Open Discussion – May 24, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 24, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 24, 2013

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  1. So, Arrested Development debuts this weekend and I’ll be off camping in the woods. Son of a….

    • So, you’re leaving George Michael on the porch with his fishing gear? Messed up…

    • I’m debating on whether I should binge watch the entire season right after its released.. there are like 15 episodes right? I would only be up till 5am

  2. Okay you have to cast the entire Justice League Dark. Money is not an issue and the given characters are: Spectre, John Constantin, Zatanna, Amethyst, Deadman, Ragman and Jason Blood.

    You can add a story plot if you wish but it isn’t necessary.

    • Spectre – Morris Chestnut

      Zatanna – Michelle Rodriguez

      Amethyst – Bridget Mendler

      Deadman – John Cho

      Ragman – Bradley Cooper

      Jason Blood – Benedict Cumberbatch

      John Constantine – Robert Pattinson

      • On board with everything up to Pattison… what was wrong w/ Keneu (sp)?

        • Well I like the original Constantine better than Keneu. No offense to those that like it but his performance was good but it wasn’t Constantine because he didn’t have a British background or blonde hair. Plus the MOS is supposed to be the beginning of the “new” era for DC (because they sadly have to recast Batman) and their movies.

          I chose Pattinson because he is British and has blondish hair. I am not a Twilight fan but I have read the books and seen the movies. I think an argument falls flat if you say you are against something but haven’t seen or heard about it. Plus his fame alone will attract the girls which will allow the guys to see the movie they want and the girls get to see the guy they really want.

          • Constantine’s looks were supposed to be based on Sting. Reeves is pretty much nothing like Sting.

            • In a world where character continuity doesn’t matter, who are we to judge? MBJ looks nothing like Johnny Storm and we have to accept that or else we’re considered racist.

              Just sayin’…

          • i watched the 1st twilight ONLY because a co-worker kept bugging me about it. he kept telling me it’s not just a chick flick, blah blah blah…i confiscated his man-card the next monday…

  3. Happy Friday!
    Happy long holiday weekend, finally! :)

  4. “I’m a MONSTER!!!”

    • I’ve made a huge mistake.

      But still, where did the lighter fluid come from?

      • Why are you squeezing me with your body?

        • Franklin said some things Whitey wasn’t ready to hear.

      • I’m afraid I just blue myself.

        • I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run if you will, so I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.

          • There’s so many poorly chosen words in that sentence.

          • “Ok, who’d like a banger in the mouth? Oh…right, I forgot; here in the states you call it ‘a sausage’ in the mouth.”

            “We just call it a sausage.”

            • Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over: an analyst and a therapist, the world’s first “analrapist.”

    • Army had a half day.

      • “Stop playing with Mother’s rape horn. Yes, I have a rape horn, Michael, because you took away my mace.”

        “Yeah, like anyone would want to “R” her.”

        • Finishing up season 2 now. Then on to season 3. So ready for 4!

          • I’m debating on whether or not I want to watch through a third time before I watch season 4. Hmm…

            • I’m two episodes away from finishing my third time watching it (the first time for my wife which is fun to see her reactions). I watched it when it aired, then when I noticed it streaming on Netflix years ago, and now I am making my wife watch it with me to prepare for season 4.

              • You’ve got a keeper. My wife and I have both watched it twice. I don’t think I can wait, though. Sunday is just too soon!

  5. Predictions for top 5 this weekend:

    1. Fast 6
    2. Hangover 3
    3. Epic
    4. Star Trek ID
    5. Iron Man 3

    I think 1, 2 and 3 could be up for grabs, it’s hard to predict the Hangover crowd and no new family movie has been released in a while (and The Croods is still doing top 10 numbers).

  6. New to the site; love it so far! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanx. The Awesome is pretty much all me… oh and Jeff W gives out free burgers on Friday… :)

      • @$%^&! SuperEdje101!

      • Burgers, eh? :)

    • Welcome, and thanks! :)

  7. So I feel like Bryan Singer is trying to burst the Comic Book Movie bubble with putting Quicksilver in X-Men DOFP. This kind of one-upping could make the movies so convoluted that it all falls apart.

    • I think that’s already happened, unfortunately.

      • Yes as far as DOFP it is already convoluted and I think will be horrid.

        But I mean whats next, Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot in TASM 3?

    • It never said that Singer didn’t already plan for Quicksilver to be in the film. He has been releasing information extremely slowly. It’s very possible that Whedon announced that he wanted scarlett witch and quicksilver in the Avengers 2 and Singer was like “oh crap I should let the public know that this was already my plan so that Whedon has time to rewrite”

      • Which I hope Whedon does rewrite. There are plenty of non mutant Avengers to pull off the comic page and introduce to in the cinematic universe.

      • Great point Trey and that was my thoughts on it. The script have been done and the movie is in production…so why would Singer add another character to force delays and rewrites. It’s not like Singer is Dan Aykroyd waiting for Bill Murray to come around and join the group.

    • @ Aaron

      I thought the exact same thing. That movie is going to have to be 3 hrs long just to gat everybody some screen time.

      Holy Cow!

      • Did someone say “cow”? Lunch Time!! :D

        • SHADDUP!

          • It is almost my lunch time. According to SuperEdje101 I have been missing out on burgers for about 5 months now. So I guess I will be getting burgers every day of the week for awhile for the back pay.

          • jeff, you prolly shouldn’t watch “under the dome” when it comes on. the trailers allude to a cow being…how can i put this delicately…on either side of the dome…AT THE SAME TIME!
            Iknow, I know big guy…it’ll be okay.

      • I’m still waiting for FOX to announce that they’ll be splitting the movie in two parts.. otherwise, no, I’m afraid it’s going to be a mess

    • Screw Bryan Singer!

      • You first!


        And then, no thanks even if you do!


  8. I have a question for a screen rant writer or whoever that works for Screenrant. In the Man Of Steel wants a team up film post, I made a comment and linked to an article I wrote on my blog that consisted of my opinion on the subject. is that ok for me to do? I am not trying to steal traffic or anything and I would never link anything that is the same story just opinions and reviews. I figured it’s better that I check before doing it again.

    • Spammer!

      (jk) ;)

      • You FILTH… lol (jk)

        • You mean FILTHy pig. :-D

          • That’s better.

    • I don’t work for SR, but I assume it’s ok. I blatantly self promote my blog all the time especially on the Ghostbusters 3 articles.

      • Whats your blog professor id like to check it out

        • Just a guess, but if you click on his name it looks like it links to a blog. I’m guessing it’s his.

          • That is correct the link is in his name

          • That’s right. The link is the most current article. Which is a few weeks old. I’m lazy. It’s not just a clever screen name.

      • Which there have been a lack of lately. You would think a Professor would be consistent in getting Ghostbuster 3 articles out in a consistent and timely manner. ;)

    • Trey,

      We don’t mind if you do it from time to time and don’t abuse it.

      • got it

  9. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox trailer:

    • Looks good!

  10. I saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night and couldn’t help but notice three names in the credits of actors who I never saw in the sequel: Jennifer Morrison, Chris Hemsworth & Heather (Nightmare on Elm Street) Langenkamp. Was there a deleted scene they appear in?

    • There was the dream sequences/flashback where the dialogue between Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison from the first film is played again. Which is probably why they were in the credits

      • Good ear, I didn’t catch that. Thanks!

    • As for Heather Langenkamp she did makeup effects on the film and was an alien at a desk at one point I believe.

  11. Who thinks the MCU Phase Three lineup should only have brand new franchises?

  12. Is Superman a Curse?

    As in, every actor who has portrayed Superman has either died, or their career did.

    They would get typecast, or their careers died.

    George Reeves-Suicde Jumped off a ledge. age 45. Was in a few movies, and shows but nothing to stand out.
    Christopher Reeve-Death due to respiratory failure age 52. Street Smart and Village of the Damn. Fell off Horse and was paralyzed from the neck down.

    John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher, played Superboy. Uh, where did they go?

    Dean Cain? Still pops up in every fourth SYFY Movie.

    Bradon Routh…Most recent Superman…Uhh..Dylan Dog? Scott Pilgrim? Some TV Show?

    Henry Cavill…TBD…But, lets face it…Odds do not look favorable.

    • News Flash!! Cavill is going to die!!!

      • Oh great SuperEdje101

        Blame me!

        • You can make it up to Henry with a couple of steaks. :-D

    • i watched cavill in that film with bruce willis… he was terrible. after watching that i feared fo MOS but the action stuff made me not fear it so much

      • Oooh yeah Cold light of day or cold night of day Idk it was a terrible film all around. He wasn’t anything great in Immortals either

      • Watch “The Tudors” he was the best part of that show.

        At one time, the same could be said for all people who have played superheroes on screen. Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Lynda Carter, have all not been stand out in anything. I guess with exception of Lynda Carter’s “Cocaine?” “No Marijuana” “Then why are we here” bit in Super Troopers.

    • It’s not favorable at all if he is lucky he will get 2 sequels and a couple justice league films.

    • Cavill isn’t a bad actor. Cold Light of Day wasn’t a good movie but his acting was good. Not great but given the script, as good as it can be. Most super heroes aren’t given great roles anyways. There are a FEW exceptions. Most of them had careers before they were casted for the role. (Stewart, Mckellan, Berry, just to name a few). Tobey M set records in Hollywood with Spider-Man and he gets a few good ones now and then.

      But isn’t the point of making these super hero franchises to make TONS of money and have an amazing return? Cast some unknown and pay them cheap for the first film and promise options on later installments. RDJ ring a bell? “His deal with Marvel Studios included him receiving a percentage (thought to be 5% or higher) of the box office takings for any future movie in which he played the Iron Man character.” RDJ was a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist for making that deal.

  13. Mad, was going to see hangover 3 before work but forgot license at home and my theater enforces carding for R rated films.

    • You shouldn’t have shaved this morning… they prbly would’ve let you through

      • I hadnt shaved all week, have uncomfortable hairs, but the 20 something dick still wouldnt let me through, even though I had my college id.
        We need a date of birth he said.

      • Beards are back in style for our youth. I had a goatee and sideburns in High School 10 years ago. It let me get away with A LOT. Now… I get carded if I don’t shave LOL.

        • @leathercheerio – I couldn’t even grow a mustache at my school – they didn’t allow it, plus I was unable to lol.


          • +1

  14. So I live in Britain and my awesome friend has just told me how to get US Netflix on my PS3, oh my days I’m sooooooo happy!! The rest of my televisual life is sorted lol

    Here is the link and use the DSN codes in the comments section instead –

    • That’s a bummer that you couldn’t use it before. I’m re watching the last season of 24 in anticipation of the new season!

  15. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend. Please take some time to reflect on the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great nation.

    • +1

  16. Thicky wants to come out & play.

  17. i have a new runner up for “the worst movie i was forced to watch” category; a delightfully dull Val Kilmer in “Riddle”. my wife picks out the worst POS movies EVERY time i take her to the video store with me. ALL she ever wants to get are silly horror films. this was more of a mystery…a mystery of why anyone wasted their time making this. the story just falls apart at the end. absolutely no motivation for why the bad guy did what he did, or who he was. if you want to indulge in some self abuse, sit through this 95 minutes of not-even-good-enough-to-be-on-lifetime crap, and if you’re still awake at the end, then you can take anything life can hand out.

    • Save yourself the time and cash and choose from Netflix’s assortment of randomness!

  18. Fast and Furious 6 was so much fun, but the dialogue was stuuupid. anyway, still a pretty entertaining movie. people in the cinema even clapped at some of the overly cheesy and hilarious moments :)
    I wonder how long are they’re going to make this franchise though. will they reach a 10th installment?