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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 26, 2014

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  1. Got to see Days of Future Past this past weekend, I have to say it is one of the best comic book films I have ever seen, the acting was top notch and the story very well adapted, I’ll definitely be seeing it again soon. I don’t really read comics so my knowledge of the X-Men comes from the 90′s animated series which I dearly love to this day, and it felt like I was watching one of those episodes! I am really excited to see what Fox is doing with X-Men, maybe I’m in the minority here but I loved most of the X-Men films and how Fox has handled the series (besides Last Stand and Origins, but all the other films were very well done). Any thoughts on where Fox is headed with all of this? Maybe the future mutants we saw (Sunspot, Blink etc) will form the basis of a future X-Force film? Is the studio brave enough to utilize the alternate reality seen in Age of Apocalypse for the next film? Could we see fan favourite characters such as Cable and Deadpool appearing in future installments?

  2. Yesterday, I finally got to see “Godzilla”…it was a fantastic monster movie AND an amazing GODZILLA film…easily, 4.5/5 for me. Later today, I’ll check out X:DoFP.

    • Watching Godzilla tomorrow and XMen on Wednesday, cannot wait! So far we’ve got a great Godzilla reboot and 2 of the best comic book movies of all time this year with Captain America and XMen. It’s absolutely insane, hopefully Guardians of the Galaxy is able to hold up to the reception of both these movies.

    • I saw Godzilla too. I honestly don’t get the rave reviews… It was an alright movie, but there were FAR too many times during the movie where you’re left going “Really? How did they not see that?” or things that just don’t make sense…

      For example, how in the heck did they not see an entire Russian nuclear submarine on top of trees until after the ground team sees it? Or even funnier was when they were checking the nuclear waste vaults. How did they not notice half the mountain was missing when they were approaching the site? And don’t you think that much damage would have made some noise or seismic activities that the people on that site would have felt or noticed somehow?? Or why did the female version of the monster bother to leave the nuclear waste facility, isn’t there plenty of radiation right there?? And how is it that a whole group of scientists who were studying a large object that was absorbing all of the power released by a nuclear reactor, think for any moment, that some jolts of electricity would kill the thing? Or that some wires would contain a monster? And how did the Japanese scientist know that Godzilla would fight for them, and WHY would it? I mean, I think it’s fair to assume that a giant monster might fight another giant monster, but why it wouldn’t then also kill the people, it really doesn’t make any sense. Where is something that big getting the food it would need to survive anyway??
      ***END SPOILERS***

      Anyway, there were just far too many scenes that left my friend and I laughing (when it wasn’t meant to be funny) or questioning “why???” or “how???” for me to consider it a 4/5 movie. I would give it a 3.5/5. It was an entertaining monster movie, but it’s nothing really special in my opinion…

      • Also regarding Godzilla

        ***SLIGHT SPOILER***
        When the train carrying the missile is destroyed, they carried it the rest of the way with a helicopter… WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Also, even after that, why in the world did they load it onto a boat right inside the harbor? Why not move the boat the miles off coast they needed to while the helicopter was en-route, then load it out there?? And they keep talking about how electronics don’t work while close to the monster, which is why they put that analog controller in it. Yet, they were using electronic devices to track where the missile was when they dropped into the city…

        • @ Ken J

          I had someone tell me you only see Godzilla whole for like 20-30 mins in the film. Is that true while throughout you see his tail mostly or something?

          Im not a big Godzilla fan so im curious.

          • Hm, I didn’t really time it, but it is true that most of the time you just see the spines on his back protruding from the water, or you just see his feet as he walks by some windows or something prior to the main fight scene at the end. I think once the main fight scene happens in the end, you do get a few clear shots of his whole body, but things like buildings and what-not does get in the way sometimes, and then there are a few shots of him roaring and stuff like that…

            I think they were a bit concerned about balancing the monster and the human side of the story, like they didn’t just want to show them fighting, or else it’ll be like they are disregarding the people who might be close by. So it wasn’t like Pacific Rim where it pretty much just boils down to a monster fighting movie.

            • I see. I may wait for the dvd then. I liked the old films as a kid but now they’re too fake looking to me. I admit i thought Roland Emmerich’s version was decent take with a better animated series that followed. Especially since the series had it’s fire breath again unlike the film.

      • Ken J…

        The way I look at it is that it’s the best Godzilla movie Ive ever seen. Yes there were plot holes and a whole lot of WTF moments, but what I LOVED the most about it was the suspense. Literally had me waiting til the end. And it was worth it.

    • Godzilla was good, but not great, for me. The build-up wasn’t so bad but there was way too much of it. And the fight scenes really didn’t deliver. Some good brief moments that came and went quickly.

      Actually I went home and watched Pacific Rim again. Honestly, if that movie had been called “Robots vs. Monsters,” it would be recognized as the classic that it is.

  3. I 2nd that Rob. with the exception of the abortion of origins I also like em all. However keeping with the mile long list of FOX stupid decisions to kill of staple characters of the Xmen still a huge example of how incompetent that company is.

    That being said, theres only 1 piece of news that I am waiting to hear and that is Deadpool getting his long overdue movie. Fox in incredibly inept, but first class and DOFP were great movies and the huge success of DOFP should finally break deadpool through that wall….(see what I did there?)


    • There is a lot of love for Deadpool, I don’t know much about him, but why is he so popular?

      • Deadpool is the funniest badass ever written in the history of comics, he’s just such a likable character. The fact that he breaks the 4th wall and bends reality to his own will, which can turn into something awesomely psychotic, is entertaining in every sense of the word.

        • That sounds really cool! Hope to see him in future movies

      • sarcastic, mercenary, anti-hero which means he is good and bad in certain situations, completely self aware that he is a comic book hero and always references past issues, loves beer, women and chimichangas.

        what is there not to love about this character. I highly suggest you read the Deadpool/Cable ultimate collection.

        I also agree with the statement that he is the most badass funny fun to read character ever created!!

  4. My review of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (no spoilers):

  5. “So many battles waged over the years…and yet, none like this. Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change each other and unite? Is the future truly set?”

    “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is a 2014 superhero action sci-fi drama directed by Bryan Singer. It stars Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Josh Helman, Evan Peters, and Ellen Page (amongst several other cast members). It is the 7th installment in the ‘X-Men’ film franchise and serves as a sequel to “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006), “X-Men: First Class” (2011), and “The Wolverine” (2013).

    The plot: In order to prevent a grim future in which mutants and their human sympathizers are systematically hunted and killed by towering, unstoppable robots called Sentinels, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) travels back in time to change the course of history.

    As we all know, X-Men is not known for a glorious track record in quality. The franchise has been constantly stereotyped as an ongoing, below average series, despite the comebacks in quality of “X-Men: First Class” and (debatably, but good in my eyes) “The Wolverine”. I guess many people couldn’t get past “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), a “unique” re-telling of Wolverine’s origin. And it’s not so much the lead-in screw-ups to “X-Men” (2000) that upset those who have experienced “Origins”, but more of the fact that it turned a very beloved character into a highly unrecognizable and unlovable portrayal. The only saving grace is that it’s not Wolverine who gets butchered, nor is it anyone who has played a key role in the X-Men series thus far. 

    And yet, one could recognize the absence of (for the most part) decent quality with the absence of Bryan Singer, the man who directed “X-Men” and “X2: X-Men United” (2003). Singer left “The Last Stand” in the hands of Brett Ratner in order to direct “Superman Returns” (2006). 8 years later, Singer returns to the franchise with “Days of Future Past”. And how does it hold up?

    It’s arguably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. Yes. There is an X-Men movie, to me, that 100% deserves a title like that. I don’t throw that around lightly, simply because there are many out there who will defend “The Dark Knight” (2008) and/or “The Avengers” (2012) to their grave. The thing is, I believe this movie accomplishes something that several films like those who never attempted or failed to bring to the table: a mixed tone.

    “Days of Future Past” knows when to be serious, when to be funny, when to be emotional, and when to be inspiring: both artistically and thematically. Where many films are cinematically segregated by their styles and tones, this movie offers something for nearly everyone. How? Because it’s a beautiful mix of so many different things that many thought together would wind up being a sloppy mess. 

    It’s unlike any other X-Men movie for one reason: in a movie that isn’t “First Class”, we have a Wolverine that feels less like a Chosen One and more like a crucial team member. This movie hits home on cooperation and teamwork. One man can make A difference, not one man can make THE difference. And it leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering the same thing: if this movie is making me believe that Wolverine isn’t going to be the savior for once, who is? Trust me, this question doesn’t come up in the final act; the film does a damn good job of bringing that question in early on.

    Hugh Jackman kills it as Wolverine, but that’s not really a surprise anymore. You just know he’s going to be a highlight. This time around, he’s not THE highlight though. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters, Jennifer Lawrence, I’m talking EVERYONE gives a great performance in this film. It’s a balanced perspective of all characters that the actors carry VERY very well.

    “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is simply a damn good movie. A movie that sets the bar from here on out for other movies in it’s genre. Bryan Singer shows that we don’t have to follow the path of one film’s style or tone to replicate success. All we need is creative integrity that is worth praise.


  6. Saw X-men DOFP this past weekend and absolutely loved it. Never was very big into X-Men but decided I wanted to check it out so I had a big movie marathon, got caught up and went and saw it.

    My question for all you guys who read the comics over the years as well – What would be a good trade to check out to get started with some good X-men story arcs?

    • Anything Claremont X-Men, but that might be too old-school.

      Maybe start with Jim Lee/John Byrne X-Men.

  7. Its widely rumoured Calvin Mulvey is playing the Joker.

    • Probably not true he is not a name actor.

      • He does kind of look like the character though, but the only thing I have seen him in is Cap2 so I get your point.

    • Could be Aquaman.

      • Might just be Aquaman too, but introducing the Joker {along with Batman} now would all but guarantee a billion dollar+ gross to rival the Avengers,imo,not to mention launch solo films for Batman and maybe the Joker.

        Good luck following Heath Ledger if its true but I thinks its time for another Joker.

        • By the time BvS arrives, it’ll be 8 years since TDK. If people can’t drop the fact that Ledger is gone, and a character like this gets a new portrayal frequently, I look forward to arguing with an army of brick walls when I’m 21.

          Nothing against Ledger, but that Joker works well in that universe alone. I honestly don’t want another one like that, give us something different.

          • Totally agree with you,and now with the TV show Gotham introducing the character DC may be speeding things up and bringing the character in sooner.

  8. I know I’m near the only one in the world. But I left DOFP sad and confused. And I’m still breaking it down to myself and can’t explain it well. But it’s just a sort of “was that all?” feeling. I might be able to explain more by Wednesday OD. But I have found myself as an extreme outlier DOFP.

    • We can’t all like the same movies! As much as I enjoyed Captain America 2, I don’t understand all the praise it’s received, sometimes a person just doesn’t connect to a film!

      • Hear hear. It’s all about preference. You watched it, didn’t enjoy it, no worries!

        • Here here, not hear hear. Sheesh!

          Wish there was an edit button.

  9. Watching X-Men DOFP later this week so how does it stack up to Captain America 2? And why do some people can’t stand TASM 2 it was an awesome movie. Electro and Green Goblin were cool villains.

    • I thought TASM2 was awesome as well and I’m not a huge fan of the original trilogy,your not alone.

    • Cap2 and Xmen are different movies. Cap2 is a great thriller/action movie. Xmen is more sci-fi.

      Part of the reason I didn’t enjoy Spidey2 is that I’ve simply outgrown the character.

    • If I were to categorize them:

      Cap2: Global, spy thriller movie
      XMen: Global, time-travel superhero movie
      Spidey2: Local, personal superhero movie

      I liked all 3. Can’t decide between Cap2 or Spidey as my top though. I should say I do have a Spidey bias so most would pick Cap2.

  10. Did Maleficent pick a bad time to come out? I know it’s PG but people act like it’s not that big of a deal.

    • It’s not exactly the most intriguing spin-off you can think of for Disney.

      If there was a movie about Shere Khan before the events of “The Jungle Book”, I’d be interested.

      • I see. I was thinking people were tired of seeing Mr. Copley playing the hammy villain – my friends hated his performances in Oldboy & Elysium.

        • That could play a part, but I’m thinking of the general audience. Maleficent is getting the “Wicked” treatment: going from a pure evil character to a humanized one. I personally don’t think she’s a character who gains anything from that kind of treatment. I say someone like Shere Khan would be interesting because I know nothing is going to justify his destiny: he’s a natural hunter. I’d like to see his infamous legacy grow.

  11. Good Morning all…

    Happy Memorial Day!!

    To all the vets and service men and women THANK YOU!!! :)

    Pepper and I are on our way to see X-Men:DOFP.

    Quick thought on Wright and Ant-Man. Marvel has a plan, they always do, and whatever the real reason he left is, it will be revealed. Marvel will survive without Wright, and Ant- Man will go on.

    We all have to keep in mind, Marvel knows what they are doing.

    Have a great holiday! :)

    • Agreed Marvel does have a plan and they are very disciplined in keeping to that plan but I am almost certain that plan did not involve working with a director for many years to then suddenly split with that director at the last minute. To stifle creativity, in my opinion, is not good. Diversity in movies is what keeps them interesting. Time will tell and yes I am all but certain Marvel will forge ahead without their original director.

      • > To stifle creativity, in my opinion, is not good. Diversity in movies is what
        > keeps them interesting.

        Well said.

        I certainly don’t agree with everything that Marvel does, and one day, it will bite them in the arse. It is a money making machine, however, so they must be doing “something” right.

        • Yeah, that something right being nothing but 20-30 years of marketing in the form of cartoons. Seriously, all they are doing is decent movies based on these established properties. Nothing too groundbreaking (anyone that calls the “universe” groundbreaking needs to see it existing before on a few TV series), just being safe enough and, sans cap 2, formulaic enough to get the minimum success you’d expect.

      • We don’t really have the details on the split so I think we should all wait and see Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man before making statements about creativity issues on Marvel’s camp. Remember no other studio is taking such a gamble with unknown properties so this brave bet is in itself creative (new character, new story).

        Also, now that it is the topic of the week, I am sure the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was given a lot of creative room and look how that “diversity” turned out… Marvel’s stiffness is what has managed to create an organic interconnected compact universe. No director is aware of all the pieces of the puzzle. Marvel lets them play with the toys, but the toys are not theirs.

        By the way, please also remember that the director of Avengers 1 is also directing Avengers 2, the directors of Captain America 2 is also directing Captain America 3, plus James Gunn might also come back after Guardians of the Galaxy. Basically, director and studios sometimes click together and sometimes they don’t. Granted it was not part of the plan to part ways so advanced in the process, but I am sure if they have reached that agreement is for the best.

    • Tony…

      My opinion on directors leaving sets is simple. I believe that someone upstairs destroyed the creative vision of what the director was trying to achieve. Whether this was done for the greater good of the universe, its still sad knowing this man had pushed Marvel for 10+ years now to get this movie made… and then he leaves his love child.

      That speaks loudly.

      And Goddard left DareDevil as well…

  12. I saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit this past weekend and I have to say that I’ve been mislead this entire time. I think we’ve been weaned on Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne and the Daniel Craig James Bond for too long and we can’t see see a gem of a spy thriller when we see it. This movie was awesome, clever as well, and I can’t understand why people didn’t see it.

    • I liked it a lot. Its my style of movie though.

    • Yup, great movie!

  13. Anybody been playing watchdogs and what do you think?

  14. First, thanks to everyone in the military for your service.

    Saw XMen and Spidey this weekend and while XMen was good, I actually liked Spidey better. Maybe it was the relationship thing with Petey/Gwen/May/Harry but I thought it was a good story and not “all over the place” like some of the reviews I read.

    I don’t think there were too many things going on and I like how they built the Parker mythos, treated the Gwen storyline, and introduced the Osborne friendship.

    Was going to go for the trifecta and finish up today with Godzilla but I think we are movied out (plus the kids now want to watch First Class on TV).

    @Moz: Yes… Quicksilver is broken, but that scene was awesome.

  15. where’s Warner Bros. with the Flash film? Variety reported it will come out in 2016.

  16. Is X-Men Origins: Wolverine still canon if Charles sees a glimpse of Sabretooth’s foot breaking Logan’s bone claws from his memories? And does anyone suspect the cure is still effective on Rogue if she & Bobby are holding hands? I didn’t notice no gloves on her hands.


      No one even knows if the cure ever existed in the new timeline, considering the only things we will come to discover are connected to the events from First Class, the First Class side of DOFP, and beyond.

    • (Spoilers)
      There is a big problem with Origins being part of the canon.
      The story begins with Wolverine and Sabetooth in Vietnam that means that they were there before DOFP (DOFP is in the last week of the war so there is no way that they were both in the US and just decided to join the war for the last week just for fun)
      On the other hand it also can’t be that the story is after their venture in Vietnam because it’s striker that is taking them out of there. that means that he and Wolverine suppose to know each other (Plus Striker needs to be deep in the Ademntium project and not work as Trusk sidekick). The time lines just don’t fit so it’s best just to not acknowledge Origins as official Canon. (Not even part of the erased Time Line)

      • Test

      • I think the rationalization at this point is that the previous films do represent canon, but are not canonical in every detail. In other words, they’ll cherry pick what they want and don’t want, and you’ll have to live with it.

        • Apparently, Screenrant’s spam blocker thinks it’s spam to talk about plot holes in X-men Origins: Wolverine regarding that opening sequence.

          Which is a bit overzealous.

      • I don’t see how anyone can ever say the events in X-3 and Origin straight out did not happen when there are clips from those movies in the flashbacks. The simple answer is that the writers do not feel that making sense matters.

  17. What I’m curious about XM:A is if the x team from the original first three movies had encountered apocalypse because it would be weird if the events in DOFP changed the time line so drastically that they encounter a mutant from ancient Egypt

  18. Wolverine Origins is not cannon I guess…when younger Charles looks into Wolverine’s mind we only see the chubby older version of Stryker. Also I think X Men Apocalypse will fill Wolverine’s history time gap.

  19. Batman vs Superman : Dawn of zzzzz….

    seriously, that film is going to be like man of steel, boring, a complete snooze-fest and no superman. (don’t know who that henry cavill character was supposed to be, but it certainly wasn’t superman)

  20. Spoilers & thoughts for xmen dofp:

    Great movie, best xmen yet but alot of discussion has been about how could the sentinel have happened in the original timeline. Well this is my take on it.

    So for the original trilogy to “fit” in continuity, mystique kills Trask but is captured in 1973.. We have to assume that she was experimented on but that magneto saved her since she was with him in the original trilogy. Mutants would be known to the gov but not the general population (in keeping with x1,x2) since she never jumped out the window to escape magneto trying to kill her. The sentinel program wouldnt really be activated or wouldnt progress much other than having some protecting gov buildings etc as per the viral media for dofp suggests (and the fact that they were never mentioned in the original trilogy).

    My thought is that after the event of X3, the cure is no longer avail, and the world has seen the destructive power of mutants (magneto/phoenix) so the sentinel programs is once again put into the spotlight, mystique in x3 is captured so they can “finish” the experiments they started in 1973 and with modern day tech it makes it logical that the dofp future sentinels are created perhaps a few years after the the airport scene in the wolverine.

    Airport scene in wolverine: trask industries is on the tvs, so clearly between x3 and the wolverine, the sentinel program is back in full force, which leads xavier and magneto to put aside their differences to fight this new threat to all mutants. Explains the scene and how they both talk about whats coming. So then some years after they meet up with wolverine, the sentinel x are finaly created, say 2018.. And within a year are targeting not just mutants but all humans that may one day have mutant chldren etc which would result in a four year war and bring us to 2023 and the events taking place in the future in the film.

    Sure bill duke was trask in the original trilogy .. But heck it could be said it was 1973′s trask adopted son? And so he just carried out his father’s legacy/company? Im reaching but so continuities sake, its not implausible.

    Does this make sense to everybody?

  21. So what’s everyone’s thought on Deknight taking over the DD show? I don’t know why but I can picture the guy creating some messed up, way out there, epic version of a Deadpool movie or TV show, LOL. This is going to be interesting

  22. Stop remaking movies if you cannot produce a film that has a better
    soundtrack than the original, movies less than 50 years old need
    to stop being remade, rebooted. John Carpenters The Thing and Cronenberge’s
    The Fly were awesome remakes and had better scores than the original.

    Movie sequel franchises please stop dropping musical scores and you wont
    need to reboot your franchises. Dropping music or actors generaly
    plummets a sequel franchise into suckieness.

    I plead whomevers doing the terminator reboot to put brad fidels
    score back in full into the series its why 3 & 4 sucked.

    Stop remaking/rebooting tv series to film if you cant at least use the original score
    for the tv series (cough equalizer tv to movie, miami vice movie suckage,etc.).

    Havent seen x-men yet but im going to this comming monday.

    scifi channel sucks for cancelling warehouse 13 if your a fan of older
    star trek or Buffy tv series its worth checking out they have star trek
    and buffy regs on for a season each.

    end of rant, end of line.