing The Killing on Sunday.