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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 28, 2014

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  1. Dawn of…….

  2. I loved X-Men: DOFP, but i’ve been thinking of something every since I watched it. At the end of the movie we see the alternate 2023 where everyone is happy and where Phoenix, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Xavier, Shadowcat, Collusus, Wolverine, Rogue, and Iceman are all alive and doing well.

    I guess the issue i have with this is… doesn’t that kind of spoil some of the intrigue of X-Men: Apocalypse which will be set in the in the new alternate 1980′s. Don’t get me wrong, it will be cool to see how the new movie plays out, but if we know that none of the major characters have a chance of being killed because we saw them alive in 2023, then the movie becomes somewhat predictable at that point. Thoughts anyone?

    • Two words – “Alternate Timeline”.
      Because of the whole trying to rewrite history issue, there are many continuity issues and the only way to explain them is with alternate timelines. So basically the future we see at the end of DOFP is only one of many possible futures.

      • Good point. I need to have a sit down with Doctor Emmett Brown so he can explain this all to me.

    • I’m not 100% on the whole time line layout they have, but my understanding is that X-Men:Apocalypse will be based around First Class era mutants, not necessarily the core from the first trilogy, which would make sense if they’re going to keep the same time line for the first trilogy (late 90′s-early 2000′s) but do Apocalypse in the 80′s. The only spoilers then would be that Prof. X, Magneto, Wolverine, Mystique and Beast survived (depending on who’s involved as well, Magneto and Mystique aren’t really necessary for story purposes). Again, I’m not claiming to have any better grasp of the time line or knowledge about story for Apocalypse, just giving my thoughts.

    • Parallel universe. Unlimited possibilities, anything is canon.

  3. I want Wolverine in that yellow costume in the next X-Men movie, anyone else agree?

  4. I thought DOFP was ok (3/5). Singer is still terrible at directing action sequences, IMO. I found myself at times really bored with the movie.

    Maybe when I re-watch it on BR, I’ll like it more.

    • I haven’t seen it yet, but for me the action sequences are almost always the worst part of the super hero films, MoS being the absolute worst. There’s just something boring about watching action scenes where you know there are going to be no consequences (ie, nobody is in danger if dying).

      • I actually liked the action/fight scenes in Cap2 and Spidey2.

  5. I just binged watched all of Attack On Titan.

    • I’ve been meaning to do that… How’d you like it?

  6. I thought DOFP was incredible (5/5). Singer is still awesome at directing action sequences, IMO. I found myself never bored at anytime.

    Maybe when I re-watch it for the 3rd time in the theater, I’ll like it more.

    • cool story bro. and super original!

      • Thanks! Weren’t those future sentinel action sequences amazing? Just how awesome were Blink’s portals? Loved how team-work was applied in those incredible action sequences.
        And what about that Quicksilver scene everyone is still talking about?
        How about Mystique being a boss, and of course both past and future Magneto!
        Yeah, (5/5) movie for sure, and certainly deserving all the praise that it’s getting… including an near PERFECT score on RT among ‘top critics’ (98%!).

        Can’t wait to see it AGAIN in theaters!

        • and yet it still made less than Cap2, Godzilla and TASM2. Now shoo, tewl.

          • How much money a movie makes does not mean it is of top quality. Besides can’t you let them praise a movie even if you disagree?

          • Lol, you could’ve played this out a little longer. :-<

            • I don’t think it’s the same guy contradicting himself. It’s just a nerd mocking him and reversing his name and stance to do it.

              Personally, I liked DoFP, but it was not as good as most of the people here hyped it up to be. I too found myself a little bored, wondering what they were going to do next, but not surprised at all about how each sequence turned out. I must say I was more enamored with the future sequences more so than the past. The Quicksilver scene was by far the biggest highlight of the film, and that was only for a small plot point. Too much focus on human/mutant relations and politics, which is all we’ve gotten from the previous trilogy. I know its a major background structure to the X-Men story in general, but I’d like to see more ‘mutant on mutant conflict’, and less so ‘mutant wants to be accepted in a human world’ based storylines.

          • yeah neither xmen 5 nor amazing spiderman can’t even compete with a cap 2
            or a very misleading godzilla movie on opening weekend anyway. i have it before
            and i will say it again both xmen and spiderman would have done bigger numbers
            had it been in disney’s house of marvel. the MCU changed the whole landscape
            which led to the birth of the DCU, and the silly expanded universes of sony
            and fox but both MCU and DCU will always be at an advantage because of the access to the huge library of characters.

            • Eh. I’d rather have a quality film that makes a respectable profit like DoFP instead of a slightly higher earning piece of Marvel corporate trash. If Marvel controlled the X-Men franchise they would fire everyone who made the franchise a success, eliminate all of the complex storytelling and social commentary, and make the next X-Men movie into a generic lead-in to whichever Avengers movie is coming out next.

  7. So I went to see DOFP again yesterday and found that I enjoyed it even more the 2nd time as I was able to pick up things that I missed the first time. Actually, it’s the first movie that I been to the theater to see twice in YEARS. (Of course having a free ticket didn’t hurt). I’m just curious to see if they continue the franchise with the First Class cast or if they go forward with the original cast.

  8. So what movies would you like to see new “dark and gritty” versions of?

    My first pick is back to the future.

    • Dark Avengers & Justice League Dark


    • Back to the Future should NEVER be rebooted. That series is perfect as it is and we should all descend on Hollywood with torches and pitchforks if they ever decide to reboot it, much less make it “dark and gritty”.

      • +1

        There arew few things that would be more sacrilegious.

      • +1000

        Hear Hear!!

        Or Here Here!! Whichever one it is.

        The BTTF movies are perfect.

      • That would truly be the end of MovieB……

    • Mrs. Doubtfire

      • I’m picturing “One Hour Photo” with a few changes in characters.

  9. So, how about that brown and yellow costume of Wolverines they teased in the blue ray alternate endings of The Wolverine. Anybody want to see that in the next X- Men movie?

  10. Best Star Trek TNG mashup video:

    Wish Trek would come back to tv.

  11. I think I have nailed down why I did not enjoy DOFP like almost all other people did.

    To me it felt like the movies value was placed exclusively on past and future movies. There was little to no value it held on it’s own.

    Gripe list

    1. Big: (I know it has been now stated that OT cast will return for AoAp)But if they were going forward with FC cast than why make this movie as opposed to just a FC sequel.

    2. Big: Wolverine was a main character but all he does it talk to people and get thrown by a Sentinel once.

    3. Minor: Lots of Mysteque, because Jennifer Lawrence.

    4. Trivial: While Watching the movie I came the conclusion that the Mysteque costume is creepy and rather perverted(would it have been so bad to make a white dress for her?)

    5. Super Trivial: Anna Paquin got her name before Ellen Page…really?

    Like I said Monday, it’s a well acted and well constructed movie. But when the credits where over I just felt “meh”. One thing I learned is how people that didn’t like The Avengers felt. :)

  12. I’m really psyched that Edge of Tomorrow is getting some positive reviews to start off. I’ll def be seeing that next week.

    Also.. This is random, but I just realized that 22 Jump Street and How To Train Your Dragon 2 are both slated for release on the 13 of june (at least here in the states) That worries me cuz I want both of those films to do very well but there’s gonna be some massive cannibalization in ticket sales between those two films. Especially for me haha.. I wanna see both but I’ll have to go with Jump Street if you put a gun to my head.

    • I’ll have to go with Jump Street *if forced to choose between the two.

    • I wouldn’t go see Jump Street if someone PUT a gun to my head. I don’t understand the appeal of Seth Rogen. He is just not funny.

      • I don’t think he’s in the movie…

  13. Them Maleficent reviews doe…