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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 2, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 2, 2014

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  1. I saw Fading Gigolo last night.

    Disappointing. I thought the concept was good and the cast but it went through motions that seems just put there with little to no resonance.

    Everyone in it is watchable so it wasn’t painful but I left the theatre with that nothing kind of feel.

    It seems to have collected some very positive reviews elsewhere so it may just be me but for those considering going to see it that was my experience.

  2. Whoa…Vic taking back the open discussion. Sorry young gun (Paul), you’re out.

  3. After TASM 2 last night, I’ve realized that without directors like Abrams and Webb, Kurtzman and Orci would be out of jobs. Man, they can make some disappointing stuff. But still a good movie thanks to the cast and Webb.

    Anyone else find it to be just as much “Sinister Six Begins” as TASM2? Pacing and focus were off.

    • Yeah, I felt the same way. I loved the Garfield/Stone parts but other than that the movie felt like it was just a “set up” movie. I thought it was an improvement from the first movie but like TASM it’s not a movie I would watch over and over again

    • You do know that Kurtzman and Orci are executive producers of Hawaii Five-0 and co creators of Sleepy Hallow right?

      They might not get many Hollywood jobs but they’re still pretty busy.

  4. OK, rant time. It is beyond ridiculous just how many people know the Oliver is the arrow in the TV series. In a series which is based largely in fantasy with superheroes, super-assassins and even more powerful super-drugs it’s this one issue that I can’t bring myself to believe and buy into. It’s this issue that breaks my suspension of disbelief every time yet another person is told that Oliver is the Arrow. I am now at eye-rolling stage (literally).

    Am I overreacting? For me it’s ruining a good to great show, should it be?

    I can put up with Oliver’s incessant girly pouting; I can live with the continued flash-backs to the island which have been dragged out beyond all necessity and really need to stop; I can get past the notion that Roy is a plastic character and I can just about live with the idea that Sarah left (again) this time for a reason so thin as to be semi-transparent.


    I cannot live with the fact that this guy and his team keep telling the entire world that he is the Arrow. Every time they do another thin wedge of my excitement and tolerance for this show is sliced off to die. It’s insulting tot he intelligence of the audience. Which is a shame because this is the first of the new wave of American TV shows I have watched religiously so far (being from the UK).

    Also, I actually quite liked Shield before it ‘got good’ (according to the critics), and True detectives is also quite gripping.

    • I still can’t believe how dumb Laurel is. Vigilante with a build like Oliver shows up at the same time Oliver returns from a mysterious island. Vigilante with a build like her sister (who only wears a tiny mask around her eyes) shows up at the same time as her sister returns after being lost at sea. Doesn’t put any of that together, even after it is revealed that her boyfriend’s father was the Dark Archer and a mass murderer. You’d think perhaps she would start looking at others differently…but no. So the audience determines that she isn’t that bright, but then the writers decide she’ll figure Sebastian Blood is involved with Slade and knew about Moira’s murder. AHHHHH!!! Is she smart or not? Pick a character trait and stick with it!

    • 8 people in a city of how many million? When you think about it, the people closest to him would have to be moronic if they couldn’t put two and two together. There’s only so many times you can use the motorcycle accident excuse.

      The flashbacks aren’t tired, the writers are more focused on the present timeline. When the flashbacks need to important again they will. And maybe towards the end of the series (hoping there’s more than 5 seasons) they can start using flash forwards now that we know Oliver has a child (probably Connor Hawke).

      Everything else I won’t argue with.

  5. I can’t wait to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Boogaloo tonight at the IMAX 3D VIP section (21 & older) with my beer in hand. I love the new IMAX theater near me!!

    So yeah, Lucas and Spielberg were more right than I ever expected. I don’t mind spending $40 for two tickets when you get the nice leather loveseat and can have your adult beverage. Add in a couple beers, my wife’s FOO FOO drinks, and snacks and we’ll spend near 75 bucks for a night out…luckily, the grandparents don’t charge to babysit.

    But, I also enjoy taking the kids to the cheap matinee to watch the Muppets or Lego movie.

    • I am going to the IMAX 3D tonight as well. However There are only a few indie theaters around my area that do 21 and over shows, and none are IMAX.

      Prices for me have not reached $40. Mostly because I don’t buy food at the theater (unless I bring the kids, they sit still with large popcorn in their lap). But I always spring for IMAX with my must see in theaters movies. Not at all for 3D but just for the bigger screen.

      • Yeah, the ticket price is $16/ticket for the IMAX 3D and then the upcharge of $2 for being in the VIP (21 & older) section with the nice seats. Then, I preordered the tickets for tonight which reserved my seats, so another dollar added per ticket for peace of mind that I get to sit in the best possible place. So, $19 per ticket. That $40 price tag is without food or drinks.

        But, for opening night on a big release like this or Captain America, that price is worth it because I don’t have to stand in a line waiting for a long time hoping to get a seat in my desired location. I get to sit in a bar until I walk in and sit in my preselected seat. The only downside is they don’t have waiters to bring more beer during the movie. πŸ˜‰

  6. 24 next week. Can’t wait.

    Anyone watching the NBA playoffs? Three game 7s on Saturday… whoot.

    • NBA…pssssh. NHL! GO WILD!

      • Ducks/Kings freeway series… go Ducks!

    • I read that this is the record number of game 7s that has ever happened in the playoffs this year. And they’re just getting started!! Pretty cool.

  7. Ok, here’s another one. In the most recent podcast the guys generally agreed that the new star trek reboot franchise is ‘on the ropes’ with Star Wars coming along – and I agree.

    However, this has been the problem with the reboot all along in my opinion. In trying to make it more mainstream they have lost what Star Trek is. It has no soul anymore.

    Star Trek has never before suffered when put alongside Star Wars and other sci-fi franchises because it has always been different. In my opinion Star Trek has always had more ‘soul’ than star wars and has always been grounded in a more believable universe. Star Trek has always been as much of a drama has it has been a sci-fi epic. Star Trek has carried a sense of family through the generations (no pun intended) and it has been this dynamic which has given tension to some of the franchises epic moment (rather than relying on huge battles and epic action moments). You know that Star Trek characters care about one another, they are a family and this is what is at stake when it comes time to face off against a new enemy. This family ands the thought of losing one of them to death or dishonour is what really has fans in the edge of their seats. The reboot has none of this. None. They talk about it but they do not show it, there is no reason to believe it.

    The reboot tried to turn Star Trek into a more star wars-like experience and now it will suffer for it. It cannot compete with Star Wars on Star Wars’ own playing field and, until now, that’s fine because it had a playing field all of it’s own in which Star Wars could not compete.

    One last thing. You know what everyone involved with the Star Trek reboot got wrong more than anything else? I mean painfully wrong to the point that you know they did not have a clue what Star Trek is REALLY about? In Star Trek the Enterprise (or Voyager or DS9) has always been a CHARECTER! The ship has a soul too, it’s every bit as important as its captain, and it’s ‘alive’ in that universe in the same way as its officer are. In star Trek you ‘mourn’ for the ship itself when it’s lost. The loss of the Enterprise D was every bit as wrenching as the loss of Data (no one cares about Tasha and we only wish that Wesley was ‘lost’). And seeing the original Enterprise streaming through the sky in flames was every bit as terrible as the loss of Spock.

    The reboot failed to capture this completely, and thus failed at being Star Trek.

    • @Wayne:

      Not sure I agree with you that Star Trek: The Reboot is more like Star Wars.

      It still feels grounded in that it’s Earth-based whereas Star Wars is in a “galaxy far far away”.

      I’m fine with what they are doing with Star Trek other than the Mirakuru: Khan Edition.

      Hopefully Star Trek 3 is a more original story with some callouts to TNG (like relatives of Picard and Riker, or a cameo from a young Dr. Soong.

      Do you think Star Wars will have lens flares?

      • It’s a distinct possibility that Star Wars will be a single 180 minute lens-flare.

        • LOL! πŸ˜€

      • It’s definitely earth-based alright, they’ve been missing a little bit of the ‘star’ from Star trek in this reboot as well.

    • Think all that is more due to the format of cinema and lack of scientific knowledge and lack of love of science of people in media today. All the family building aspects and establishing that along with the ship as an entity of its own are better suited to a TV format. They should reboot TNG in TV land with updated science given all the recent science news (rise of nanotechnology, discovery of primordial gravitational waves and relation to cosmic inflation/Big Bang/basically origin of our universe, mysterious non-interactive neutrinos, Higg’s field and bosons, etc.). Maybe give a big send off to the rebooted TOS crew in a third final movie for a trilogy and then announce TNG. Hell, even a reboot of Voyager would be tolerable even though Voyager was horrible. Or follow another new crew entirely.

  8. Since it’s a slow day at work and on OD today. Lets have a friendly unpopular movie opinions session.

    I’ll start,

    Despite the movies flaws, I think Eric Bana has been the best Bruce Banner so far. *ducks*

    • I liked as Banner, except that he looked nothing like Banner. He did sorta act like Banner though. My favorite part of that movie was the storyboarding of scenes. Not sure it worked for most people though.

      • CBM’s were in a very experimental stage then. I thought it was clever but am glad that it didn’t take off. I still watch that movie now and then because I like how “emo” the story is.

        I consider it the artsy one-off Hulk story.

        • I really like the Ang Lee Hulk. It does take itself way too seriously, but at that time superhero movies seemed to insist deeper meaning. I like the visual experimentation. I had been reading the early Hulk comics before it came out and really wanted to see a green Hulk fighting the army in a desert background, so I was very pleased with that aspect. And that movie really gave the sense of the scale of land and space.

          If Ang Lee had toned down the seriousness, added the leader and his army of pink rubbery robots, it would have been perfect.

          • +1

        • Emo? Do you mean a character with emotion? Oh no, not emotion!

          • Wikipedia


            Emo has been associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden.[184][185][186] It has also been associated with stereotypes like depression, self-injury, and suicide.[187][188]

    • Okay, I’m game:

      2001: A Space Odyssey is a long, snoozy visual effects show reel with no story or character depth to speak of. They could replace the main characters with brooms and you’d have exactly the same movie.

      • A lot of the stuff that I think was supposed to be deep and interesting was really boring to me. But I dug all the iconic stuff with HAL 1000 (or was it HAL 2000? I can’t remember…) like “I’m afraid I can’t do that Dave.” and all that stuff was really cool. But the psychadelic colors and crazy nonsense at the end had me totally lost.

        I’ll bet it’s better if you’ve read the book. At least that’s what my cousin said.

      • Not even gonna rise to that one. :-)

    • I got one!!

      I think that Batman Begins is the best movie of Nolan’s dark knight trilogy.

      I didn’t think Godfather 2 was as good as the first one.

      And…. I didn’t enjoy Blade Runner

      *runs and hides*

      • correction: by “I got one!!” I apparently meant that I had 3 cuz I wrote 3 opinions and not one haha..

      • How dare you sir! Blade Runner is a masterpiece!

        • I know I know!! Something must be wrong with me…

      • I own all three Nolan bat films.

        BB – starting to skip its been watched so many times

        TDK – re-watched a fair amount

        TDKR – still in plastic

        • BB was the first DVD I ever bought. I got the steelbook blurays for christmas back in 2012. But I already had TDK on DVD at that point as well. So now I have several copies of the first two (I think I have a third copy of TDK for some reason) and then 1 copy of TDKR.

          BB – used to watch it all the time. haven’t seen it for a while but I remember all of it in detail

          TDK – very good but hard to digest. haven’t watched it as much as BB

          TDKR – I’ve watched it 4 or 5 times. extremely good but if you put a gun to my head I’d have to say its my least favorite of the trilogy.

      • I think that Batman Begins is the best movie of Nolan’s dark knight trilogy.

        That makes two of us. πŸ˜‰

        • @ TheLostWinchester

          Make that 3 of us. I think I watched Batman Begins more than the others, TDKR far less.

          • I love it. I love that they nailed the origin story of Bruce as a kid. I love that they made Scarecrow awesome somehow!! (if you think about it there’s a million ways that scarecrow could have sucked) The fear gas made for some really cool visuals and I think they portrayed that very well. I loved the practical effects and stunts with the tumbler and miniatures for the end train sequence. I love that they have him train with ninjas and Ras Al Ghul. They did so many things right with that movie.

            • I agree. It felt like the only Batman movie that focused on Batman & not the villains imo. I loved how Nolan played out Bruce’s parent’s murder, Bruce’s traveling the globe & his training. Scarecrow was great in Nolan’s tone on film, it’s mostly the fear toxin that mostly concerned me on how he gives it to people which played out well. The tumbler chase was execellent with the music playin to it. Liam Nielson portrayed Ra’s Al Ghul great.

        • Interesting, I’ve always felt TDK was the best for a few reasons:

          1. Didn’t have the unbelievable League vs. Gotham plot.
          2. Batman didn’t have to go low into the Batmobile to drive better.
          3. The BatLisp wasn’t in full effect yet.
          4. Bats’ main nemesis
          5. White eyes Batcowl

      • Have you ever watched the version of Godfather 2 which is chronological instead of using flashbacks. The edit makes a huge difference and the story works much better imo.

    • I have one…

      Han shot second.


      • @ Professor Procrastination

        I nearly dropped dead at that statement… The “J/K” was what revived me before I hit the floor.

        • hahaha…I almost didn’t put the J/K, but then I figured some Scranters might not know my humor

          • @ Professor Procrastination

            Thanks for putting it in there, you saved me a trip to the hospital.

      • I’m pretty sure that gets you a death sentence in Star Wars court.

        • @ Aaron

          Actually we give them a penalty worse than death because death would be a release from their crime. We hang them by their toes upside down, while they watch the Phantom Menace. Then after we make them kiss every Ewok action figure the Star Wars court owns, we through them in a Sarlacc pit and yell “Han shot first!”

      • @Professor Procrastination

        this and your post about seeing TASM2: Electric Boogaloo have both killed me. absolutely hilarious.

    • @Aaron:

      1. The Lego Movie wasn’t *that* good.

      2. I think I like the new Amazing Spiderman movies better than the Spiderman trilogy (Garfield makes a much better Parker to me).

      3. Noah should win the Oscar for best movie of the year.

      One of the above is not actually my real opinion.

      • If only this were Reddit and I could review your comment history.

        I actually think I will go with… 1?

    • I preferred the Edward Norton Banner and film (up until CA:TWS, it was my favorite Marvel Studios film), BUT I did enjoy Bana’s portrayal of Banner and Connelly’s portrayal of Betty. I found the storyboarding effect to be irritatingly distracting.

      • I agree on Connelly as well.

        I have not enjoyed Liv Tyler’s acting since her dad’s music videos. (Did I just date myself?)

  9. I have seen snippets of that movie when I was a kid. The book is in the to read stack. But from what I remember it looked like a movie you would have on in the background for an acid trip.

    • @TheLostWinchester


  10. Anybody else want Tony Almeida to show up in 24 Live Another Day? I don’t know about you guys, but he was my favorite character because he was just easier for me to relate to.

  11. Just seen TASM2 and it was better than the first one was. Heck I think it was a tad better than Spider-Man 2 of Raimi’s trilogy.

  12. I am very concerned that Star Wars VII is going to suck because of over-Abramsization. I’m afraid he’s going to sacrifice story for gratuitous call backs to the original. Please please please give us new characters over old.

  13. For me, Henry Cavill is the embodiment of Supes, and i loved how the flashbacks in MOS built up the story and made me care about the character. Looking really forward to MOS 2