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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 17, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 17, 2013

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  1. What’s the game of the day?

    • Klinza Kinta, petaQ!


  2. So there are rumors saying Avengers 2 might shoot in Cape Town, South Africa (the city’s a twenty minute drive from my town)

    … I nearly had a hearth attack

    • I’ve been to Cape Town it’s an awesome city, nothing more breathtaking than the mist cascading over Table Mountain! Add the Hulk and Thor knocking seven bells out of each other and you have a view to a kill!!

      • *heart attack
        …now I can’t stop picturing being attacked by a hearth -_-

        • @ avenger.

          Hey man that is exciting I hope that it’s true. Haha I actually had the apparition shoot two steers over in my neighborhood. Pretty cool experience. Went to the set everyday to check things out had to watch from a distance of course but still very cool. Got to meet Sebastian Stan and Ashley Greene pretty cool people took the time to talk to the people that were there. Well Stan did anyways Greene kinda waved and tooka few pic then left without saying much

    • Dude, we better get some “exclusive” photos to screen rant. :)

      • YES PLEASE!

    • @Avenger

      That’s awesome maybe you can be an avengers 2 movie extra. Then you snap some exclusive pics to share with all us ranters :)

    • If the avengers sequel is going to shoot some scenes in cape town south Africa,then that obviously means it’s looking more and more that we’ll get a black panther appearance though I still won’t get to excited until we see and hear some factual news.

      • I thought that at first too, but imo Cape Town doesn’t have many elements that really spell Black Panther or Wakanda… it’s just a city, like most others.
        There are a lot of locations in South Africa that would be ideal for Black Panther/Wakanda/the “outer perimeter” of Wakanda, but they’re all in the northern parts of SA.

        Anywho, if this does turn out to be true, I’ll do everything in my power to get some exclusive pics for ScreenRant (hopefully I can even get into the movie as an extra :P).

        It’s not every day one of the world’s most successful franchises (and one of your favorites) come to your very own backyard, so to speak!

        • South Africa no longer exists as far as I’m concered. It is now known as “MEGA-CITY-ONE”! (^-^)

        • @avenger
          Your very lucky. We don’t get movies shot down here in Virginia very often. Minority report did some scenes out here years ago but that’s about it.enjoy the experience brother.

          • Hey, neighbor! I’m in Virginia as well.

            • @2
              alright! What’s up fellow virginiaen.

            • I’m in the United Socialist Society of Maryland. ;-)

              • Hey, my sister lives in Waldorf. Is that anywhere near Qo’noS?

              • I am in PA…Time to go down to Maryland and Have some Blood Wine with Kahless.

                • What is with this east coast living?! lol

                  • Because some of us live on the east coast?

                    • Touché

                • Well, I have some cranberrie Juice; does that count?

                  Geth’Or no, petaQ!!


                  • That should be Greth’Or.

                • @ Jeff W,

                  Hey, I have a connection with you, too. I got a degree online through Clarion University. Are we playing Six Degrees with $2? :)

  3. I think next week’s episode of Hannibal will reveal that Will has a brain tumor. Explains how he’s able to see how the crimes are committed, the headaches, the noises and why Lecter “sniffed him out” (so to say) a couple episodes back when it was first revealed the he could smell cancer. The preview for the next episode showed Hannibal asking Will, “Does Jack know?” They played it like Will was on to Hannibal being the Ripper but I think it will be the tumor reveal.

  4. Happy Friday to all……finally the weekend!!

    I read that Iron Man 3 easily crossed over the 1 Billion dollar mark the other day, and will end up challenging Avengers for the top grossing superhero movie of all time. WOW!

    Going to check out Star Trek tomorrow, it sounds fantastic.

    • Sunday morning for me. I got a sitter and everything for my kiddo! Its a done deal!

    • No way it catches the avengers it even has a chance to finish 3rd this weekend. Great showing non the lesa

    • It won’t even come close to being out Avengers… It had such a huge 2nd weekend slide, I would expect to maybe be 5th all time.

      • Only 5th highest grossing movie of all time!?! Underwhelming.

        • In comparison to the Avengers. It’s still impressive don’t get me wrong.

      • Its overseas gross is massive its domestic gross is good but nothing special

    • @ Stark

      Enjoy your weekend, I’m gonna try and catch star trek before the end of the weekend.

      • @ Vader

        Thanks Vader. I almost got trapped into seeing Gatsby instead of Star Trek by my girlfriend this weekend, but I narrowly escaped. Whew, it was close.

        She is totally not into these kinds of movies. I told her about going to see Pacific Rim when it comes out, and she said “It’s about what? Not another movie about monsters and robots. Did we just see one about that (referring to IM3)? Why don’t they just throw some aliens in there too for good measure? When are we going to see something good at the movies!”


        • @ Stark

          Haha, you worked your magic on her huh, imo star trek over gatsby way better choice :)

          • @ Vader

            Yep, I did. Some flowers really go a long way. :)

            Poor girl, all she’s seen the last three plus years has been super hero, CBM, and sci-fi movies…….well except when I got dragged (literally) to Titanic 3d by her…..yuck.

            She’s a trooper though!

            • I don’t know, Stark. I think watching Gatsby would have cured your insomnia. :-D

              • @ Kahless



    • Happy Friday to you too!
      I doubt IM3 will come near Avengers’ gross though – with the new Star Trek movie out, and Great Gatsby, I think IM3 has already roped in most of the cash it was ever going to make.

  5. So, evidently I am a bad parent for taking my son to go see Star Trek last night, so says the Man and his Girlfriend last night. The theater it seems, over sold tickets and it was packed. My son was sitting in a seat next to the last empty chair.

    They flat out told me ” There is one seat left, your son can sit on your lap. Me and my Girlfriend need an extra seat.”

    The Girlfriend chimes in with ” I do not see how any good Parent can have their child out at 7pm to watch a two hour movie….That is bad parenting.”

    I think that was the first time I have ever been called a bad parent.

    • Shame on you, Jeff. Shame on you! LOL.

      • I have to make up for lost time with Auggie, I was away most of his life when I was in the Coast Guard, and saw him only on weekends.

        The Katee-Lynn and the girls were in the same town till Katee-Lynn decided to go back to work.

        When he was born, it was up in PA while I was in NC, and well you know, Father has to do what he has to do.

        So since I been back, I been making up the time as much as I can.

        • One great reason to be out. And another why I work 3rd shift. Even though I rarely get to sleep, I get to spend almost every waking hour with my son. I might miss serving but I know I’d miss my son more.

          • Why I work 3rd Shift.
            Even in the Coast Guard, I wanted to work Gamma Shift.

    • Only 1 billion and counting for Iron Man 3? Man, that is extremely underwhelming.

      @ Jeff W,
      If you dont mind me asking, how old is your son?

      That story really infuriates me. It is no ones place to tell another how to raise their children. Especially in this instance. Sheesh! Please tell me that you did not make your son sit on your lap. 9 pm is not even THAT late. And it is a special occurrence, not like your son sees movies that late EVERY night. People need to either mind their own business, or frame better arguments.

      • Auggie is 9.

        I said nothing to them, I do not get into sparring battles in front of my children.

        • Sound like a damn good parent, to me.

          • Thanks Bane.

            I took him to the movie because, A There is an Administrative Morning at his school. So class was not in session till 10 am, they start at 845. He has a soccer game on Saturday, so I figure why not take him last night. Today is family night, so the women folk do not want to see Star Trek.

            • Some people just dont think about things like that. Theyll say anything or do anything to get what they want. A little kindness and generosity go a long way nowadays, because of people like that.

            • @Jeff W.

              I agree with bane you sound like a great dad.

            • So typical of people with no kids passing judgment on those of us who do. I hope you stood your ground and told them he has as much right to a seat as anyone else there.

        • So you’re saying you don’t…COWtow to anyone if your son isn’t around? :-D

          • Well, I for one to say thanks to everyone.

            I am as good of father as the parents who raised me. So thanks has to go them.

            I do not get violent, nasty or rude around my kids. I have never raised my voice to them, I will never raise my voice around them. I know what I am capable of if pushed.

            But when I told my wife, she went FULL MOTHER BEAR…And that is one momma bear you do not want to fool with.

    • @Jeff W.

      Wow, the things some people will do just to get a seat.

      • It is a Movie theater in an upscale area, where people on 50,000 dollar income live in McMansions. I tend to ignore people like that.

        It just kind of hurt.

        • Take it from where it comes and be thankful you’re not like her.
          What she thinks and the truth are two very different things.

    • That’s funny because when I saw IM3 there were so many kids seeing the 9:00 show. 7:00 show is perfectly fine in my eyes. I have a 9 year old and on the weekends he stays up till 10-11:00. I don’t get how it’s bad parenting.

    • @ Jeff W

      I went to take my 6 or 7 year old cousin to see the Jurassic Park movie in 3D and he was fine afterwards. Of course he and I got kicked out near the end of the movie but other than that it was fine. The guy behind me kept on using horrible language that I wouldn’t want my cousin to hear but I let it go a couple of times and dealt with it. By like the 68th time of hearing the “F” bomb I turned around to tell him to please be quiet because there are children present he started yelling at me. The employees told us we had to leave so we left and I took my cousin home.

      I just think it is rude for someone who probably doesn’t even have a kid to say something like that.

      • But the people using obscenities in a movie theatre are allowed to stay? Interesting…

        • No, they had to leave too.

      • @Writer.

        People are so self absorbed and they think their status matters. I do not care, I refuse to battle ignorance when my children are involved.

        • @ Jeff

          Damn the nerve of some people sorry that happened to you and your son. Jesus can’t a dad take his kid to the movies anymore to watch a sci fy flick. And 7 isn’t late for a kid and Star Trek was a appropriate movie for a 10 year old. My parents pulled me out of school to see te phantom menace. I was 10 idk why I added that last part. Thought I was going somewhere with it lol

          Curious did you son like it?

          I wanna take my niece she’s 12 but she’s only mildly into that kind of film.

      • Good for you standing up to them!

    • Geez, if “Man and his Girlfriend” ever get children, he/she/they have my sympathy… not being allowed to go out and watch a movie with your dad at night time? What else will those poor kids not be allowed to do? It’s not like you went to a midnight showing of a horror movie.

      As for the movie: the rules of play are first come, first served. Why should you and your kid have to compromise when you were the ones who got to the seats first?

      Ugh, that story really upset my Chi… I hate people like that – thinking they’re better than everyone else.

    • @ Jeff W

      That is not bad patenting, and that chick was way out of line for saying that, especially in front of your son. Some people.

      Honestly Jeff, who cares what she thinks anyway. I can see why it hurt, just from a shock stand point, but consider the source. If somebody that is close to you, that you respect says that, then ok, I’d listen. Some random chick in a theater says that, I turn the other way and laugh.

      Base your skills as a parent on the opinions of those you love and respect, that love and respect you, that know your kids and on the development of your son. Forget the rest.

    • Being called a bad parent by the likes of this
      girlfriend is like being called ugly by a frog.

      I am sure Auggie thought you were being a
      great Dad and that is the only opinion
      that matters which is also true.

  6. Picked up a copy of indestructable hulk: agent of shield yesterday. I’ll probably read it over the weekend along with Stephen King’s the dark tower: the gunslinger born.

  7. Rumer: Christopher Nolan to direct Bond 24!

    • It is what it is. A rumor. Nolan writes his own movies, albeit with some help. I cant see him taking over Bond at this point. I would love to see a Nolan made Bond movie, just not right now.

      • Yeah to soon intetstellar is next yead that means bond 24 in… 2016?? Doubt they will want to wait passed 2015. Plus i dont think nolan wants craig, he paves his own path he would want someone else. He name dropped michael fassbender

        • Oh, man. A Christopher Nolan written and directed James Bond movie starring Michael Fassbender? I think I just peed a little…

      • Oops! Dang… me too. That was my last pair of jeans too…

    • @ SuperEdje101

      Oh no…….

      • ? ;)

        • @ SuperEdje101

          Just messing around with all the Nolanites. Actually, he might have an interesting take on Bond.

    • I don’t see why not. Skyfall was pretty much “Bond The Dark Knight” (with less action). If thats the way they want to go, go for it.

  8. Just started reading the new 52 Justice League books last night, and DAMN, Jim Lee can draw!!

    • Have you checked out his books, ICONS? I got it signed by him in January when him and Stan Lee were in town.

      • Ya know, I have been told time and time again to check that out, and I never have. Really, I dont know why..

      • @ leathercheerio,

        Icons is great. I enjoyed Lee’s artwork on Batman: Hush and Punisher: War Journal. I was lucky enough to get him to sign them at the Baltimore Comic-Con a few years ago.

    • I’m currently reading a few of the new 52…

      Batman: the dark knight/detective comics
      Green arrow

      ..also reading injustice I’ve been meaning to pick up the Justice league title. I’ll probably add it to my list on my next visit to my local comic shop.

      • I read the first couple issues of Batman, they were pretty good. Ive been told that Swamp Thing and Flash I definitely need to check out. Ive always been more of a Marvel guy, but it seems like DC has better books out right now.

        ANy suggestions on new/er Marvel books?

        • I read both marvel and dc, I’m currently reading these from marvel…

          Gaurdians of the galaxy
          Thanos rising

          …I need to add a few more titles to my marvel list. Age of ultron and invincible iron man are great titles imo. As well as the titles I mentioned from my list.

          • Nice, thanks!

            Next time I grab some books Ill definitely have to pick up Wolverine and Deadpool. I should probably get Guardians too, so I can have a grasp of what Im looking forward to from the movie. I know nothing about them.

            Always been a huge Wolverine fan, and been skeptical of reading new material because the originals were so damn good. Wolverine #10 is my favorite book of all time!

            • Your welcome and that’s the same reason I picked up gotg. Got any comic suggestions for me ?

              • I really wish I could be of more help, but Im just recently starting to read again. Besides going back and reading some Sinister Six books, the old Wolverines, the Fatal Attractions series (F!&*ING EPIC!!), and whatnot, I havent read new books in years.

                I take that back, Ive read about half of The Walking Dead books, which are pretty darn good.

                The few New 52 books I picked up were the first new, non Walking Dead books Ive read in years.

                • @ Bane

                  I’m just about done with the walking dead compendium #2. I also just recently picked up the new 52 titles I mentioned. I’ve got about 2 full crates of comics bagged and boarded. I’m glad I went that route with them. I recently went through them and they still look brand new. I’m working on my third crate of which is filling up rather quick :)

                  • It seems we are close to the same spot in The Walking Dead.

                    Back a couple years ago I went to my parents house where all my old books were and went through and picked the ones out that I wanted to keep and hang onto (there were definitely more, but they werent necessarily “mine” persay). I left the rest for my brother to grab. There are about 2 big crates left, mostly all bagged and boarded (its the ONLY way to go!!!).

                    What I did grab was Wolverine #1-175ish (with a few of the more recent ones missing, the Sabretooth having adamantium storyline was so good!), the Fatal Attractions series, and several Spidey storylines that I enjoyed.

                    They are almost all in perfect condition. I just pulled Wolverine #1 out, and it is CRISP.

                    If I start to really get into some of these new books, I can see myself having to make more room for them!

            • Bane

              Yeah the new 52 is sick. I’m really liking justice league nightwing
              Batman court of owls
              Batgirl is prett solid
              Supergirl is decent enough
              The all new xmen (marvel obviously) is freaking sick

              You should give those a check out

  9. I’ve decided…

    To do my own live-action fan film of “Batman: The Killing Joke”

    • Can I audition for henchman #2? I would be a bi***ing Henchman! :D

      • Haha, sure! :D

        My biggest challenge right now is finding a Batman. No one around here finds filming interesting (Indiana. Midwest. Farming and engineering. Woo.) aside from me and some friends I’ve made in my time of becoming an actor.

    • Sounds like it would be allot of fun. I always wanted to play Robin in a movie but I don’t think he is in “a killing joke.”

    • I want to play Guy #6!

      • I’ll see what I can do…from so and so states away :)

        • Ill be in NE in late June for a wedding. Ill skip out on that to be in your film LOL.

  10. Who would you guys want to play:

    John Constantine



    Jason Blood



    in a Justice League Dark movie? I honestly don’t know who I would pick but if I get a few responses I will probably post my casting ideas.

    • Spectre

  11. what do you guys think of bates motel? how is the season progressing to you? i was hoping the site would continue posting recaps of each episode but they stopped. i’m looking forward to the season finale. norman wants to stay in town while norma wants to leave. i’m curious to see how dylan factors in to this scenario…

    • I’ve loved it ever since the beginning, aside from a few minor continuity errors.

      The preview for the season finale, however, didn’t really get my interest. Will we finally see Norman kill in the present day? It didn’t really seem like that, more focused on Norma than anything.

      But hey, that’s just my inner Hitchcock saying I prefer to see more of Norman Bates :)

  12. OK take this with a grain of salt. But apparently the rock might just play Luke cage. Check out his twitter page and read the cryptic remarks he posted.

    • I would not blame Marvel for casting him because of his star power. Just as long as Seann William Scott does not get cast as Iron Fist.

      • Scott Atkins for Iron Fist.

  13. Dexter season 8 official trailer

    • Might be good, hopefully they go out with a bang and not a whimper, and hopefully we haven’t just seen all the best bits.

  14. One thing that will really be missing from future Star Wars films is the opening Fox Fanfare music, since George Lucas reintroduced it for Ep IV its been synonymously associated with Star Wars. It was even included on the CD release of the soundtrack.

    Will be hard to watch new films without it.

  15. @SpaceCadet

    In the last OD you mentioned a wish that Disney re-releases the original Star Wars films.

    I hope you realise that just because they now own Lucasfilm it doesn’t mean they own the rights to the original films, those still belong to 20th Century Fox, unless of course Disney is willing to shell out a boatload of cash to Fox to gain the ownership. But I can’t see Fox wanting to sell them, they may even re-release them themselves just to draw some attention away from Episode VII, and to even cash in on them.

    I wouldn’t put it past them, Star Wars is a major cash cow (@Jeff W, don’t worry, your cows are safe with me :)) which they’ve lost any chance of ever having under their banner again, so a re-release some time next year, before or at the same time as Ep VII, certainly going to draw a crowd and more money into their cophers.