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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 3, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 3, 2013

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  1. Watched iron man 3 last night, what does everyone think of the start of marvels phase 2 ?

    • I will have to wait until Monday’s OD. I have my tickets for 3D IMAX on Sunday.

    • not a homerun but a solid single. all They need is the rest of the phase to follow its steps and produce a run. Baseball analogies always sound better in my head.

      • I agree with you there, the thor 2 and man of steel trailers looked awesome on the huge IMAX screen. Definitely looking forward to both.

        • @vader
          Damn straight they did! Man of steel and Thor both got really great responses in my theater!

          As far as the start of phase 2. Definelty a solid start and I’m sure they will only build upon it!

          • Oddly enough Man of Steel was the only trailer that got a big reaction in my Imax. As far as IM3 it was a solid popcorn movie and definitely better than IM2 not better than the first IM imo.

            • I actually felt IM3 was the worst of the 3. Not a bad movie, just disappointing.

    • It was cool.

    • Is it true or was I dreaming that Fox are considering having a black Johnny Storm for their Fantastic Four reboot????

      • You’re not dreaming.

    • Wow already!

    • Already? WOW!

  2. It’s my anniversary today. What movie should I get to watch with the wifey tonight?

    • Southland Tales. Always a good flick. (Ducks for cover) :O

    • @Aaron

      Happy anniversary, imo I’d let her decide on what movie to watch.

      • Agreed, watch whatever she want’s to watch.

    • hmm depends on what you are looking for. Romantic Comedy perhaps? All women have different taste my ex-girlfriend hated romantic movies and loved action films.

    • @Aaron

      Give me a week, I am going to see if I can fly out to Arizona and pick up Leather Cheerio and then we going to be re-inacting every episode of Airwolf, Blue Thunder and every other movie with helicopters.


        • @Stark

          I found that movie, god awful.

      • Nothing like Sweded. I can’t wait!

      • Acting out is fine. Describing to me why its not possible every flipping scene… Then we’re going to have issues! LOL

        • I would not do that.

          Maybe once, or twice, but no more than 17 times.


          • Just like a birthday; for every time you nitpick, you get a punch in the jeans lol.

            • DAMN MAN!


              I am getting fixed next month……sheesh!

  3. Got my IMAX tickets for IM3 tomorrow night. Can’t wait. Busy month for movie watching, cause after Im3 will be star trek into the darkness, fast and furious 6 and hangover 3. Big month indeed.

  4. What is the best 3rd movie in a trilogy in your opinion?

    For me the clear pick is Toy Story 3 which is on par if not better than the original.

    • Yeah, I’d say “Toy Story 3″ was a great trilogy closer (one of the few), but I say, as I’ve gladly stated several times before, that I found “The Dark Knight Rises” to be the best film of the Nolan trilogy (not downplaying the previous two by any means…simply seeing a natural progression and evolution of the franchise).

      • Yes Toy Story 3 is for sure a good pick. I would have to say Return of the Jedi for me.

      • TOY STORY

        The movie that made my wife rename her “toys”.

        Buzz and Woody were no longer viable.

        • I bought one for thw wife and named it the “flying purple people eater”.

    • TDK trilogy.

    • All my favorite “trilogys” have turned out to be quadrilogy’s SSSSOOOOOO… I give up lol.

    • There are no greater joys than the joys of childhood.
      And no greater sadness than having to move on from them.

      You can’t go back, you remember, you always remember.
      When imagination was reality and your toys were real.
      It was a perfect world and you once lived in it.

      Toy Story 3 is a story made for everyone.
      And Toy Story 3 was a story about me.

        • You got me by three inches and sixty pounds.
          At 6′ 2″ and 200lbs I was the biggest guy on
          the team (college baseball that is) though.

          I suppose even I would be too big for the cockpit?
          I never confirmed that but was told that once
          which immediately diminished any hopes.

          • @ RP,

            I mean no offense, but when I read your posts, I always think at first that you’re posting poetry. (Sorry. That’s the English teacher in me.) Is it formatted that way when posting via a phone? (I don’t have a cell phone.) Just curious.

            • It must be lol. Even though I’m using my cell right now.

            • Since you asked so nicely, no it is not because I use a cell phone.
              Although I find that to be a very astute guess on any “formatting”.

              It is something I apparently do almost unconsciously because
              whenever it is pointed out that is when I realize it myself.

              This is just me, such as I am, for whatever reason.

        • I wanted to be a pilot in the navy. Too long of a wait so I went army. But I as well would have a hard time fitting in the cockpit. At the time being 6’4″ 205 lbs, still would be a scrunch. Like Bubba in Police Academy with the car.

    • @Trey

      MIB3, Back to The Future 3.

      The second film seems to be the magic number most of the time:

      T2:Judgement Day, Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, Superman 2, Spiderman 2.

      Now the Matrix trilogy, well that started off with the best and then went down hill rapidly from there.

      • All but 1 of those mentioned is no longer a trilogy though…

        • @leathercheerio

          :( Ok then.


  5. Also which summer movie will have the highest RT Score?

    I would say no movie will eclipse the RT score for Mud which is a 98%. Other than that I would say keep an eye on Pacific Rim (as long as the transformers comparisons aren’t made) and Monsters University.

    • There will be “Transformers” comparisons. This is Rotten Tomatoes; some critics have the most absurd reasons to criticize a movie

    • I think you are right with Monsters University. I’m sure it will give Planes a run for it’s money.

      • I can’t get over the idea of “Planes”, knowing Pixar has said it’s a spin-off of “Cars”.

        What’s next, “Trains”?

        By then, Disney will develop the ultimate crossover: “PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES”!

        • Well played sir

        • @ACW 007

          Actually, Pixar has nothing to do with Planes, that is the first one not to be done by Pixar, its strictly Disney.

          More to the Point, Pixar is not producing it.

          • Really? Hm, that’s quite interesting. “Wreck-It Ralph” was also non-Pixar

  6. Guess who just purchased all two seasons of “Freakazoid”?


    • Jealous! Was it from Amazon? So glad that place doesn’t have an actual store LOL

      • yet.

      • Actually, I bought both off of eBay

    • Lol….. No way Pacific Rim will have a 98% rating on RT . No big summer release will….
      I predict that these movies might have the highest rating on RT:
      Despicable Me 2, Epic and as previously mentioned Monsters University

    • Your predictions to be the biggest suckage of the summer:
      -The Wolverine
      -Man Of Steel
      -After Earth
      -The Hangover Part III
      -300: Rise of An Empire
      -World War Z

  7. The rights to blade and ghost rider have returned to marvel. This is good news cause ghost rider needs a reboot asap!!! The first film wasn’t bad I enjoyed it but the sequel was just horrible.

    • Again ghost rider doesnt fit marvels direction nor does blade. Id see them sellinh the rights before another is made. My bet is they wont be touched

    • More benchwarmers.

      • Haha good one Leathercheerio :D

    • Initiate project: Marvel Knights. Possible? Possibly.

  8. Just saw Oblivion last week. I was able to enjoy the movie, but I noticed a couple big plot-holes. Someone please tell me I’m over-thinking this…


    If the resistance wanted to convince Harper to help them, why couldn’t they just show him that they’re humans? I get that their masks and voice modulators hide them from the drone sensors, but why did they have to run around on all fours like giant rats? The drones shot at them anyway. Why not just down a drone, wait for Harper to come fix it, then walk up and show their faces. If that’s too risky, stick a post-it on a downed drone saying, “Don’t shoot us, bro! We’re bros!”

    Also, you think the Tet with their advanced technology wouldn’t have to depend on line of sight with their towers to maintain communication. There are these things called satellites, and we solved this problem in the late 1950s.

    This is not so much a plothole, but at some point, aren’t some, if not all the Harpers gonna try to find their wife? How many would she take in, and how many vindictive Victorias could she fight off?

    • You are over-thinking this film. Why?

      Tom Cruise is in it. There is no deep thought required ;)

      • @Acw 007

        Correct you are.

      • You’re…. you’re right…. I guess the only question should be, if you were going to cast someone to play the ultimate soldier cloned by an alien race to destroy his own civilization, why pick Tom Cruise?

        • DUDE!


          Do not put the plot or details in like that!

          • Sorry man, I assumed spoiler alerts cascaded down through the discussion, but I guess that’s a bad assumption to make. In the meantime, please accept 100 Interwebz points from me in recompense.

            • Its ok, I am just going to stay home and sharpen my Bat’leth.


              • An important task. I hear there’s an upcoming bat’leth competition on Forcas III. The conditions may be difficult.

                Really though, Oblivion’s a fun movie, I’d hate to be the reason you didn’t see it. You may want to still check it out.

        • son of a b****!

          I was going to see Oblivion this weekend!

          Damn Goomba, Why do one post Spoiler Alert, then go along and post another post without it!

          • @Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine

            I know you lost a chess tournament with the missus but can you put your name back to Jeff W, I’m resorting to ‘copy/paste’ with your name, it’s just too damn long man!!

            But back to the subject, go see Oblivian anyway, still worth a look, not a bad film, yes it has plot holes, but what movie doesn’t these days.

    • Whats grass?


      We have grass in AZ.

      • Might as well mow the lawn tomorrow.

        Since I was going to take Auggie to go see Oblivion and Iron Man 3. However, half that was totally ruined for me.

        • @Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine (copy/paste)

          They’re still both worth a look, I can’t believe you’d rather mow the lawn.

          At least Auggie (your son I presume?) hasn’t had it spoiled for him, spend some quality time together, they’re fun movies.


    • @$2

      I’ll be attending free comic book day at my local comic shop. The 501st stormtroopers and boba fett as well as batman the joker and wonder woman will be available for free pics. Its gonna be awesome. To everyone attending a free comic book day event tomorrow “may the 4th be with”

      • That sounds great! My shop will have some artists and a costume contest. I might dress up as Robin–I mean, Robin may make an appearance. Every year when I step out for a few minutes, he appears at the shop, and I always miss him. Imagine that! ;)

        • Wow my local shop is a hole in the wall in a strip mall that should have been condemed a generation ago. I just hope I get a free comic book.

    • Tom Cruise is Iron Man. That’s the twist.

      • My Son is a Tom Cruise and Sci Fi Fan, last week was my reserve weekend, so I could not take him to see it.

        I will get one of the girls to take him.

        • Don’t let a spoiler take away from time with your son. My dad was active duty till I was 10. Wish we had more time.

          • I know, we will see Iron Man 3 Tomorrow. I just cant sit through a movie and I know the plot.

      • I thought it was Jackie Chan? Oh, maybe he was Pepper! :-D

  9. Suffice it to say that the Marvel universe is getting some tweaking coming to the big screen.
    With that in mind please don’t b1tch and whine too much when something is not brought out that mirrors the comics exactly.
    It can be said that what Marvel is going through is similar to what the Star Trek franchise is currently experiencing. Not the same as the original but a good take on it well suited to the big screen.

  10. Iron Man Iron Man does whatever an Iron does. Does he swing from a web? No he doesn’t he’s an iron. Look out, here comes the Iron Man

    • Bio Dome. That takes me back.

      • Before Stephen Baldwin became a nut job.

        • Alec is by far the biggest nut job in that family…

      • Thank you Aaron. I had that in my head today and could not remember what it was from. Although, I combined it with Spider Pig from the Simpsons movie

  11. Hmmm, does anybody else think that ScreenRant should do an article on Ant-Man’s Rouge gallery from his rather short solo run in Tales to Astonish? Most people dont realize that he Does have one, and a number are actualy quite good such as: Egghead(yes he is an evil scientest, however he is one of the most diabolical around! and hates henry Pym),
    The Human Top(also known as Whirlwind, kept going after pym and Wasp for a decade, even pretending to be their chaufer for a while!),
    Porcupine(Yes the name isnt great, but its a powerful Battlesuit… which has all its weapondry in its quills), and of course the best and greatest,
    The Black Knight(An evil scientest he got deported, who then geneticly engineered his own flying horse! and has a lance with a lot of weapondry. He became a pest to ironman… then died a couple days after falling 50 feet. on another note his nephew took up the role and became a hero… who got stuck in medevil times, its complicated)

    So that is 4 solid villians, there was also comradeX the soviet spy, the man with the aging ray, The alien made of formic acid, The memory snatching aliens, and of course a couple gangs of soviet spies, and the random giant insect, or plant.

    You could make a good article on the 4 main ones, and throw in some of the other amusing or accident ones as well

    • No. I think you take all this stuff a bit to an extreme as it is.

  12. Will yesterday’s appearing/disappearing Iceman review reappear?

  13. What are the best character driven comic book movies?

    I’m thinking the Dark Knight, Spidey 2, and maybe the first Iron Man. Eh, maybe not Iron Man. Great flick though. I suppose Captain America could be in there but his character didn’t quite seem fleshed out enough…I’m sure I’m forgetting some earlier ones.

    • Constantine. Watchmen. Both of those I think are pretty deep.

      • Haven’t seen Constantine but Watchmen is a good one, if not the best movie in my opinion. Also, X-Men First Class does a pretty good job with at least some of its characters.

    • “Men in Black III”

      • +1

        That was going to be my choice for the trilogy question.

    • Blade, Superman, Incredible Hulk

      • Superman! Of course. I love Blade, but he’s just too one-dimensional for me to really consider it a character driven film. Still a good movie though. Hell, I even liked the third one.

        And the Incredible Hulk, great character, not such a great movie for me.

        • Superman, definitely. Batman 89′ for Jack Napier. It was very much his movie.

    • I would say Batman Begins before The Dark Knight. Just because everyone was established already and Joker was second to Bruce and Harvey.

  14. For all you ranting about why the Avengers or Hulk wasn’t called to help Tony…

    It would make sense that a Superhero tries to handle his crisis on his own without calling up his Superbuddies… this is especially true if he caused them in the first place.

    A similar analogy might be mowing your lawn or repairing your car. You do it yourself until you can’t.

    • Actually.

      It was self evident

      Why Stark did not call The Avengers or Hulk.

      Because way before the movie started, you saw…PARAMOUNT.

      Avengers, Hulk, them all be…DISNEY.

      Anymore questions?

  15. Did you just drunk stumble in here and say some random BS? Reminds me of my wife and my first time out together at a dive bar. Some super old man came up to our group drunk as heck and yelled “Where were going, we don’t need roads! Who am I?” That’s you.

    • So which Terry Gilliam movie(s), or parts of Monty Python do you like the best?

      I would have to go with Brazil and 12 Monkeys, although love the Crimson Permanent Insurance short tacked onto Meaning of Life (wasn’t that fussed with Meaning of Life, except maybe the ‘Mr Creosote’ feeding and exploding scene’), and his animations (for Monty Python) are hilarious.

      • Sorry, that was supposed to be a new thread, not a response.

    • You may have missed the small part about this being an open discussion.

      • Sorry, this replied at the wrong comment. Not my fault. Should have been after leathercheerio. Hopefully this will be placed correctly.

  16. With Man Of Steel looking like U.S. government is against Kryptonian presence in the world will this be a step for Warner bros to introduce Cadmus??? It would be a nice set up a different route than marvel to have the people fear these superpowered beings all the way until they unite together in Justice League where after saving the world they finally get the recognition of heroes??? Personally I always liked that Luthor was in a secret governemnt conspiracy against superman and the justice league.

    Another note, as far as bringing new villains to the batman universe does anyone want to see a live adaptation of The PHANTASM??? Whether original sotry or just come in as an assasin which in comics she became later. Also Deadshot and black mask would be another fan favorites.. Could have black mask be the main villain hiring deadshot and phantasm to kill batman similar to the game coming out of Arkham Origins???

    On the topics of remakes I was watching The Neverending Story the other night since my girlfriend never seen it. Childhood classic which looking at it now with cheesy dialogue i think would work great with a serious reboot of the world. A serious tone like the last three Harry potter movies would do nice for that movie. What does anyone think on this???

    • I saw Firefly after its run. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like Buffy, or any other series that Whedon has done because frankly, I don’t like to see women trying to act tough. Especially SMG or ED. It’s not believable to me. His Wonder Woman show I would’ve watched though. She’s a real bad ass. The others, not so much. But hey, that’s why we all have opinions.

    • After seeing Serenity and loving it, I watched the Firefly series and loved it as well. Although its run was far too short, it was the best space opera ever made, imo, because it is more realistic than Star Trek or Star Wars…no aliens, a repressive one-world government, and treating space and new worlds like the western frontier. I do believe a Serenity sequel or a renewed Firefly series would be a success.

  17. Also another topic, I’m a huge predator fan, I’ve seen alot of fan animated films on youtube about predators origins more or less creative ideas. But when Prometheus came out I was like WOW this opens a whole new door, what if the Engineers were actually making that black ooze as a last desperate attempt to wipe out a loosing battle against the predators??? Maybe after testing it out on certain planets as they intended to do to earth they found that the costs were too great to let the “xenomorph”/alien species to run around unchecked so they left the project alone? Of course this is all fan talk but plausable? I always wanted to know where the predators first encountered the aliens.

    • Wasn’t it in the end of the movie, the engineer was on his way to Earth to finish the plan they had already had in place? Weren’t they trying to kill us with that weapon? I love the AVP mythos. But I think this pre dates that. I think the engineers created the xenomorph and ended up losing that battle themselves in trying to contain them. Then the Predators come along while traveling the Universe like they do in search of a worthy opponent and stumble across what’s left of the ex engineer/now xenomorph planet. They learn how to harvest and grow them and then use them as they did in AVP.

    • Pregnant yoga. I remember that like it was only a year ago… Wait! It was!

    • Sometimes, Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine (formerly Jeff), you just give too much information…

      • …meaning now, whenever I see you post, I’ll be picturing you wearing your “yoga pants”…

        (that thought)

      • @Jeff #1


        Was more light sweat pants

        Not that Butt enhancing material.

        • Too late…

          the image is already there.


  18. @Jeff W

    You never created a game this Open Discussion. I’m very sad and disappointed lol.

    • My wife has allowed me to go back to my posting name…yay

      @Leather Cheerio, well last game, someone got bent out of shape over the questions I put up, so I may it a question free discussion.

      • What did I miss? Why did you add to your name, and why are you now changing back? Did you briefly convert to Islam?

    • Since Jeff W didn’t come through with a question. I’ll step up.

      A Hollywood producer is allowing you to remake any off-beat comedy from the past. What do you choose and who do you cast? (I’m not as creative as Jeff W.)

      For me:
      UHF and I’d cast Reggie Watts in the Weird Al role.

      • Hmm


        Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

        Mila Kunis in the lead.

    • Apparently I’m commenting too fast…

  19. I’ll try this again.

    So which Terry Gilliam movie(s), or parts of Monty Python do you like the best?

    I would have to go with Brazil and 12 Monkeys, although love the Crimson Permanent Insurance short tacked onto Meaning of Life (wasn’t that fussed with Meaning of Life, except maybe the ‘Mr Creosote’ feeding and exploding scene’), and his animations (for Monty Python) are hilarious.

    • Time Bandits

      Entire Black Knight Skit.

      • @Jeff W

        Yes, yes, the Black Knight, forgot about that bit, ‘I can still give you a nasty bite!’

        Which reminds me of the scene in the castle, Sir Galahad and all the fair maidens, then of course they come and drag him off.

        I’d have been a bit more than peeved myself! :)

  20. I’m doing the “Big Lebowsky” thing and drinking White Russians at the moment, damn they are a nice drink, and I have to thank The Big L for putting me onto them.



    • @Pedrosaurus

      What time is it where you are? If you drinking White Russian (Jealous right now)

      • @Jeff W

        I’m about to get off work and start my weekend in 2 minutes. Even though its 730AM for the rest of the west coast, I consider it 730PM LOL

      • @Jeff W

        Well at the time I posted that it was just after 10pm, it’s now just after 11pm (Perth Western Australia), and I’ve had quite a few of those WR’s by this time so I’m a little on the merry side.

        :D YEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

        • @Jeff W

          I’ll just have one more just for you, then I’m off to bed, they may be nice but after drinking a few I’m feeling sleepy.

          Anyway, be safe whereever, and whatever you’re doing.


          • Thanks!

            Sigh, have not had a good drink in years.

        • @Pedrosaurus

          I thought you were from Werth or parts there abouts…Nice area.

          @Leather Cheerio

          We just got back from Iron Man 3.

          Me and Auggie are doing a ball game tonight instead of Oblivion, we might see that tomorrow still.

          • @Jeff W

            Haa, that would be ‘Perth’ not ‘Werth’ :D, it’s not bad, lived here for 42 of my nearly 50 years above ground so no complaints.

            • Odd that it was Autocorrected to Werth…lol

              • @Jeff W

                You’re not typing that on an iPhone app with the autocorrect going wrong are you?


    • Which word? Dude or Man?

      • @leathercheerio

        Duderino perhaps?

  21. So, I’m in line and waiting in the theater for Iron Man 3 to start and I say “HAIL HYDRA” a few times. Nobody responds. When I did that a year ago at the Avengers, random people would respond with “HAIL HYDRA.”

    I’ve determined that the Avengers crowd was better than the Iron Man 3 one.

    • I believe it.