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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 22, 2013

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    • Haha wow thats sad

    • Worried, really? I hope that’s sarcasm.

      • It’s not. I’m being pretty serious, although I meant in the television area. Sorry for not being clear about that. Look at Ultimate Spiderman, Super Hero Squad, Avengers Assemble (which is new) Those all give me reasons to be worried about the future of Marvel’s super hero cartoons, Ultimate Spiderman gives me enough reasons on it’s own

        • Oh, okay. The cameo on a kids cartoon isn’t a big worry, but those other shows are pretty weak. That’s the one thing DC/WB clearly does better than Marvel… it’s kinda frustrating.

    • It’s not a big deal. The Marvel characters are making a cameo appearance in a Disney cartoon. Whoop-ti-do. I do believe that the Harlem Globetrotters made an appearance or three on Scooby Doo when I was a kid. Did that ruin my experience when I actually saw the Harlem Globetrotters beat the Washington Generals? No, it did not. I still had a blast.

      • Batman & Robin appeared on Scooby too.

        • That was a huge thing back then, you know you were big if you got a scooby doo meets… episode

        • And their appearance on Scooby Doo ruined George Clooney’s portrayal of Batman! :D

          • Clever!

      • Ha, I was three Years old when my Dad and Grandfather took me to see the Harlem Globtrotters.

        We were down in Tennessee for my great grand fathers funeral.

        They took me to a game.

        Globetrotters lost.

        I was there and cant remember it personally, just what Dad told me about the game.

        • I thought they always won… ive never seen them personally

          • According to Wikipedia, they lost in OT in 1971 in Martin, TN to the New Jersey Reds which ended a 2,495 winning streak. And our own Jeff W was there.

            • You should edit the wiki page saying that.

              • I applaud Jeff for seeing such a historic game. *claps* he should of got some merchandise it would be worth something now.

                • I WAS THREE!

                  Sitting on my grandfathers lap, or maybe it was my dad, or maybe they switched.

                  I think I slept for most of it.

            • I was three years old…I barely remember 35 years old!

    • @ Amazing

      What’s the big deal? Superheroes, both Marvel & DC have been showing up other cartoon shows for decades. Batman & Robin in Scooby Doo, Spidey in all kinds of other cartoons. This is no big deal. The more exposure the better.

      • It’s not that they’re appearing in a kids cartoon that I think is a big deal, because that’s clearly happened before. What I think is the deal here is that (IMO) seems to be yet another step in the downgrading and eventual down fall of Marvel cartoons. I get that’s a rather quick and big judgement to make but it still doesn’t change my opinion. Looking at the way they are drawn tells me this is going to have the cartoony kiddie feel of ‘Super Hero Squad’, and yesss I know this is clearly a kids cartoon but I think they can still keep the characters as they are in a kids cartoon without changing much. By allowing this, I feel Marvel is going to embrace this kiddie feel Disney always has (more or less) which will bring down the quality of their shows. Which I am not okay with. Maybe I’m overthinking this too much but look at the crap Disney/Marvel has been giving us and it really doesn’t seem that crazy or far fetched a notion

        • @ Amazing

          I hear you, but to be honest, how much further can the Marvel cartoons fall? I love Marvel, but their cartoons/animation sucks. DC has way better animation, but bad movies, just the opposite.

          I’d be more concerned about what Disney does to Star Wars annimation than Marvel’s. Marvel’s can only go up from here.

          • Good point about star wars cause the clone wars was awesome lets hope star wars rebels is equally as good

          • “how much further can the Marvel cartoons fall? I love Marvel, but their cartoons/animation sucks.”
            I was literally about to post the exact same thing!

      • Yeah, you have pretty good point. I guess by this time there’s no point in worrying about Marvel’s cartoons. As for Star Wars, I’m hoping for the same thing. Clone Wars was epic, Rebels? Although it’s too early to tell I’m skeptical¬†

  1. No… No… Nooooooooooooo!!!! Why Disney why!!!!?

  2. How about that brand new MOS trailer?? LOL Sorry, this is my last MOS post in an open discussion I promise!!

    • Pretty cool. I think it’ll be good, but I’m more interested in how it’ll set up DC’s new movie-verse.

      • It should be interesting to see how they approach the movie universe but I’m just happy to FINALLY be getting a proper superman movie that isn’t over 30 years old

    • I liked that it had more of a scifi feel to it.

    • I’ve already secured my advanced MOS IMAX 3-D tickets for the midnight premier. I even purchased a MOS t-shirt and cap to wear on opening night. I just recently watched trailer 3 of MOS and wow it blew me away. I have decided to stay away from everything MOS till after.

      • Same here! Got my shirt ready and everything! I’m checking it out in plain old IMAX though, I’m not that big of a fan of 3D

        • @ Johnny


    • I’m not watching anything else about MoS; I was sold a long time ago.

      • +1

    • Don’t forget hovering cars. :)

      They’ve got the 3D printers for plastics, metals and concrete. I just hope they wash them thoroughly before printing food.

    • What we need is a dome-thing built around the planet that blocks out harmful UV rays and decreases the rate of Global Warming (although I guess that can count as a shield of sorts).

      Where’s a real life Tony Stark when you need him!

    • And what about disruptors and cloaking devices, petaQ??!!


    • @ Jeff W

      You forgot Dilithium Crystals.

      Yeh canna run a warp drive withooot, I mean without them.

  3. I’m really disappointed with the replacement of avengers EMH. I just saw the trailer for the new show and its just horrible. I mean really why cancel a great show, I just don’t get some of the decisions Disney/ marvel are making. I’m gonna pick up the EMH dvds to watch instead of this new show.

    • I enjoyed EMH not as much as say young justice but it was good i own them

      • Young justice is an awesome show, I wish marvel would make better choices for their animated shows.

        • I totally agree Vader. When this show goes on air, I might check out the first episode, but I’m 99.999% sure I’ll just watch old episodes of EMH instead…

          • @Avenger

            Yea I’ll probably do the same I just wish they hadn’t canceled EMH :(

  4. So, I had a one day drill for the Coast Guard yesterday.

    On the way home, walked into my local comic book shop to get a few Diamond Select Star Trek Ships.

    They were debating Superheroes and who would have prevented the Tornados that destroyed Moore OK.

    It was heated. I said to them.” Guys, Stop. People died, children died and you are debating fictional heroes over the ones who are real and are now helping those who have nothing.? Get a life guys. Superheroes are not real, Army National Guard is real.”

    • Amen to that

      • Mega Dittos!

    • Seriously so disrespectful to those that lost their lives. I would’ve spoken up same as you did jeff.

      • @Vader.

        They had no clue about what is real and what isn’t.

    • But if we were to have that discussion… Theoretically… Who would prevent it? I kid… Someone had to say it…

      • @Leather Cheerio

        No, we could debate it.

        But we are not going to get into a heated argument and neglect those who perished.

        It not what we do.

        • There is a really obvious Marvel character that would be top of the list, but it does seem insensitive to be making light of such an awful situation.

    • People do say I am emotionally callused at times. I do understand your point of view though because I have friends who were in the storm. I even have friends who are currently helping the people get medical help but I think a harmless fictional debate revolving around real tragedies isn’t something to get so upset about though. However you did say the discussion was heated so I guess it really all depends on the situation and tone of the people involved. Besides the debate is stupid because the hero would be Storm from MARVEL comics.

    • @Jeff

      The problem there is, a lot of these comic book nerds are also pretty anti-military. So they will NEVER recognize that. A lot of them go by the attitude that they wish super heroes were real so they don’t have to depend on those murdering troops… I’ve heard at least a few conversations that kind of went that route while in comic book stores…

      • I don’t get angry often in public but bashing the armed forces of any country is one thing that i have zero tolerance for. Ooooooohhhh!!! That was an angry war cry lol.

  5. For the first time in my entire life, I have become more interested in seeing a Superman movie than a Star Trek movie. Its weird. Up until this point in my life, the only “Star Trek” movie I didn’t see in theaters was “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. I was too young.

    If someone told me that my interest in “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” would fade, over the course of my lifetime, I would have told them that they were lying.

  6. nerds:o

  7. jk. ima nerd too!!!!!

  8. I’m thinking Lex Luthor is not only in the new Superman movie, but I’d be willing to bet that he is at least as much of an antagonist as Zod & company.

    Agree, disagree, thoughts?

    • I doubt it. Because Snyder knew that Luthor was kind of the reason that Superman Returns did so badly. Luthor isn’t really a “good” bad guy for the Man Of Steel at least at this current moment. Luthor has been used so many times before I think that he would want to separate his movies from the rest.

      • I could maybe see him as a political leader in the film or maybe is the one who reveals kal-el position to zod

        • Or offers a reward/bounty to anyone who has information on Supes’ whereabouts.

          • i don’t know. All this Mackenzie Gray playing Lex stuff I’m seeing makes me wonder. I’m thinking he’s manipulating Zod in some way.

            He’d be a diffrent kind of Luthor, serious, not a clown like the previous Luthors. I just really hope this is a good movie/story.

            • If that’s the same gentleman who portrayed a cloned Lex in Smallville, it would certainly give his career a boost–being the only TV-verse character to make the leap to the big screen. It seems odd that the filmmakers would go that route given how important Lex is in the grand scheme of Superman’s canon. Granted, Spacey took a wrecking ball to the character but I just can’t picture them going with a virtual unknown for a role of that magnitude.

              • It is the same guy. He was an awesome Lex in Smallville.

  9. OK. I am excited for MOS, just like everyone else. It is going to be awesome, and have a good story. But after watching all the trailers (especially the latest one), and the recent featurette, I have to say I am pretty damn excited for Pacific Rim. It looks like it is going to be non stop fun. The action looks amazing.
    Hopefully all you ranters are as excited as I am, and we help this movie perform in the box office by spreading the word to the less informed members of the public. Because I would love to see GDT become a top tier director who can get the funding for all his dream projects.

    • @ General

      I too am super excited for PR. It looks fantastic. I wish it wasn’t coming out so close to MoS though. I think that will hurt both movies. Bad planning by WB.
      I would rather have them 3 months apart, not 3 weeks a part. Still though, it’s great for fans!

    • *exclusive

    • 1. Marvel vs DC – The Endless Nerd Debate (Alternate title: Marvel vs DC – A Quest For Contention)
      2. As many characters as possible (too many to name lol)
      3. Not sure what you mean by that. If you mean console exclusives, then no.
      4. Yes

    • 1: A simple “Marvel Vs DC”

      2: I will not waist time with the big names.
      Heroes: Wonderman, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Spider Woman, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Iron Fist.

      Villans: Red Scull, Task Master, Doppelganger, Metalo, The Wrecker.

      3: Loose Cannon, Sentry, Steel.

      4: Yes it would have a story mode. What I can’t think of one.

      p.s. I like DC but the ratio of DC to Marvel comic books I have read is close to 1 to 100.

      • #3 would be unlockable

      • Nice list

  10. Kudos to Hulu Plus. They posted the unaired episodes of “Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23,” and they did the same thing last year with “Man Up!” It has made me happy to watch these hilarious episodes after ABC cancelled both these series. That’s something you don’t get to normally do.

  11. What should star trek 3 be about?

    • Trek 3 should be about the jedi lol jk :D

      • ARRRGGGGGG!!!!


        • I hope STAR Trek 3@4 come to place. Saw into darkness few nights ago it was awesome.

    • Proper exploration and anomalies instead of Bond villains. They could have adversaries but they shouldn’t be the main focus of the story. I’m thinking Indiana Jones in space: a good adventure story about discovery mixed with a bit of action.

  12. Since this was on a Post with Man of Steel telling The Avengers “Daddy’s home.”

    Do people forget, for the most part Magic renders Superman near human. Thor and Mjolnir would put a beating on Superman of the utmost epic proportions.

    • Technically if we are counting the comics, books, movies and games in this theoretical battle Superman would have gauntlets that protect himself from the harmful effects of magic.

      • But as I recall, those gauntlets had a price and slowly drove Superman mad.

        • I never heard about that. Although I was referring to the Mortal Kombat VS. DC ones though.

  13. I watched “Excalaber” last night, and man I love that movie. Even for how old it is, it is to this day still the best visual media form of the Arthurian tale. And who could forget that score!

  14. The last couple of years have confirmed it, ‘Minority Report’ is probably the most prophetic science-fiction movie of all time. Serially.

    • As in?

  15. Has SR done any coverage on Kyle Newman’s Return of Return of the Jedi? I saw the teaser trailers earlier today. It looks pretty funny.

    • Well, I posted two too many links…I’m awaiting moderation now. Just look up the trailers on Youtube yourself. It’s a short film and supposed to debut on-line tomorrow…I think.

  16. AFter complaining for almost half year that Star trek into darkness was NOT being played in imax 2d, we went to NYC for a true imax experience expecting to see it in 3D imax.

    Guess what happened? 3D that day wasn’t working and we were being shown 15/70 2D imax version. REally? Is that even possible? I was overwhelmed with joy and sat down to prepare myself to what was in my mind the event film of 2013.

    Movie started.. and while it was exciting and FAST paced, I could not help myself but looking and comparing it’s imax scene w/ MI:GP and DKR. Did anybody see them in 2D true imax? Is it because it’s heavily CGI which made imax scene not as super crystal clear as those 2 movies that I just mentioned? DKR last year’s imax scene were so clear that it seems almost like 3D. Compare to that, this movie was not as clear and not as impressive.

    I am going back again to check them out in 15/70 3D to see if it will be better.

    • I don’t watch films in 3D. They make me sick to the stomach. As for IMAX, here in AZ we have a theater that is larger then the traditional IMAX screen so I watched it there. They also have in the theater “Dolby ATMOS”. That made an incredible difference in sound. I’m an audiophile so my ears are trained very well. It was absolutely beautiful sound wise. And of course, the picture was beautiful LOL.

  17. AFter complaining for almost half year that Star trek into darkness was NOT being played in imax 2d, we went to NYC for a true imax experience expecting to see it in 3D imax.

  18. For a change of subject I thought I’d focus on movies that are based on, or relate in some way, to the bible.

    It’s a popular source for tons of movies and I’ve collated a bit of a list, feel free to add any I may have missed, and what your favourite scene’s might be, or whatever enters your noggin.

    List (in no particular order):

    The Exorcist, The Omen (1 and 2), The Final Conflict, Constantine, Legion, Drive Angry, Hell-Boy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel Heart, Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Advocate, Devil, Fallen, The Seventh Sign, End of Days, Stigmata, The City of Angels, Angels In The Outfield.

    Any more?

    • I figured this was going to happen, the OD has left the front page and so this conversation ends before it begins.

      Cest la vie.

    • Seriously? No Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, Greatest Story Ever Told, Passion of the Christ?

      • Well yes, those are all good films, but as you can see from my list I was referring to films which don’t actually relate directly to the ‘you know what’, rather use it as a basis for telling a story.

        Raiders of The Lost Ark for instance, and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, they use the theme but then they’re not directly films about the subject, if you see what I’m driving at.

        Kind of like Thor being from the beliefs of the Vikings, whose to say that’s not real (Asgard, etc…) but Marvel weave it nicely into their universe. That sort of thing.

        • Then again I’ve actually got End of Days, Legion, The Seventh Sign on my list and they do actually relate directly to it.

          So, I guess really your suggestions are quite valid.

          Good choices by the way, I did forget those as my thought’s were running along a specific line.

  19. Comment is awaiting moderation, now what have I said?

    I’m perplexed :|

    • Did ya threaten one of my cows with a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce???

      • Did somebody say steak?

        • @Leather Cheerio

          Not today my friend…I am on Cloud 9 because of my daughter Cassidy….I am one happy daddy!

      • @Jeff W

        No cows were harmed (or mentioned) in my comment, still waiting moderation.

        I’m still cowplexed, I mean perplexed, holy cowabunga, don’t see why someone has a ‘beef’ with my post.

        I’m just trying to ‘milk’ as much out of this cowment as I can.


        I’ll bet that scene in Lake Placid, well the two scenes in Lake Placid actually, where Betty White feeds a cow to the croc, and then they try to lure the croc with a cow. Just loved seeing it walk calmly away at the end as if nothing had happened.


        • I’ll finish that sentence:

          I’ll bet (insert comment about Lake Placid in this space) those scenes got you a bit agitated (the cow scenes, the one where the croc does a bit of tenderising on the unsuspecting (blind-folded at that) cow.

        • @Pedrosaurus

          I am Udderly disappointed you. I see I am going to have to Steer you away from this line of thinking.


          • @Jeff W

            (in a John Wayne voice), ‘Well pardner I guess I’ll just hafta ‘hoof’ it out of here before I cause a stampede towards the exits’

            Speaking of steak sauce, did you have a particular ‘brand’ in mind.


            • Yes you did, A-1.

              Don’t know that one, Heinz, Kraft (does Paul Newman (RIP) make a steak sauce?)

            • SMH

              • @Jeff W

                Would you have preferred a ‘Walter Brennan’ voice?


        • You can email Paul. He is awake, I’m sure. Its 7am in Florida.

    • You used the word B I B L E.

      • @Kahless the U

        I see, didn’t realise it was such a contentious word.

        I’ll never, ever, use that word again then.

        I’ll even swear on the b . . . . whoops, nearly did it!


  20. We talked to our daughter Cassidy she is a 2nd LT USN. She has will be attending for the next 11 Months United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program aka Top Gun.

    I am one proud papa bear. She has accomplished something I always wanted to do.

    • Tell her congrats from all of your fellow ScreenRanters!

      • Is it ok for me to squeal like a little girl?

        Thanks Leather Cheerio. Cassidy always wanted to be a Fighter Pilot when she first saw…

        I hate to say this…Stealth. She is like, If Jessica Biel can do it, so can I! So she busted her ass in High School and got into the Naval Academy with an assist from the fact I was a commissioned officer in the US Coast Guard, so she entered 2007 and graduated in 2010 and just got promoted to 2nd LT 2 Weeks ago.

        • That degree will get you up real quick. But I don’t need to tell you how the military works. For me, I made E-5 before I left thanks to war time. Its unfortunate the way it happened since its mainly due to shoes needed to be filled…

          • Let me put it this way.

            I loved serving in the Coast Guard. I, however am not going to compare me being an Officer in the Coast Guard, to enlisted personnel in The Army or Marines.

            There is a level of Respect as with Officers, we are the commanders, we give the orders, but if you do not have the respect of the Enlisted, then you are not doing your Job. Why I stated to an Ensign a year ago. He was bossing and yelling his crew around with an air of arrogance I told him Matter of Fact.

            “You will get them to follow your orders, but you will not get them to respect you. You want them to respect you, get dirty with them.”

            I had no problem towing cables and hoses, I did not have a problem assisting the machinist working on aircraft and boats. When you show them you are willing to help them as well as order them, as I say “Listen Up Crew, we need all hands on deck, we got to get this station in top condition…Lets get to it.”

            Then they saw me roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty. That is how you get people to follow you, you lead the way, not from behind the desk.

        • Congrats!

          Nothing wrong with Stealth (well, okay, some things are wrong with it). I like that movie.

          • @TheLostWinchester

            Thanks for going first!

            I liked it as well, but Cassidy was mesmerized by it, then she saw all the Iron Eagle and of course Top Gun. She was set in her mind, she wanted to be a fighter pilot, she told me. I looked at her and said..

            “You will have to bust your butt to get into the Naval Academy, you will have to even bust your butt harder once you are in and then you will have to bust the butts of everyone around you.”

    • Well done, just tell her ‘not to buzz the tower’.

      • Au Contraire

        I would be disappointed if she didnt lol

        • Well then make sure he/she is drinking a big mug of joe at the time, wouldn’t be the same if there was nothing to spill.

    • @ Jeff W

      Congratulations to Cassidy!!!

      Good job to mom and dad for giving her the belief in herself to accomplish this. See Jeff, you are a good parent, the proof is in the pudding!

      Nice job!

      • @Stark

        Thanks, but all I did was help her get in, everything she did was all her doing, and quite honestly. We just raised her, what she did when she turned 18 was entirely up to her.

        I am proud, and I cant wait till she takes off in a fighter, I intend to be there.

    • @ Jeff W

      Hey Jeff, one more thing about Cassidy, tell her thanks for serving, her service to her country is appreciated!

      • @Stark, will do.

        Nothing like seeing your child put on the Uniform representing the military of the United States.

        • @ Jeff W

          I can only imagine!

    • And what was wrong with the Klingon Academy, petaQ??!! :-D

      Congrats to our favorite cowboy! “I feel the need…the need, for speed!”

  21. Will you be going to The Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con this year?!