Open Discussion – May 27, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 27, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 27, 2013

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  1. Magic The Gathering movie. Lord of the Rings style. The movie is about the planeswalkers or the MTG comics. What are your thoughts?

  2. Take a moment today to remember the brave men and women who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. To all the families who have lost loved ones you are not forgotten on this day. To all those who continue to serve our country your service is greatly appreciated, I’d like to take this moment to say thank you for your service to our country.

    • There is nothing worth remembering unless we remember
      the brave men who gave the last full measure of devotion.

    • @ Vader

      Well said, and I absolutely agree.

      Thank you to all of them and their families.

  3. Was there a new Game of thrones episode last night? Nothing recorded.

    • Game Of Thrones skipped a week.
      Episode nine is next weekend.

  4. I watched fast and furious 6 over the weekend and really enjoyed this new installment in the series. I also saw the 1hr special of marvels avengers assemble. The show isn’t too bad it may grow on me in time. There were a few things I disliked but not going to get into that at the moment. I also managed to catch mermaids the new evidence on animal planet last night. I’ve gotta say they had some amazing video footage that they revealed on the show. All in all had a great memorial day weekend with family and friends.

    • Yeah I caught the avengers assemble as well. It was pretty good. Ill definelty give it a few episodes before I decide. I’m not a huge fan of pasdar as stark though. Just didn’t fit well to me. But that may be nitpicking. I did love the way they handled Thor.

      • The only thing that really bothered me about Avengers Assemble is that they were all looking to Stark to be the leader both on and off the battlefield. I prefer my avengers to be led into battle by Captain America.

  5. Okay, you are trapped in the Star Wars universe. You currently have no weapons and you are on the planet Coruscant, outside the Jedi Temple. The year is 16 years before the battle of Yavin. You cannot use the force because you don’t have midi-clorians.

    What is your first plan of action because now Storm Troopers are upon you? You were to close to the Jedi Temple and now they’re mad.

  6. Whatever happened to Jeff W’s crazy cool questions?

    • He gets liberty for Memorial Day.

      The big guy probably has a
      big day planned on the farm.

    • Had Drills this weekend. Have to get ready for Hurricane Season, so we had our SAR Drills, and spent most of the weekend going up and down the Beaches this weekend.

      Just got home.

      So, how was everybody’s Memorial Day Weekend?

      • Jeff, stay in shape my friend. I’ll be heading for the hospital tonight; I can’t seem to walk 20 feet without losing my breath. I think you said you are Christian, and I know Vic is, so I need all the prayers from you all I can get. I’ve also noticed that I lose my breath when I’m in a cold room, like a movie theater. During Trek Into Darkness, I had to leave the theater right before the Klingons because I could barely breath. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

        • That’s not good Kahless. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Now, get to the doctor.

          • Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Prof. Yeah, it’s not good, and I pray it’s not cardiovascular (last time my cardiologist checked, my heart was fine). My wife is getting everything together, so I won’t have to walk upstairs when I get home.

        • Godspeed Kahless. Take care of business and get on top of this.
          Severe symptoms are scary but you can get better and will.
          Hopefully this can be treated and try to stay positive.
          Prayers work and you have mine and others too.

        • Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Kahless. Hope all goes well!

        • Hey Kahless, Praying for you man! Remember that God is in control even of illnesses. he will help you through this time! Hang in there!

        • @Kahless

          I just found out today.

          Of course my Friend you have my prayers along with everyone else on here.

          There shall be no going to Sto-Vo-Kor For you. You will pull through.


  7. Just finished arrested development season 4…. not happy with it

    • I thought that Season 4 started REALLY slow, but after episode 4, it went back to the original show and it got me excited for the movie and or season 5. OVerall I would give it a 4.5/5

  8. ZZZZZZZZZing for the Holliday… :)

  9. Anyone think the “the map of the Universe” that Guy Pearce accidentally shows Pepper may be significant to Avengers 2? Or Guardians of the Galaxy?

    • Possibly… I think it more likely that he was trying to be arrogant/witty.

      • He didn’t really show it by accident. He pulled it up first to show here the similarity between the structure of the of universe and the structure of the brain. His apology was just for show.

  10. Just watched Goon with Sean William Scott, awesome!!

    • Yeah, Goon was total surprise for me. I didn’t expect much, but I had one hell of a time. The movie is funny, visceral and has heart. Great stuff!

      The only downside was Jay Baruchel (the real life Jar Jar Binks) who was annoying every time he was on screen. Fortunately that wasn’t too often.

      • “the real life Jar Jar Binks” – HA! That’s great. That should be someone’s screen name on here :)

        As for Goon, I really enjoyed it. It made me think that Sean William Scott isn’t Stifler for once.

        • Haha that’s really funny, he should have his own movie ‘Gorm’ lol

          Sean William Scott is not in enough movies!! Always entertains

  11. Excited about:

    1. Longmire season two starts tonight!

    2. Young Justice – Watched the first half of season two. With great characterization and interesting plot twists, I am loving the writing. I would love to see a Marvel animated show in the same vein.

    3. Ender’s Game – I’m almost finished reading the novel and can’t put it down. I hope the movie will be just as fun.

    • I am excited about Longmire too.
      The show is a bit of a secret but I see
      my favorite English teacher knows all about it.

      • Longmire is awesome. I just finished the first season. Definitely oone of those hidden gems. Totally excited for season 2.

        • I’ve seen that it is available on Netflix. Since it has so many Screenranters approval, I’ll add it to my queue and start it after Arrested Development.

          That’s why I love this site. I wouldn’t have watched half the shows on Netflix that I’ve watched without commenters like all of you and the SR Underground’s rants and raves section. I still think they should have an area on the site dedicated exclusively to streaming content.

      • ^This message has been approved by the National English Teachers on Screen Rant Association. (Members: 1)

        • :D

    • Enders Game is awesome, But nothing compaired to the sequals! It just keeps building in awesomeness!

  12. So, last Friday as I was leaving work I thought to myself, “Self, what movie will you go see this weekend”?* Then, I thought to myself, “I can go see Star Trek: Into Darkness”. I thought back to the trailer, the villains, the cast, everything I read here on ScreenRant. Then I remembered, “I already saw it”. This was 4 days after I saw it. I said aloud, “That’s my final verdict on it. I don’t even remember seeing it.” It was Ang Lee’s “Hulk” to me. Not very memorable. I’m sorry for the Star Wars fans and what they are about to get with Abrams. Hopefully, the next Star Trek will have all new creative team behind the scenes.

    *Conversation enhanced for humorous purposes.

    • No need to feel sorry for Star Wars. Abrams is an excellent director who simply needs to change his writing team. Fortunately a different writer is already assured for Star Wars, so there is nothing to worry about.

      • I should have been more clear on what I was trying to say. I liked Super8 and I know he can do better, but I feel he phoned it on ST:ID – jerky camera moves, always panning and always moving, JUST HOLD THE CAMERA STILL! We also don’t need to be zoomed in so far as to see the pores on a person’s face either. Always running? I thought Doctor Who had cornered the market on “running” shots. I guess not. I still won’t hold much hope for Star Wars until I see a trailer. I hope they get new writers for Star Trek if they do a third one. It just wasn’t Trek to me.

  13. Not being able to watch movies the weekend it comes out makes it hard to join in the ScreenRant fun.

    And then by the time you watch it, all the good discussions have come and gone.

    Movie theaters should have kid watching services.

    • AGREED! I still haven’t seen Star Trek…or anything else besides Iron Man 3.

  14. Just saw Star Trek into Darkness and was disappointed. SPOILER: Didn’t anyone advise Abrams that, during the last half hour, they were essentially copying the original Star Trek II? Whereas Spock’s death in Wrath of Khan elicited sadness, however, Kirk’s death in Into Darkness elicited laughter, as it so cheaply mirrored the original sequel, and this cast/crew has not been around long enough to provoke an emotional response.

    Glad Abrams is leaving the franchise.

    • ****** SPOILER ALERT ******
      I watched WoK this past weekend and that scene where Spock dies still got me misty (especially the funeral scene). But in STID, I didn’t feel any sadness whatsoever, and I knew they would bring him back with Khan’s blood. I enjoyed STID but the Trek parts had me shaking my head.

  15. I’d like to take this moment to tell others not to tell me what to do today

  16. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I took my son swimming for the first time. He had a blast! On Sunday, we celebrated my best friend’s 30th birthday by watching all the Romero Zombie flicks. Those movies still never get old. And in honor of Jeff W and his long time service, I ate a steak. It was delicious.

  17. So I just finished watching “End of Watch”. Great movie. If you can stomach a little gore and offensive language, it’s a good watch.

  18. Me and my family returned from the wilderness. I got us unpacked and tried my hardest to put the kids down early so I could watch Arrested Development. They wouldn’t go for it. So, I’m only 2 episodes into the story. Tonight, maybe we’ll get another 2 or 3 watched.

  19. Was I the only one working this Memorial Day weekend?

    Up and down the Jersey Coastline.

    And all of you had BBQ and Picnics


    • I worked Memorial Day as well.

    • I don’t work weekends to begin with lol. But I worked Monday night like normal. And I bbq everyday. No coasts. Just the mountains.

    • What’s work?

    • in honor of jeff w and his fondness of cows, i feasted on pork, specifically baby back ribs. i’m not one to toot my own horn, but, they were awesome!

      i also saw ST:ID, and i liked the film overall, was just a bit disappointed in the “big reveal”, and was hoping for some more imagination on a villain for this film, but, i guess it was ok. Quinto and Cumberbatch were running their @$$e$ off in that chase scene.
      the imax/3d was very cool, and i’m glad my daughter works at the cinema so i got to go for free. (i have to wait for after opening week for free films, and very early, non-busy times for imax or 3d, but free is free!)