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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 29, 2013

Hey, we’ve made some small changes to the site, let us know what you think!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 29, 2013

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  1. Anyone for Klingon boggle?

    • I am not familiar with this. Teach me your ways.

      • Reference to “The Big Bang Theory”

        Boggle… in Klingon!

        • Oh haha! Yeah, Ill be honest. I despise that show. I never would’ve known that.

  2. With Pacific Rim coming next month.

    Here is the Following.

    1 Describe your Robot and Its name?
    2 Your Name for the Robot?
    3 What special abilities does your Robot Have?
    4 What part of the World do you want to defend?

    Mine would be…Mecha Bull…Minotaur in appearance…Horns that shoot powerful lasers…Hooves that can detacbed from foreamrs and go into an enemy from a distance.

    • Well coming in July that is, not June…SHADDUP SUPEREDJE101 AND LEATHER CHEERIO!

    • Woops sorry, here is my answer in the right place. Mine would be called “Saucy Boy” Type A, Class 1. It would be very thin and tall, it would shoot thick liquid at enemies, and would delight in eating opponents (and the occasional fellow bot). As for Territory, it would watch my back att all times.

      • Yeah, you are targeting Mecha Bull with A-1 Steak Sauce!

    • I am not familiar with Pacific Rim (I have seen the trailers) but I’ll try anyway.

      The name of the robot is Cloak. The robot will have camera on the back (with protectors so they don’t break) so whenever it needs to hide, the robot just uses the cameras to make a video and project the video on the other side of its body so it appears invisible. It will also be remotely active so if it breaks I won’t get hurt. The robot would look like the wire exposed C3-PO but have more maneuverability. It would also have the Iron Man hand gun thing where it shoots from the palm of the hand.

    • My robot would be called Leather Cheerio and it would be round in shape. It would have the ability to spew black tar from a hole in the middle of its body.
      It would also have a disturbing odor reminiscing from itself. It would defend the back side of earth. About half way down…

    • I think mine would be called Max.
      He would be able to fly, be of medium height, in comparison to the other robots, but super strong. He would have rockets for fingers, laser turrets on his shoulders.
      Remember the old Sho-Gun Warriors? He would be built like the Great Mazinga.

      Incidentally, I think Pacific Rim will absolutly be the movie of the summer, this thing looks just awesome.
      I think WB really hurt themselves by putting it so close to MoS.

      • That sounds shockingly similar to Mechagodzilla, Tony.

        …wait a second…

        -this is me just now realizing that’s essentially Pacific Rim is:

        Updated Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla + Del Toro.

        *removes spectacle*


        • LMAO

          Ah, the Good Doctor always good for a laugh.

        • @Dr. M.

          No, no, no doctor, this will be way better. Did you watch the trailers?

          HOLY COW!!!
          (sorry Jeff)

          Just the fight scences alone are going to be amazing!

          • My dear Mr. Stark,

            I think you misunderstood my enthusiasm to be anything but!

            • @ Dr M

              No I didn’t, knew what you were doing there, just thought I’d play it up a bit.

              You don’t think Pacific Rim will be good then, I take it?

              • Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla is something I take very seriously sir.

                …and I’m a fan of del toro for Pan’s and Hellboy 2.

                I think it looks awesome.

                • @ Dr

                  I loved Godzilla vs. Mechagozilla, watched it on the late late movie when I was a little kid. It’s part of the reason I’m so stoked for Pacific Rim. Plus, I loved Johnny Sakko and his flying robot re-runs when I was little too. This movie seems like the best of both worlds to me.

      • i would be defending the Great Lakes region, my home.

    • Mine would be called the Aykroyd 5000 and would look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It’s special power is to explode out marshmallow gooeyness causing sticky irritation to the beasts and forcing them to go take a bath. I would defend Dan Aykroyd until Ghostbusters 3 was made…so probably an eternity.

      • LOL!

      • I really need to stop doing this. SMH

  3. A warning: I’m going to sound very negative and critical now, but just know, I love ScreenRant and I’m only saying what I’m saying because I want the site to be as awesome as it can be :D

    The new page-header-menu-bar that stays on the screen when I scroll down is a little unnecessary. I just use the Page Up button on my keyboard to get back to the top of the page (from there I can use the menu easily).
    It’s a nice feature, one I’m sure will be of great benefit to some, but it does take up a lot of the space on my screen (restricting the content I see when reading an article – meaning I have to do more scrolling). So yeah, because of that, for me personally, the negative outweighs the positive with that feature.

    I’ve also noticed a while back that there isn’t a GameRant News tab at the bottom of the Home Page anymore, and there isn’t a link to the site at the top menu-bar either. This isn’t really a problem, since GameRant is bookmarked on my browser anyways, but I had a nice little tradition of clicking on the GameRant link at the top of the page, after having finished reading the latest movie news on ScreenRant (the tab near the bottom of the Home-Page was also great when I just wanted a very quick glance at the latest gaming news, without having to load the GameRant site).

    Like I said, I don’t want to complain, but I do have those two, small issues. Dunno if anybody else feels the same way, but I thought, as a regular, I’d just give my feedback for what it’s worth :)

    • Other than that though, I think it goes without saying that Screen Rant is fantastic!
      Keep up the good work guys!

    • agreed. I sneak in most of my reading while at work, which means I work off a minimized screen. And the new menu takes up close to 25% of the screen. But then again, I realize this is probably only a problem for me.

    • I def agree with you about the header. If I need to get to the top or bottom of a page I use Ctrl + Home (for top) and Ctrl + End (for bottom). Additionally, I’m a developer so I tend to cheat and run the following in the browser console to hide the top nav:


    • Always appreciate the feedback. We are tracking the performance of the drop down nav menu. As far as Game Rant on the home page, there were performance issues with the way it was coded. Once we figure out a fix we’ll put that back.


      • Great to hear the GameRant absence is only temporary Vic.
        Any update on that edit button that you mentioned a while back?

    • I must agree about the header. I rarely if ever use it anyway and it just uses precious screen space that would be better suited for reading articles.

  4. Mine would be called “Saucy Boy” Type A, Class 1. It would be very thin and tall, it would shoot thick liquid at enemies, and would delight in eating opponents (and the occasional fellow bot). As for Territory, it would watch my back att all times.

    • I swear if Mecha Bull gets hit with A-1 Steak Sauce…I AM COMING FOR YOU!

  5. Is there still a mass effect movie in the works?

    I recently bought the trilogy and the finished te first game and loved it. Would love to see a film.

    I think that Stephen amell would make a great commander shepherd and Cobie smulders for a femshep if they were to go in that direction.

  6. Screen Rant could be the preferred site for all films under review yet chooses to limit its focus in order to serve the base.

    Film fans (the base) freely comment on a rich diversity of movies; they have proven themselves petulant but also smart about film history, diverse in their appreciation of motion pictures, and keen-witted in giving insightful regard for the most obscure flicks in the cinematic canon. God bless ‘em.

    Perhaps the gatekeeper for Screen Rant might screw up the courage in allowing (more) daylight to come between comic-to-films plus whatever’s popular and more traditional filmfare doing its best to swim upstream.

    Honestly, one simply does not make progress without pushing against convention. And I say all this with full knowledge that a dream-come-true is one thing, a miracle is something else.

  7. I predict both now you see me and after earth have rotten reviews on RT. Since they dont have reviews yet it usually means they arent good

  8. give me your money

    • Already have

  9. yo marvel fanboys you gonna s*** your pants

    • I think you’re lost, friend… this isn’t a youtube comment section :/

    • If flying in a CAT 3 Hurricane is not going to make me crap my pants.

      No movie but one can do that to me.

      • let me guess, magic mike

    • Okay we know your not the real “Kal El” firstly because you didn’t even spell it with a capital letter at the beginning of the name. Secondly Superman wouldn’t talk bad about anybody. (Even MARVEL) Thirdly I am a DC fan and not really a MARVEL fan but you are making us look bad with those kind of posts.

      • Agreed. I don’t care if it’s DC or Marvel as long as the movies are good.

  10. Here’s a topic:
    The happy little elves meet the drunken rabid body snatching wolves from planet zorg.

    Should this get greenlit?

  11. already hatin’ that’s a good sign.

    • Hating on what?

      The fact I am a Superman Fan?

  12. Possible solution for the menu-header:
    Tweak it so that the bar can be hidden by those who don’t want to see it. Many sites have tabs/bars that can be “minimized” when clicking on a small arrow like button or something similar in the corner.
    That way, those who want to use it can use it, and those who don’t, can just minimize it so that there’s a little button or arrow-thingy in the corner scrolling down as you scroll down, and not the whole menu bar.

    • hey what’s up avenger boy, what’s poppin’

    • This header you speak of… I don’t see it lol. Non mobile or mobile version, I am not aware of this header.

      • I doubt the “drop down nav menu”, as Vic calls it, would show up on mobile devices.
        It’s on the desktop version for sure though.

        • That’s so weird cuz I’m on the desktop version right now. (Im at work) and I don’t see anything. I have a left side bar that moves for social media. But that’s it. I also have “Adblock Plus” installed on my FireFox browser. Maybe that is taking it off?

          • You do realize we depend exclusively on ad revenue to bring you all this awesome content every single day?

            • :-|

              I’m sorry. I do know that.

              Again, sorry if I offended.

              • No offense. Just pointing out what some people don’t think about. If everyone ran an ad blocker, no Screen Rant.

                • I don’t even know if [for me] my clicks would count given this IP address from where I’m at. :-\

        • It shows up on my iPad as well.

          • Well I suppose I should be happy that I don’t see this atrocious bar LOL.

  13. So Pepper and I go to the movies over the holiday to see The Great Gatsby (I was dragged there against my will, btw), and all I can say is, I want those two plus hours of my life back.

    I enjoyed Leo Decaprio’s performance, but that movie, story and plot was absolutly awful. What exactly was the point of that movie, old sport? I mean it just kept going nowhere.

    I like Toby M, but his best work was done on Spider Man, with the mask on. He wasn’t very good in this.

    Old Sport…….

    Maybe the point escaped me, but I just could not find a real point to that movie.

    • I agree antonio, I don’t like you but I agree. So are you more of a musical type of guy or what?

      • I hated it and they said old sport 53 times i was so bored i counted

        • @ Trey

          Seriously, only 53?

          Trey, am I missing something, or was the whole point, just to win Daisy back?Was that it?

      • @ Superjerk

        I didn’t ask if you liked me, and frankly don’t care.

        You are giving the DC brothers a bad name.

        • Id assume the point of the story is to show rich people have problems to. But yeah the plot was simply a tragic love story of gatsby doing everything to get daisy back… pretft bland

    • Still cant be worse than being dragged to see Brokeback Mountain with your Wife!

      • @ Jeff W

        You got me on that one.

  14. Heya Vic or Paul, can you explain the rules to @kal el?

    • The 1st Rule of ODs is: You do not talk about ODs.

      • lol :)

        • The 2nd rule is not mentioning steak to Jeff W. unless you are talking about how delicious it is.

  15. butt-hurt

    • @ Superwad

      Sure you didn’t mean butt-head?

    • kal El,

      If you want to continue to comment here, you need to put the brakes on the obvious trolling. You only get one warning.

  16. He’s right though. The idiots that are known as “marvel fanboys” who do nothing but s*** on anything DC and pound there chest that “there side is better” are not happy with the idea that DC might have something that will undeniably stand head and shoulders above everything else.

    It’s usually the younger crowd that behaves in such a point-less and silly manner…

    …which can also be said about a “dc fanboy” showing up and beating his chest like our friend kal-El here, who is obviously a young lad.

    There you have it folks. The voice of a young generation.

    Unfortunately, kal-EL, you aren’t going to find the victims you want here, just a bunch of geeks who enjoy quality stuff.

  17. I’m getting to the point where I’m done with debates with superheroes. It causes so much stress to see so many claims with such ignorance towards others.

    • +1 (my exception being Jeff W’s SuperCows.)

      • Um..That is Uber Cows.

        • ? ;) ?

    • @ ACW 007


      I totally agree!


        Feel free to see what I mean on the Snyder responding to Nolan comparisons article. If there is one thing I hate more than anything else in this world besides obvious bad things, it’s claims about my likes, dislikes, and respect towards the history of cinema

        • Unbeknownst to ACW 007

          He by divine chance put in the entire United States Nuclear Launch Codes.

          He was however one letter off from getting free cable for life.

          • He cracked the code faster than the kid from Mercury Rising.

      • It’s gotten so out of hand…

        I remember last year when Avengers and TDKR came out, I’d spend hours typing out friggin’ essays to the “haters”, trying to explain that there’s no need for all the hate. Nolanites would list all the things “wrong” with The Avengers, and I’d list all the reasons why those things weren’t issues. Marvelites would rant about how “pointless” TDKR was, and I’d rant about how awesome it was and how significant the ending was.

        Not this year though. I took a quick glance at the IM3 spoiler discussion and I never looked back. I think I’ll do the same when MoS comes out.

        It’s kind of sad actually, because I have a lot to say about the movies, and it’s awesome discussing the movies with you guys (the regulars and the level headed & civil commenters) but there’s always those select few who come out of from under the bridges when these movies are released… trolling around for places to start arguments. And since I’m a very opinionated guy, it’s tough to just look the other way when someone makes blatant false statements.

        …luckily there’s still the Open Discussion I guess ^_^

        • Like the current debate about heat vision vs laser vision.

          I am a purist at heart….But nothing get me bent out of shape.

        • @ Avenger & ACW 007

          Man, I am with you guys totally. When I first came to the site, I would battle it out, but now, I’m much more particular about to whom and when I comment. Responding to some of these characters just isn’t worth it, it’s pointless.

          There are certain guys though that enjoy seeing what they have to say and what they think about certain topics.

          Jeff (Bruce) W, L. Cheerio, Dazz, you two guys, and many, many others make solid contributions. But for every good contributor, there are clueless, malicious people that just make silly, foolish comments.

          I have long been one that questions the silly Marvel/DC war. Being a fan of both I guess is just unrealistic, impossible and illogical to some.

          I have made many long posts trying to explain the foolishness of ripping the other guys movies. We’re all CBM fans so why not hope for them all to do well? Will some suck? Yep, but let’s not hope for that no matter who made them.

          It has gotten worse, you are correct. IMO, especially lately with MoS. The people for it and those against it just blast each other.
          I don’t get it.

          • I think it’s all defense. TONS of people from the general audience stick their heads into these debates and make outlandish claims that upset us to the point where we feel like something HAS to be said.

            One argument starts. Then a couple of people stick their heads in on both sides. And it doesn’t end until you feel like you’ve said all there is to say or you finally realize how ignorant you or your “opponent” is being about claims you’ve brought to the table.

            Here is how it is people: Marvel owns Spider-Man and The Avengers, DC owns Batman and the Justice League. Watch them, enjoy them, say some positive things, hope for a good sequel, DONE.

            I thought there was gonna be a Star Trek war. Nope. Just more super bickering

            • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
              Any comic book movie, to me, is a win.

              (It sounded okay when it popped in my head. Not so much now.)

              • It still sounds good :)

          • I get what you are saying… But I still want DC to do better than MARVEL. Does this mean I want MARVEL to do bad? No… I want MARVEL to give it all they got so WB/DC will do the same and hopefully better. I will get into debates however on why I think Nolan/Bale’s batman should return but that is pretty much it. I think Avengers/Dark Knight arguments are stupid because you just can’t compare them. It would be like comparing a dog to a cat, both are so different and yet similar.

            • @ ACW 007

              You are right on.

              @ Writer

              I’m not sure why you can’t just root for both to do great. I think we may have discussed this before, however.

              I will admit, you lost me a little on the dog is like a cat thing.

              Both are animals, I get that. But how about two diffrent types of dogs or two diffrent types of cats? I get that.

              • I do and I don’t wish for both to do great… I wish for MARVEL to do the best they can and then for DC to do better. Next MARVEL does better than DC does better… So yeah, I do wish for both to do better but I want DC to come out on top in the end because I truly admire this company.

                And two of any kind of animal could work but I was just using the “cat and dog” thing as an example.

                The Cat is slower but more agile but it doesn’t learn like a dog can. A dog is more clumsy, however he has bark as well as a bite. Both animals react differently but are capable of anything. The same could be applied to DC and MARVEL but the real question is who is the dog and who is the cat?

                • Neither

                  The Cow is superior to both!

                  Ok, yeah I had to get that in.

                  • That is true!

                    A cow is superior to both,………. in taste.

                    At least that’s what I heard…………..

                    • @#$% STARK!

          • Thanks for the shout out, Stark. I really love this website and I enjoy debating with everyone of my peers here in the OD. But I’ve slowed my role and temper over the last month with a lot of the stuff that goes on outside of here. Its extremely discouraging and unfortunate that a lot of us have to ignore the trolls and radical extremists when we are trying to have an intellectual movie conversation. And I really hate the lack of moderation against “personal attacks”. Even more hate the encouragement of personal attacks from certain SR authors, ie: racial debates. I hate those passionately and I feel so bad for the people who get attacked for respectfully posting their personal opinion on a sensitive matter.

            Like The Avenger said, we always have the OD.

            • @ L. Cheerio

              You’re welcome, and I meant it.

              I hear you. I too love this site, and enjoy reading stories and comments. I don’t see too much of the racial stuff, but I see clearly the Trolls and extremists. It is difficult to have conversations with those types butting in. We have to take the good with the bad though, nothing is perfect. I really think the good out weighs the bad, as I beleve you do too.

              • It’s mainly been the casting of characters. Like the Johnny Storm issue. It brought out the worst IMO. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and they should all be respected for expressing them. They don’t need to be agreed upon but they certainly don’t need to be personally attacked for it.

                Those stories advocated personal attacks. I’m staring right above this post where it says “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

                I agree that there is more good then bad on this site. But I don’t like having the feeling that maybe I shouldn’t post on this story because of all the negative responses and attacks for voicing an opinion.

                • @ L. Cheerio

                  I hear you, and agree, but you are only responsible for you and your actions, not those that respond/react to you, and not the stories/articles that are posted.

                  If you voice your opinion, clearly, respectfully, and intelligently, which you do, and somebody else decides to respond to it negatively, brutally, racially, or harshly, that’s on them, not you. You’re expressing an opinion, that’s all. Anybody that follows your comments or reads them regularly know what you’re about and what your views are.

                  I would not let the responses of a few, or even many for that matter, keep me from stating my thoughts on a topic, that’s what the site is for. If they attack you personally, just consider the source, and move on. I know sometimes that is easier said than done, I totally get that, but it’s still the right course. With everything that’s good (this site), there will always be something bad mixed in with it (the people we’re speaking of). It’s unavoidable.

                  Now if some people use certain stories/articles or comments to blurt out their ill-conceived, immature, racial blasts, or whatnot or that’s on them, just don’t respond to them.

                  Keep on putting your thoughts and opinions out there on topics and subjects, because for every one jerk, there are ten more of us that enjoy reading them.

                  • +1

            • leathercheerio,

              Who is encouraging personal attacks via racial debates?

              • I’m sorry Vic, I must have worded that wrong. I apologize. By encouragement I mean having the debate twice. The first time the author admitted that the debate got heated and out of hand, but then to bring it up again and still not moderate the attacks (calling people racist because of their want for continuity) was what I was referring to. Am I wrong in saying that is a personal attack?

                • @LeatherCheerio.

                  Best way to defeat ignorant people. Just simply ignore them. Hard to do, but not impossible.

                  As my Granny use to say “Racism is the crutch for which ignorance balances its own self doubt.”

          • I agree.

        • Yeah, I will never understand why anyone would have to pick sides. I love the Avengers and the Dark Knight trilogy equally in their own right. They both have their strong points and weaknesses and the war that’s going on between fandoms is the pinnacle of childishness. I really wish these people could hear themselves sometimes. It’s so friggin’ ridiculous.

  18. Anybody hear an update on Kahless?

    • Whoa
      What Happened to Kahless?

      • Yesterday he said, “I’ll be heading for the hospital tonight; I can’t seem to walk 20 feet without losing my breath. I think you said you are Christian, and I know Vic is, so I need all the prayers from you all I can get. I’ve also noticed that I lose my breath when I’m in a cold room, like a movie theater. During Trek Into Darkness, I had to leave the theater right before the Klingons because I could barely breath. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

        • I was just about to say, a few months back Kahless told me he had some health issues (his liver if I remember correctly). I had no idea it was still a problem :(

          @Kahless, wherever you are buddy, I’m pulling for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

        • @ SuperEdje101

          I went back and read the post. :(
          I will be praying for Kahless, as will my friends at church.
          Does anybody know if he Is saved (Christian)?

        • It is too bad that someone may not be able to at least share the gospel with him. I would post it here but I am not sure if it is okay by Screen Rants standards. A disagreement wouldn’t bother me but I would hate to turn others away from Christ. Nevertheless I will pray for his health and salvation.

          • @ Writer

            I believe Vic Is a Christian, would it really be that bad to post? I often thought of posting it myself.


            • I honestly don’t know how people would react. The Gospel is supposed to convict the soul and it may appear as an “attack” to Screen Rants standards. I would normally post it in a heart beat but I would hate to appear as one of those “I’ll shove it down your throat Christians.” I don’t know how everyone else came to know Christ but this is how I did. (a friend asked me these questions)

              Friend: Do you consider yourself to be a good person?

              Me: Yeah… It’s not like I ever killed anyone.

              Friend: Can I ask you a few questions to prove that your a “good person?”

              Me: Sure.

              Friend: Have you ever told a lie?

              Me: Yes.

              Friend: What are you called if you tell a lie?

              Me: I guess a liar.

              Friend: Have you ever stolen something even if it was something with little or no value?

              Me: Once. (I know that was a lie now)

              Friend: What are you called if you steal something?

              Me: A thief.

              Friend: Now this one is a tough one and trust me when I say that this one has got me many times, J3sus said that “who ever looks at a person to lust after them has already committed adultery with them in their heart,” Have you ever done that?

              Me: Yes… I have.

              Friend: Now J3sus also said that if you hate someone that is also considered murder. What about that one?

              Me: Okay I have done that one too.

              Friend: So by your own admission your a lying, thieving adulterer at heart and those are just three of the ten commandments. Now here is another question: if G0d judged you by the ten commandments on judgement day would you be innocent or guilty?

              Me: Guilty, but he would forgive me right?

              Friend: Only if you put all of your faith in J3sus and know that he died on the cross for your sins and that he rose from the dead on the third day. Trust me I don’t want you to go to h3ll.

              And that’s my story. I had to use 3′s and stuff because I know there are probably some flagged words up there. I have believed ever since then. Now I don’t know of this is considered a personal attack so I am sorry if you think it is but I would gladly share it again. I like my friend want you to be in heaven so please consider the alternative if you don’t believe.

        • @ SuperEdje101,

          Thank you for posting about Kahless. I’ve already started praying for him and hope he’s on the upswing.

    • I just emailed Paul a request on behalf of myself and I’m assuming the rest of us in regards to Kahless. Hoping to get a message out to him.

      • @ L. Cheerio

        Thanks, please keep us posted if you contact him.

    • Hope he’s OK

  19. I am calling it.

    Till Kahless gets back. I am not going to dwell or debate with idiots who try to ruin it for the rest of us.

    So if anyone is in agreement with me not to let the ignorant that dwell on here and like to stir the pot, I say…Let them spew their idiocy.

    One of our brethren need our attention, so lets make him laugh from afar when he get back.

  20. DId you see the interview w/ Tim Cook on All things Digital? Wow.. this guy is useless.

    At any rate, I am looking forward to:

    2)Thor the dark world

    Also, I am really thinking about start watching “Doctor Who”

    • I read somewhere ‘When Tim Cook speaks, Apple shares go down…’
      It’s kinda funny & kinda true. :)

  21. I am kind of of Bummed because of Kahless. Wish we knew something.

  22. WTF!

    I seriously need to password my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sititng here wondering..Wheres Beeker?

    • Looking cute, Bruce. BTW, its your login that was hacked. By.your wife I’m assuming?

      • Yeah, Katee Took a picture and logged into Gravatar…BECAUSE I SAVE MY LOGINS

        She used the Computer webcam and took the picture..then up loaded it.

        Dont get me wrong…I will keep the Avatar, it just going to mess with peoples mind.

        • Tell her it is a dramatic improvement!

          • @ SuperEdje101

            I second that, much better than Beeker!

          • Take in mind, she is in her 40th Week of Pregnancy.

            Yet she has the time to be a sneak.

            Why I love her and the fact she is one big Female Nerd…

            Guys, this Woman as a 14 year old, sat and waited with me while I played Dungeons and Dragons.

            She is Penny to my Leonard.

            • Awww! Thats so sweet. Hopefully your relationship is less… wierd than Penny & Leonards! :P

              • Less Weird?

                Contrary, despite 7 kids, almost 28 years of Marriage, which ironically is the due date of number 7.

                She surprised me once with a week long trip to Comic-Con. She dressed up every day as Lara Croft, Catwoman, Died her hair blonde and went as Powergirl, and Both versions of Juno Eclipse, Imperial and Rebel.

                And my favorite, TOS Style Uniform…

                Plus she been in a few Madden Tournaments.

                And she has put up with me for 40 years. Seeing as we first met in Kindergarten. So yeah, we are just that close.

                • Well okay, thats all well and awesome, The NOT weird part being the 28 years of marraige(btw congrats). I dont think Penny and Leonard would make it past 1. :)

                  • @SuperEdje101


                    But, that why I love her.

          • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • @ Jeff

      I was wondering the same thing Jeff, Pepper even said, “Wow, who’s that? She’s pretty, she doesn’t look like a Jeff.”

  23. *Sitting

  24. I have been to see three movies so far. And I have yet to see A preview of the Man of Steel. Is Warners trying to underadvertise this movie or what.

  25. Anyone else hoping Loki fools Thor with the mirror image / illusion of himself (like he did in Thor & The Avengers) in Thor 2 ?
    Its like a running gag :)

  26. Vic has sent an email to Kahless letting him know that our thoughts and prayers are with him during this time.

    ScreenRant is the greatest.

    Thanks Vic, Paul, and the rest of the SR crew!