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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 30, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 30, 2014

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  1. FRIDAY!!!

    • You’re correct. It is hot here, and I am frying!
      Time for air-conditioning!

      • The weather is very nice this morning in SLC.

  2. There are so many reboots of TV shows and movies going on. Wish they would reboot The Green Hornet. Van Williams and Bruce Lee & Co. did such a great job with the show back in the 60s! They definitely had the right actors and actresses for the parts back then. If the rebooted show (or movie) could be done in the spirit of that 60s version, I would be behind it 100%!! (I do not count the travesty that was Seth Rogan’s farcical mess). I’d also like to see a rebooted Dark Shadows movie or show, completely respectful of the 60s/70s show, which I grew up watching and wholly honor (again, I do not count Johnny Depp’s disaster as anything more than an insult to the intelligence of fans). I am hopeful for the Doc Savage movie Shane Black is supposedly working on, even though I was not happy with his Iron Man 3 Mandarin debacle. Guess I long for the “good old days” for some of my viewing pleasure, as I also would probably give a watch to an F-Troop movie!!

    • I wish they would revisit the “Look Who’s Talking” franchise. Roseanne Barr and Bruce Willis could easily reprise their roles as talking babies. Kirstie Alley and John Travolta could be grandparents…divorced, maybe? Mikey could be the star as the new father and Julie could be the cool aunt. Come on movie studio producers! A new talking baby movie needs to happen every 3 to 4 years and why not use a lucrative franchise name like “Look Who’s Talking”! Maybe they could “Days of Future Past” the timeline so that “Look Who’s Talking Now” doesn’t exist as cannon. Talking animals should strictly be only for Doctor Dolittle.

      CROSSOVER EVENT! Look Who’s Talking, Doc! Starring Doctor Dolittle and featuring a Bugs Bunny cameo. I’m throwing out a gold-mine idea here!

      • Wow, that brought back a memory of me re-telling the “difference between a pregnant lady and a light bulb” joke to my 2nd grade teacher.

        Teacher: Aaron do you know what that means?

        Me: You can’t remove a baby like you do a light bulb.

        Teacher: Yes that is really funny Aaron.

        I can’t believe my parents let me watch that movie at such a young age.

        • @ Aaron

          Same here, my mother let me watch that film.

  3. Wow… I just read about that Vitalii Sediuk Ukranian guy that hopped the barrier and punched Brad Pitt in the face at the Maleficient premiere. I googled him and read some of the other “pranks” that he’s done and the guy is a total weirdo. Those types of personalities and TMZ-esque people really bug me.

  4. So watched Godzilla and XMen this week. Godzilla was great though it had a bit too much build up for my tastes (I still liked the build up) but whenever Godzilla was on screen, I shrieked with enjoyment aha. Aaron Taylor Johnson was good I found, Elizabeth Olson was great and Bryan Cranston was fantastic. One thing that bugged me though is how underused Ken Watanabe was. I really like the guy but they barely gave the guy any lines, just ‘whaaa’ expressions lol.

    X-Men has to be one of the best superhero films of all time. An EXCELLENT film! Everyone was top notch and Bryan Singer shows again that this franchise is his baby. He really doesn’t get tired of this franchise does he? From the two X-Men, to First Class, which he was heavily involved with and now this. Hopefully he can still hold the flame with Apocalypse!

    • Not sure about Godzilla but their effects were amazing.

      Agree 100% on x-men being one of the best superhero moves of all TIME!!!

    • Seeing Godzilla all I could think was “Wow this is gonna be a divisive film.” Cuz they market it as a big blockbuster event movie, which it is, but I feel like most people expect a quicker pace with more action. Personally I loved that about the film. The slow burn with the disaster sequences and monster moments here and there was very good for me. Then the big payoff at the end was WOW totally awesome.

      I didn’t like Watanabe. I love him as an actor but he was just like (O.O) the whole movie. They didn’t give him much to do. Also, I didn’t mind Kicka** as the lead. He could’ve been more charismatic and yeah I would’ve preferred it be Cranston but Kicka** was fine.

      And yeah DOFP was INCREDIBLE!!!

      • I think DOFP 2014 is MI:GP of 2011

      • I’m just hoping the audience were satisfied after that 20 minute finale, it was excellent. If not, than I wouldn’t be surprised if they hated the movie or thought it was boring. Like you, I liked the build up though I could’ve done with one more Godzilla fight around the middle of the second act.

        Yeah I didn’t mind Johnson either, I kinda liked him though there were definitely a few wide flaws with his performance. He was very wooden at times.

        It would’ve been a much better film for me if Cranston didn’t die and they kept Olson and Johnson as main characters but behind Cranston. His story really intrigued me and then it intended so suddenly -.-. One thing I liked about his death though, is sort of the passing of the torch to Johnson’s character.

        One of my favorite parts have to be Godzilla and Johnson’s interaction. Where Godzilla just gives Johnson a good stare and vanishes, awesomeness!

  5. More chance for folks who haven’t checked out x-men in theater… and also for repeat viewing(yes it’s that awesome). First 15 min or so already sets the tone so awesomely that rest of the film cannot fail and it does not.(due to it’s own good pacing). Ending is also very exciting.

    Any words on TF4? I still don’t have any imax details on this(how long the imax scenes are and others).

    Also looking forward to Edge of tomorrow when it comes out!

  6. Who else is more excited for next year’s Fantastic Four after seeing Simon Kinberg’s work on Days of Future Past? I had doubts but they’ve shrunk exponentially.

    • Simon Kinberg’s other stuff isn’t all that great.. Frankly I was surprised that DOFP ended up being the totally freaking awesome movie that it was. I mean what else has Kinberg written? X3, Jumper, This Means War, Sherlock Holmes.. With the exception of the last one I mentioned his previous work hasn’t been very impressive. But yeah hopefully his stellar work on DOFP is the beginning of a new trend.

      • Those are exactly my thoughts, Kinberg hasn’t done much great work but the fact that he succeeded so well with Days of Future Past, maybe he knows this particular universe enough to put out some great scripts. Let’s hope there’s a trend and this isn’t just a one hit miracle!

        • One hit wonder*

  7. It’s Friday, Friday
    Gotta get down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
    Friday, Friday
    Gettin’ down on Friday
    Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

    • haha I love your options. Yeah this weeks releases don’t look all that great. A good friend of mine just started LOL (that doesn’t work as an acronym like WOW does it?) a few weeks ago and he’s been begging me to start playing it myself.

      • I was addicted to it the first 2 years I played. For a free game, it sure has come a long way. You should give it a go. They’ve slowed down the release of new characters, so now is a pretty good time to get into it and learn the basics.

        Really nothing like it. The mechanics of the different characters aren’t like in any other game, but none of them are hard to play once you get the basics down pact.

        Honestly they should do a LoL movie. I mean, if WoW gets one, LoL can get one. The lore changes annually but they still have a lot of history and unique continents that would look good on the big screen.

    • @Sage – We have a theater that is also a bar! It is the best thing ever! And makes crappy movies seem even better.

      • Professor,

        Hey, how was your movie weekend with beer? I hope you had a (beer) blast! 😉

        • Ha! I did enjoy an ale during X-Men. Didn’t need it since the movie was that good…but I did need it since the kids weren’t around.

          We were camping last weekend. Chasing an 18 month old and stopping him from bathing in the fire pit. Couldn’t really partake in the recreational beverages. 😉

          Drink responsibly.

    • AoT is a badass cartoon. I think it is amazing!

  8. Happy Friday, Scranters!

    A student asked me this today, so I thought I’d share:

    What is your favorite movie shootout?

    I’m having a hard time coming up with a favorite. One that popped into my head was the slow-motion shootout at the train station in The Untouchables, but I can’t say it’s my favorite. I need to give it more thought…

    • Heat. End of story (for me).

      • I still need to see that!

        Everybody says it’s hands down the best movie shootout ever.

      • That’s exactly where my first thought went as well.

        • I’ve never seen Heat, but I always hear how good it is. Time to see it!

    • In recent memory I loved the shootout on the freeway in Cap2 and the many shootouts riddled throughout The Raid 2, particularly the one when they go to collect money from that lower level dude that’s shooting an adult film in the back of his place.

      Fave shootout of all time? That’s hard…

      There’s definitely the shootout at the end of The Matrix.

      The shootout at the night club in Collateral.

      The climactic shootout in Django Unchained.

      See I’m terrible at this I can’t narrow it down to one.

      • Those are all very good ones. It’s tough for me to narrow it down.

        Another one that I enjoy is the shootout in The Naked Gun 2 1/2 (and Police Squad! as well) where when the camera goes to a wide shot, you realize the two shooters are only about three feet from each other. :)

        • HA! That’s one of my favorites. I couldn’t remember which Naked Gun it was in though. Good ol’ Frank Drebin.

    • The best shootout was in Equilibrium. Enough said.

      • I never heard of this film, but the plot sounds pretty good, and I like Bale and Bean. I’ll definitely check it out.

    • This might sound like a hipster comment, but the one that sticks out in my mind is Hard Boiled. I know I’ve seen plenty of others, and plenty of those with updated technology, but it’s the only movie that comes to mind for some reason.

      • Hey, I saw this years ago and really liked it. I never would have remembered it if you hadn’t mentioned it. From watching John Woo films, I can say he is never subtle with his action scenes!

    • Wouldn’t say it’s the best but as I read your post I thought of the opening shootout in “Hard Boiled”.

    • I got a few that I can remember:

      The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – end shootout. Clint Eastwood had a lot of good ones.
      The International – Guggenheim shootout.
      The Matrix – that lobby scene, a lot of em from the whole trilogy in fact.
      Saving Private Ryan – Normandy beach scene if that counts.
      Tombstone – Doc Holliday scenes were awesome with some of em being shootouts.

  9. Good Morning All…….

    Happy flipn’n Friday!!! :)

    So I saw X-Men DOFP and I will say, it’s the best X-Men movie of them all so far, IMO. In terms of overall ranks among CBM’s, it wouldn’t be in my personal top ten, but it was still very good. I still have unanswered questions and continuity issues, (which I thought Screen Rant did a nice job of questioning and trying to explain, btw).

    IMO, this whole Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man thing is being blown way out of proportion. Ant-Man is Marvel’s property and they can do with it what they like. If their vision and Wright’s visions don’t line up, the only wise thing to do is to separate. All the Marvel bashing I’ve read over the past week because he has left the project is ridiculious. Marvel’s track record proves overwhelmingly that they know what they’re doing, that they have a clear and precise plan and that they are undeniable insanity successful at executing that plan. The results speak for themselves.

    I have built enough trust in Marvel Studios through their choices, decisions and successes to say that if they choose to part ways with Wright, then it was the right move. The proof, of course will be in the pudding, so to speak, when Ant-Man debuts, but still, I’m glad and very happy that Marvel stood their ground for what they want this movie to be. Good for them to make the choice they did even though it was unpopular.

    As for Wonder Woman’s costume, IMO, if they use the same vision that they had when creating Batman’s new duds, then her new costume will be sweet. I’m excited to see it as well as Superman’s new suit. :)

    So, we’re going to get a rebooted Stargate trilogy? Yes! :)

    Anybody heard what’s happening with the Black Hole re-make?

    Random question: Who wins a fight between The Punisher and Deathstroke or Deathstroke vs Deadpool? Just curious on your thoughts.

    • @ Stark

      I know they have their vision and everything I was just in love with the idea of an MCU movie by Edgar Wright!! That would’ve been sooo cool!! I’m still really bummed about them separating. Hopefully though, as you said the pudding will be delicious and Ant Man will still be awesome when it releases next year.

      So you enjoyed DOFP but it’s not in your top ten. It might be in mine.. I’d have to think about it. Now I’m curious what your fave superhero flicks are. A top 10 would be too hard. But here’s the first 5 that come to mind:

      1) Batman Begins
      2) Spider-Man 2 (2004)
      3) X2: X-Men United

      then… probably

      4) Avengers
      5) Iron Man (2008) or perhaps Winter Soldier

      Unless Incredibles counts then that’s my number 1.

      Regarding WW’s costume, Zack Snyder is a visual director. No matter what his movies always look STUNNING. So whatever they do for her costume will prbly look really cool. I’m really excited to see how they do it.

      • @ movieDude

        A top ten is very difficult and is fluctuating. In no lasting or permanent order (except or 1and 2) I would have to say top 5 for me are:

        1. The Avengers
        2. Iron Man (it’s really 1A, but…)
        Batman (Michael Keaton)
        Superman II
        Cap 1

        Note: This list is subject to change without notice. :)

        • @ Stark

          Nice list! I love your 5 as well. To be honest I almost think of Avengers as Iron Man 3 and Iron Man 3 as Iron Man 4. Cuz there’s a lot of awesome Iron Man moments in Avengers.

          My list is also in constant flux. I watch new ones and rewatch others and rethink everything.

          • +1 on your Avengers/Iron Man comment, movieDude!

        • Nice list of films there Stark.

        • @ Stark

          Movies that come to mind would be…

          1. The Avengers
          2. Batman (1989)
          3. Ironman
          4. Superman 2
          5. Batman Begins

          This likely to change aswell as more CBM come. But I think these would be my top 5 films. I could list top 10 if asked.

    • @Stark:

      Deadpool always wins.

    • @Stark,
      I agree that Disney/Marvel has taken some heat over what has transpired. My only problem is that they can still maintain their overall theme while still creating a diverse feel to each movie. If WB/DC keeps Snyder at the helm then all their movies will have that same style and feel which can get old. I think it is good to change things up and explore different avenues of creativity. Disney/Marvel does have a great track record but that does not guarantee future success. Having all the say in the hands of a small few historically never works out for the majority. Just my simple minded thoughts and yes I do not like all the bashing when it is unwarranted.

      • @ SuperHulk

        You make sound and valid points. IMO, Marvel has done a nice job of mixing up the theme and tone of each individual movie while still keeping them all heading in the same direction, if you know what I mean.

        I agree with you assessment and analogy of WB and Snyder. I don’t believe however that that will happen with the DCCU. I have a feeling (and am looking forward to), Ben Afflect getting behind the camera for one or more DCCU movies. IMO, I don’t think he’s just there to be Batman.

        True, past accomplishments is not and indicator of future successes, but it does show a trend. A trend, IMO, that favors their chances of future sucess. Having that much say in the hands of a few is risky, granted, but I really do believe that they are open to sound imput, just so long as it doesn’t stray too far from the overall direction that they are going. How far is too far is their call.

        I’m tired of all the bashing as well, frankly on both sides. It appears that as long as we have CBM’s we’ll have bashing. It seems to be a necessary byproduct of the great CBM era we’re in. Nothing is perfect I guess.

        • Well said, couldn’t agree more.

    • You should check out Watchmen. I’ve been meaning to watch it again but haven’t found the time. It’s quite long. It’s Zack Snyder so the film is wonderful to look at. The story is very complex. The film was very divisive at its release so know it’s not gonna be your stereotypical superhero flick.

      I finally watched Green Lantern a few weeks ago cuz I had to know if it was really that bad. It starts out ok. Somewhere around the 40 minute mark it kinda loses its way. Then it gets really uneven. I didn’t know if certain scenes were meant to be serious, tense, or comedic. It was almost confusing. So yeah in my opinion it is pretty bad haha

      • It bugs me that this is the only thing of note Angela Bassett has been in recently.

        @OP, Watchmen was good. People complained about there not being many super powered brawls, but it’s def a good drama.

  10. Who will apocalypse make his four horsemen be?

    • People who Singer doesn’t want to give many speaking parts. So Cyclops is a shoe-in. That much is for certain.

      • Movies taking place in the eighties so not saying cyclops couldnt be but maybe he’ll be in the movie.

    • Four young dudes he promised some movie parts to.

  11. I love your body, Larry.

  12. Josh Brolin to play Thanos

    • Im disappointed, marvel fail.
      Just get a professional voice actor

    • Hard to get a comprehensive list going without a raging debate between my left and right brain spilling over into my sanity but i have to agree on a few points you hit skinnie718…even though your a asspirate who loves tossing the salad of old men and women, post-enama. personally, i am not a purist although i have a spot in my heart for most of the source material. i feel in some cases changes MUST be made for mass appeal as well as moving pieces around to form a more coherent shared continuity. i truly enjoyed Singers latest outing with the x-men. it goes without saying that the x-films continuity grew more and more murky as the films went on. by the time the wolverine hit theaters, the long gesturing franchise had more plot holes than fans would like. DoFP is not a complete fix, but its a damn good start. as far as placement on a list, its up there for me. Movies like watchmen and spiderman 2 will always fall high on my lists simply because of the talent behind the films. say what you will about sucker punch or spiderman 3, Raimi and Snyder hit their marks and hit them well. i feel Man of Steel was butt fugged by critics as well as fans, who were hoping for batman minus the mask and stupid voice. Not much can be said about the Avengers that hasn’t been said already…movie was just fun as well as intriguing and engaging. Action was top notch and raised the bar for future comic book turned billion dollar movie franchises. out of all the movies listed, i agree the most on cap america winter soldier. at heart that movie was a political spy thriller through and through. it took all preconceived notions regarding comic book properties and dropped them out a window like an ugly newborn. over all, i feel we are living in a time where month after month year after year, more and more properties are being explored and thankfully, most of them are in or heading in the right direction. but like anything else, this “dawn” of comic movies will become dusk and this bubble will pop leaving all of the hardcore fans back to square one; cock in one hand and comic in the other.