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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 21, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 21, 2014

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  1. X-Men Days of Future Past in just 2 days!!!! SWOON!!!

    Ticked that I won’t be at the Thursday showing, I have to work over-time since Zartan can tell a calibrator from a carburetor.

    • +1

  2. Happy rainy Wednesday Ranters!

    A lot of sweet movie updates this week! The new GOTG trailer was everything I wanted to be! Great visuals, great action and looks to have the underlying comedy all of the comics had. Should be an awesome ride.

    Thinking of checking out DOFP on Sunday. The good reviews are convincing me to go check it out. I’m not a huge x-men movie fan, but doesn’t look like I can miss this.

    • Not rainy in SoCal.

      Actually had a heat wave last week. Ugh.

      Trying to figure out what to watch this weekend – Spidey, X-Men or Godzilla.


        • I would if the kids weren’t going to be with us.

          Although… I could only do 2 of those 3.

          I’m in the mood for a disaster flick but I know the kids want to see some spandex.

        • I didn’t really read the Godzilla post because sometimes people spoil it, but is it better than Noah?


          • Sounds like you’re going to have yourself a Marvel weekend…

            I haven’t watched Noah yet. I was waiting for that to come out on redbox before checking it out. I liked Godzilla, but I can understand where some people’s criticisms come from. The action scenes were worth the price of the ticket alone from me.

      • Surprised you haven’t seen Spidey yet, BigNerd.

        It’s worth it. Don’t listen to net, it’s a big fat liar…

        …wait a sec…

        *ahem* *briefly contemplates life decisions*

        I’m more surprised at the praise Godzilla is getting, but I think I’m starting to understand why. (Don’t worry ScreenRant, I’ll keep it to myself ;) )

        Here’s my take on Godzilla: I kind of enjoyed it, it definitely has it’s moments, but that’s where my problem is. We are talking “moments” in a movie close to two hours long.

        This isn’t an exaggeration either: If you were to take a stop watch and click it each time Godzilla gets screen time, and then immediately click it off when he isn’t on screen, as God as my witness I swear the screen time would amount to less than 10 minutes. The focus is more on the other monsters, and that is also not an exaggeration.

        So, depending on how you handle crowded theaters(regarding X-Men opening weekend), you might want to consider Spidey.

        • @ Mindbender

          Agree completely about the timeframe for Godzilla screentime. That was my (and most people it would seem) criticisms. Did you enjoy Spidey though? I feel like I may have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for all of the footage shown in the trailers…

          • Yeah, I really enjoyed Spidey. I love the actors and actresses involved and the performances all around.

            Especially Dane DeHaan. That kid steals every scene of every movie he is in.

        • Thanks guys.

          Actually, I’m not interested in Godzilla for him (her?), I like disaster movies (which is why I enjoyed Pacific Rim).

          But I really wanted to see Spidey 2 until I read reviews saying how convoluted it was with too many storylines. I didn’t actually like Spidey 1 other than Garfield but the premise of the Parker subplot has me interested in the sequel.

          We actually also want to see Million Dollar Arm too.

          As for Noah, that was a joke, I hated that movie. I thought it was going to be some high-action adventure spin on the Noah story and instead got some dark, depressing story about a guy who goes crazy.

          So from then on, any movie I think that’s good and ends up really bad, get compared to Noah.

          • Personally, I’m not on board with the “convoluted story-line” argument. Just because there is more than one thing going on does not make the story “convoluted.” In my opinion, at least.

            (if we are going to be that serious, and look at things through a micro-scope… aren’t ALL comic book movie stories “convoluted.” ;) )

            As a fan of this stuff that aspect didn’t detract from my experience what-so-ever.

          • Noah is not about “a guy who goes crazy”. That misses the point entirely. It was a thought-provoking epic.

            • @Ragnar:

              Did your post get cut off?

              I think you meant to put ‘fail’ at the end of your last sentence. :)

              I may have missed the point, we each have our own opinions and for me, it was horrible (and that’s not based on any religious context).

        • @ Dr. M

          I do see what you’re saying about Godzilla and the screen time. I would have like more too, but I think more screen time would have compromised what came across as a pretty solid story, IMO. Do you think the quality/action in the times that he was on screen made up for the small ammount of times he was on the screen; quality over quantity so to speak?

          • Barely, but yeah I guess. It was okay. I find that I have more gripes than I do praise but those few parts that are awesome allows it to break even.

  3. I’m curious as to why Banshee doesn’t seem to be in the xmen: dofp film. I’LL find out tomorrow! Yay!

  4. Alright. Fuggit! I’m going to see ASM2 damnit. Even after being convinced it’s a poorly received film.

    Also, not really a spoiler but I read that the time travel in DoFP is weird and out of character. Just prepare yourself for potential nerd raging. I had my Jackie Chan moment just from reading it lol. Hopefully the reviews stay positive so I don’t mind paying about $100 for the IMAX tix for the family and I.

  5. My finals are next week so I will not see any movies this weekend (I actually don’t have time to check out Screenrant, so schhh) but after it’s over me and my friends are definitely gonna go and check out DoFP. The trailer looks amazing.

    Speaking of amazing… I didn’t like TASM2 when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. It looked cool and had great special effects, but I didn’t like the story. Some parts of it felt like they were dragging, while others felt too rushed (won’t spoil which but they were villain-related.) Much of the dialogue had me rolling my eyes, and many of the villains were a tad bit too hammy for me. But there were some great scenes, and lately I’ve actually felt like re-watching it. The special effects and the action was entertaining to watch, and I loved Jamie Foxx as Electro.
    I had the same issue with TASM1. I didn’t like it the first time I watched it, but I went and saw it with a friend and liked it much better the second time. Probably because I was prepared for the hammy bits and could just enjoy what was good about it.

  6. Godzilla is my movie of the year so far.. I’m just saying,….

    • Good call, it even beats Captain America 2 by a small margin.

    • My movie of the year so far is Grand Budapest Hotel, Cap2 ties for second with The Raid 2, and 3rd place would def be Godzilla.

  7. Definitely watching X Men tomorrow super excited, i persuaded my friends to watch it in non 3D bcuz i hate watching movies with glasses on that just makes the movie a darker tint

  8. So, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I can dig it!

    • I like it as well

    • Works for me too. Can’t complain, what I’d like to see is how anyone is gonna find a negative from this. Let’s see…

    • I will submit that ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is not a Man of Steel sequel.

      It follows Man of Steel, but to be a true sequel, it should heavily be about Superman (in my opinion).

      It’s more like Avengers, it followed Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America but was a sequel to none of them.

      But I may be wrong, BvSDoJ might be a Supes-centric storyline and then I will retract my submission.

      • “I will submit that ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is not a Man of Steel sequel.

        It follows Man of Steel, but to be a true sequel, it should heavily be about Superman (in my opinion).”

        I don’t get this logic at all. It follows Man of Steel, therefore it’s the sequel. This “true sequel” stuff sounds closed minded, just my opinion.

        • @Dr. Mindbender:

          I think the 2nd part of my post frames why I have that opinion.

          Do you consider ‘The Avengers’ a sequel?

          For me, I don’t think Warner/DC is really following a sequel formula. Each movie is another one set in the DC universe featuring the same or different heroes. To me, this is more like a series.

          To further explain, a sequel should focus on the premise of the first movie. If BvSDoJ is mainly about Superman, then I concede. But it seems it’s more like a prequel (if you will) to Justice League (hence the ‘Dawn of Justice’ subtitle). Based on that, I can’t really consider this a “true” sequel.

          Back to my Avengers analogy, if we were to use the fact that “it follows” the movie before it, then The Avengers was really Iron Man 3 and Iron Man 3 should be Iron Man 4 right? I’m being hyperbolic here but I hope that illustrates what I’m saying.

          • “Do you consider “Avengers” a sequel?”

            Of course not, because that’s ridiculous :D

            Why would I consider the 6th installment of a series to be a “sequel?”

            Dude, this is the movie following Man of Steel. Regardless to how many characters it features, since the story is being continued from Man of Steel, it’s the sequel to Man of Steel.

    • Double dig-it, for me… ;)

      I think it’s a great title for the film.

      • @ Archie

        I don’t know if you noticed, but I replied to your post late in Monday’s OD. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

        • Stark…

          Just saw your comment on the other page…Thank you for the kind encouragement. :)

    • That is very cool, I like it! :)

  9. Anyone watching Warehouse 13? The finale was this past Monday and I thought it was a good ending to the series.

    Sad that it’s gone.

    Part of the fun was William Shatner and Eddie McClintock were live tweeting the West Coast feed. Not sure if that is really the Shat on his Twitter account but some of the tweets were interesting. Shatner’s actually trying to live-tweet different sci-fi shows.

    Seems like SyFy is phasing out their qwirky comedic shows (Eureka ended last year) which is too bad. I still have no idea how those ghost hunting “reality” shows are so popular.

  10. Gooooooooooddamn. Alright you guys got me. I went to see it and ASM2 was deplorable. There was someone else in the theater who walked out 30 mins before it ended – thought the went to take a poop.

    Everything about dr Kafka killed the scene. “Don’t you know who I am?” Give me a break.

    I’m sticking to rottentomatoes from now on. Don’t care. Good lord that was terrible writing.

    • You should have gone to Godzilla dude.

      Or just waited for DOFP tomorrow.

  11. Saw X-Men today! Second best X-Men movie after X2. The Quicksilver scene was awesome, actually the whole movie was! If you know the comics, you’ll love the after credit scene but those who only know the characters from the movies won’t understand it.

  12. How good is Godzilla? Do you see alot of the beast?

    • Godzilla is great but you don’t see a lot of him. For most of the movie you only see his back plates poking out of the water, and there is a bit of teasing here and there. He’s only visible in full glory in the last twenty-thirty minutes or so, which are awesome! Edwards took a “Jaws” approach with the movie. There is plenty of cool stuff to see before he makes his grand entrance, though.

    • It’s pretty bad. A lot of annoying negativity and bickering. And its not just about Marvel vs DC stuff either. I just read some comments on the SW-VII article where you enter to be in the movie and your donations cure cancer or something, anyway the whole comments feed was raging about how the alien in the background looks stupid.

      So annoying…

  13. So…

    I was in Detroit recently. :)

    • And you’re alive!!!

      • YES. I am alive. I will say, I was forced to take a detour down a very…”chipper” neighborhood. It was so happy that I locked the car doors instantly so that the happiness wouldn’t make the emotional inside of my vehicle implode.

        • :D

          • AND, while I was there, I saw the Fleck in the flesh.

            I didn’t get to talk to him or anything, but I played it cool and told him I was a huge fan of his work. He just grinned, waved, and thanked me.

            That’s my 2nd celebrity encounter, the 1st being Jim Carrey. Who I did get to talk to :)

            • Nice! I’ve only met Hulk Hogan. He’s HUGE.

          • @ $2

            How do you do that Smiling face on here?

            • WW,

              Put : and D together (no spaces) = :D
              : and ) = :)
              : and ( = :(
              : and o = :o

              Are there any others?

              • You can also do:

                : and P = :P

                ; and ) = ;)