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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 19, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 19, 2014

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  1. Do you think “plot holes” can be avoided in a modern blockbuster?

    • Nope.

    • Blockbusters are supposed to be fun and entertaining. As long as the plot hole isn’t staring you in the face, I can deal with it. If you don’t want plot holes, check out the films during Oscar season. If you want explosions and humor and a fun-filled romp in the theater, blockbusters all the way!!

    • The problem is that people that don’t like a blockbuster always blame the “plot holes”. I think you can dislike a movie and at the same admit that it story is coherent.

  2. Screeeeeonk!

  3. I’m 6 for 6 for movies that I enjoyed at the theater this year.

    First off, I saw the re-release of Gravity in IMAX 3D. That was amazing.

    Next, I took my daughter to the Lego movie and the Muppets…both were fun as an adult watching with their child (if I went alone, that would be creepy).

    I saw Captain America and TASM 3 in IMAX 3D. Both were amazing. One for story, the other for visuals. I’ll let you decide.

    Then, I saw Godzilla. I was so impressed. I really enjoyed Pacific Rim, but after seeing the new Godzilla film…I hope to see the King of the Monsters again before a Pac Rim sequel.

    Hail HYDRA! Screeeeeonk!

    • TASM 3? Get me tickets!

      • Um…yeah LC. It was the bonus feature at my theater for VIPs.

        (Hey Vic – an edit feature would be nice so I wouldn’t have to blatantly lie to LC to cover up my typos.)

        • +1

    • ugh, godzilla was awful.
      nothing happened, and virtually no monsters.
      it was a godzilla movie that wasn’t about godzilla.
      ridiculous. gareth edwards is utterly clueless.
      a 4 year could put together a better monster movie

      • Ugh, it was great.

      • What in the world did you go see? Godzilla had plenty of Muto action & suspense. The two Mutos were basically spotlighted in the movie about 2/3rds of the time.

        Yeah, we keep having to hear from people like yourself that Godzilla isn’t in the movie a majority of the time, but he gets a good 40-45 minutes I would say. Big deal, that’s still enough time seeing him. If he were on screen too early, he’d have killed the Mutos and the movie would be over.

        The pacing was right and a sequel is welcomed. What the heck are you guys even talking about when you say there’s no monsters in the film?

    • I think I’ve been to the theater way too much this year….

      Legend Of Hercules in the discount theater in January. I went with some friends to roast it and had a lot of fun.

      Lego Movie in February

      Budapest Hotel in March

      Cap2 a couple times in April

      The Raid 2 somewhere in April

      TASM2 a couple times in early May

      Godzilla last Thursday night

      I may be missing a few but I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve seen. Except maybe Hercules but I knew that was gonna suck so it was fun anyway.

  4. Man of Steel is the greatest film ever brought to screen, like the arc of the covenant, merely gazing upon its spectacle will melt your face off, but fear not, your face will regrow and you will watch the movie again.

    • Whether you call yourself “Marvel Til I Die” OR “Dc Til I Die”, you STILL come across as obnoxious.


      • Good Lord.

        I have really had it with the idiotic war between DC and Marvel movie fans. Who CARES what other people think about the movie you like as long as YOU like it?

        Seriously. Going to just have our moderator start looking for this crybaby battle and delete comments on a massive scale.

        • Go get em’, Vic!

        • Vic…

          You are correct. I apologize that my comment is here in this form. I have gotten sick of all of the trolling and nastiness lately on this topic. It’s not only rude and dumb;it’s also irritating and disheartening to those of us who enjoy coming here AND those of us remaining optimistic about the developing films and universes of BOTH WB/DC and Disney/Marvel…no matter our personal preferences. This troll to whom I responded has been one of the useless, babbling creatures who cannot help but try to corrupt the open, friendly atmosphere of SR.


          • My thoughts exactly, Archaeon. Well said!

          • The back and forth’s on this corrupt the friendly atmosphere of SR. So if you see a troll, just ignore him. If you reply, you are also contributing to deteriorate the very same atmoshphere that you want to foster.

            Basically, no need for insults ever, just take the higher road. Common sense will prevail in the long run.

            • @nightcrawler is right! Ignore a troll and they won’t go away, but you won’t get angry with your replies and your blood pressure won’t rise.

            • Nightcrawler…

              I agree with you and appreciate the reminder of the calmer path. I have managed to lessen my own shooting back at the trolls, over all, BUT sometimes, when several rumors and/or newsdrops hit simultaneously and my stupid filter gets flooded with asinine blathering as the trolls/fakers/!d!ots come out of the woodwork, I let loose. By venting, I clean out the dirt of their inane babble and am able to appreciate conversing with those who possess active higher brain functions.

              It may not seem like it, but I actually react to such cloddish behavior FAR less than I used to even just a year or two ago. As more time passes, my dummy filter becomes more efficient and effective. Soon, hopefully, I will not react with anything more than a slight grimace or guffaw…internally.

              I continue to strive toward such :)

              • @ Archie

                I, for one, will attest to the fact that you are much better than you used to be Archeaon, not just with trolls, but in commenting over all. Take heart, it’s noticeable, obvious and whether you realize it or not, much less stressful on you. You should be encouraged.

                I have been where you are/were, blasting every troll and silly comment that I saw, especially about my favorite things or things that were said that I thought were unfair or unjust. 

                Then I came to the realization that it just wasn’t worth it for one thing, but also that there are far more of them than there are of me, so at that point responding to them became illogical, and I stopped. There were more holes in the dam than I had fingers and toes for, so to speak. Call it a tipping point if you will. At that point I stopped. You’ll get there one day, you’re far too intelligent, IMO, to not get there. 

                Just let things go. If they rip DC a new one, so? If they slander BvS or MoS or WB, so? Is going to change one thing about your life? Nope. Don’t be tricked into thinking that your comment or sharp worded response is going to “undo” what they said or change anything, because it won’t, it can’t and it never will.

                 It’s all about perspective my friend, look at the big picture. When you look at the big picture you’ll find it extremely difficult to even see the trolls from that vantage point. :)

                Keep up the insightful comments! :)

        • That’ll be interesting. Comment pages will go from four to only half a page now!!!

        • Hey Vic, how about you add in any negative comments about anything? Like Bay-bashing and stuff like that? Its impossible to go to an article about Transformers or Turtles and not see super negative comments about the director.

        • It’s hammer time!

          Your heart is Klingon!!

    • I see you’re not above playing with my name,

      Man of STEEL was the worst piece of s*** garbage ever to be presented on film.
      It was not a superman film, as there was no superman in it.
      just some whiny english teenager.
      please someone at dc, replace snyder, affleck, esienberg, and any other complete joke castings, and give us the proper superman and justice league films we have been asking for and deserve.

    • obvious troll is obvious.
      most people i know have never seen the end of man of steel as its complete garbage and trashes the superman name.
      as a comicbook fan, i actually found this film insulting.
      check out the marvel movies, that is how you do comic book movies!

      • Shut up nerd

      • You of all people shouldnt be using the phrase obvious troll is obvious.

  5. Anyone seen any recent updates anywhere on the Shane Black Doc Savage movie, the Equalizer movie, or the Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie? Those are supposed to be in early production, but I have not seen much lately.

  6. I’ve been watching three supernatural shows on the tube recently: Sleepy Hollow, Salem, and now also Penny Dreadful, and they are all fairly good in most aspects. You know what I would really like to see, though, is Dark Shadows reborn again (BUT!!! It must be a period piece with Gothic/Victorian overtones like the last one…but even more so would be acceptable…and it must be respectful of the original series, not humorous, sexed up and dorky, and not like the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton mess!). Although alot of supernatural shows bite the dust or are awful, all sex, blood, and gore for exploitation’s sake or “teenage romantic vampire” junk (at least IMO), I think there is room for a well-done, well-written, well-acted & directed series. If not invoking the old original characters directly, there is still room for something else of this nature. Even looking back to the Victorian drawing room era of Lord Byron, S. T. Coleridge, and Percy Shelley, there is no doubt material. Or on another tangent, why not something centered in the world of H. P. Lovecraft and similar authors? Lots of material there! I think a certain significant segment of the viewing public would welcome these ideas if they were done respectful of the source material and properly presented.

    • @Goldilocks – is Salem any good? I like Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Supernatural, but I am not into the Vampire Diaries, Dracula, True Blood (after season 1), or Hemlock Grove. Recently, I noticed that Hulu Plus had Salem episodes available. I’ve never heard of it, but I added it to my queue to watch as soon as the season finale season ends. I wondered if it is worth my time.

      • Salem is not great, but not bad either. Managed to surprise me with a few spooky scenes that actually did harken back to things described in old witch-hunting manuals, etc., that have not been done on TV before to my knowlage. A couple scenes that were pretty original in a scary vein. Maybe a little heavy on sexual suggestions here and there that probably were not prevalent in the real historical Puritan-era Salem, but worth the watch. WGN America broadcasts it Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern time here in Upper Michigan where I live, but they rebroadcast usually an hour later, and then on Tuesday nights as well. I emailed with one of the station reps, and at the moment, there is no plans to make it available on their website for full episodes (just clips) or on DVD. I know that could change later, though. I believe I read it initially got quite a few viewers. Of the shows you mentioned, none of them seemed to be my cup of tea, other than Sleepy Hollow, which I like quite a bit. I did briefly try to watch Grimm, but it did not trip my trigger either. If you like spooky stuff, done in a serious vein, I would probably recommend giving Salem a try.

        • Sounds like I might like it. Thanks!

  7. I actually saw a trailer for The Equalizer in front for Captain America 2. Looked pretty good.

    • *in front of

    • I am hopeful for this new Equalizer as well. They have a decent actor for the lead (even though I am used to Edward Woodward, who I liked), so that is encouraging. All I ask is that they don’t have some dorky music soundtrack like the old series, where the musician who was probably also the producer or something was a “one-man band” diddle-doodling around all through the episodes at inopportune times on his synthesizer-organ. That does not pass for good background music, and sounds more like an old soap opera or a cheap porn flick than an adventure show on TV (I will say the opening/closing theme song was pretty good on that show, though).

  8. Good Morning all….

    Happy Monday!!  :)

    Let me start off by saying I only have one word to describe Godzilla:


    For the first time in a good long while did I actually walk away from the theater completely satisfied, (even Pepper liked it!). Godzilla was awesome in every way. He looked great and they absolutely got him right, in everyway, IMO. The human cast was very good, the action was very good. What a great movie, great story and a very well balanced movie as well. A sequel absolutely has to come and I really hope Edwards returns.. 
    Very well done!

    Cap 2 and Godzilla are my two favorite movies of the year thus far. I saw Godzilla in IMAX Friday and then in regular 3d on Sunday. If you get the chance, see it in IMAX, it’s well worth it, IMO. :)

    • Until Friday… When X-Men blows our socks off!

      • @ LC

        Maybe, but I’m not wearing socks! :0
        Did you see Godzilla yet?

        • Yeah I did! I saw it twice! Haha. It was worth it as well. Loved the movie.

      • Well, hold your noses! The movie might not stink, but my sweaty feet do after a hard day of work! At least we can hope for a good viewing experience in the theater! (Maybe instead of Goldilocks I should sign on as “Moldy-Socks”?!)

    • @Stark – Perfect is right! I was into to the human character’s story and the build-up to the mutos, but when that first Godzilla “Screeeeeonk!” happened and he looked right at me and smiled like a puppy. I was in love. The mutos were interestingly designed. It was a great theater-experience film from the sound to the visuals to even the story.

      I can’t believe they recycled the 1998 storyline, but made it work! Monster baby nest! Crossing the ocean to breed. That’s what ‘Zilla ’98 was all about…this one just did it right.

      Then, the Godzilla Mortal Kombat style fatality FTW! Atomic breath! So awesome.

    • That sounds encouraging. I am holding off on seeing Cap 2 until the DVD comes out, which I will be first in line at the store to buy, as it sounds really good. Godzilla I also plan to see, but am waiting until it comes out on Netflix. It also looks pretty good from the clips I have seen, though. Glad to hear back-up opinion that these two are worth the watch, thanx!

      • Even though I thought the movie was so-so, the Godzilla actions was great in IMAX. Me and the audience clapped at that final battle. WOW!

  9. I’m really excited about xmen coming up this weekend. I’ve been trying to rewatch all the previous xmen movies but don’t think I will be able to by this weekend. Someone should write up an all inclusive xmen universe refresher for people to read before going to see dofp. I’ve heard it jumps right back into it at the start of the film so you will want to remember what is going on. Thanks.

    • That one could be good or bad. I did see some clips and trailers that looked fairly good. I will buy this one I am sure for the collection as well, good, bad, or otherwise. Wish that the hero of the show was Cyclops (my fave) instead of the over-used Wolverine, tho.

  10. GotG trailer + Q&A in 25 minutes. Hyped?

    • Why are there so many stupid questions being asked on the facebook page?



        • I was thinking the same thing haha.. They didn’t post it at the beginning of the Q&A. The announcements and everything made it sound like they were going to.

          I really dug the trailer. I noticed your comments on that thread (connected to the official SR article about the trailer) said you didn’t like it. What didn’t you like?

          • It was more of the same from previous trailers. I was expecting more action. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see Ronan, Knowhere and hear a bit of Rocket, but they keep playing that same scene with Quill & Korath and showing bits of the team in prison. I want previews of Nebula & Ronan in action, really, and I want Rocket’s dialogue/voice to be something awesome.

  11. Anyone with Netflix in Canada, I just noticed they added Batman The Animated Series from the early 90′s.

    • Just checked mine (USA) and its not there.


      • The one instance where it’s better to have the Canadian version, lol.

        Good luck, hope you guys get it soon.

  12. Game of Thrones is Siiiiiiiiiiiick! *Where’s my Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Yo?!!?

  13. Okay, Screenrant. I think you guys need to post a separate page for all the whiners who keep hating on Man of Steel. That way, they can moan and groan and complain about it all together, all they want, and the rest of us sane folks don’t have to see it.

    Seriously. Like it or not, the movie happened. No amount of obnoxious trolling is going to erase it from existence. Do you seriously think that all your nasty comments are going to change the mind of someone who actually enjoyed it? Or are you just trying to get attention? Either way, the rest of us on here are done with it. It’s been almost a year, folks. Time to move on.

    • Shouldn’t we just move away from the film, period? We have many great comicbook movies coming out; why not discuss them?

  14. That new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is great! What a fun looking movie.
    IMO, they hit a home run with Rocket’s voice, Bradley Cooper nails it. :)

    • I have had my doubts about GOTG (mainly because of the talking tree-man and talking brawling raccoon). I hate to call three strikes on a film before it even gets up to the plate to bat, but I was afraid it would be too silly and cheapen the level of seriousness re: The Avengers versus Thanos. I will say the trailers did look somewhat encouraging. After badmouthing GOTG a bit in the beginning, if this flick does indeed make me eat crow publicly here on Screen Rant, I will actually be proud to publicly gobble the bird.

  15. Damn… On Open Discussion? Even the most civil thread in SR is being infiltrated by trolls now.

    Do what you gotta do, Vic.

  16. There are a few historical-period horror novels I would love to see made into movies; the material would be excellent (dramatic and atmospheric) for the right director. If any of you like this type of novel, I have found these to be (IMO) a cut above the rest.
    The Wolf in the Garden by Alfred A. Bill
    House of the Wolf by Basil Copper
    The Prey by Robert Arthur Smith
    The Godforsaken by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    These four are werewolf books, and much better overall than the common fare we usually get in that genre. The next one is a vampire book, with the brother of the vampire being the Grand Inquisitor of the Inquisition. Lot of material a good screenwriter could use in all five books.
    The Black Castle by Les Daniels
    A couple other series of novels that would be great for movies or TV series if done as historical period pieces with great respect to the original source material would be the ones listed below:
    Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard
    The Adept series by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris
    I should mention all of these books are pretty much out of print to the best of my knowlage, and are very unlikely to be found in most bookstores, but may still be obtained sometimes through Amazon, Ebay, or your local library’s inter-library loan service. I recommend you take the time to track them down; they are worth it when you read them!

    • I might mention as an add-on to my last comment that Solomon Kane does have a movie out, which was pretty good. I was thinking towards a TV series or an additional movie. I might also add a plug for another favorite of mine I would like to see as a movie, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, by H. P. Lovecraft!

    • If one thing is for certain, you can trust Goldilocks to compile some sort of crazy list of characters or stories that he would like to see.

      And I love it. HAHA.

  17. IS it just me, or is there virtually no hype for “A millions ways to die in the west”?

    • Other than a few trailers and tv spots, not really. But its not a guaranteed success therefore I doubt they want to spend millions in marketing.

    • it’s on my watch list